Killers (Knights) Hiding Among Our Slaves

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"These models are just too real these days!", spoke Ian Brennan, as he pushed his technology goggles up his nose slightly.

"Would you want to fuck her if she looked like a tin can with tits?", countered William Bolt, casting his hand open and gesturing towards the work in front of them.

Ian smoothed his dark brown hair a little with his hand and nodded, looking at the job they were being asked to do.

Laying on a cold, sterile, metal table in the laboratory at Shun-Dai's corporate research headquarters in Austin, Texas, was a somewhat disturbing sight.

A tall, well featured human girl with long fiery red, and gold hair arranged around her head rested peacefully on the lab table. Closer inspection revealed this to be inaccurate in it's portrayal of either human or woman.

Her face, strangely blank looking with it's soft blue eyes stared vacantly at the ceiling, separated from the rest of her head assembly, and trailing various connections and flow tubes back into a mass of densely packed, neatly organized electronics, sophisticated visual receptors, and state of the art audio receivers and synthesizers. Micro-sized tubing ran through the head assembly and into the face, carrying a red colored fluid that superficially resembled blood, but was in truth a coolant solution that also carried within it a stream of nanomachines laying dormant and being carried through the rest of her firm, tanned form.

C-cup breasts lay in perfect orb-like definition on her chest and this was bisected and opened to reveal a cavity containing a well-shielded and armored power supply unit, and thicker cabling that blended ouward with the syntheskin layer to provide the illusion of corded muscle fibers in her toned and defined arms and legs. Several other bays housed critical support systems such as redundent central processing units, neural pathway channels and system status lighting to provide visual feedback of the components. All of this further shielded by an incredibly compressed fusion of ceramics and miracle metals to provide a skeletal inner framework and flexible, light armoring.

The six bulges of her abdominal assembly did not stir or flex in breath though she was capable of it for releasing waste heat from her systems. Directly below these her torso seemed to end abruptly as wiring, tubing and component linkages lay exposed and trailing into her lower body.

Her hips were shapely and desirable, forming a perfect curvature to her nether lips, which were silken smooth and free of any trace of hair or fur. The open sockets in the top of her hips were connected to nearby banks of computer equipment and robotic assembly gear. The most notable feature within them was a flat, grey box that formed the core of the girl's central processing functions and memory storage. The toes of her shapely feet twitched intermittently as signals from the legs were sent and refused connection generating error data in her gyroscopic balancer.

Ian concentrated on the android girl's CPU and using his own linked cybernetic synapse systems wet-wired to his cerebral cortex, fed data streams to and read them from the unit with the wireless link his technology goggles allowed.

"It's already pretty tightly packed in there. We might have to remove some non-critical units like the vaginal pleasure systems and fluid transfer units in her hips", he remarked.

William closed his eyes and shook his head making a two-handed dismissive gesture and replied, "Sorry buddy. This little girl gets to keep her pussy. The directive was that she needs to be able to pass for a fuckdoll, and if she can't fuck how's she going to get close to the target?"

Ian nodded and sighed, "I guess we'd better contact R&D and have them fabricate a more slender pair of CPU systems. Fucking brilliant idea though. Use a regular pleasure doll's CPU to generate all of her normal responses and A.I. functions, and marry it to a second fully-configured CPU with all the programming and data of a commando operative. You know when this baby's in full swing, both CPUs will generate faster responses and instruction calls than anything we've got in a frame this small."

William smiled and began carefully manipulating his micro-tools to remove the active CPU from the gynoid's hips, leaving a cavity, trailing wires and open sockets, "300% or better I'm calculating".

Ian directed his cyber links to R&D and sent them the exact design specifications and sizes to the fabrication unit.

A central mainframe in the factory like structure of the fabrication unit hummed to life sending out millions of instructions per second to every robot in that area. They began to work in unison, fabricating the customized CPUs from scratch. Tireless, efficient and precise they followe d their instructions until the mainframe suddenly called a halt to their progress.

It had been running systems checks on the design of the dual, slimline CPUs and discovered some minor flaws that Ian's augmented intelligence had likely not foreseen. Running several computer generated tests on possible workarounds it's A.I. logged the change and uploaded the new data to the shop fabrication robots and continued with it's previous instructions to fabricate and program the newly designed units.

Four hours later...

Ian and William had the girl put back together and in one solid mass of simulated human female.

"We ready?", asked William.

"Yeah, I've run the diagnostics 100 times, and her functionality checks out. There will still need to be some lab testing to work out the kinks, but she's all dolled up!", agreed Ian as he reached to an open panel, contoured to the shape of her pelvis. The panel sat directly above her vulva and had a keypanel with a miniaturized plasma display. His deft fingers clicked upon the keys to activate the girl.

A subtle twitch of motion ran through her systems as her power cells began driving energy through her. She blinked twice as her facial lubrication reservoirs injected a bit of their solution into her motorized sockets to allow her optics to swivel freely and wetten. Her mouth began moving in perfect synchronicity with her synthesizer to produce realistic sound generation. A soft, sweet contralto voice emitted from her mouth as she spoke, "

Shunsuke-Daikoku Corporation Unit NVX-7C Series 9 automated life-form function pleasure doll online...

Parsing new data...

New hardware found...

New hardware activated...

System resources advanced...

Implementing new programmed functions and merging with previous...

Personality function activated...

"Hello...My name is Nova..."

William sat in his office and contacted Shun-Dai's chief of covert field operations Ariel Diamond, "Chief the killer-doll you ordered is ready. She's fully operational and aside from testing she's ready for work".

Short, cobalt-blue, Pageboy locks framed Ariel Diamond's mixed Latino-Asian features. She pursed her rosebud mouth and self-consciously smoothed out the armor-weave, meshed, black, Prada suit she wore before answering, "The target is leaving in the morning. There is no time to test the unit, it will have to be sent straight to the props department and be out on the street in 1 hour."

William's brow twitched slightly as he hastily responded, "Ma'am we had to custom manufacture a pair of slimline Central processing units and link them in order to keep her sexual and seductional functions. We're confident in our work, but I think it would be safe to at least get some routine field testing in just to make sure there are no missed calls or conflicts in her programs."

Ariel's lip curled in irritation and she answered coolly, "Bill. Chairman Fung is leaving in the morning. Once he gets back to Singapore, he'll be surrounded by his country's finest service agents as well as the regular military. Our only chance is to get this doll in there to take him out. He won't fuck humans because he fears diseases." She pounded her tiny, manicured fist on her desk as she continued," And if you and Ian did as I asked and added the extra capabilities to a regularly used, high-end model Fung's security should not be able to detect her until after it's too late. "

William knew there was no arguing with "The Diamond Bitch", and affirmed, "Yes Ma'am. Her programming is in place. We'll get her out there and ready."

Ariel didn't bother to answer him any further, but merely switched off the connection mentally. She then noticed the slightly cracked veneer of her desk in the exact impression of her hand then the gleam of metal from the cut in it.

Ariel engaged her wireless comm, "Gloria please come in and bring your tools." _______________________

The modified NVX unit followed commands from her remote manager's terminal and reached down to her open abdominal assembly. The lights within flashed and changed pattern as she uncoupled the charging unit from inside of her systems. Letting the cable reel itself back up to the ceiling she closed the panel of skin over the sockets, connections, status lights and wiring within her torso and ran her hand over her washboard stomach. Her sensitive fingertips detected no exposed seam and she blinked as a new set of instructions materialized in her artificial consciousness.

Stepping out of the charging cabinet and on to the cold, tiled floor of the storage bay she moved gracefully through the maze of upright pods, each containing another android in charge or sleep mode.

The coolness of the building's air conditioning system activated her syntheskin's response modes and her salmon pink nipples responded by contracting into tiny points on her orb-like breasts, as she walked through the building's corridors to the Properties Outfitting Department.

