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The Big Crazy Plan

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"I am speakings of robots that are to realistic that you can't tell the differance between them and real humans. I am speaking of robots that are so advanced that they could, without the proper restraints, take over the world. I am speakings of robots of genius!!!"

"He's gone crazy." was my only thought. Carl couinted, "Sorry if I got a little cared away, Jimbo, here let me just show you something." Carl got of the couch and I followed him to a large room with nothing in it but a Bookshelf! "Look in here" Carl said as he pulled away a book. The Bookshelf opened to reveal a GINORMOUS factory-like room.

Carl walked in and I followed him to one of a few hunderd cold, metal lab tables. On the table was a woman who at first might be asleep, but I realized that her arms and legs were to stiff and straight for her to be asleep. She was an attractive woman, fair skin, Jet black hair, and she wearing somesort of strange skin tight purple suit. I then thought that she was dead. "You killed her?!?" I yelled in shock at Carl. "No, No, No Carl I haven't killed anybody yet, that woman there is a prototype robot I want the corperation to produce."

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