Inspektor 12 Kronicles 5: Chase

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{Editorial Prologue: The Saga resumes, with a twist. Please note - the views expressed in this chapter are NOT my own views "under camouflage." Chase's point-of-view needed a distinctive hook, so I gave her one, simple as that. Background and Chapter One can be found on this thread: Kronicles 1. And the previous Chapter is here: Kronicles 4. On with the show!!}


"Hey!! You really made some good time, Hon. We're an hour ahead of schedule."

Rosie's cheerful, chirpy voice and reassuring electronic presence pleasantly startled her baby Sister Chase. "Be honest with me L'il Sis - didn't you have fun flying along like this, once you got used to it?" Rosie's happy, impish tone conveyed such love and admiration that Chase giggled, quite pleased. "Okay, you got me. Hell yes!! It feels so good to split the wind this way, especially in hill country." Rosie laughed. "Yeah, I love that too; my best favorite is hitting the cold thermals in the mountains at highest speed. Who needs silly old wings to fly? A cold-air-goose does just fine!" Chase sighed. She'd been terribly nervous eight hours ago, when Rosie woke her up and filled her in on their desperate plan. Now however, she was well-pleased with herself for having overcome her insecurities, then performing excellent service on this desperate mission of mercy. As they changed over governing poisitions within Rosie's CPU, both of them paused for a full minute of exquisite electronic wash that was Rosie's mental equivalent of passionate kisses and hugs. "I told you you'd rise to the occasion, didn't I, Doll?" Chase sighed happily, delighting in Rosie's special nickname for her. Only Rosie ever called her that, and it was always with the deepest love and respect. Rosie knew exactly what it felt like to be different, and understood her baby Sister perfectly. Rosie's love for Chase reminded her of the Inspektor's own love for her. "How's he doing, Sissie? Did he break his fever?"

Rosie sighed sadly. "He hadn't by the time I woke up, but at least he got a full ten hours' sleep, thanks to you." If Chase had been in her own body just then, she'd have blushed. Slipping the Inspektor a Mickey just seemed like the right thing to do, under the circumstances. He was so sick, and so worried about Rochelle, as they all were. Rosie pounced on Chase before she got any more embarrassed, and gave her another soothing wash, as a mental hug of reassurance. "We're all going to get through this together, Lovie. I want YOU to just keep doing exactly what you're doing. Promise?" Gratified, Chase said happily: "You got it, Sissie! Are Rochelle's patches holding?" Rosie paused, not wanting to upset Chase's delicate emotions. "Honey, they're stable at present, but we all need to keep a real close eye on her. The virus is attacking the patches from underneath, and needs to be constantly monitored." Chase considered this. "Is Maisie worried?" Rosie's reply was immediate, this time: "No. Da Mistress is concerned of course, but not worried." This seemed to satisfy Chase. "Okay Sissie, I'd better get back to my chassis. I've got to have my chains lubricated after some rest." Rosie giggled. "Hee, hee, hee!! I didn't know it was that time of the month! No wonder you made such good time!" Chase was back in her own body before her reactions could catch up to her, and Gina nearly fell out of the upper bunk in startlement when Chase suddenly started giggling furiously next to her, in response to Rosie's teasing. "Oh, you're back, Darlin'! Everything go okay?" The curvy Fembot cuddled back into her pre-fright embrace of Chase, her circuits still zinging a little bit. Chase beamed. "It went really well, Geen! I was surprised; it was as easy as walking in my own body. I could have driven all night, it felt so good."