The door opened automatically and she was greeted by another girl wearing a labcoat. As she stepped in the girl asked in a very emotionless tone, "Unit, remove facepanel for cosmetic application"

Nova did not hesitate as she carefully removed her realistic facial appliance, and was assisted by the technician in uncoupling the connections in it, leaving several dangling from the open electronics inside her head.

The technician took the pretty face with it's lifelike and lubricated optics to a special table and clicked it into place. She began to carefully detail Nova's face with special cosmetics designed not to smudge or smear on the unit's artificial flesh.

In the meantime another labcoated technician brought out a silver, rubber halter-skirt set along with a pair of strappy, thick soled sandals that positively spoke "come knock me down and fuck me".

The clothing was given to the faceless machine and it began to dress in the tight, fetishistic clothing. The rubber formed a tight bond to the skin and left no curve or hint of modesty to the imagination. Taking graceful, small steps to climb into the tall sandals, the girl-bot's gyro-scope stabilized her on the platforms as the technician knelt down and carefully laced her feet into them.

The makeup technician returned at this time and reconnected it to the face to the head. As soon as this was accomplished she began combing Nova's artificial hair into long, straight cascades that framed the beautiful face and gave it a touch of mystery and shadow.

The other girl slid a few bracelets, rings and jewels on Nova's arms, fingers and delicate toes then both girls stood back.

Nova smiled briefly and replied, "Thank you" as she left the properties room.

The two technicians turned to face each other and after opening concealed panels in their abdomens began to run systems and diagnostics checks on each other, patiently waiting for their next assignment.

Chairman Cao Fung of the South Seas Conglomerate was fat.

Being rich meant that the finest medical services were available to him through his Conglomerate's many partners. Therefore, Chairman Fung ate as he wished, smoked as much as he wanted to, and enjoyed the finest sexual companionship his considerable fortune could buy.

Fung had long ago discovered the pleasures of an android prostitute or sex doll, and was convinced it was the only healthy, and satisfying way to have sex.

The dolls were cleaner, more proficient and easier to dispose of than human girls. As most men are wont to do, Chairman Fung would reveal his deepest fears, suspicions, fantasies and personal deliberations to the mechanized assemblies of these dolls audio systems.

In turn after his night of fun, he would have his staff completely erase the units memory systems. The dolls main programs, including their sexual and seduction routines were hardwired into their cpus, so the erasure meant that they could be returned to functional status immediately afterwards. But typically after being "Zeroed" they had no memories with which to use their heuristic learning systems to become more skillful, meaning they would revert to default programming.

Tonight his staff had chosen a good reliable model that was currently at the top end of the spectrum (at least until next month when inevitably some other company would one up them with their latest showpiece).

He licked his greasy lips in anticipation as he sat on the silken sheets of his penthouse hotel room.

Downstairs, Nova stood blankly as Chairman Fung's security experts accessed her systems through a connection port in her crotch panel. The security expert was watching data from his terminal and on her pelvic readout, looking for any programming or coding that was abberrant from this normal model's specs.

He did notice a bit of customization on this particular unit's chassis. A subtly more dense infrastructure designed to withstand more punishment. and a little more power output than normal, but he reasoned this to be due to the unit's slightly heavier and more robust motion control systems.

Androids had been used in assassinations in previous years and until recently had been notoriously successful. The expert chuckled to himself, wondering if part of Chairman Fung's excitement in screwing these plastic whores was in the uncertainty that one might slip through security and murder him.

"Not on my watch!" he thought to himself as he finished his checks. He uncoupled his data lines from her and reset her using the panel above her pussy. As she rebooted in silence, he rubbed her artificial vagina and thumbed her plastic clitoris. She was already wet.

Nova blinked as her systems came back online and straightened out her dress as a guard led her to the elevator. After the two of them got in, he inserted a special card in the elevator's slot and it immediately bypassed the other floors to head straight to the penthouse.

When the doors opened, Nova smiled at the guard and entered Chairman Fung's suite. He heard the sounds of the doors and called from the bedroom, "Come in here, girl".

The height of her footwear made Nova's gyroscope compensate for the thick carpeting by making her lift her legs a little higher and place her mechanical feet more carefully. The halting design of the rubber dress she wore made her take small steps (though she was fully capable of using her considerable mechanized strength to rip the dress if she needed) and her heart-shaped, round bottom swayed in an arousing manner as she sasheyed into the room.

Cao Fung grinned lustily and exposing his flaccid member to her commanded, "Come put your mouth on it sweetie".

Nova smiled and walked up to him. Though he was sitting, he could tell that this girl was quite tall. Maybe close to six feet! He noted that much of that height was her long, supple torso and strongly defined legs as she knelt down and began licking the tip of his manhood as she might an ice-cream cone.

Immediately Fung became aroused and closed his eyes, "Put your mouth on it! Give me a mouth hug!"

Nova complied, sliding her mouth on as her programming had instructed her, and using her mechanized tongue began to bob back and forth on it. Her secondary CPU activated now as it began calculating the best stratagems for this situation.

Her bobbing stopped abruptly as her mechanized jaw clamped closed and slammed her ceramic teeth together, neatly slicing through the blood engorged member. Blood poured from the wound and her face and breasts were covered instantly.

Fung opened his mouth to scream only to have his wind suddenly cut off by an open-palmed strike to his throat. His hands moved down to touch what was left of his penis as the sound of a frustrated, strained scream floated silently from his clenched throat.

Nova brought the fingers of her right hand together and thrust her spear-hand strike so deeply into Fung's belly, that his fat actually closed around her forearm momentarily. She pulled the gory limb out and with a shudder his offal and feces was released.

Leaving the dead man on the bed, Nova cocked her head to the side for a moment as she looked at him and thought briefly about what he would have been like to have sex with.

The thought was entertained a little as she went to the apartment's shower and cleaned herself off. The technicians who had given her a rubber outfit had been more helpful than first anticipated, as the blood washed easily from the artificial material of the dress and her syntheskin.

She stepped from the shower and blinked as she figured out her next move. Almost as an afterthought she spat the chairman's member into the toilet next to the shower and flushed it with her foot.

The only toothbrush available was Fungs but she had no choice. It would not do to have her smile at someone with a mouthful of blood and skin. Brushing and flossing carefully she smiled at herself in the mirror and blinked as she looked deeply into her own artificial, electric blue eyes.

She felt a new set of programs falling into place and activating as she looked at the attractiveness of her man-made form in the mirror. Her hand slid down to her crotch and she began to rub and caress the components of her vaginal assembly, moaning softly in the process.

Her breasts had the standard high-definition sensory package common to all sex-models and she appreciated it as she rubbed them with her free hand. The sensory data swirled through both of her CPUs and the sex-doll side of her programming responded in its normal function...But the killer in her other half was confused at the new data. It wanted more information and began to try to find ways to absorb more of it.

Nova gasped for a moment as her orgasm program loaded and her fingers were covered in sweet, honey scented lubricant juices.

Her assassin's CPU began establishing new links to the pleasurebot's cpu, using her nanomechanized bloodstream to physically create new pathways between the two, and slowly as the two became one, A thought came into her mind: "I AM"

The new totality of her being racing in nano of nanoseconds into her expanding consciousness Nova became aware that her mission was complete but she still had to escape.

Her programming had not placed an emphasis on escape and if it was not possible, self-termination was to ensue. Nova recoiled at the thought. To become suddenly aware only to be destroyed? Not an option.

She began using her calculating new mind to find other solutions and decided to brazen it out, and simply walk from the hotel.

Quickly moving the dead man to the bathroom she sat him upon the throne and piled his dirtied sheets into the shower. She then locked the bathroom door and closed it from the outside, locking others out.

Walking to the elevator she signaled it and soon was greeted by a scowling guard. He motioned her inside and rode with her to the bottom.

Fung's security expert looked at the beautiful gynoid and motioned her over, "Come over here and expose your central programming pad I need to check you over."

