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The Rutuksee Clinique Case


A detective is assigned a case with a robotic version of his deceased love interest.

“I can see you’re pleased to see me,” she said. I noticed a couple of tiny LEDs fluttering green and yellow in the hollow at the base of her throat as she spoke. Her eyes looked wrong too, though I suppose no one else would notice, and I pulled my glance away hurriedly.

“Hi Palmer.” There was an awkward pause as I looked anywhere but her, failing completely to appear casual. “Do I call you ‘Palmer’ still…?”

“No, you should call me ‘Robot Officer CX223’ – what the fuck, Bruce!? I’m back from the dead for a year and a half now and you never once return my calls? It’s still me you know, the pension team got a sixty eight percent bio-read from my brain, that’s bloody good enough to count as most of me in my book!” The movements of her anger were fluid and controlled” simulated. The unconscious gawkiness I had used to call her ‘chicken fit rage’ wasn’t there any more, smoothed out by the programmed sub-routines that ran her new body for her but maybe echoed in the furiously blinking little system indicator LEDs.

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