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Tara's Visitor

As she spoke, Caitlyn began to caress Tara's thigh. Now she reached up to Tara's arms and bent her torso up. Tara neither cooperated nor resisted. She had no instructions or programming on how to respond to being played with by another android. If she believed herself to be in danger of damage, she would act to protect herself, but so long as Caitlyn was careful with her, she had no reason to react. She felt the other android's fingers on the straps of her baby-doll top, sliding them over her smooth shoulders and peeling the soft fabric away from her breasts. That she was required to respond to -- the touch of warm hands on her bare breasts automatically initiated a level of simulated sexual response, even though she did not intend to participate in sexual activities in the near future. Her breathing deepened, and fluid began to build up in her sex. Caitlyn noticed.

"Ah, that's got your attention now," she purred, stepping up her attentions to the doll's bare flesh. "I wonder, do you really feel excited now the way I do? Or is it all just automatic responses in you? Do you want to respond as much as I do when Marco makes love to me?" She leaned in and softly kissed Tara's unresponsive lips. "I hope you do. You can, you know. Come on, kissme, Tara! Kiss me! That's an order!"

Tara knew perfectly well she was not expected to obey orders from androids. In fact, she was aware that under some circumstances she was expected to giveorders to Caitlyn -- not that those circumstances had ever occurred. She was not even tempted to yield to Caitlyn's demand, even as the newer android's tongue pressed its way between her lips, and she kissed Tara fiercely. But after a moment, she gave up.

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