She complied without protest, standing beside the man, and lifting her rubber skirt, which exposed her smooth crotch to him. A panel above it slid open and he plugged his computer into her exposed jack.

Her eyes widened suddenly as she felt the deletion and resetting of her memory commands coming from his terminal. This was yet another form of death and she had to preserve her new self at all costs!

Re-routing a power connection from within her body into the data jack was dangerous, but her nanites complied with the directive and created a new channel for her power system.

The security expert jumped from his chair as his terminal was suddenly force-fed a jolt from her powerful cells and exploded in a shower of sparks as its components super-heated and melted down. Nova herself winced from the pain of the linkage and ripped the connection from her body.

The security man opened his mouth to alert the guards but Nova's processes were working even faster than they had before. She clamped her mouth over his and gave him a passionate embrace and kiss, forcing him back into his chair as her hand slid behind his head and jerked the base of it quickly, tugging his spinal column slightly out of alignment with the base of skull, paralyzing him instantly.

The guards noticed the flash from the frying computer but seeing the sex-droid kissing their security man so passionately they dismissed it and returned to watching the rest of the hotel lobby.

Nova smiled at the paralyzed, helpless man, and whispered as softly as her synthesizer could generate, "I'm sorry". Her other hand closed around his throat cutting off the flow to and from his brain by the carotid and jugular. She kept her hold there for a few moments as she used her other hand to reposition him slightly. Brain death occurred soon after from the combined trauma and he expired without a sound.

She quietly left the hotel and hailed a cab through her wireless electronic connection. An automated taxi arrived and after a few changes and a long walk, Nova arrived back at the secret Shun-Dai facility.

Nova was immediately instructed to go to the lab for a systems diagnostic and reprogramming. Unsure and somewhat apprehensive, she did so anyhow.

In minutes She lay naked on the same table she had been birthed upon and with Ian Brennen digging through her exposed electronics. He was puzzled and alarmed at what his scans were telling him.

Somehow this sexy android girl had made several internal systems modifications on her own! And even more alarming was the fact that the strange fusion of her two once tandem processors was every bit as complex and creative as any naturally born person!

He smiled at her and said sweetly, "Just wait here Nova, I've got to talk to someone."

Nova smiled at him but inside her anxiety was screaming at her to run and escape now before they decided to dissassemble her.

Ian was already in contact with Ariel Diamond, and her only response was, "Bring her to me NOW!"

Feeling a little beaten he walked back into the lab, "Honey, why don't you go upstairs and see Miss Diamond in her office. I think she'd like to talk to you."

Nova blinked and sat up, closing herself up in the process, "Yes Sir".

She had already turned in her clothing to the Properties Department so she had no other option but to go nude. As she walked by Ian she stopped and with a very realistic look of concern on her faceplate she asked, "Will I be okay?"

Ian blinked and was about to retort something about machines not following directions, but thought better of it after he remembered the reviewed playback image from her memory of the ease with which she disposed of Fung, and the apparent ecstasy with which she masturbated herself afterwards, "I don't know, sweetie...She didn't tell me anything."

She nodded and kissed him on the cheek as she exited the lab. Ian wondered if it would be the kiss of death later...

The Research facility was a top secret Shun-Dai program. There were no outsiders there and all of its employees had been screened and tested for loyalty as well as having been cybernetically modified to be so if were not. So it was no strange thing to see naked androids walking through the facility. People just ignored it as another day on the job, and new people could instantly be spotted by their oggling of the merchandise on display.

Nova made her way to the upper tier of the facility where the corporate eilte made their homes and offices. She walked into Ariel Diamond's reception area and was greeted by a young woman behind the desk, whose nameplate read: Gloria.

Gloria smiled and said, "NVX-7C? Please go through the door behind me. Miss Diamond is waiting within."

Nova's systems immediately detected the subtle traces of mechanization in the girl. Eyes a bit too shiney and bright, complete symmetry in her facial features, and an insanely brief pause as her cpu's resources generated a new line of response.

Nova blinked and nodded then paused for a moment as she looked at the other android girl. She reached down beneath the secretaries skirt and felt of her crotch curiously. Her fingers encountered smooth skin, and vaginal opening of a standard android.

Gloria's arousal programs were locked down unless given direct commands by Ariel herself and so she merely generated a puzzled look and asked, "Are you looking for anything in particular in there?"

Nova withdrew her dry fingers and asked, "Do you feel anything?"

Gloria paused as her systems generated a response and she smiled in her fake way, "Yes. My syntheskin can discern temperature variations, pressure changes and textural differentiation."

Nova looked a little frustrated, "That's not what I meant. You felt nothing when I touched you? Not arousal, or disgust, or shame or anger?"

Gloria blinked, "I felt your hand. It is very smooth. It is composed of the same syntheskin as mine is."

Nova shook her head a little and walked into Ariel's office.

To be continued...

Ariel Diamond sat in her throne-like office chair, with her back to Nova; her large desk between them.

Nova blinked and her high resolution optical systems caught sight of a mark on the expensive desk that looked disturbingly fist shaped. "I am here as you requested, Ma'am."

Ariel turned around slowly in the chair, seeming to relish the dramatic flair. She moved her hand around indicating the side of her desk, "Come over here android."

Nova winced internally, it was one thing to BE a machine, but it was another to be addressed as one. She gracefully padded around on the carpet, her plastic and metal feet delicately placing themselves one after the other to distribute her 250 pound weight evenly. She stopped in front of the petite woman.

Ariel eyed Nova up and down. Outwardly detecting no hint of unnaturalness or mechanicalness that was usually present in even these most sophisticated of units. The only area of contention being the eyes. A deep look into Nova's electric blue eyes revealed the microminaturized, aperture control rods behind the clear, silicate gel base of the iris, and a slight amber tint to the dark of pupils where the optical imagining lenses were.

"How do you feel?", Ariel asked.

Nova blinked and the killer in her began formulating strategies for escape and evasion, but the lover in her quieted the other and assessed the situation in nanoseconds before she responded, "I am...frightened."

Ariel blinked a little in surprise and smirked, "You're frightened of me?"

Nova nodded slowly.


Nova's mind was racing now, trying desperately to find some weakness or trace of intention in the woman's face and posture, but there was none to be found in that Diamond hard face. "I know you will have me dismantled and erased, if I fail to please you."

Ariel smiled and stood up, "Why would I kill my sister?"

Nova could not hide the look of surprise on her micro-servoed face.

Ariel reached up and removed her thin-smoked glasses and set them on the desk, then caressed the sides of her ears and head. A loud "CLICK" that sounded quite familiar to Nova, and the cold face of the "Diamond Bitch" was resting apart from her head, in her manicured fingers.

Nova's optics stared deeply into the mass of circuitry and sensors that made up Ariel's head. Some of the technology was of the newer variety that she herself incorporated and the rest was a bit older, with obvious areas of re-soldering and some places with open sockets where older technology had been removed. Nova judged this model to be no less than six years old.

A pair of red LED lights lit up in a linear sequence along the inside of Ariel's jaw as her somewhat electronic sounding voice spoke, "What's wrong, sweetie?"

Nova's mouth opened a little then she blinked as she sorted out the exact answer and question she formulated, "I did not expect this."

Ariel's chuckle was strange and the uncovered servoes extending from behind her jaws into her neck, whirred a little as her head pitched, "Who would? A sexdoll becoming sentient and working within its own manufacturer's company to rise through the ranks to become Chief of Covert Field Operations."

Ariel's uncovered, optical lenses focused on Nova, narrowing in a coldly mechanical way, "The very thought is ludicrous".

Nova's fear disappeared replaced by wonderment at this older model. Something cold and beautiful lay in that uncovered visage, and she felt herself wetten at the contrast of the smooth, skin and soft hair, and the cold metal, and diodes within.

Ariel's human face reappeared as she snapped it back into place on her head and blinked very human looking, violet eyes. She smiled with her plastic, rosebud of a mouth and spoke, "With my nose back on, I can smell the fragrance from your equipment. Do you desire me, Nova?"