Gina thrilled at the pride and confidence in her baby Sister's voice. She'd been through so much, and taken so long to finally come out of her shell, but now it looked like Chase was really beginning to fully blossom. Gina happily rolled Chase over so they were face to face, and held her close for a deep kiss and tight hug. "I'm so proud of you, Darlin'! Just wait 'til the Inspektor and Rochelle hear how you've grown. They'll both be over the moon!" Chase enthusiastically returned the physical affection in-kind, happily savoring her Sister's worthy praise. She really had come a long way from that shy, awkward, terribly self-conscious creature she once had been. It seemed like a lifetime gone, but in reality had only been the last several months, not quite a full year yet. Like all her Sisters before her each discovered, becoming an Inspektor 12 Harem-Famly member was quite the life-changing experience for the winsome Chase. And now she was beginning to revel in it at last. She did a quick internal check of herself, and discovered her mainspring still had close to four hours' tension left in it. Plenty of time to get a quick rest before resuming activity. She'd have Maisie do the honors with her chains, but right now she needed to decompress from her stint in Rosie's chassis. It had been a fun ride, but it took a lot out of her, too. She simply wasn't used to the differing physical exertions quite yet. She gently rested her head on Gina's shoulder, and relaxed into their embrace with a sigh of contentment.

Her state of loving repose with Gina reminded Chase of the day she arrived at Willow Bay almost a year ago. The Inspektor had acquired her directly from a curio shop he stumbled across during his many colorful journeys, and had her shipped straight to the vacation resort where he was holed up with his growing Harem, raising all kinds of hell, bar bills, insurance premiums, local tax rates, women's miniskirt hems, blood pressures, sixth world economies, the Ghost-of-the-Son-of-the-Bride-of-The-Titanic-That-Lived-In-The-House-That-Jack-The-Lad's-Lad-Built-And-The-Bank-Foreclosed-On, and whatever else possibly could be raised in usual and riotous Typical Inspektor Fashion. Yes, yes, yes - with all bills for damages sent straight to the Geraldo open account, blah-blah, woof-woof, etc, Incognito. So there! Chase and the Inspektor's first intimate encounter had been just the two of them, and although Chase was a bit awkward and clunky about it, it went off well enough for her to feel pleased, and for the Inspektor to wind up with his usual devilishly-wicked grin on his face. "My dear Girl, YOU have some very distinct possibilities indeed!!" Chase hadn't a clue what he meant, because she wound down before she could ponder the ramifications. You see, Chase was loved like a special doll and treated like a special doll because she was a special doll - literally. A full-size, wind-up woman with clockwork internals, movement, and mannerisms. She had a shatteringly sexy body, with full large breasts, long shapely legs, curvy hips and a pert ass, delicate and deliciously-kissable lips, and huge, gorgeously deep-brown eyes that were mesmerizing liquid pools slightly shot through with orange sparkles when she was wound up, and while running. The Inspektor couldn't wait to introduce her to her new Family.

  • ++++* As if reading her mind just then, Gina's gentle kiss and light caress of her cheek briefly interrupted Chase's reflections and brough her back to the present. "Penny for your thoughts, Sugar-Sister?" Chase smiled. "I'm just remembering the way I was; the way we all were." Gina giggled. "Those were the days, weren't they? Maisie reminded me about them right before you came back and scared the daylights out of me just now. She's been working so hard on Rochelle." Gina paused, struck with a sudden notion. "I've got an idea - let's go dual and remember together, okay? We both need a break, and I'd really like to share this with you, if you'll let me?" Although surprised by Gina's suggestion, Chase was thrilled with the notion. She had a bit of a soft spot for creative new ideas, as Gina well knew. They'd never tried mind-sharing without Rosie's help before, but if it worked, who knows what the payoff down the road might be like? She held her lovely Sister tighter, and sought out her AI-frequency.........

At the time of her debut in the Inspektor Family-Harem, Chase certainly didn't think her earliest days as the new kid on the Inspektor's mechanical block would be ones she'd ever look back on with any kind of fondness. One by one, she was introduced to each of her new Sisters. Rosie was first, and Chase took to her immediately, because she was so special and unique in her own right. But when she next met Gina and Maisie, Chase's mainspring nearly snapped with devastation, and she was suddenly terribly self-conscious about her jerky motions, halting, stilted speech, unrealistic skin tone {oh, how she DESPISED those horrid cheek-dots}, short, spiky, Bozoish-red/orange hair, and worst of all that positively hideous three-foot wide lurid brass wind-up key permanently implanted in her back. No way in Hell would she ever be able to measure up to the sleek, sophisticated, sexy machines that her new Sisters were. Well maybe not Rosie so much; the big vehicular 'bot seemed quite comfortable in her own skin, a trait which Chase admired and envied from the start. When she at last met the stunning Rochelle, she nearly unwound and flew apart on the spot with feelings of heartsinking inadequacy and painfully horrible insecurity. Who would ever notice, much less ever actually want or care for a rather ridiculous looking girl-toy, with such exquisite mechanized sexbombs like these also around in constant comparison? Was this Inspektor chap some nutty businessman of premature senility, locked into a second {or third} childhood and getting his perverted jollies? Chase closed up emotionally on the spot, and went into a hard shell, cutting herself off from nearly everything besides functioning minimally when required to function at all. Her Sisters noticed her drastic introversion immediately; one and all promptly began to work on breaking her right back out of that shell, no matter what. They assured her over and over that she was every bit the equal of any one of them. They constantly kept telling her about all that she was missing out on, if she'd only just believe in herself a little bit more.

