Lying And Cheating!

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Written by Mirage

Lying And Cheating!

"My husband is cheating on me! I just know it!" yelled Alice to her next door neighbor.

"Noooo...." the older woman smiled to her.

"I just know it!" Alice continued to mumble angrily.

Her neighbor looked at her and told her she had other stuff to do, so Alice just have her a frustrated look and went back to her house.

Alice had been married to George for about four years now and she thought things were "alright" in her life with her husband, but she felt he was being unfaithful to her lately. She knew he was sometimes tired of her ways and she could be somewhat of a better house wife to him. But it was not her fault that she occasionally didn't feel like having sex or cleaning up the entire house like he asked her sometimes to do.

Alice looked in the mirror and smiled, "At least, I didn't lose my looks yet" she thought to herself.

She was still an attractive woman, with long brownish-blond hair and blue eyes. Her body was still in good shape for her age of 31. She sat in front of the TV and watched her favorite soaps until George arrived from work.

"What's for supper?" he asked, tired from his day.

"I... it's still not finished. It will be ready soon." Alice lied.

"For God's sake, you didn't even cook supper yet??? What do you do all day long?? Watch TV???" the husband yelled to her.

"Don't you start with me!" Alice yelled back, "I've been busy..." she mumbled.

George rolled his eyes and sat in his chair, "Busy... sure... whatever... Later, I'm going out with the boys for a drink, ok?" he yelled out to her.

"Again??" Alice said disappointed.

"Yeah... just for a few beers... don't worry, I'll be back home before 11:00pm." he said quickly.

She looked at the floor and knew he was going out to see another woman secretly.

Things went like this for a few days until one day, Alice found a store pamphlet in her husband’s coat. The pamphlet was from an android store.

"Tired of being single? Try our Sex-Droid 5000, never be lonely again!" was written in bold letters on it.

She opened the pamphlet and inside she saw pictures of beautiful, artificial women.

"Buy one or rent one for just one night of fun!!" was written under the pictures.

Alice now knew what her husband was doing at night. When he returned, she confronted him with it.

"Alice, it's not what you are thinking! They were giving theses pamphlets in front of my job, I forgot to throw it away!" George defended himself.

"Am I not good enough for you??? Don't you love me no more???" Alice yelled at him.

"Alice, of course I love you...Since the first day we met." he said quickly.

Alice looked at him, shook her head and left the room. Alice didn't believe him.

A few days later, George forgot his cell phone home and she listened to the saved messages on it. All messages were about his job in marketing. But the last one was not. It was a female voice, a young sexy female voice.

"George, honey... Can we do what we did tonight again soon? Please... Your sweet baby, Maya." was the message Alice heard.

Tears formed from Alice eyes and she smashed the phone on the floor hard. She would leave him right now. Grabbing her empty luggage and bags, she started to pack her things.

But before she had finished, George arrived at the house.

"What the hell are you doing???" he yelled to her.

"I'm leaving you! You cheating bastard! Go live with your sweet baby Maya!" Alice screamed at him.

George look at her terrified, knowing he could not say nothing in his defense.

"Why??? WHY?? Just tell me that!!!!!!" Alice continued screaming at him.

George looked at her and asked her to sit on the bed. "Alice... we have been together for four years now... and I do love you so much... but...." George stopped in his phrase. He then took out a small remote and a small circuit board from his left pocket.

Alice confused, look at him, “But..?. But…??" she asked.

He looked at her, tears in his eyes, "But... your A.I. personality programs slowly have become so corrupted with time, that I have been replacing it bit by bit with a new one." he told her slowly.

Alice looked at her husband lost and confused, "My A.I. personality programming..? I don't understand..." she mumbled out.

George took out the small remote and pressed a button on it. Alice paused and she felt something opening in her forehead.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME???" she yelled out panicking.

"Shhh... relax... Alice… You are an android. I bought you four years ago... and sadly, your programming has deteriorated so much, I need to replace it." George told her, coming closer to her.

"I can't move!!!!! What are you doing to me??? George??? I love you!!!! George!!" Alice yelled out, tears coming from her eyes.

"And I love you too so much but, Alice, but you are now so corrupted, you don't do any of my commands anymore, no more affection. Even no more sex, your main purpose... What's a man to do?" George said, taking the small circuit and slowly inserting it into a small connector in her open panel.

"I'LL BE A BETTER WIFE!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T ERASE MEEEEEE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!" Alice begged him.

"Sorry... Goodbye, Alice... I'll always will love you..." George said, wiping tears away and activating the new circuit in her head.

Alice’s eyes widened and her body suddenly stopped shaking, "Starting formatting of old A.I.......... formatting.... formatting... formatting complete...complete installation of new A.I. started... downloading.... downloading...Downloading finished... rebooting.... new A.I. accepted... Activation of new A.I. in 5 seconds...4...3...2..1... George!!!!! Honey! How are you???? I missed you!!!!!" Maya smiled to George.

"Sorry that I needed to put you away until I had finished installing you completely..... sweet baby!" George smiled to his new wife.

"What about Alice? Maya smiled.

"Gone for good..." George whispered to her.

"Good, I didn't like her, the way she was treating you...Poor man.. I'll give you all the sex you want..." Maya smiled at her husband.

"Thank wife..." George smiled and kissed his new wife and made love to her happily without any feelings of cheating on someone he loved...

The end

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