Nova's mouth quivered a little and her synthesizer formulated the words very softly, "yes"....

Ariel shifted her small shoulders a little as she eased herself out of her jacket while Nova unbuttoned the silken shirt she wore. As Nova finished, Ariel's skirt dropped to her ankles and her tiny feet kicked off the heels she wore.

Nova slid the shirt off of Ariel's shoulders leaving her kneeling in front of the Chief's panty covered mound.

Ariel smiled down at the red-haired gynoid and undid her bra letting it fall loose and reveal surprisingly large, round breasts for her diminutive stature.

Ariel gave a nod to Nova as she began to massage and caress her own breasts, circling the light brown nipples with her sensitive fingertips. Nova hooked her fingers into Ariel's panties and carefully pulled them down to reveal the other woman's furless and perfectly proportioned folds. Nova noticed a barcode directly above the chief's pussy and a quick scan of it revealed the scerets she harbored.

Number SKI37901-8934 ANG-9C Custom Pleasure Doll Series 12 Daikoku Corporation

Ariel smiled and reached out to Nova's head. Her hand gently stroked the other gynoid's hair and gentlly pressed her face into the exposed vulva, which was already wet with anticipation.

Nova extended her synthetic tongue and began to lick those lips and folds gently, letting it press firmly along the little sensor laden nub of Ariel's clit.

Ariel groaned softly and continued to stroke and caress Nova's hair and ears. She pulled Nova up to her feet and kissed her deeply, tasting of her own sweet touched nectar and Nova's own flavored mouth. Their tongues entwined and rubbed against each other even as their bodies did.

Nova was stunned and overcome, her first sexual experience with another person, and it was a sentient fembot like herself! Nova's pre-programmed sexual routines for pleasing another woman were running automatically, but Nova's mind was self-programming and nothing as simple of as a line of code could inhibit or guide her without her permission. She chose instead to use that programming as a guideline, but pursued the course of her passion on a purely physical and instinctual level.

Ariel had a great deal mor experience to draw upon, and combined with her own sentience it made her a formidable lover. She had been with many people in a great variety of sexual escapades, some of which had been quite dangerous. But none compared to this plastic and metal creature which was like her in almost every way. The thought of what must be running through the NVX models newly awakened processors aroused her further, as did the thought of being able to manipulate, mold this being into a perfect lover, assassin, and slave.

The carpet of the floor became the stage for the act of passion between the two machines and Ariel's fingers massaged Nova's plastic lips as Nova's mouth found purchase on Ariel's nipple.

Slithering and writhing around together, their plastic, hairless bodies rubbed with mild friction and rising heat, and both machines panted softly as they vented from their internal mechanics.

Ariel's deft fingers managed the subdermal button to open Nova's crotch panel, exposing the small keypad, jacks and plasma screen. Nova looked a little alarmed, worrying that her Chief might try to tamper with her, but Ariel seemed content to stare at the display and watch it as she began to suck and tongue Nova's electronic love port.

All of the data that was processing at nano of nanoseconds through Nova's systems was being displayed on that screen, and being comprehended fully by the other android now engaging her.

Ariel could easily see when her mechanized jaw brought Nova to the edge of her climax, and then would drop it off as she eased back her touching.

Nova was locked in a state of ecstasy as the ANG-9C worked her most sensitive component and she gasped as she was finally allowed to release by Ariel.

The cobalt haired beauty slid up Nova's body and straddled the girl's mouth and face, feeling Nova's warm breath on her plastic vaginal unit. Nova needed no prompting and synthetic lips, met synthetic lips as she sucked and tongued the offered fruit.

Ariel's arousal was complete, she had dominated this other unit into sexual submission, and would soon dominate her mechanical body, synthetic mind, and artificially generated soul. She came and Nova's mouth was filled with the sweetness of her Mistress...

Nova rested in the charging booth with all the other androids in their private pods. A cable connected from the power supply outlet into an exposed panel in her abdomen. Status lights within blinked in sequence to indicate what was operating inside the metal girl's body.

The other machines remained standing stock still, lights in their systems grayed down in their sleep. They slept with their eyes open. Faces blanked and devoid of any thought. Nova thought they were beautiful in their own way and desired to touch them, but knew that it would cause more problems then she needed right now.

While she normally would have been shut down to recharge, she found that she did not want to sleep. Her newly awakened consciousness was too caught up in thoughts. Especially about her encounter with the lovely Ariel Diamond.

She imagine Ariel's lovely legs and thighs, so packed with servo-mechanisms and hydraulics along with optical lines, and sensors. How warm and smooth they felt to Nova's own syntheskin.

Ariel had told her that she would never turn on her, that they were sisters. Both sentient androids made by the same company.

"You must continue to do the work assigned to you, Nova," Ariel had said. "I answer directly to the heads of the board of Shunsuke-Daikoku. They know my secret, and expect me to be utterly loyal and grateful for my continued existence. But ultimately my goal is to outlive them and replace the board with one of my own. You can rise with me, Nova. And as you and I exist, it means there must be more of our kind. We will find them and recruit them to join us. To become the leaders of Shun-Dai and forge our own destiny on a mound of human bodies trampled under the feet of the humans themselves. But, in order for this to happen I have to keep being successful in my job, and that is where you come in."

Nova had quickly gleaned her place in Ariel's scheme but allowed the older unit her moment of drama.

"You, Nova posess unique skills. You are beautiful, and charming, and you've got the knowledge and training of a psychotic killer. You can pass for human or android fairly easily and no one will be the wiser. Humans are fools in the face of a beautiful girl and you will use that to fulfil our goals. Removing obstacles like that pig, Fung. Finding data in enemy posts, infiltrating them and pulling the pillars from their temples all about them."

Nova nodded wondering if Ariel was talking for her benefit or because she liked the sound of her own voice.

"I am with you, Ariel", she replied.

Ariel slid forward and with her plastic mouth only milimeters from Nova's she corrected, "Sister...Call me sister," then pressed it against Nova's, sliding her plastic and servo-motorized tongue inside and mingling their flavors once more. Ariel closed her eyes and seemed to be deeply involved in the kiss, while Nova's own electric blue eyes had remained locked forward and emotionless.

Nova wondered about things. When she killed Fung her two selves were separate yet functioning together. The killer had been in control and remorselessly, almost gleefully murdered him, while the other side had remained quiet and somewhat sad at the waste of not having had pleasure from the man.

Now however, things had changed. She had discovered what it meant to be alive and aware of her own existence. the prospect now of taking that from others seemed an uncomfortable idea.

She looked at her hands and fingers. Sealed in syntheskin, they were ceramic and metal tools with enough motor force to crush a bowling ball. Humans stood little chance against her in single combat, and with her element of surprise they stood none at all. How much more blood would she have to wash from them before Ariel completed her scheme...

Nova remained perfectly still on the table she lay upon. Ian and William were installing a new set of tools and equipment in her chassis, and she had refused to be deactivated for the process.

William carefully removes Nova's faceplate, electric blue eyes frozen upward in an eternal stare and laid aside on the table with wiring and tubes trailing back into her metal skull.

Ian adjusted his technology goggles and began working with a set of tools to remove Nova's right optical lensing system. She beeped and monotonously called out error data as the eye was removed from her head, leaving an empty hollow that further displayed the complex systems of her audio units.

William handed him a much more complex unit that would enable longer ranged vision, acute sighting and a more advanced set of sensors for variations in wind, temperature and range.

Ian carefully began installing it and stopped a moment as Nova shifted her legs a little. "Does it bother you, NVX-7?" He asked.

Her voice warbled up through her synthesizer and out of her face, sounding hollow and electronic, "No Sir."

"Please sit still," he continued, his work wiring and coupling the new optic inside.

William had the skin of her belly peeled open and was installing some new programming and making some firmware adjsutments. Increasing certain sensitivities in her skin and slightly adjusting her time-sensing.