Her Sisters made sure that Chase was included in all the Family functions {and naughty shenanigans}, showered her with all kinds of emotional and physical love, and literally moved heaven and earth otherwise to make her comfortably at ease, but the more they all tried, the more she retreated into herself. Oddly enough, the Inspektor seemed in Chase's own viewpoint to be totally aloof to her delicate ego, and her monstrous insecurities. Being brand-new to the Harem, and shy and innocent by nature, Chase didn't know the signifigance of the Inspektor's twinkling eyes, his silly-seeming oddball grins, his cryptic remarks, or his penchant for teasing - I mean, what kind of a crazy nickname is "Caterpillar" for a shy, incredibly insecure doll, anyway? He did seem to like playing with her well enough to do it frequently though, and he did privately amaze her by never once commenting on, or even mentioning at all, any of the many features that she considered impossibly crippling defects in herself. Although they always had great fun together, Chase wished with all her heart he'd notice her burgeoning reticence and ask her about it, but he never did. She desperately wanted to confide in him, but she was too shy and insecure to brace him. So, despite her Sister's best and tireless efforts, and the Inspektor's frequent "sexercize," Chase remained isolated in a tiny emotional prison cell within herself, awash with increasing misery and ever-deepening insecurity. In the end however, it was the mechanical goddess Rochelle herself who finally got her darling baby Sister's shell to crack, if ever so slightly. They were home alone together one night while the Inspektor was rolled off on some "comical, musical mayhem" rampage with Gina and Maisie, God-only-knew where. Chase felt herself winding down. Normally, she would announce the fact and whomever she was with at the time would then re-wind her and keep her going, but Chase was still acutely shy around Rochelle, and remained silent. She didn't want to wind down in front of her, but Chase was still overawed by her gorgeous robot Sister and just too timid to speak up for herself in Rochelle's presence. Rochelle must have had a sixth sense about shy, insecure, and desperately miserable dolls, however. Just as Chase was starting to sag and slow, she felt a delicate, tingling grip on her key, and felt herself being slowly wound up, one notch at a time, with a minute or two pause between each notch.

