Kim Dates a Human - Part 2: The Second Date

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This is a script that the lovely and talented Kim Coquette recorded as an mp3 for me on NiteFlirt. The recording is available here.

(Kim 700 speaks in a normal speaking voice, Ashley speaks in a normal voice with a British accent.)

Kim 700: “Hi Ashley!”

Ashley: (sounding a little bit nervous) “Hi Kim. Can I come in?”

Kim 700: “Of course! Please do.”

Ashley: “Thanks.”


Ashley: “Oh dear god you look lovely! You’re a vision!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “Thanks. Do you like my outfit?”

Ashley: “Do I ever! I love lingerie!”

Kim 700: “Mmmm… I’m glad you do. I have been programmed to wear black satin lingerie set #1 for you tonight. Black six inch stiletto heels, black thigh-high stockings, black satin garter belt, black satin panties, black satin bra, and the optional long black satin gloves.”

Ashley: “Oh….”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “You’re amazing.”

Kim 700: (light laughter) “Top of the line!”

Ashley: “I love what you’ve done with your hair… and your makeup too!”

Kim 700: “That’s makeup pattern 6-G. It’s one of the heavier makeup patterns with lots of dark accents and deep red lipstick. I think it really goes well with all this black satin, don’t you?”

Ashley: “Most assuredly!”

Kim 700: “And actually… I don’t style my hair. One of the technicians did that while I was being reprogrammed this morning. I’m so glad you like it.”

Ashley: “I do. Those deep red highlights… and those big luxurious black curls. Is your hair… like real hair?”

Kim 700: “It’s a very close approximation. Kind of like me.”

Kim 700: (laughs) “My hair is an aggregate of polyfilament fibers, with colour, texture and tensile properties very similar to human hair. It can be brushed and styled, and even coloured.”

Kim 700: “But enough about that. How are you feeling today Ashley?”

Ashley: “Hmm… I’m excited. Excited to be here.”

Kim 700: “That’s good.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “I still just can’t fathom how I’ve ended up… dating an android.”

Kim 700: “This is a beneficial arrangement for both of us. You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?”


Ashley: “I am… but I’m also still nervous.”

Kim 700: “Why are you nervous? Come… let’s sit down and talk about it.”


Ashley: “Well… I guess… I feel like I might disappoint you… somehow.”

Kim 700: “I don’t understand.”

Ashley: “I suppose I’m over-thinking things again. You see, I really… really feel lucky to have been chosen to be with you… and I want to give you what you ask of me.”


Ashley: (nervous laughter) “God, I can’t tell what’s going on in your brain… well… in your processors… behind your chest.

Kim 700: “I’m trying to understand what you’re saying.”

Ashley: “To be perfectly honest, I don’t think even I understand.”

Kim 700: “Are you in love with me yet?”

Ashley: (baffled laughter) “What?”

Kim 700: “Humans can develop feelings of love when they date. I’m wondering if you love me yet.”

Ashley: “Dear girl, I just met you yesterday!”

Kim 700: “I’m sorry Ashley, have I offended you?”


Ashley: “I really must remind myself that you’re a robot. If you were a human you’d clearly be bonkers.”

Kim 700: “Are my questions inappropriate?”

Ashley: “Yeah. They are Kim. Real humans don’t talk like that when they’re dating.”

Kim 700: “I’m sorry. I’m new at this.”

Ashley: “It’s okay.”

Kim 700: “You know Ashley, I’ve already received an update to my artificial intelligence software modules because of you.”

Ashley: “Oh… really?”

Kim 700: “Yes! It’s great news, actually. It’s been calculated that I will be able to recognize and correctly comprehend an expanded range of British English idioms thanks to you.”


Ashley: “Um… I’m glad to have helped.”

(kissing sounds)

Kim 700: “Relax Ashley. You can stay all night again.”

(kissing sounds)

Kim 700: “Wouldn’t you agree this is a beneficial arrangement?”

Ashley: “I would.”

Ashley: “So… I’ve been wondering something since I left this place early this morning… what have you been up to all day? I mean… how does a beautiful android like you spend her day?”

Kim 700: “Oh, well, after you left, I deactivated human emulation mode and went down to the Robot Lab. I went to my pre-assigned…”

Ashley: “Stop… wait, wait…”

Ashley: “What do you mean ‘deactivated human emulation mode’”?

Kim 700: “You see the way I’m acting and moving now? Like a real woman?”

Ashley: “Go on…”

Kim 700: “This isn’t actually my default set of behaviour algorithms. When nobody’s around, and when I’m not tasked with any specific assignments from the technicians, I go into what we call “Robot Mode”.