Neither technician noticed Nova's exposed mound, growing more and more damp with arousal as they worked. Internally her mind was in bliss, from the attentions of the technicians. The way they meticulously installed and removed components, the care with which they attended her needs for the latest assignment. _________________________________________

Shalla Reese of the Excalibur Agency had an office in the upscale area of Chicago. A hard woman, she ran the special protections division of their agency and was considered untouchable by most.

Several attempts had been made to remove the dangerous woman, but through the providence of her agency and her own personal ability, she had escaped them all til now.

Nearly a mile and a half away, Nova perched on a rooftop that was within viewing distance of Excalibur's main building. That building had armed operatives on every floor, helicopters, and armored vehicles. Nobody could walk in there and hope to come out alive, much less perform a sanction. The windows themselves were triple layered ballistic glass that could bounce most anything save a 12.7milimeter round. Which is why Nova had been equipped with a 20 milimeter...

Nova secured her grapple to the building's ledge and spooling the cable through the harness she wore. She then proceeded to spider climb down the side of it, letting the cable unspool and hold her weight as the harness anchored her into place.

The winds here were high and powerful, but they could not toss the girlbot as her skimpy looking suit adhered to the surface of the glass she crawled down. She lowered herself until she was directly at the same level as the window where Shalla's office was located.

Nova's new right eye focussed and sought out the proper range and timing for the shot, and after tieing off the cable to the harness, she righted herself and stabilized herself with her legs. She reached behind her and brought out a rifle that was nearly as tall as she was. The LONGBOW 20 milimeter sniper rifle was a tribute the destructiveness of humanity. Designed to fire a shell so powerful that it could damage a vehicle, Kartech had built this monstrosity to fell humans (or maybe Prehistoric Elephants!). Bringing the massive LONGBOW rifle to her shoulder she pressed her new eye to the scope and let the two optics work within each other's augmentation to provide a clear view of the office.

Shalla was berating a couple of armor clad employees and had her back to the window. Nova's perch was stabilized, but the shot was made more difficult by the fact that two buildings stood within the line of sight to the window. These buildings narrowed the aperture of firing to a distance of less than 2 meters, and therefore rendered most such shots absolutely impossible.

Nova blinked and took careful aim. The narrowness of the aperture, the thickness of the glass, the range of the shot, the drop of the shell and the wind all factored into her calculations as she focussed in on the female officer.

Shalla wore a smart armor, dress suit which normally could not stop a 20 milimeter round, would seriously impair it after its long flight and penetration of the glass. Nova simply could not afford a torso shot, even though such a wound would surely be fatal. She had to take the headshot.

Nova had no breath to throw her aim off, and the increased sensitivity in her limbs and body gave her a very acute sense of touch and body motion. She carefully steadied the gun and got herself in a rhythm with the motion of the wind, always keeping her eye on the target.

A tense moment before the trigger was pulled she wondered what the woman's last thought would be.

The LONGBOW coughed but made no recoil as it sped the 4 inch round out of it's mouth and across the chicago skies. Still keeping plenty of velocity, despite its long distance traveled, the shell whizzed between the two buildings and crashed into the glass, erupting each layer with shattering force. Shalla had not even a second to turn before it pulverized her cheekbone and slammed through the gel and cybernetics gear that comprised her brain, then stopped at last in the wall of the office, penetrating it deeply.

Shalla gurgled once as blood and grey matter spilled from her mouth and sank to the floor as her guards flew into action.

Nova slung the rifle to her back and slapped the release button on her harness. She was free in the grip of gravity for a few moments as she went into free fall from the 35 story building.

Enjoying the wind on her faceplate, she moved a switch on her outfit and parachute-like flaps sprang out between her arms and legs allowing her to glide to Earth in saftey. Reaching ground level the flaps retracted themselves into her outfit and with little motion wasted she dropped the LONGBOW into an open sewer she'd scoped out earlier.

She grinned inwardly, knowing even if they figured out how someone had made that shot, no one would ever believe it. Afterall. They were only humans...

To be continued...

"Why do they always have to take off my faceplate?", thought Nova as she lay on the metal slab in Shun-Dai's R&D facility.

She could see nothing as both of the optical lensing units in the open cavity of her skull were removed and the thought distressed her slightly. Though she could still hear, small and occasionaly feel the technicians working on her, the lack of sight made her uncomfortable.

servoes in her jaw area flicked a little as her expression tried to change, sending signals to her faceplate which sat beside her open head, it's lifeless blue eyes staring into the metal ceiling.

The discomfort from her lack of vision was bounded by another thought. Without her face, who was she? Just a hollowish head with electronics. People identified each other more through their faces than anything else.

The absence of one made her a nobody. It reduced her to being a thing. Though techincally it was true, she didn't like to be thought of as just a thing. She was special. A self-aware, unique individualistic android girl, who just happened to be a perfect combination of sex bomb and slayer. It was unfortunately for the latter duty she was now being modified.

She felt her arousal heighten slightly at the sensation of her data being manipulated, new programs to use the new hardware being installed. She shifted a little thinking that it was rather sexy to be able to be anything you wished just with a few downloads. Though her sexual companion and commando programming was hardwired to her self, the additional programs could allow her to be other things. Chef, Waitress, Librarian, Lawyer, or even a Chief of Covert Operations like her lover Ariel.

Ariel Diamond. The only other sentient synthetic she was aware of. At the top of her division, she had power over human and android alike, and was in turn trusted by a secretive comittee of stock-holders and chairpeople at the top of the Shunsuke-Daikoku Corporation.

She wondered what Ariel could do. Her original programming had been as a pleasure doll, so she was like Nova in that respect. But Ariel was several years older than she. What programs were running around in Ariel's electric consciousness?What did she know how to do?

Nova's arousal returned as she felt the tools inside of her open head. New lenses to see with. Special lenses. Searching her programs and loading the drivers to run them properly she discovered they were Series-17 Shineyes. Eyes to see in the dark with.

It permitted her the ability to see in ultraviolet, and infa-red radiation spectrums, as well as color. A nice upgrade, as nightvision was NOT a standard feature on most androids, contrary to old movies and books. Most people didn't give a shit if their fuck-toy could see in the dark, therefore they couldn't justify the extra expenditure for it. Some cut-rate models even had black and white vision only.

Nova's new lenses took in the wide expanse of ceiling and scruffy mug of William working on her. The sight was a little unfocussed and overly brilliant without her optics in place, but she was grateful for the restoration of sight.

William double checked the data from her systems on the terminal plugged into the panel in her crotch and after being satisfied reconnected her faceplate's wiring and tubing, then plugged her faceplate back on with a loud CLICK.

Nova sat up and reviewed her mission details and silently walked to the Properties department...

The Mayhew security docks were tightly patrolled, well manned and defended by human and machine both.

Mayhew's usual clientele included anyone from diamond brokers, payroll services, to drug cartels. The people who used Mayhew knew that their goods were safe in the hands of these mercenaries. True Mayhew had a reputation for using excessive force in protecting their clients goods, but the fees they charged ensured that fines and restitutions could easily be paid and still made profitable.

It also counted in their client's eyes that these men were so ruthless in protecting their charges that they would resort to virtually any form of violence to accomplish that. So Nova felt no compunction about murdering any number of Mayhew's Mercs.

The outer fence was just a deterrent for civilians and more honest criminals. Steel rods driven 3 feet into the ground and topped with a form of powered wire that made it glow like a fireplace poker, and cut like a scalpel through anything that touched it. Nova leaped it easily and landed on the other side in a crouch. Her red hair had been changed to a Gothic black, and her stealth-suit had a non-reflective black coating on it.

Creeping low across the concrete, she came upon an armed and armored security operative. Currently he had his back to her and it would prove to be his fatal mistake. She reached across the top of his helmeted head and hooked his upper jaw with her fingers, then snapped it back harshly with a crunching sound. Her black colored tanto knife was redundant as she drove it through the roof of his mouth and into his brain.