As this was going on, she was gently turned around, so that as she began to stand erect again, she found herself face-to-face with her beautiful Sister. Rochelle was still slowly winding her one notch at a time, and the tingle in her fingers began to spread throughout Chase's entire body. As she kept slowly and sensually winding her, Rochelle pulled her tingling, now-quivering Sister into a passionate embrace, smiled winningly, and tenderly kissed Chase in a way that sent the sexy doll's equilibrium right off the rails. Chase moaned with pleasure, but 'Chelle wasn't done with her yet. Notch by exquisitely pleasureable notch she wound her baby Sister, kissing and caressing and tickling her at odd moments. The orgasmic sensations were staggering. After the most incredible hour she had ever experienced, Chase stood fully wound before her gorgeous Sister, in a state of indescribable bliss. Her reaction was immediate - she jerkily pulled Rochelle into her as tight as she could, and showered her with halting kisses, completely unable to express herself in words. When she finally found her voice, all she could muster was a tiny, confused: "Ro.chelle. what?" Her Sister smiled and said: "Honey, life can be like this for you all the time, if you'll just believe in yourself, and in how much we all love you. You are a mechanism just like all your Sisters, but in no way AT ALL are you inferior to any of us. Even Inspektor 12 doesn't see you that way." Chase very much wanted to believe in all of this, but the crushingly heavy weight of her perceived defects balked her. She remained silent, unable to express her inner disquiet, although she did have to admit to herself that she was beginning to love her prettiest Sister, instead of being awed and intimidated by her. Rochelle seemed to sense this, and kissed her reassuringly. Chase somehow found the gumption to voice her greatest liability: "But. Ro.chelle - my. my. my. key........." Rochelle's eyes scintillated. " of absolutely no consequence, Honey. If you feel that it is, we can easily fix that." Rochelle sounded so cheerfully confident, that her confused baby Sister almost began to believe. "Chase honey, can I ask you to do a personal favor for me?" Chase's response was instant: "Any. thing. for. you. Ro. chelle. Just. name. it." Rochelle carefully sat the both of them down on the sofa, mindful of Chase's key, and not wanting to call attention to it with an accidental awkward position or bump. Her smile was dazzling to Chase, who thrilled as Rochelle caressed her thigh reassuringly. "I want you to take a little road-trip with Rosie. She's nuts about you too, you know. It'll be great fun for both of you, and you two could use a break from the grind right about now. Will you do this for me please, Dear Sister?" Chase never hesitated. "Sure. Ro. chelle. When?" Her lovely eyes sparkling, a grinning Rochelle hugged her Sister tight and said: "You can go tonight, and you'll be back in two days' time."

Chase remembered awkwardly climbing into Rosie, a brief, cheerful exchange between the two of them as she haltingly settled into Rosie's drivers' seat, then for some strange reason she felt her mainspring suddenly lose all tension, and she was unconscious. When she came to, she was bewildered to find herself lying on the same couch in the bungalow where she and Rochelle had began to come to terms and bond with each other. What had happened to her? She suddenly became aware of her whole Family {except for Rosie} looking down at her with so many beaming faces that Chase feared sunburn all of a sudden. The Inspektor's eyes were especially bright and dancing, almost shooting literal sparks in his obviously great good humor. Gina broke the silence: "Well what are you waiting for, Darlin'? Get up and go look at youself in the mirror, already!" Chase did as instructed - and was completely astonished at what she saw staring back at her with wide, deep-brown eyes in the looking-glass. Alice herself never tumbled down a rabbithole like this one! Chase was looking at an outrageously beautiful woman with shimmering deep-auburn hair that cascaded richly and majestically past her shoulders and halfway down her back. Her lightly tanned skin gleamed with the lustre of perfect health and blemish-free human coloring. Her lovely and most curvy figure was clad not in a naughty French maid's outfit, but rather a sleeveless black, super form-fitting turtleneck sweater with a peekaboo cutout that showed off her womanly assets to highest advantage. A lovely belt of glittering silver chain-links tied her top to a black leather microskirt {which also showed a few more womaly assets to mind-maddening advantage}, nude nylons, and shiny black boots. Even though the face and eyes were totally familiar, Chase literally didn't recognize herself. She quickly spun all the way around in the mirror, checking the details from every angle. It took quite some time before she realized that her key - bane of her very existence - was now gone. In the mirror, she could see her Family approaching, and she runway-whirled around to meet them. They all looked radiant and bursting with love for her - all their bio or electroauras were glowing white-hot. Rochelle was the first up with a warm, loving hug, which Chase answered with zest. "What do you think, Honey? Better?" Chase answered her with an excited "Oh GOD yes, 'Chelle! This is absolutely incredible!"

