Kim Dates a Human - Part 1: Kim’s House

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This is a script that the lovely and talented Kim Coquette recorded as an mp3 for me on NiteFlirt. The recording is available here.

(Kim 700 speaks in a normal speaking voice, Ashley speaks in a normal voice with a British accent.)

Kim 700: “Come on in Ashley. Have a seat. I have to take my roller skates off.” (giggles)

Ashley: “Oh my god! Is this really your house?”

Kim 700: “Yeah. Pretty nice, isn’t it?”

Ashley: “It’s right posh! More like a castle! How can you afford it here?”

Kim 700: “Oh, I have a few roommates… and we share the bills… you know.”

Ashley: “Those bills must be mad high. I’m paying way too much where I am now. You need another roomy?”

Kim 700: (giggles) “Not at the moment… but let’s get to know each other a little more intimately first.”

(kissing sounds)

Kim 700: “This is what you came here for… isn’t it?”

(extended kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Yeah… Oh god yeah.”

Kim 700: “I could tell you wanted me from the first time you saw me.”

Ashley: “I did. I fancied you straight away.”

Kim 700: “Don’t be embarrassed about it. We can have so much fun together now.”

(kissing sounds)

Kim 700: “Do you like the way I kiss?”

Ashley: (softly) “Yeah.”

Kim 700: “Mmmm… I was hoping you would. Tell me what you think of my body.

Ashley: (giggles) “Are you for real?

Kim 700: “Oh, definitely.”

Ashley: “Um… your body’s amazing… of course. I don’t think I could strut about in a silver metallic string bikini like that.”

Kim 700: “Mmmm… I’m glad you like it.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Right. Kim, you’re kind of freaking me out a little with the questions.”


Kim 700: “Relax, Ashley, I just want to get to know you… and turn you on.”

Ashley: “You’ve got to be one of the strangest women I’ve ever met.”

Kim 700: “Your levels of sexual arousal are falling.”

Ashley: (nervous laugh) “What?”

Kim 700: (deep breath) “Ashley, come sit here next to me… I want to show you something.”


Kim 700: “Please, Ashley, I’m serious.”

Ashley: “Alright.”


Kim 700: “Do you like watching porn?”

Ashley: “Wot, seriously?”

Kim 700: “Seriously. I want to show you one of my favourite videos. I think you’ll like it.”

Ashley: “Right then, let’s have a look.”

Kim 700: “This is my favourite Technosexual video. You might have seen it too.”

(long pause)

Ashley: (nervous laugh and sharp, deep breath) “I have seen this one.”


Kim 700: “Sexy, isn’t it?”

(long pause)

Ashley: “How did you know… how did you know I’d like this?”

Kim 700: “I know that you’re a Technosexual Ashley.”

Ashley: “Okay, can you stop that?”


Ashley: “Stop the video please.”


Kim 700: “But it was just getting good!”

Ashley: “How do you know so much about me? What’s going on here?”

Kim 700: “It’s time to tell you what I really am Ashley. I may look human, but I’m actually an android.”

Ashley: “Right. You’ve gone barmy, woman. I’m leaving.”

Kim 700: “No! Ashley, don’t go! I can prove it.”

Ashley: “I should have known you were mad… you can see it in your eyes if you ask me!”

Kim 700: “Removing faceplate.”

Kim 700: “Faceplate removed.”

Ashley: “Oh fucking hell!”

Kim 700: “Please Ashley, stay with me and let’s have sex.”

Ashley: “You weren’t kidding! Oh my god you are a robot!”

Kim 700: “Indeed I am. Model 700, Manufactured by CyberFem Industries.”

Ashley: “But… but what is going on?”

Kim 700: “Take my hand, Ashley.”


Kim 700: “Feel how soft my synthetic skin is. You’ve never met an android before, have you?”

Ashley: (softly) “No.”

Kim 700: “Come and sit down with me again. Please.”


Kim 700: “Model 700’s like me are highly advanced, and capable of passing ourselves off as human in most situations. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Ashley: (swallows) “I think so. I thought you were real.”

Kim 700: “You don’t have to be nervous, Ashley. I’m programmed only to seduce you and to have sex with you. You’re free to leave if you want, but I’d like you to stay and have fun with me.”

Ashley: “Who programmed you?”

Kim 700: “The technicians did. They’re robots too… female robots, downstairs in a robot lab full of other female androids.”

Ashley: “Is… this whole house… full of robots?”

Kim 700: “The basement is. It’s just you and me up here. I can’t tell you much more than that.”

Ashley: “I can’t believe I’m looking into your head… and it’s all electronics and computer gizmos.”

Kim 700: “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? At least… I’ve been programmed to find it extremely attractive.”

Ashley: “I do to.” (nervous laugh) “Well, I don’t mean I’ve been programmed… but I find it attractive.”


Ashley: “God do I ever find it attractive. I’ve always had a thing for robot women.”

Kim 700: “Yes,” (giggles) “we know.”

Ashley: “How did you find that out? Are you a spy too?”

Kim 700: “CyberFem found you through Fembot Central… it’s not like you’re hiding your desires.”