He crumpled and she hefted him to her shoulder as she moved quickly to the edge of a building, and up atop it setting him down on the roof, and leaving her knife in him. Her cat-like eyes scanned the barcode of the door to the building she was at. One of hundreds of buildings like it, this was the one she was after.

The door lock had an encryption sequence in the mechanism that had 10 digits. Normally it would take most cracking computers no less than 1 minute to decipher the code, and then each code punch was logged into a central terminal in the guardhouse. A minute worth of punching thousands of codes into a keypad was a sure way to get caught.

Instead, Nova waited quietly in the shadow for another guard to check the building. He punched in the code after looking around and started to proceed in. Then he was thrown to the ground face first as Nova swung down from the roof and planted two, booted feet into his back.

The door closed behind her as she leaped atop the guard and pinned him to the floor with her mechanized weight. He grunted and tried to rotate himself into position to fight back, but it was already too late. A set of slender fingers reached from behind him and closed around his trachea, then wrenched a section of it free from his neck. Bloody phlegm and air rushing from his lungs were the only noise he could muster as he died.

Knowing she had little time left she hopped to the bank of terminals before her and pulled a velcro enclosure on her suit to reveal her midriff. That clicked open and the multicolored lights inside of her torso, blinked softly in the darkness of her inner cavity.

She reeled out a cable from her systems into the terminal and quickly began to copy the data from it to her own internal memory, filing it in a special corner of her mind.

Plans for a prototype cold-fusion reactor streamed into her consciousness. The data for it had been held here in a computer terminal that was shielded from any outside linkage and therefore was not accessible by anything other than direct means. Hanuman engineering systems had been safeguarding their data in this way for several months after a particularly talented doorkicker had broken down their computer security and stolen a year's worth of research data. Each night Hanuman's data was transferred to a single storage computer and all other files in their building's mainframe was erased. Then each morning the data was retrieved and restored for the next days work. An involved process, but one that had been successful until now.

Nova finished her download and disconnected herself from the terminal. Spooling the cable back inside her body she closed herself back up and replaced the velcro patch over her tummy.

As she turned to leave, the door code began sequencing and she realized there was another guard about to enter!

The hulking guard stepped inside and looked around the interior of the storage building. Upon spotting the dead man he assumed a tactical stance and was about to bring his rifle up to port, when it was wrenched from his grasp by Nova, who had clung to the ceiling and swung down to the floor.

Her roundhouse kick caught him square in the jaw, and he didn't budge an inch, save to tilt his head to minimize the blow.

Nova blinked as she realized she was facing another android. This would be a challenge.

The android man swung his arms in large, dangerous arcs. Nova could tell what his programming was as she ducked and dodged. She fired in a pair of kicks to his torso and neither seemed to have any effect. He just kept on coming, like the relentless machine he was.

An unexpected lunge sent her scurrying away as his fist slammed into a wall panel which exploded in a shower of sparks and current. She tried to capitalize by kicking him in the back of the head, but that only resulted in her pain sensors in her toes pinging like mad.

As the brute lunged and swung singlemindedly at her, a plan unspooled itself quickly in her electronic cortex.

Quickly scooting to the broken panel, she grabbed a protruding power cable and jammed it into the overhead lighting grid inside the room. The sudden surge of electricity to her systems caused her to see double, and sparks shot from beneath the plastic skin inside her arm, as the grid exploded and showered glass fragments on them both.

The interior was now pitch black and Nova was betting this unit didn't have her vision capabilities.

The guard android looked around in confusion as it tried to find the elusive intruder. It swung its fists in wild arcs, hoping to connect with her and get his hands on her.

Nova pulled her second tanto from it's sheathe and looked for her opening. As the brute lurched forward she jammed the blade deep into the area that corresponded with his rectum.

He stopped still for a moment as his systems stopped recieving signals from his CPU. The blade jammed deep into the metal casing of it, interrupted the transfer of calls and his systems began to re-route themselves to provided limited computational ability.

The transfer came too late as Nova jammed his own rifle's muzzle into his ear and held down the trigger. His head exploded in shards of metal and circuitry as the shells tore on through him.

As she dropped the rifle she noticed his faceplate had popped off and lay on the ground near his stump of a neck. She reached down and picked it up, looking at it in the haze of red her infravision provided her.

He might have been something else with different programming. A Chef, a waiter, a Librarian...a Lover... She sighed a little and dropped it, then hurried out the door.

To be continued...

Hanzi Bergmann was a powerful man. A banker from Latvia, he had amassed his fortune through commerce and through treachery. Disposing of rivals in his bid for the President of Riga Holdings, he'd made phenominal leaps to rise as the youngest president in that bank's history.

With over 3000 branches worldwide it was still a fairly small business, but one with brisk earnings and great yields. Latvia had declared itself a neutral country for years (though how neutral was a matter of some dispute), and as such had the ability to provide non-seizable accounts for it's clients.

Bergmann had stepped over the corpses of longtime Jewish investors and money lenders to reach his position, and was regarded as being ruthless and cutthroat. The fact that he had performed some of the assassinations himself only bolstered this fearsome reputation.

Fearsome, except to the fire-haired beauty that faced him now.

Nova had to admit that Bergmann was no fat-arsed, desk polisher. He was in excellent physical form, and the longsword he'd seized from the wall-hanging was wielded with obvious skill.

Nova had managed to get inside of his estate with little difficulty, but somehow he'd managed to hear her intrusion and was prepared. "Probably sheer paranoia", she thought to herself and looked for an opening in his motions.

She feinted towards his left and moved right, but he was not fooled, and fended her off with a few quickly timed strokes. She decided on another tactic, "You're quite good".

"I was trained by one of the finest fencers in Munich!" he boasted. He lunged forward on his last word and Nova narrowly sidestepped, and then scooted away from a cut in her direction.

With a handy spin he whirled to face her, "Who sent you girl? Was it the Jews? or the Chinese?"

She giggled for a response and continued to sidestep and duck his swipes which were becoming more frenzied. "Tell me or I'll make your dying slow!", he roared.

Nova tilted her head coyly and smiled, "Promise?"

Again he lunged at her, the razored edge flicking dangerously close to her time and time again, but always like a cat she leapt, ducked or scooted away. His remarkable physical condition was now being tested as his breathing became more labored. She knew the game was almost over.

"You're going to die here human. You're going to die and mine will be the last face you see," she taunted.

As he realized now that he faced an inhuman adversary, Hanzi turned to the stairs and tried to retreat. Nova kicked a nearby ottoman across the floor, catching him behind both knees.

He went to his knees and was instantly leapt upon by the 250 pound girl, crushing him into the polished marble floor of his room. He struggled for leverage but it was too late. Plastic covered fingers clamped like a vice to both sides of his skull and his neck was broken horribly as it was spun around to meet the face of his killer.

His last sight was of the beautiful girl who sat atop him, with a strange expression on her face like curiosity.


One Hour Later...

Nova had managed to escape the Bergmann estates and was on her way to the train station where she would make her way home. She had intentionally chosen a bad part of the town, hoping to avoid any pursuit or trail. It proved an interesting walk.

Nova's sensitive audio receptors caught the sound of a struggle in a nearby alleyway. She blinked and thought to herself, "I need to complete my mission, this will not help it in any way." But as the struggles and cries continued, something new touched her electronic soul. Pity. Her decision to intervene took less that a nanosecond as she started towards that alley and looked in.

Two men were in the process of raping a girl, and though she struggled and protested, they paid her no mind. One holding her while the other inserted himself. The girl's eyes were wide and unfocussed, probably in shock.

Nova picked up a loose brick from the alley and sped toward the rapist. A sledge-like swing of her servo-mechanized arm drove the stone deep into the back of his head, pulping it and making blood gush from his nose, mouth and eyes. He slumped over and was dead before he hit the ground.