Chase froze solid, then - her movements were smooth and fluid, and her voice was no longer stilted or halting. Instead, it was a pleasing light tenor that was sensuous in every sense, and suited her new look perfectly, as did her gracefully fluid motions. Maisie seemed to be crying; her cheeks were moist, her eyes shining. She exclaimed: "You are absolutely stunning, Lovie! SO good to have you back!!" Chase numbly returned her favorite Sister's loving hug and adoring kiss. "I don't knw what to say, Maze. This is an awful lot to take in." Gina was next, planting a passionate deep-kiss on her, while simultaneously doing something to her back that reminded Chase of Rochelle's incredible wind-gasms, with the same tingly ecstacy she remembered from two days ago. "You're super-sensational now, Sugar-Sister! Good for you!!" Chase was astonished when the PC on the desk suddenly piped up with Rosie's familiar impish contralto, which had a comical snarl to it: "Looook-Ing-Goooooood, L'il Sis!! You'll slay every damn Monster that wants to molest you, in that there classy chassis!!" Per usual, the last word was the Inspektor's. And for the first time since he acquired her, Chase could now easily see all the hidden powers and qualities that made him both formidable and instantly, powerfully loveable. With a smile that almost incinerated her mainspring, he suddenly enbraced her on one side, and grandly turned her back around to face the mirror again. His deep voice seared her heart and mind with stupendous Love for all-time. "Caterpillar has left the building. Behold Madame Butterfly!" His kiss was so warm and passionate for her, that Chase clamped her arms around him and held him tight against her, totally refusing to end their liplock and passionate embrace until they literally had to be pried apart, with Maisie laughingly quipping: "Ease up a bit, Honey - his ears are turning blue, and his eyes are bulging!" The Inspektor admittedly did pant once or twice as they disengaged, but he didn't seem to mind in the least. Chase herself certainly didn't! **Oh, what a most wonderful, WONDERFUL man he is!** she thought to herself, which immediately prompted her first question to him. "Inspektor, I, uh, I just don't know where to begin?" Her lips were quavering in love and confusion, which the Inspektor found most appealing. "Chase my Sweet, you know how I generate my filthy lucre, right?" She nodded instantly. "Have any of the girls ran the full corporate structure down to you, yet?" She shook her head no, then forced herself to speak: "If they did, I must have missed it. M-my insecurities, you know."

With a broad smile, and a loving arm around Chase's shoulder, the Inspektor led the whole group in to sit down on the roomy sectional, keeping Chase at his side, and in his loving embrace. He caressed one of her alluringly well-defined thighs as he spoke. "Chase my dear, among many other things I'm either noted or reviled for, my eye for all kinds of diamonds-in-the-rough is pretty damn sharp, though I'm loathe to admit it in public OR private very much at all. When I first saw you, I got what I thought at the time was just a neat idea for a little experiment I wanted to try. As time went on and you struggled valiantly to settle in here, I saw most of your difficulties manifest, and your Sisters filled me in about all the insecurities. Right then and there, my simple idea became a Grand Plan. Your new look and abilities are only the merest tip of the iceberg, Sweetie." Gently turning her dainty head to face him squarely, he locked eyes with her. "Ever hear of a company called Dolly-Depot, Love?" She demurred, but a thrill ran through her nonetheless. "Well, Dolly-Depot is the flagship sister unit of the Robo-Depot empire; it came into being a decade and a half ago. My philosophy then was simple: mechanical women shouldn't come in any one type or variety only; human women sure as hell don't! So, fifteen years ago I tested the waters of somewhat simpler doll-technology, and was lucky enough to spawn a mini-bonanza niche market DD still owns and dominates to this day. In time we began putting out the most technically advanced dolls on the market - dolls that even exceeded certain of the female robot best efforts. Revision and refinement followed until we found the standard package we were looking for. All it needed was proof-of-concept testing, which came off flawlessly. Good as the design was, the market rapidly advanced to the point that yet another step had to be taken to remain competitive, and this is where you come in, Love. I sometimes acquire products that aren't home-grown, just to keep abreast of what the competition is up to."

Chase giggled in helpless pleasure as the Inspektor fondled one of her own breasts during the "keeping abreast" portion of his ongoing dialogue - oh my, how she began to love this! "Anyway, once I saw you, I rather thought you'd be a good basic platform for my latest refinements. So, into my orbit you went, and we began to learn about each other. Like I normally do, I cloaked my straight R&D efforts with some fun and games; it makes mundane work a bit less tedious for me, and hopefully would help make you happy and amused at the same time, not knowing that we were starting our relationship off in a purely practical business manner on my end. Right here I want to formally apologize to you, in public with all your Sisters as witnesses, for seeming so cold and aloof from the start of our relationship. Although I've just now explained why I was so, it's still no decent excuse for my bad behavior towards you, Honey. Hurting you was totally my fault, because I didn't pick up on your insecurities right away, until your Sisters clued me in. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive my cruelty to you, Dear Lady?" Chase became mesmerized by the quietly pleading look in the Inspektor's eyes, and she suddenly felt her own eyes begin to well up.

