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Mary, having half heartedly folded the sheet and laid it on the counter, had moved between Lydia's feet at the end of the table. "Lydia, please disconnect left leg from main chassis."

"Alright." Lydia replied. There was an audible pop, and her left leg went limp, and then rolled off the table towards the floor. Mary barely caught it before it struck.

"Careful!" Jeff exclaimed. "Those are old legs; they are a lot heavier than the new ones."

Mary, after a short struggle, managed to gain control of the leg. "Yeah, it is pretty heavy." She carried it over to the cart while Jeff walked around her with the new leg. He sat it down on the table and positioned it so to be as close to the correct spot as possible. "Lydia, detect new hardware, left hip socket."

"Detecting," Lydia replied. The leg moved slightly and the seam between Lydia's body and the leg began to disappear. "New hardware detected. Left leg. New hardware configured." Jeff let go of the leg and it remained where it was. "I hope I never get used to that."

"Lydia, please disconnect right leg from main chassis," Mary said as she was in position for the next leg to fall. "Get used to what?"

"Sure. Get used to speaking my own voice without it being my thought. It's disconcerting."

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