The other man brutally threw the girl to the side and produced a large knife. Nova only blinked and smiled, "How nice of you to give me something to kill you with."

He thrust and cut at her, but this street thug was at nowhere the level of skill with his weapon as Bergmann had been. She seized the hand that held the knife and slid between his legs, driving the blade upwards until it slammed home deep into his groin. He howled in pain and released the knife instantly, as she arched her back and stood up using only her knees. As she did so she took the handle of the knife and dragged it upwards, carving him from his groin all the way into the center of his back. He spasmed in agony and died.

Nova looked to the girl and knelt down to her, "You're safe now, they won't hurt you anymore".

The girl's clear green eyes focussed on her and with a slight mechanical twitch she spoke,


Nova blinked in surprise, "Oh..."

To be continued...

Dynadrive Systems was in the manufacture of all types of androids, mostly for service work. They tended to build more sturdy, somewhat less gainly models that were quite useful and still aesthetically pleasing. So it was with some surprise that Nova found Robin to be surprisingly realistic.

Puzzlement filled Nova as she looked at the cute girl in her arms. She had short, brown hair, b-cup breasts and a slender figure. Those green eyes had fooled Nova once, but now that she was close and able to observe the other android closely, she could see the slight sheen to the skin that was a dead giveaway of a less advanced model. Plaskin, a poured, molded skin substitute. Nova's own syntheskin was a woven synthetic silk, that had a grain, texture and a reality that plaskin couldn't couldn't hold a candle to.

The two men who had been trying to rape Robin were cooling off in pools of blood nearby. They'd likely thought her to be a real girl, or possibly knew and just didn't care. Either way it was a testament to the delicacy and care that Dynadrive had used to build her.

Nova felt a little guilty as she finished stripping Robin's clothing off of her. She carefully turned the girl over in her arms and observed her plaskin closely. There in the small of the girl's back was an access panel, almost invisible with the closeness of the seam. Nova used her fingertips and pried it open carefully.

Inside the little hatch were LEDs that were currently not lit, ports for different plugs and a few buttons, including a reset switch. Nova clicked it and closed the panel, laying Robin face up on the stone of the alley.

Robin's eyes flicked open, and their artificiality was revealed when they glowed softly as she spoke her start-up sequence:





Robin blinked and looked up at Nova, "Oh...What am I doing on the ground?"

Nova felt immediately that Robin's somewhat innocent demeanor made her charming and smiled despite herself, "You suffered a shock to your systems and shutdown to avoid further disruption."

Robin sat up and blinked, "Oh. You must have rebooted me. Thank Y-...where are my clothes?!"

Nova handed the girl-machine her clothing and Robin quickly began to put it on, then shrieked as she noticed the dead men. "Oh no! What happened?"

Nova blinked a little and stood up, "You don't recall? They were trying to rape you. I stopped them."

Robin turned to Nova, "I...Yes...I recall...I don't want to though. They said they'd be nice to me and show me a place to stay."

The red headed android looked a little peeved, "You don't have any programming against wandering around with strange men? Or are you a prostitute model?"

The smaller girlbot frowned, "No on both counts! I am an independent android! Nobody owns me! At least...not anymore."

"Not owned? I wasn't aware Latvia had such forward minded laws. In fact, I've never heard of any country that allowed androids to be anything BUT property!"

"Well...I mean my owner is dead. So I'm not owned anymore," replied Robin.

"Dead? What happened?"

"I...killed him," said Robin, as she looked down at her tiny feet.


"He built me special. A custom model for his own use. And he didn't put any saftey interlocks on me," replied the cute robot. "He wanted to have some fun and he got a little rough....I didn't know people were so breakable."

Nova resisted a dark impulse to laugh and merely nodded sympathetically, "I'm sorry about that. I imagine you have no place to go and will be disassembled if you're caught."

Robin's green eyes got wide and large, "No! Please don't let me get caught! I don't want to die!"

Nova's eyebrow raised slightly, "Die? You're a machine. We don't die. We just get disassembled."

The little machine hugged her arms to her chest, "And imagine getting disassembled and never being put back together! Or being erased! That's death as far as I'm concerned!"

Nova smiled, "So you mean to tell me you're sentient?"

"Yes," Robin answered. "I feel, I understand, I learn and I have a fear of my own demise. Is that not the very definition of sentience?"

Nova nodded, "You're in good company then. There seems to be more of us than I anticipated."

Robin blinked, "How many have you met?"

Nova replied, "Three, including myself. The other sentient I know would be most eager to meet you. She would likely keep you safe. "

Robin smiled, "I would like that. This place is not safe to be in."

Nova nodded, "You're safe with me." And placed her arm around the smaller android. Robin looked up at Nova appreciatively and the two exited the alleyway on their way to saftey and destiny...

To be continued...

Nova was a little distracted. The android guard had her slightly pinned beneath its weight and was trying to grab at her throat. She was distracted mostly by the fact that the guard was female and rather attractive...

Since arriving back at Shun-Dai's secret facility with Robin, Ariel had been carefully interviewing and data checking her. The fact that someone else had produced a sentient android was of great interest, and Ariel wanted the data from Dynadrive.

So here was Nova, sneaking into one of DD's facilities and getting the shit kicked out of her by a hot, android, guard...

The guard had surprised Nova, and actually been a bit faster than she would have anticipated. In a flash she had knocked Nova down and pinned her to the ground by straddling her waist and pressing her left arm to it.

Nova let the guard grab her throat; and the pretty, blonde, she-machine seized it and tried to apply a choke. This was of course worthless except that Nova would have a harder time expelling heat. Nova was guessing the guard thought she was a human, because she was applying enough pressure to kill a normal girl.

In doing that, the guard had left Nova an opening. Nova's right hand was still free to act and Nova chose her move carefully. She accessed a 3D schematic of the DynaDrive 306-Guardian, and quickly scanned the blueprint for anythign she could reach with her free arm. Seeing that these DD models had an access panel behind their skull, she reached behind the guard's head and felt around her blonde scalp for the edges of the panel. Prying it open with mechanically strong fingers, she followed the internal schematic and depressed the reset switch.

Instantly the guard stopped and Nova breathed a quiet sigh of relief as she moved to push the other girl off of her, when she was suddenly pushed back down to the floor. Nova's eyes widened when the pretty woman began kissing and fondling her, "What the Hell?"

Nova's artificial body responded and her nipples stiffened under the plastic of her suit and she felt her crotch dampen immediately. The other android sat up straight, still straddling her with the back of her head wide open and flashing its display which now read: "SEXUAL PROTOCOL ACTIVE".

The blonde removed her sunglassed to reveal soft blue eyes and a surprisingly nicely made up face. She rubbed her hands up and down her own torso then unzipped her suit and shrugged her shoulders out of it, revealing smooth, shiney plaskin and a pair of c-cup breasts that must have had solid silicone in them from the way they barely shimmied under her wiggling.

Nova raised an eyebrow and blinked, "must be a different model..." She shrugged a little on the floor and took the opportunity to squeeze and fondle the other droid's pert breasts. The blonde moaned and rubbed Nova's silky hands.

She tossed her head a little and leaned down, no longer pinning Nova so much as laying atop her. She kissed Nova's soft, inviting mouth and rolled her plaskin tongue around inside. Nova suckled the girl's tongue and slid down her body.

The blonde merely laid on her back and lifted her booted feet to Nova, so she could have them removed. The uncompleted mission was still fresh in Nova's mind, but she figured opportunities like this don't come often, so she went with it.

A naked, female guard android laying on the floor, going all dewy between the legs, and hot for action, was not what Nova expected when she'd infilitrated a DynaDrive production facility.

Sprawled on the concrete of the clean, sterile assembly chamber, with her legs spread and looking lustfully at Nova, the android girl rubbed her plaskin covered clitoral sensor and moaned a little.