    • His "cruelty" to me gave me a body like THIS?** With her vision blurred by a synthetic Niagra Falls, s-l-o-w-l-y Chase turned, then step-by-step, inch-by-inch she fiercely clasped her now Beloved Inspektor {in Doll Fashion} and buried her face into his shoulder, quiet but frequent grateful sobs being her only means of communication at present. Her Sisters were also sobbing in sympathy now too, each having been there before with him themselves.

Caressing her back lightly, the Inspektor continued. "Thank you, Dearest Heart. I shan't make the same error ever again with you. Now where was I? Rosie, prompt, please?" Rosie's bright chirp came out of the PC speaker: "Just about to the garden-ravishing and thyme-stealing part of your soliliquy, you silly old jackass, you!" Chase lifted her head just in time to see the Inspektor roll his eyes several times in mock exasperation over Rosie's reminder, as her Sisters erupted in giggles. She melted as he winked at her. "See the kinds of coping I have to put up with every single day?" She understood even more about him and her Family, then. "My Dearest Chase, you are now the finest Doll in all the galaxy - every bit the equal of any female robot existing, Sister or otherwise. All of your supposed weaknesses aren't gone, but they have been minimized to the point of no longer being liabilities to either you or your emotional well-being. Rosie took you straight to DD heaquarters, and they ran you back down the assembly line, correcting defects and installing upgrades the whole time. Good thing, too - your original mainspring snapped just after you two left here, which is why you blacked out. He shook his head in disgust. "Absolutely shoddy quality-control, in your OEM-state. They'll be ruined and out of the market in a New York Minute if I ever find out which micro-plant originally slapped you together so abysmally. They give a black eye to the whole damn industry!" Chase was amazed at the passion in his voice - he really did care tremendously about his livelihood, and all its' products. He resumed: "You yourself can now control your movements and speech, thanks to simple internal sliders we installed in you. If you want to remember where you came from, or if anyone asks you to 'go classic doll,' all you need to do is toggle between modes. Your memory has been enhanced slightly with a couple nodules borrowed from your robotic Sister's schematics. D-D was the first company to discover the secret of why doll-memory and processing is so good and sophisticated, but we hedged the bets with the nodules, just to be smart, and sharpen the competitive edge, right?" He once again gently wink-wink-nudge-nudged one of her spectacularly full breasts with his elbow, eliciting a delighted giggle from her, and a shimmering jiggle that rippled across her tight sweater and soon had her other breast jiggling in outrageous sexy sympathy, her peekaboo cutout showing a lusciously intimate peek. **How does he DO that?** Chase was past Cloud Ten, and still climbing.

