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TPU-SOA Hack Job

Both IT workers stared incredulously at the sparking mess at their feet. Luckily it was still during working hours, as every bot on the floor was programmed to continue working efficiently, only socializing with human coworkers as needed. Otherwise, they would’ve clearly been shocked by the spasming metallic robot with the crumpled pieces of what was once it’s head stuck under a multi-hundred pound server rack.

The automaton’s dull silver breasts spilled out of i’s tight office-standard uniform, knocked loose by the fall from its chair. The lower half rode up revealing the black panties underneath. For whatever reason, Temptress Pleasure Units had managed to include a basic vagina unit, which was more of a glorified fleshlight, with the “Simple Office Automaton” Units. And the price still beat out most models design for integrated and simultaneous mass usage.

Its motors whined and it’s actuators hissed as it jerked erratically on the ground, pinned in place. Sam nudged its neck, seeing just how attached the crushed ‘brain’ was.

“Look, these things are practically open source. Hell, I ran Windows 27, sex edition on my project unit back home.” Winston placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder reassuringly. “Tell you what, I’ll go into the storeroom and get the dolly to move the rack. While I’m there I’ll look for anything that’ll help us. I know the spares weren’t supposed to come in until Friday but hey, you never know. You start removing and salvaging what you can. Deal?”

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