Inspektor 12 Kronicles 7: The Homecoming

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{Editorial Note - here's the next Kronicle installment, containing the last remnants of the original tale; roughly the first quarter of the chapter. The balance was started late last year, and finished this summer. Any exposition or conclusions are left up to the reader; all I'll say is that there is still a ways to go with the overall saga yet. Oh yeah - with this very post, I proudly join the "500 Club" here at FC. Icon mrgreen.gif And finally, for those new to the Kronicles, the Author respectfully suggests reading the earlier chapters in chronological order, for clarity's sake:


On with the show!!}

The Homecoming


Gina and Rosie were startled alert in an instant by their Sister Chase's humorously booming wake-up call. And both were very glad indeed that this hideous trip was finally over. Liza-Beta, Inspektor 12's lovely right hand, was encouraging Chase via Rosie's dash-monitor. "Come straight in to building 917, Chase honey. Don't brake at all - the magnets will stop you safely." Chase nodded silently, concentrating fully on this critical final approach to the old-but-homey zeppelin hangar at well over 650mph. Gina and Rosie were both stunned by how exhausted their baby Sister looked. Chase's pull-chains barely protruded at all from the collar of her snug top; her lovely auburn hair was in wildly limp disarray; and her magnificent brown eyes were dull and horribly bloodshot, barely emitting any kind of spark or light at all. Quite simply, the shatteringly sexy wind-up woman looked like she had literally been dragged behind Rosie's streaking chassis by her pull-chains the whole way home. A slight glance up into Rosie's rear-view mirror elicited a tired groan from Gina, as she beheld her own haggard visage. Well, considering all the literal Hell the whole Inspektor 12 Harem-Family was going through presently, what did one expect? Rosie did the best she could to comfort both of her played-out sisters, visiting each of their minds with as much of the soothing electronic wash that functioned as virtual kisses and hugs as she could wearily muster. She preferred not to think about how used-and-abused her own chassis might look right about now. As the final miles quickly clipped off, the mind-sharing and totally exhausted Sisters began to nerve themselves for the fearsomely intimidating aftermath looming just ahead.

Soon enough, they were all safely ensconsed within Robo-Depot Building 917, and their desperately wild ride was at long last over and done with, to tremendous Mutual Family Relief. Crash teams quickly boarded, and rushed the Inspektor, Rochelle, and Maisie off to the ICU ward of the plant. Liza herself boarded right behind the crash teams with two pairs of pretty Nurses {from Robo-Depot's extensive Med-Service line}, and gently ordered Gina and Chase to lie down on the stretchers they bore. "Rosie-darlin', please stay dual with Gina for now. Your main chassis will be looked after here once we're all off, but I want your data-stream treated inside, and you're too overwrought to transfer by yourself, okay?" Through Gina's eyes, Rosie could clearly see the tremendous love and concern on Liza's beautiful, tear-streaked face, and she struggled hard to raise one of Gina's hands to feebly grasp and squeeze an equally dainty one of Liza's. "Sure thing, Den-Mama!" she answered weakly in Gina's voice, surprised by the potently deep fatigue she, Gina and Chase were now all feeling. "But all in all I'd rather be in Philadelphia right now, ahhh yes." Liza and the four Nurses giggled at Rosie's sly WC Fields quip, but Chase and Gina had passed out with mild shock - as did Rosie herself once the quip was out of her mouth. Liza kept holding Rosie/Gina's hand tightly as she whisked the trio straight to the Robo-Depot ER. Time was still of the essence, but Liza and the crash teams came in under the clock by a still somewhat comfortable margin, albeit an unnervingly slim one, as they later found out. Once Liza had seen that all the Family was safely inside and being treated, she made a beeline to the wing where the Inspektor was, and hastily set up a command-post to deal with the mopping-up of this Family crisis, before the enthrallingly beautiful female robot finally collapsed with fatigue and distress herself..........................