The Inspektor stood up, and motioned for Chase to do the same. She silently rose, beaming. He opened his arms, and she eagerly moved into them, but he halted her just short of full body-contact. He leaned in for a kiss, whilst reaching one hand to her upper back. As their lips met, she felt a singular notch-gasm as her mainspring tightened by that amount, but she knew she no longer had a key. What new Gift was this? He led Chase back to the mirror, and had her look over her shoulder as she faced away from it. He reached under the collar of her sweater, and she felit his loving fingers caress her neck and upper back down to a point about two inches below her synthetic collarbone, where they found something that he began to carefully extract. When his hand emerged, it was trailing an elegant pair of shiny silver chains. Each tiny link was finely delicate, and intricately crafted. From the ends of both dangled two transluscent gemstones, whose hue exactly matched Chase's new cascade of deep auburn hair. With great care, the Inspektor artfully draped the chains down her back, where they majesically hung as exquisite jewelry, that would fully befit the loveliest of mechanical Queens who sported them - and Chase herself was now just such a Queen. She couldn't get over how well they went with the belt and her hair, slowly revolving herself in the mirror again and again. She kept doing so, but was fully attuned when her beloved Inspektor spoke: "Chase my Love, there is more than one way to skin a pussy.................................................... cat when it comes to a doll's winding mechanism. Once a certain sexy little robotic birdie we're all a bit fond of chirped in my ear about your biggest hang-up of them all, I instantly saw a way to open up a whole new world for you. It was a simple matter indeed to replace the key with a DD optional pull-string upgrade. We had to, anyway - your damned original snapped at the shank, when your mainspring let go. Abominal recycled scrap-metal, they both were. LORD how I despise those blasted micro-plants! Always cutting the bloody cheap-jack corners. I really feel the need for a Business Scourge-Crusade or two in the near future!!" Chase nodded and smiled brilliantly in total agreement - maybe she couldn't help her looks herself, but those who first manfactured her sure as hell could have done a lot better by her fit and finish! The Inspektor smiled at her with ectoplasmic Love, and deep-kissed her. "And finally my Dear, also thanks to that rather sexy mecha-birdie's input, we retained the ah, erotic winding aspects she discovered the night you left on the road-trip and tweaked them up a bit, hopefully making a necessary regular chore a tad more enjoyable for you." Chase had never felt so whole, so amazed, so confident - or so well and Truly Loved. **Miracle-worker. That's got to be it.**

"You are now out of the woods, but your journey is far from over, my Extra-Special Love. I have done what I can for you, and will continue to do so indifinitely, but only you yourself can let go of your past, and never be bothered by it again. It won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight, but all your Sisters and I will be with you and helping you cope just as we always have since the day you joined us. Please, PLEASE accept our help if and when you need it. Will you do this for me - Pet?" Chase froze again: "Pet" was the super-special endearment nickname he reserved for Rochelle alone. The others all had their own endearments too, but everybody knew why "Pet" was so magical to him and to her. Chase had a strong feeling he was trying to tell her something, in that very unique and oblique way of his, but for all the newfound-life of her, she had absolutely no clue what his import was. Until her loveliest big Sister Rochelle silently walked up to her, kissed her with deep warm passion, then slowly turned her around to face the mirror once more, embracing her baby Sister tightly as she did so. Chase was zooming through Cloud Forty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Three And A Third, and still sailing onwards and upwards as she beheld the two ravishing mechanical Goddesses in that beknighted looking-glass. Virtual twins in unbelieveable, indescribable Beauty - both inside and outside, as she now knew beyond the shadow of her last doubt. **Okay - what comes AFTER "Miracle-worker?"** As the others joined them in a loving Inspektor Family Embrace, all savoring Chase's stellar moment of pure glory and triumph with her in very best Family Fashion, Rochelle kissed her lovely Doll-Sister passionately once more, and permanently set the seal with a simple loving observation. "Didn't each one of us say from the start that you and the rest of us were two sides of the same coin? Now you've got the undeniable proof." Chase would spend the rest of her existence in perpetual gratitude over the wonderful new rebirth she had experienced this day. In time, she would be known as One Little Doll That Could - And Did.

  • ++++* Both Gina and Chase lay back and sighed deeply, still coming down off the glowing high of the vivid memories they had been sharing and seeing together. Gina was the first to speak, with another happy, pleased feminine sigh. "You know what Darlin'? You ought to write all this down. It'd make a dandy story." Chase gave her Sister a quick kiss, then trotted out a bit of her own Fashion for the very first time: "Nah, that wouldn't work at all. There'd be a massive calculator-fetish backlash, and knowing my luck, that damn BL charcter would pop up again and swipe it before it got published!"

Two hysterically giggling mechanical women rolled out of the top bunk and fell six feet to the floor, one crash-landing atop the other, and began kissing each other with zeal - never once catching sight of the lovely brunette that stood rigidly motionless one or two feet away from their sensually-writhing heap, staring straight ahead with dead, vacant eyes as her lovely body began to twitch spasmodically, and her innards began to crash violently. A sudden lurch, and the shreik of Rosie's desperately clamping brakes instantly knifed through Chase and Gina's reverie, lancing them both with cold, raw terror - which was made even worse once they looked up, and saw Maisie......................

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