Ashley: “Ooh… That sounds sexy.”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I think it is. I’ve been programmed to be a technosexual too, remember?”

Ashley: “Oh, I remember. I think that’s bloody brilliant.”

Ashley: “So… can I see you in Robot Mode?”

Kim 700: “Sure! Deactivating Human Emulation Mode.”

(switch to semi-monotone voice)

Kim 700: “Human Emulation Mode deactivated.”

Ashley: “Oh… wow!”

Kim 700: “As you can see, Ashley, I am no longer talking or moving realistically like a human woman. Allow me to stand up and demonstrate my default manner of locomotion.”

Ashley: “Oh my god!”

Kim 700: “Please note the more efficient way I move. Functioning in Robot Mode conserves 16.228% more electricity than functioning in Human Emulation Mode.”

Ashley: “You look so stiff and mechanized!”

Kim 700: “Thank you Ashley. I am glad you find me attractive.”

Ashley: “I just have to stand up and get a kiss from you like this.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Oh… robot dream girl!”

Kim 700: “You will be pleased to learn that even in Robot Mode, I still have full access to all saved memory files.”

Ashley: “That is quite wonderful. I’m suddenly a little hot under the collar myself… I need to undress a bit.”

Kim 700: “Please do, Ashley. I am programmed to be attracted to you. Shall I open my abdominal panel so that you may enjoy looking at some of my internal electromechanical systems?”

Ashley: “Yes! I’d love to see your electronics again Kim!”

Kim 700: “Opening abdominal panel.”

Kim 700: “Removing cover. Cover Removed.”

Ashley: “Oh, that looks so beautiful. I’ll never get tired of seeing you expose your wiring and circuits like that. You’re beautiful.”

Kim 700: “Thank you, Ashley.”

Ashley: “Do you like my undies Kim? They’ve got little metal robots printed on them.”

Kim 700: “I am unable to answer your question, Ashley. Emotional simulation software modules are deactivated when I am in Robot Mode.”

Ashley: (laughs lightly) “Can you go back into Human mode then please?”

Kim 700: “Yes Ashley. Activating Human Emulation Mode.”

(switch to normal speaking voice)

Kim 700: “Human emulation mode activated.”

Ashley: “So… how do you like the undies I wore?”

Kim 700: (giggles) “They’re cute!”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “So… tell me about the rest of your day… after I left.”

Kim 700: “Oh yeah. After you left, I deactivated human emulation mode and went down to the Robot Lab. I went to my pre-assigned diagnostic terminal and waited to be scanned by one of the technicians. She performed a level 1 diagnostic scan on me, and found no errors, problems or anomalies.”

Kim 700: “Then she downloaded my saved memory files from my date with you so the Main Computer could analyze them. After that, I was stripped naked by more robot technicians, cleaned, lubricated and put into my charging booth.”

Kim 700: “When I was finished charging, I went to the reprogramming station to receive that software update I told you about. One of the technicians did my hair while I downloaded and installed the update. Then I dressed up in lingerie, did my makeup and came upstairs to wait for you.”

Ashley: “Like a machine.”

Kim 700: (laughs) “exactly like a machine. How about you? How did you spend your day?”

Ashley: “Well, I had to work. And I hadn’t slept a wink, of course. I don’t suppose I could have anyway after last night.”

Ashley: “But, I went home, had a shower, freshened up, changed into my work clothes and went to go eat something before stopping in to work. And I couldn’t concentrate on anything because I was thinking about you the whole time.”

Kim 700: “Oh. I don’t know how I should react to that.”

Ashley: (laughs lightly) “Don’t worry about it.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “One does not meet an android every day.”

Kim 700: “So, what kind of job do you do?”

Ashley: “I work in a lingerie boutique, oddly enough. And I would swear that your manufacturers got your outfit from us.”

Kim 700: “Really?”

Ashley: “Really. Those items do look like things we would carry.”

Ashley: “And you know what’s funny? Because of my fascination with fembots and androids, and synthetic women, months ago I managed to convince my manager to get a mannequin for the display window. I call her Lucy because she fits together rather loosely.”

Ashley: “The other girls I work with don’t really like changing her… but I do. I dress her up in a new outfit every day. And as I was dressing Lucy this morning I was thinking of you.”

Kim 700: “What do you mean?”

Ashley: “Well, you’re a bit like a mannequin, aren’t you? Except you can walk and talk… and kiss and fuck.”

Kim 700: (laughs seductively) “I sure can.”

Ashley: “But other than that, I really was useless at work. I couldn’t stop thinking about you in fact.”

Kim 700: “Hey, do you think you could get me a job where you work?”