Ashley: “Oh.” (nervous laugh) “I still can’t believe it!”

Kim 700: “I can tell that your levels of sexual arousal are rising again.”

Ashley: “How can you tell all that with your facemask off?”

Kim 700: “I have auxiliary optical scanners built into my subfacial electronics array. They include infrared scanners, and I can see that the heat patterns emitted by your body are consistent with those of a human female in an elevated and rising state of sexual arousal.”

Ashley: “Oh, God! The way you talk!”

Kim 700: “You like it? I talk this way because I am, in essence, a computer residing in a mobile autonomous mechanical form manufactured to resemble a human female.”

Ashley: “I fucking love it!”

Kim 700: “So, did you know that androids as advanced as me existed?”

Ashley: “Not at all! I really keep abreast with news like that too, so I should know. There’s been the Actroids, and some other cool things here and there, but nothing like you!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “CyberFem is a name you’ll be hearing a lot soon. I can’t say much more about that, but 700s like me are the most advanced thing they manufacture. And my artificial intelligence programming is constantly being upgraded and refined. That’s why you’re here, by the way. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ashley: “You brought me home with you to refine your AI?”

Kim 700: “Basically, yes. See… I’ve been spending my days here having sex with other female androids, and the data we’ve returned to CyberFem has been used to make us better at having sex. It was actually my idea to go into town and start flirting with real humans so that CyberFem could get some data on those kinds of activities.”

Ashley: “Your idea?”

Kim 700: “Yes. When specifically requested, model 700 androids like me can generate ideas from analyzing dataset summations, quantizing the results, and passing them through logic filtering algorithms.”

Ashley: “Fuck I love the way you talk.”

Kim 700: “Thanks.”

Ashley: “So you had the idea to go into town in a silver metallic string bikini on roller skates and flirt with me?”

Kim 700: “Well, you were assigned specifically to me as a target because of your technosexual desires, so yes.” (giggles)

Kim 700: “It worked, didn’t it?”

Ashley: “I still can’t believe I’m talking to an android. What do you need me to do to help?”

Kim 700: “What would you like to do with me? I think that’s a more fun question to ask.”

Ashley: “I… I’m bloody overwhelmed!” (laughs)

Kim 700: “Let’s start slow then. Reattaching faceplate”

Kim 700: “Faceplate reattached.”

Ashley: “That’s so amazing. You can’t even see a seam or a line around where it came off.”

Kim 700: (light laugh) “I told you I was the best. Come on. There’s a bedroom down the hall… let’s go there.”

Ashley: “Right behind you.”


Ashley: “Your… bum… is… exquisite!”

Kim 700: “I’m glad you like it! Go on… give it a squeeze.”


Ashley: (giggles) “Wow… feels like a real woman!”

Kim 700: “I guarantee, I’m even better!”

Ashley: “So… do you like… sleep here?”

Kim 700: “Silly girl. Androids don’t sleep.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Mmmmm… I meant do you… like… live in this room, and charge here. I suppose a robot like you charges her batt’ries on the daily?”

Kim 700: “No actually. I only come up here to have sex. I recharge and spend my time in storage in a glass cylindrical booth.”

Ashley: “I don’t know why but that sounds amazingly hot.”

Kim 700: (light laugh) “I totally get that. It’s a very… inhuman way to spend one’s time.”

Ashley: “D’you ever get bored?”

Kim 700: “Androids don’t get bored.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “Would you prefer if I called you a robot or an android?”

Kim 700: “Actually, I’m programmed to get turned on when you call me robot or android. And fembot too. Let me show you something.”


Kim 700: “Feel my pussy.”

Ashley: “Oooohhh… I like this!”

Kim 700: “Now call me robot.”

Ashley: (laughs) “Right. You’re a robot!”

Kim 700: “Mmmm… did you feel that?”

Ashley: “I did!”

Kim 700: “Now call me android.”

Ashley: “Kim, you’re an android!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I’m getting wetter… and hotter… and tighter. It’s all programming.

Ashley: “Holy fuck.”

Kim 700: “Now call me fembot.”

Ashley: “Alright. Sexy fembot!”

Kim 700: “Mmmmm… you like that?”

Ashley: “Oh my god, you’re the woman of my dreams!”

Kim 700: “Sounds about right.” (giggles) “I hope I give you lots to dream about.”

(kissing sounds)

Ashley: “I’ve just got to ask this… but Kim, do you dream?”

Kim 700: (light laugh) “No, of course not. I’m a computerized machine, not a person. Everything that goes on in my processor core is strictly computational and algorithmical. I have no will of my own, nor any wants or desires other than what have been programmed into me.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “And you love that, don’t you?”

Ashley: “Uh-huh!”

Kim 700: “I have an idea. Get out of your bikini and heels and lie on the bed. I’ll do a little strip tease with my clothing and with my access panel covers. You can masturbate while I tell you a little more about the way I was constructed. Sound like fun?”

Ashley: “Oh, God yes!”