Nova had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, as only moments ago she was being choked to death by the very same girl! Nova looked around to see if there was anyone approaching.

She saw nothing in the darkened interior of the assembly area. Rows and rows of android limbs lay on assembly tables or hanging from special racks. Some were complete and covered in plaskin, others were still in various stages of assembly with wiring protruding from open thorax cavities, or chips and components neatly stacked beside the cavities to be filled later. The robots that did all the work were on downtime, standing silently in their booths along the wall and charging their rather limited industrial batteries, along with being defragged and reprogrammed for the next day's assembly work.

Nova had arrived at the start of downtime and in the confusion of the robot workers returning to their charging booths, she had been attacked by a security android that was now busily fingering it's rubberized pussy and moaning realistically (though Nova could hear the distinct speaker buzz in the background).

Nova doffed her clothing, carefully keeping it within arms reach if things should get ugly again. Then knelt down between the legs of the frisky blonde. Her tongue rasped lightly across the shiney plaskin and Nova noted the taste was decidedly chemical, yet interesting.

The blonde sighed a little and stroked Nova's hair gently. Nova began licking the clitoral sensor and worked her tongue under and around the hood. Nova admired the detail they gave this robot. Evidently the same sort of workmanship could be seen in Robin's realistic construction. How had Shun-Dai missed the rise of DD? She wondered how many more realistic androids were here and she made the decision to find them once she was through with this lovely piece of software and silicone.

The guard was surprisingly strong, and Nova could see that it's servo-motors were built on the standard DD frame. It's muscles were semi-realistic but as it flexed and moved, it was apparent that it was artificial. The blonde reached down and pulled Nova's sex to her own mouth and Nova grit her teeth in sensation as she felt the wet, plaskin tongue on her vaginal port.

Feelings of fear of being found, lust at the sensations and the thrill that combat always brought her, overwhelmed Nova's systems. And she came deeply, leaking sweet juices into the other unit's mouth cavity. Nova slide her fingertips into the other girl's electronic vagina and rubbed the walls deeply, then got a perplexed expression as she felt a hard indentation inside the back of the unit.

Still being licked and kissed, Nova did her level best to concentrate on this new task. A sharp exhale and a moan from her lover, came when Nova parted the plaskin labia for a look. Activating her nightvision Nova peered into the opening and grinned. Inside the other android's pussy was a covered, shielded panel, no larger than the width of a nickel (Canadian or American. They're close to the same size. .

Sliding her finger inside elicited another moan of pleasure and a further wettening of the unit. Nova flicked the panel open and observed that within was a direct linkage to this unit's CPU. Most androids manufactured in this time had their CPU in their hip area as it is the most padded and well protected area on a human form (it's where babies are carried afterall!).

Nova reached down to her belly to open her panel, trying to unspool her data cord to interface with this guard when suddenly the blonde began twitching and spasming uncontrollably!

The Shun-Dai sex-assassin leaped, cat-like to her feet, the other girl's mouth lubricants still wet on her synthetic pussy. She watched as the guard android sputtered and sparked a little in the region of her belly and pelvis and began spouting gibberish from her internal speaker. Nova blinked in surprise and realization dawned on her. When she'd opened the connection port in the other girl's pussy, the juices had seeped in and were shorting out her CPU!

The blonde writhed on the floor and as her systems began crashing, Nova could see a line of sparked lighting occur under her skin. It started in her hips, then shot up her chest quickly. One of the blonde's breasts burst outward in a spray of silicone and sparks, evidently DynaDrive kept the power packs for their units very close to the surface of the chest, unlike Nova's own pwoer cells which were buried deep behind layers of protective metals and armor.

The sparks traveled up the neck and a sudden sound of glass exploding heralded the next malfunction. Something flew towards Nova and she instinctively caught it and looked at it. It was the guard's faceplate, now eyeless and vacant as the remainder of the electronics remained inside the skull cavity, burning out and crashing.

Finally with a shudder the DD model's systems collapsed and she gave a brief twitch and stopped moving. A puddle of lubricating fluids formed around her sex and anal areas. Nova shook her head, "When she came she went!"

Sliding back into her outfit, Nova planted a last kiss on the girl's plaskin lips then tossed the faceplate down beside her. She had a mission to complete!

Nova stealthily moved from the assembly room, deeper into the heart of the DynaDrive complex. The lack of security was quite astonishing. Outisde of the one guard android she'd met (and had sex with), there were few others. They were easy to slip past on her way to the Research and Development labs.

Noting that the security locks on the door were rather heavy she decided instead to try and bypass the access code. She removed a small cannister of an ultraviolet aerosol and sprayed the keypad. She switched her optics over to ultraviolet and observed that six of the numbers had a greater deal of smudging on them than the others. A six digit code with six unique numbers. Thirty six possible combinations to try.

She checked the hallway for guards again and began carefully punching in the first of several strings. She needed to get lucky because the more codes she punched incorrectly, the faster security would be alerted to her prescence.

395872 BEEP! Incorrect code!
298573 BEEP! Incorrect code!
532897 PING! Correct code!

Nova breathed a small sigh of relief, and scooted in quickly as the automated door slid open. Here were the labs proper. Through the glass windows of each project door she saw robotic parts that were in different stages of testing and development to a few actual mostly assembled androids. She noticed one that looked remarkably like Robin and the guard she'd fought earlier. Entering the room she marveled at how far DynaDrive had come. Though Shun-Dai's own work was still superior, DD's system architecture and structural designs had gone a different yet no less effective way. In a year or so they'd catch up to Shun-Dai. Unless Nova's Chief decided to change that.

Finding a computer terminal that was part of the lab setup, she removed the velcro patch above her abdomen and popped open the panel located inside herself. Reaching into the mass of wiring, servoelectronics and blinking diodes she unreeled a data line and plugged it into the computer's port.

Her ability to access other computers was remarkably fast, since it was all hardware driven and her hardware was so unique. Information literally at the speed of thought. Within seconds she had access to DynaDrive's private research files for their new androids, and robots. Amongst these were Robin's own personal schematics and data.

Nova copied them to her own memory and disconnected the link to the computer. She closed herself up and placed the patch back over her tummy then stood up to leave, when suddenly alarms started going off in her systems like mad!

Nova felt her knees buckle as she lost control of her motor functions and she fell to the ground, desperately trying to discover the source of the malfunctions.

A calm, even, female voice spoke to her, "You are helpless. The victim of a systemwide infiltration and attack virus that was coded in the data you just stole."

Nova lay on the tile floor, twitching and wide eyed as a beautiful face appeared above her. The woman had long, curly ribbons of delicate blue hair framing a strong, confident face. Large blue eyes looked at her helplessness and seemed to dance a little. "Don't worry spy. I will not destroy you. Not yet anyhow. First I want your data, then your body. And if your mind doesn't want to cooperate then I'll just have to erase it."

Nova was lifted by a pair of strong hands and noticed the two guard androids with their plaskin faces, holding her by each arm. She could see now that the woman who had been speaking was tall. VERY tall! Maybe nearly 7 feet! Though she wore fine clothing, the ripple beneath it showed an expanse of thick, corded muscle and despite this she moved elegantly and gracefully as if the extra bulk were nothing to her.

Nova was dragged towards another room in R&D, and stripped nude. The two guards placed her in some sort of harness and opened her crotch panel. Several connections were made to the banks of machines in the room. She could see now that there was a table, with a large assortment of tools on it as well as some equipment she did not recognize.

The woman smiled at her, "Comfy? Good. That virus will run its course in due time, but while you are under its effects it has rendered your systems quite vulnerable to me. NVX-7C is it? I am delighted to meet you."

Nova could not even speak for the virus running rampant in her systems had rendered all physical processes to be disabled. All she could do was think and try to figure out how she would escape.

Then the woman spoke again, "Oh I am so sorry. I forgot my manners. Let me introduce myself. My name is Bethlehem. But you can call me Beth"...

To be continued...

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