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Demonstration Unit

Miah moved in slowly for a kiss. Her large, glossy lips half open. Roga did not withdraw from her advance. Her lips pressed against his. They were wet and slippery with artificial scented lubricants. Her tongue reached into and explored his mouth, twisting and wriggling in the taste of strawberries and lavender. Roga wondered what Laura tasted like, did she have a distinct scent too? He had not paid attention during their last encounter a few days ago. Sensing his indifference, Miah slowly withdrew, licking her lips. She looked at Roga and gave him a large pout.

"What's wrong, you seem to…."

"Nothing, you can leave now." He said, cutting her off.

In a fleeting moment as if struck with an epiphany, Miah stood up. Her eyes straight ahead in a blank, confused stare.

"Dar.. darling… whats… seem to be wr…. wrong"

Miah stutters for a brief moment but she quickly comes to and face Roga again with a faint smile. Her steady and fiery lust gone from her eyes. Her posture straightens, no longer seductive.

"Thank you for your business. Would you like to give feedback on your experiences with my services?"

Roga shook his head silently. Just what he expected from an android. Their emotions were just a sick facade, no matter how real they can be on rare occasions.

“Have a great weekend Mr. Barret.”

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