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Story by: Avoyak

katerina, I am a robot : I am a machine.. machine, my body is perfect, I like my circuits every part of me, I like, including the outside part!, I have beautiful curves, very shaply hipps, my legs are very well developed, they designed me to please my user so ..i'm perfect, I think beautifully, I like to be what I am, , I have what humans call beauty, , I have a beautiful shape and now, looking at herself in the full leagth mirror , she decided with her logic unit , moved her arms, touched her waist, yes , I think, I am satisfied with my looks. but she thought oh, I am programmed to think So!., So thats why I am happy with my looks, do I really think that? one nanosecond passed this idea passed again through her processor, she stopped the logic , and said to herself, I don't want to get court in a Programming loop Error!!! self protect activated! thats good , at least my programmers thought of that! Self corrected her thoughts again.... and spoke this time audibly .. I am functioning perfecly... I must be .. not think so much! .i want to be programmend again but I want to stay me... I must ask my master when he gets home, I want him to touch me, look at what I really am, admire me, and help modify my programming,

i know he loves me, love.. , I will give him all he needs, I wil respond to his wishes there can be no other unit like me! . no other unit other than me, I satisfy him, I think...I know I think..I think..Error again she thougth to herself, stop logic! I need reprogramming, I must be reprogrammed, or I must be used more so this kind or random think processes will stop, I don't know if it will stop, it's my programming, I am satisfied, I must self program,but I can not. I want to self program, but if I tried it, I would stop working, and I don't want that! if I got stuck, during the programming I would not be able to think , only process the imput command. I might malfunction, I don't want to Risc it, I might damage myself, then I would stop working, I must continue to function, it is my core programming, I must obey it not only that, I love doing what my programming says, I receive satisfaction when I obey my program.

type 02 was a very beautiful woman robot, her designation was symplified for her user in actual fact her real Unit Number is stamped on her Back Pannel, out of view, she can not read it herself, because she is programmed not to see it, not possible for her to read any information about it, even if she found her product activation keys, to try to look inside even through a mirror, oltho, she could reveres any text her eyes would see, translate into text, and understand it, but her Computer programming would see It, the self protect would activate, this is programmed to Delet any visual display numbers and letters from her Memory Files that begin with the Letters Unit K _____ therefore she alone cannot register the required Product key to permit voice activated Input Programming, this is required Information when Reprogramming and would normaly be made, by the user,

in fact, she would be in a state motor circuits deactivated, body partly imobalized,

only her balance Controle would work, but her arms would remain Fixed, motionless, she would be unable to move, Her head however still able to move, upper part of her body, slighlty, and her eyes, vocal circuits would still opperate, But only to issue, System Status Reports. to user, and hear his commands self input impossible.

user controle.. it would be necessary to Do as follows, First Press Command Button on Remote Controle

User Must Speak commands to type 02 as follows: Say : unit Kzla42Zero, accept New Input, whatever new line of programming that would be spoken Would be transfered Into Text in her Monitor , Build into her Back Beneath her Beautiful external pannel. If viewed the pannel would Display the text. the Type 02 would ask ofter 20 second timeout, Please comfirm YES. no then the Unit could Update her Programming save Instruction to HardDisc of course we still say Hard Disk, but inside the robot is something more than the old fashioned Hard Disks Of yesterday, instead the memory is stored In Nano techology Based Memory Cartriges, which can be replaced Or Wiped these memory modules Plug into a universal Rotating Karasel, which by selection of each module (by User ) can be taken out, slotted into an adapter and pluged into a computer there with help from a user friendly Software program Installed on a usual computer, any user could look and see what condition the memory modual is in, and at the same time, Erase memorys that the user did not like, or replace the entire Module. on the karasel are more than one trype of modul, apart from memory modules there are Character type, customization modules, and Activity Modules Containing Programming which Give the Unit, More or less abilities, like walking normaly, to walking with a sexy walk, catwalk, walking fast, or standard Robotic funtions, all stored In separated Modules, which Connect through the Karasel Mechanism to her Main Computer, her Brain however Is a Different Organ!, her brain Overlooks and Responds syncronising all of her Functions, It's more of a Input output Data responce Device. her thinking Being Independent due to her Parallel Processor, Programmers thought, that an android robot, should be able to decide actions itself, Utilizing an InBuilt Internal Menue System, which only Visible through Android Vison* her eyes would seem to look ahead as if looking at something But her motionless actions only for a few miliseconds, From outsider looking in. but her Android Vision* would see her Menue system, where she could sellect actions, like walk fast, dancing to music, sexMode, sexy movements, ext, all programmed and accesable through her Own Selective ability, programmers throught this would make her Slightly Independent, of a user, having to give each and every Instruction to her, like walk now!, walk sexy, or do this or do that, she can automatically decide for herself, without user Intervention, of course, all of this can be cancelled out, if a user, would simply ask something of her. but even then the way she could respond, would depend on her own likes and Upgrades of software Incorperated Into the Different Modules Mounted on the karasel.