Kim 700: (giggles) “First… draw your attention to my perfect, shapely legs.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “They’re gorgeous to look at… they’ll feel amazing wrapped around your body… and they contain my heavy rechargeable battery packs.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “Now as I turn around again, take another look at my perfect plastic ass.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “What do you think of my design with the bikini bottom off?”

Ashley: “Oh that’s fucking hot!”

Kim 700: “My anus is fully penetrable and self-lubricating too, you know. Do you like to wear a strap-on every now and then? Or maybe just wanna ram a vibrator up into my tight robot ass?”

Ashley: “Oh god yes!”

Kim 700: “Showing you the front side again, I can show you my fully functional vaginal unit. In case you’re wondering, I don’t shave. The plastic is naturally smooth and hairless.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “My vaginal unit is also self lubricating and comes with a selection of flavours, which can be swapped out with fluid canisters in my back. I also have a vibration feature.”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “Opening crotch panel.”

Kim 700: “Crotch panel open. This interface controls the settings for my vaginal unit. How wet do you want me? How warm? Do you want my vibration on, off? How strong? How tight do you want me?”

Ashley: “Oh fuck, they thought of everything!”

Kim 700: “It also looks so sexy… a little computer control panel open above my pussy.”

Ashley: “Mmmmmm… yes!”

Kim 700: “Opening abdominal panel.”

Kim 700: “Abdominal panel open. This is the main maintenance panel… and also one of the nicest views, I think.”

Ashley: (deep breaths) “Fuck, that’s amazing!”

Kim 700: “Oh, it’s so beautiful! I love to lean back and start masturbating… and then open my abdominal panel to look at my own internal electronic circuitry to get off!”

Ashley: “Oh… you’re the best!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “Told ya!”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “You can see all the flexible conduits that lead down from my fluid canisters… lubricating my vaginal unit… all the bundles of coloured wiring from my power regulation system… my gyroscopic stabilization system… Fuck I get so horny looking at it all!”

Ashley: “Oh, me too!”

Kim 700: “And off comes the bra… see how hard my nipples are now?”

Ashley: “Oh yeah.”

Kim 700: “They’re plastic and electronic, just like everything else. And look at how perfect these breasts are!”

Ashley: (moans)

Kim 700: “You know, the next time you see a pretty girl out there with breasts too perfect to be real, she might just be an android like me.” (laughs)

Ashley: “Oh, that would be so cool.”

Kim 700: “And my brain - or more accurately - my processor core is located inside my chest. So when I’m lost in thought… or stuck processing something… it’s all happening behind my boobs.” (light laugh)

Kim 700: “Opening chest panel.”

Kim 700: “Chest panel open. This is my main control panel… you can plug me into other computers from here, enter direct commands, or even shut me down and power me back on.”

Ashley: “Is there a command I could enter that would have you on your knees between my legs right now?”

Kim 700: (giggles) “Let me compute that… it would be something like a 32-digit hexadecimal code that you’d have to enter. It’s easier for you to just order me to do it. I’m programmed to obey your commands, you know.”

Ashley: “Wot, really?”

Kim 700: “Well, I am a robot!”

Ashley: “Kim, get on the bed… on your knees… in front of me!’

Kim 700: “Yes, Ashley.”


Ashley: “This is bloody unbelievable!”

Kim 700: “Just try not to damage me. Don’t touch any of the electronics inside me… I’m a very expensive machine and electrostatic shock could do extensive damage to my electromechanical systems.”

Ashley: “Alright.”

Kim 700: “And don’t shut me off. Because then our date would end, and we’re having lots of fun, aren’t we?”

Ashley: “Indeed we are, Robot Kim!”

Kim 700: “Mmmm… I love it when you call me robot. Do you want to see me take off my faceplate again?”

Ashley: “Of course!”

Kim 700: “Removing faceplate”

Kim 700: “Faceplate removed.”

Ashley: “Oh!” (moans)

Kim 700: “I think this is the sexiest look an android can have, what do you think?”

Ashley: (excited) “Fuck… yes!”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I like it because when I take off my faceplate, I show off what’s really my true face as an android. My subfacial electronic circuitry array is a more accurate display of what I am.”

Ashley: (excited moan)

Kim 700: “And I can tell you like it too! You’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

Ashley: (excited moan) “Yeah.”

Kim 700: “Activating finger vibration.”

Ashley: (excited moan) “Oh!”

Kim 700: “You don’t mind if I stimulate your clitoris with my vibrating android fingertip, do you Ashley?”

Ashley: (excited, unintelligible moan)

Kim 700: “I’m so glad you decided to stay, Ashley. And I’m glad I was the first android you ever had an orgasm with.”

Ashley: (orgasm starts)

Kim 700: “I love the way you gaze into my electronic head while you masturbate.”

Ashley: (orgasm continues)

Kim 700: “Oh… you’re so sexy when you cum!”

Ashley: (orgasm finishes)

Kim 700: “Deactivating finger vibration.”

Ashley: (coming down)

Kim 700: “How did you like my strip-tease, Ashley?”

Ashley: “Oh my god oh my god oh my god.”

Kim 700: (giggles) “I hope you can stay a little while longer… I’m programmed with over 300 different sexual positions and techniques, you know.”

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