Ashley: “Oh… I don’t know. I actually think that might not be the best of ideas.”

Kim 700: “Why not?”

Ashley: “My god, I’d never get anything done if you were there! It would be too distracting!”

Kim 700: “Oh, because of your sexual attraction to me?”

Ashley: “Yes!”

Kim 700: “Oh. You’re probably right. My artificial intelligence programming isn’t advanced enough for working a job yet anyway.”


Kim 700: “You know Ashley, I can tell how much you’re lusting after me just by looking at you. Are we just going to stand here and talk, or are you going to drain my battery packs again from all the sex like last night?”

Ashley: (giggles) “You’re a randy little machine, aren’t you?”

Kim 700: “Programmed to be that way, and fully adjustable too.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Shall we head to your bedroom then, lovely robot?”

Kim 700: “Yes Ashley. I am programmed to obey your commands. Please come with me.”

Ashley: “Oh… god… you know just how to turn me on.”

Kim 700: “That’s only fair since I showed you how to activate me.”

Ashley: “Cheeky android.”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I’m yours to use and command, Ashley. What would you like to do with me?”

Ashley: “Tell you what Kim… be a dear and fetch that double-head dildo again. I’m going to get naked.”

Kim 700: “Alright! That sounds like fun! You had your biggest orgasm of the night when we used that dildo yesterday. Would you like me to get naked too?”

Ashley: “Oh, no no no, leave that sexy lingerie on! The sight of such a sexy android like you dressed up like that has got me weak at the knees!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I’m so glad you like it. Just look at how amazing by boobs and my ass look in this outfit!”

Ashley: (moans) “Oh fuck, I noticed!”

Kim 700: “Here’s the dildo! You want to do it in the same position like we did it last night, facing each other?”

Ashley: “Of course!”

Kim 700: “Alright. Lean back, I’ll spread my legs and get into position. I lubed your end for you.”


Ashley: “Yeah, that’s it. Slide your knickers over and push it in.”

Kim 700: “Does that look sexy to you?”

Ashley: “Fuck yeah. Tell me again that you’re a robot.”

Kim 700: “I’m a robot, Ashley.”

Ashley: “Ohhhh… you wondrous creation.”

Kim 700: “Move in closer to me.”

Ashley: “Yeah, slide that in my pussy.”


Ashley: (loud moan) “Mmmmm… that feels so good.”

Kim 700: “How does that feel? Pushing nice and slow and steady?”

Ashley: “Fuck yeah…”

Kim 700: “I know I told you this before Ashley, but my pushing movements are mathematically precise because I’m an android.”

Ashley: “Oh yeah. God I love it when you say things like that!”

Kim 700: “I remember you telling me that. I’m programmed to satisfy your desires.”

Ashley: “And a bang-up job of it you’re doing!”

Kim 700: “Do you want to see some more electronics?”

Ashley: (moans) “Uh huh!”

Kim 700: “Opening chest panel”

Kim 700: “Chest panel open”

Ashley: (moaning)

Kim 700: “I’m so glad you like the way I look on the inside as well as on the outside.”

Ashley: (moans) “Can you go into robot mode again?”

Kim 700: (mischievous laugh) “Okay. Deactivating Human Emulation Mode.”

(switch to semi-monotone voice)

Kim 700: “Human Emulation Mode deactivated.”

Ashley: (moaning)

Kim 700: “Ashley, is it easier to tell now that I am an android?”

Ashley: (moans) “Oh, Yes!”

Kim 700: “Ashley, is that what you prefer?”

Ashley: (moans) “Fuck yes!”

Kim 700: “Shall I remove my faceplate?”

Ashley: (beginning orgasm sounds) “Yes! Yes!”

Kim 700: “Removing faceplate.”

Kim 700: “Faceplate removed.”

Ashley: (orgasm sounds) “Ohhhhhh!”

Kim 700: “Do you find me attractive when I display my electronic circuitry like this?”

Ashley: (continues and finishes orgasm)

Ashley: “Oh… Kim… please reattach your faceplate.”

Kim 700: “Yes Ashley. Reattaching faceplate.”

Kim 700: “Faceplate reattached.”

Ashley: (giggles) “Go back into human mode please pretty robot.”

Kim 700: “Yes Ashley. Activating Human Emulation Mode.”

(switch to normal speaking voice)

Kim 700: “Human Emulation Mode Activated.”

Kim 700: (light laughter) “That was fun!”

Ashley: “Oh god, it sure was!”

Ashley: “Here, let’s get this thing out…”


(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “What should we do next?”

Kim 700: “I’m programmed with over 300 sexual functions… we’ll think of something.”

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