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A Pokemon Encounter Down Route 22

She then lowers her hand down her body and over her folds with a jerky and mechanical kind of motion. Her servos compliment the movements with a whirring sound as she moves her hand down. She then starts to insert a few fingers into her folds and begins thrusting them in. While she fingers herself, she starts letting out soft moans. As her movements start to speed up, so too did her moans. Something was struggling inside the lopunny, as the motors inside her wrists and fingers began to let out buzzes and whirrs as her intensity increased.

The more her motions intensify, the more it starts to become clearer how she wasn’t built for this purpose. Her eyes begin to twitch and cross and her free hand which is caressing her breast glitch and jitter in place. Her thrusting hand starts to look more static in motion as the fingers inside twitch, causing a spike of pleasure which is starting to become too much for her systems to handle. “fin-fi-i-i-find you-you-yyy-you.” Her head twitches with a buzzing sound as her speech now goes slightly monotonous and robotic in tone, “hot-hot-hot-hot” Her head shakes again while her face is still stuck with an aroused look. This cut off her robotic tone. “wwww- like me to dddooo-do-do-do error: cannnn-not-n-not compute action-tion-tion” The error message read out in the same monotonous, robotic tone.

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