S-l-o-w-l-y, the Inspektor 12 Family-Harem began to recover from their nightmarish ordeal. Liza's fatigue and stress were remedied by frequent recharges, and the gradual recovery of her loved ones. Gina, Chase, and Rosie were treated for their stress and shock {and in Rosie's case, extremely heavy and severe chassis-damage}; all three quickly bounced back in a day or three. They all lent moral support to Liza as the whole group awaited news of the others. For this interval, Rosie resumed her original but highly modified "Giga-Pet" chassis and cut quite the comic figure as she scurried all over the vast R-D complex, looking for all the world like an overgrown furry red Big Trak running amok. Rochelle was next; although she had been within fifteen minutes of total CPU failure and core-fusing, and was horribly riddled with parasites and viruses throughout the rest of her sexy body, the crack R-D staff saved her life and precious data-stream with a full week of precision work and minute attention to detail Inspektor 12 would have been hugely proud to witness. As for the Inspektor himself, the mysterious virus-variant he harbored was finally arrested by a desperately-concocted smorgasboard of synthetic tinctures and curatives, devised with much critical input from Liza, who quite literally knew the Inspektor's physiology inside and out - as well as when the virus first struck, and the entire course of progression thereafter during the Family's time out on the road. Twenty-six long, arduous days in the Robo-Depot ICU passed before Inspektor 12 finally emerged from his "weekend off with the flu" {as he later termed it}, still under his own power, much to the tremendous relief of both his Family and Company. He had a large, willing, and most enthusiastic audience awaiting him every step of the way as he haltingly walked from the ICU across the whole plant into his personal luxury-suite, hastily reconfigured for his final stages of recuperation.

Liza, Rosie, Rochelle, Gina, and Chase were greeted by one of the Inspektor's most dazzling Cheshire cat-grins when they were finally allowed into the suite to see the man they all loved so deeply. One and all were tremendously bolstered by the much thinner, but still rather vigorous frame that housed the Mind they all adored so, as they anxiously walked in to see him. A gentle but joyous round of kisses, hugs, gropes, teasing tickles, and much laughter flowed for a good ten minutes or more as the bulk of the Family savored their wonderful Reunion. Despite his terrible ordeal and obvious {but somehow also slight, in an odd way} physical deteriroration, the Inspektor's eyes were still all a-twinkle, and his bio-aura was gratifyingly much brighter than the Girls had seen in quite some time. Only Liza noticed how subdued her Beloved seemed deep down beneath his surface, but she kept quiet about it. He'd been through just as much, if not one hell of a lot more, as any of them; and he WAS the only organic in the group, after all. Liza's thoughts were interrupted as her Beloved began to hold court. "Well now! I rise me worn-out bones up from the grave and find wall-to-wall women!! Am I in a rut, or did I actually die and get me Heavenly reward?" His Girls exploded as a unit into hearty laughter, his silly quip enhanced by a hilarious Irish "moccent" stolen straight from the Lucky Charms Leprechaun. Rochelle choked back her hystrical giggling just enough to remark "There you go, Sisters!! This silly old man's just fine now - he's too damned HORNY for all of us to have to worry or even think about him shuffling off his mortal coil!" The laughter that followed was dominated by the Inspektor's deep, guffawing tones of mirth; sweet music indeed to all the female ears {er, sensors} present. Rosie quickly busied herself with tickling the Inspektor's ankles like a cat on PCP, eliciting even more loving laughter from him. "Payback's a bitch and so am I, you filthy old horndog!!" she joyously bleated as she mercilessly tickled until the Inspektor's tears were flowing as freely as his laughter.

"All right, all right, I get the hint already, Rosie! Cease and desist before I have a real heart attack, n'kay!??" The Inspektor recovered from his laughter enough to motion Gina to come sit beside him on the sectional, Liza on the other side. As the lovely and still-giggling Fembot settled into her place of honor and Liza hers on the other side of him, Rosie discretely retreated to a far corner of the room and grew totally silent. The Inspektor next motioned to Chase to come and seat herself on his right thigh, just above the knee, which the lovely doll did in short order. With a michievous twinkle in his eye, the Inspektor spread his left leg wide, and motioned for Rochelle to take his left thigh, opposite her dear Baby Sister. As soon as she was settled, the Inspektor began to lovingly stroke Chase and Rochelle's legs, whilst he also hugged Gina and Liza on either side of him, having both arms around each, reaching in to the others. No one spoke or moved for a long while; they all just basked in the simple pleasure of Family Love and Affection, savoring the moment as much as possible. The Inspektor finally broke the reverie by addressing Rochelle. "Beloved, if you EVER try to get out of our sexercize by getting so sick again, I'm gonna sell your sumptuous ass to a certain tribe of cannibal Amazons I know of. They need more IRON in their diet, dig?" He punctuated his mock-threat with a skillful caress right between Rochelle's shapely legs that joyously and erotically electrified {ahem!} the gorgeous mechanical woman.

