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“Am I being inspected?” Her posh accent carried those words flowingly, clear, and precise with just a hint of intrigue. She retrieved her hand, resting it on the beige leather arm rest as she crossed her legs, giving him a hint of what was to home as her blue, short denim pants revealed her smooth inner thighs, further plotted with freckles for just a second. As her left leg came to cross her right, she leaned in similarly to Max, her eyes focusing on his left upper arm tattoo.

“Nice detailing, the freckles give it away though” Max confidently remarked as he leaned back, stretching his arms above his cleanly shaved head as he gave in to a relaxing moan before placing both on the matching beige coloured arm rests.

She remained quiet, albeit slightly mused with a flinch of her lip. She continued to look him over, from his deep brown eyes to the odd mole from chin to collar bone, maintaining her confident, in control allure that he found oddly arousing and agitating simultaneously. A moment passed before she too saw a matching flinch in his lip, a sign of doubt she thought before acting. “Why 1984?” She asked as she brought her left hand to eye level, pointing at his tattooed bicep.

Before her arm returned to her side, Max quickly shifted to cover the tattoo. “Just a personal thing. It… it doesn’t concern you”

“Oh?” she quickly retorted. “Little old Sammy doesn’t get the inside scope?” Sam grinned, letting her teeth finish the scene.

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