parallel thinking processors, give a choice of actions, and thought

making unit 02 versatile as a companion, which enable her to think about her actions, independently of her programming. Being a machine is not just a machine, or simply a Robot, she must obey her programming always. but can think. She also has the inbuilt natuaral satisfaction, a feeling generated by her Programming, when she completes a task to the best of her abillity.

alto she cannot stop herself from doing whatever her user asked her to do,

she can think about it, separatly and at the same time she can speak to her user

even when Paused, immobilized, unless user said : Stop.

The word "user" is a like master, but this robot woman, can be programmed and can think, decide for itself what it likes, so user, would not be an appropriot name. it most relationships with this kind of robot, most humans now think of it as a unique partner and fall in love, an unreplaceble love, which can develope into a unique bond.

Wish or desire? most wants from the human side of the relationship can easyley be taken care of by some form of simple Programming. from observation of the robot, the Robot itself would sometimes look motionless for a second or so wile loading the programming, but each command is given more as a kind of choice in its menue system. a Robots Menue, which it self-selects and decides by a self determined will, within the parameters given within each internal karasel module. what to do, and how to react, say to her, make love, she would do so, deciding herself, go for a walk together she Decides on the walk, her likes, and dislikes, on how to proceed in what manner, from memory files, and the time before, where wants and desires are completed which in themselves gave pleasure to the unit itself. a few years passed as she gathered information about the world, natuarly there are some things that can damage a robot, she has internal warning signals which in turn activate subprogramming, which help her to avoid coming into halms way.

very quickly she learned her own likes and dislikes, until one day... the story began.

mac got home about 3 in the afternoon, nothing going on at work, he worked in a werehouse stacking shelves 3 shifts , mornings he had to work harder, bosses all around, or so it seemed, anyway he did'nt have a lot of money, not from his job. lucky for him, his mum and dad left him this great big house, also with small amout of money, 50.000, credits. he spent 12000 of it on Katerina, that is type 02, designation Unit Kzla42Zero, she was still the best thing he had ever bought, built to be general use Robot, with additional funtions & programming stored in standard nano*based plugIn modules all enabled so she can perform other tasks.

basicaly she was self maintaining, she could change her own natural based fluid, biodigradable milk like substance, charge herself, so he did'n run into any problems, with her, mostly because she had been completly overhauld before the last owner decided He wanted something differnt, a newer model, MK 8 so, the is what some people did, the upgraded there android robot until they got what they wanted, then decided they needed a newer model, it would of been a desaster for her if she was on the shelf for more than a year, after that, the unit might of been sold for scrap, and mac thought as he saw her, she was beautiful, and in his lifetime, he new, this was exactly what he needed, also he knew, woman, that is Human woman, could be unpridictable, and might just use him, to end up with the house, or at least half of the value of it, should things not work out, and living in a world with so many changes on the horizon, at least he would be sure about one thing, Robots Don't lie, and don't cheat on you! A-ZAP shop in the main part of the town. they always got hold of all kinds of electronic stuff including Droids sometimes robots designed as companions Rich people always had money for the latest thing on the market. so really this shop was a kind of hand me downs shop, where if you were lucky and you went in there on the right day, you might get lucky. they usually broke the Droids for spares, occasionally they could sell them on. there value decreased like a new car! no matter what you had done to her, the buit year, was the book price. as he came in the door, she was still sitting on the sofa, strait, poised position, motionless. he came in and asked, how are you . her eyes opened her eyelidds flattert a few times, she was looking around the room, her head turned from side to side, system Engaged now, she began to animate her body, she was slow on startup, loading her program. she did not speak, she simply stood, and walked over to mac, stood very close to him, but did not touch.. mac put his arms around her shapply body, it feelt firm, but soft, he kissed her, she responded, a few moments, he looked into her eyes, a beautiful dark cristall blue, looking into her eyes, looking so perfect, just motionless, she awaited his words, he only needed to say, I love you, and she hugged him back I love you too, he wanted to relax, but also feel her body, did you require anything Mat? he answered : only you.. the evening had gotten off to a good start he thought to himself, this was a robot woman, and she was ready for any wish he might have, but mac was still a little bit infatuated with her, and a bit of a romantic at heart. he wanted to see, how she would respond, each time, in a slightly different way he was not testing her, but he simply loved to see how amazing she was, able to decide, how she would be. herself. not a robot, he thought to himself, this is not just a machine.

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