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As Seen on TV


A company shows off it's latest model.

GearGal V4 let out a blast of hot air though her mouth as that tongue pressed into her again. Her body quivered under that tongue finding her again, and she gripped onto it's length with the hand that was in her rival's navel. Her tongue started to lash violently in and out of the SonySoft’s folds, and she activated it's vibration setting, heated it to a sensually hot temperature, and small, studded bumps grew along its length as it started to rotate and lick inside the other gynoid with all her programmed and learned skill. The hand on her clit stretched it out 'very' far, and her other hand rubbed down it's length as she held it extended. Swirling arcs of electricity dance around SonySoft’s tongue and shoot their way up and into the parted lips of the GearGal. The bolts of electricity pulse and gain in intensity, while her tongue continued to ply it's way deeper into Gear's synthetic pussy. Her legs spread, nearly perpendicular to her body now, gave the GearGal unit unrestricted access to her own sex. A raspy and somewhat static filled shriek pierced the air as her own metallic clit is tugged inhumanly far out, stretching out an incredible distance. The twitching throughout her own body becomes more pronounced, servos now whining loudly in protest at the strain they found themselves under. Synthetic cum spurted out of her pussy, and up into Gears’ face, where it drips off back down onto her rival's body. "....M.. must.... M.. make you.....C..cum again.. before .. S..shut down.. I.. imminent. "

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