With a burst of simultaneous sobs and giggles {and one deep moan of purest pleasure}, Rochelle buried her lovely head on the Inspektor's shoulder, and clasped him tightly. "As you wish, my Beloved. As you wish. Please don't ever try to leave me again. Please, please, PLEASE promise me this?" Rochelle's copious tears quickly soaked the Inspektor's royal-blue terrycloth robe. He held her close, and murmurred "Never, Pet. I Promise with my heart and soul. If I go, you'll go with me. You ALL will, if you so desire." After a couple minutes holding his Beloved Rochelle firmly against him, he relaxed his embrace of her, then cuddled Gina and addressed her next. With a sweet and passionately lingering deep-kiss, he said "Thank you, my Loveliest of all Fembots, for taking such wonderful care of our Family out there in the field. We all literally owe our lives to you, my Dearest Sugarbritches. You're the glue that holds all of us together, and don't you EVER forget it, hear me?" Like Rochelle, Gina clasped the Inspektor tight, and buried her head on his other shoulder, trying mightily to control the deepening sobs now overwhelming her. "I love you SO much, my precious Eye-Ball!! Please don't ever leave the Family or me!" He caressed and cuddled and erotically tickled the lovely and emotional Fembot enough so that her sobs soon gradually subsided, and finally ceased with an exhausted, pleased, moaning sigh. Ten more silent minutes passed as the Inspektor held and Loved his Family, and they, him. With a slight cough, he shifted his shoulders and legs slightly, rousing Gina and Rochelle from his shoulders. "Chase?" The ravishingly beautiful doll focused her once again clear and lovely brown eyes squarely on her Man of All Men. "Yes Sir?" She nearly fell off his knee in swoon when he Smiled her dazzlingly. "I've got a very unique treat for you, my extra special Dolly-Love. A small token of my tremendous esteem for the way you handled yourself and the rest of the Family during our time of crisis on the road. Would you stand up, please?"

Chase immediately did so, and saw Liza pass a lovely wooden box to the Inspektor. She waited patiently as her Beloved gently tickled Rochelle between the legs again, in a sexy "get your lovely synthetic carcass up off'n my leg, Wench" signal. With a giggle, Chase's beautiful Big Sister did so; the Inspektor, Gina, and Liza all rising together soon after. 'Chelle moved over and put an arm around her darling Baby Sister and Gina embraced her on the other side, as the Inspektor and Liza presented the box to Chase with simultaneous deep bows. "My dear Madame Butterfly, would you care to open your gift now?" A beaming Chase instantly obeyed the request issued in unison from Liza and Inspektor 12, and gasped when she saw what was inside. "Oh, it's SO lovely," the beautiful doll breathed in wonderous delight. "Why not go and try it on, see if it fits, Honey?" Liza's smile was just as brilliant as the Inspektor's. Chase quickly excused herself, returning a couple minutes later proudly sporting the gift her Family had given her. She executed several runway-whirls, showing her Family the gift from all angles. Said Gift was a lovely heart-shaped silver belt-buckle, much bigger than the one she previously wore; a rich auburn gemstone {actually a priceless amount of 100% pure amber, complete with what looked like the proverbial embedded fly} was at the center, trimmed with a fine ring of bright red fur all the way around. It complemented both her pull-chain gems and her hair magnificently, but Chase was somewhat puzzled by the red fur trim. Oh, it worked extremely well with the overall design, but still seemed almost comically whimsical, for such an otherwise stunning piece of functional decoration. Chase also noticed two things at once just then; the Inspektor's eyes were gleaming, and Rosie had suddenly become conspicuous by her quiet absence. The winsome woman with clockwork innards half-turned, and looked askance at her Beloved Inspektor 12.

By now, Chase could read her Inspektor-Love's subtle body-English, and not-so-subtle bio-aura quite well, although she sometimes still missed the full import of whatever message he was unconsciously broadcasting at the time. This was one of those times, but the Inspektor kindly resolved his Beloved Doll's confusion in Typical Fashion. "Why don't you share your gift with Rosie too now, Love?" Chase blinked thrice {in Classic-Doll Fashion}. "I'd love to, but she seems to have disappeared all of a sudden? Sissie, are you in here somewhere?" "I seem to be right HERE, Doll, but I don't know exactly where 'here' is at the moment! Can you find a mirror, please?" Startled, Chase did as Rosie asked, wondering why her literally Big Sissie's obviously confused voice seemed to be coming from her own waist, instead of the Giga-Pet parked in a far corner of the suite. Once in front of the mirror though, both Chase and Rosie quickly understood everything. "Hey, I LIKE this!" they exclaimed in pleased delight. The rest of the Family came up to enjoy the view in the mirror, and there was much oooo-ing and ahhh-ing from everbody. The Inspektor delivered his commentary thus: "Girls, this last gift is both practical and functional, as well as being a little more than slightly symbolic. Since the two of you were so crucial to the rest of our individual and collective welfares, I had the shop whip up this suitably classy gizmo as reward for everything you both did, and then some. Chase honey, that gemstone at the center of your gift also contains a complete AI mainframe in miniature - the 'embedded fly' - and can house even the largest of AI datastreams with plenty of room to spare. Rosie, you've now got yet another chassis-home for your data-stream; one that will always keep you literally close to your Baby Sister, since you've proven in spades how wonderful a pair you both are together. Although I personally prefer the clean-shaven look of a woman's naughty bits, in this case I trust that I don't need to explain the red fur-trim?" All of the Inspektors' Girls got his sly and outrageous triple-entendre immediately, whilst laughing uproariously at the rest of his comment.

The prevailing joy and Family-Harem Love was unexpectedly shattered in an instant, due to an innocent remark made by Chase some five hours later. "I simply can't wait until Maisie sees this!! What's the latest on her, anyway?" Still giddy with pleasure over her and Rosies' shared gift, it took the plucky Doll a couple minutes to realize that virtually none of her family answered her question, and all were now as silent as the clich`ed churchmice. Looking up, Chase was alarmed to see that her Family all had their heads bowed deeply. Becoming unnerved by the increasingly pregnant and dreadfully heavy silence in the room, Chase appealed first to Rochelle. "Maze WILL be all right, won't she, 'Chelle?" Chase felt a chill as her ravishing Big Sister remained silent, renewed twin rivers of tears streaking down her sculpted cheeks again. She tuned next to Gina. "Geen? Tell me that Maisie's going to be OK? Just how bad is she??" Gina let a solitary, wracking sob escape before clamping down fiercely into more silence, as her own two streams of tears began to flow freely. Chase started to sense the heavy dread she'd been fearing all along start to grow swiftly, as she quickly appealed to Liza and Rosie, and was met with the same unnervingly silent responses and still more flowing tears. Controlling the tidal wave of grief now swelling up furiously inside her with great difficulty, the winsome wind-up woman finally turned and appealed to the head of the household - surely HE wouldn't confirm the unanimous and excruciatingly painful verdict now violently hammering Chase's poor, delicate psyche? Her voice was as tiny and lost as the day of her initial trauma, so long ago now when she first came into the Family. "Inspektor - please?" As he slowly raised his head, Chase was horrified to see how red and distended his eyes were, thanks to the dual rivers of organic saline cascading down his gaunt cheeks. The Man she Adored Most, clearly suffering the tortures of the well and truly Damned, suddenly drew his lovely, innocent, and most delicate Doll-of Them-Oll {sic} tightly close in the fiercest, most powerful bearhug she had ever experienced.

"Why must I destroy this gorgeous creature so?" was his anguished roar, as incredibly violent sobs began ovetaking them both. Right there and then, Chase knew the ghastly truth almost her entire Family had been desperately trying to hide from her - and totally gave herself up to the wild grief now all but drowning her and her Family alike. The Great Salt Lakes' mean level would have risen a good four feet or more, had the sea of synthetic and organic tears that were now flowing in a recovery-suite located in the bowels of Robo-Depot's headquarters drained into it at that very moment.

All because Maisie, Chase's very most favorite Robot Sister, wasn't coming back - to them, or her.


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