Inspektor 12 Kronicles 2: Gina

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{Editorial prologue: The Saga proper starts with this installment. Featured in this chapter is Gina from "Fembots In Las Vegas," and an overall tone that is an expansion on the loose and fun feeling that characterized the original "Willow Bay" atmosphere. A brief background of this tale's origins, as well as the first chapter of it can be found here:

Kronicles 1: Rosie

Let the mayhem commence!!! Icon twisted.gif}


"Have you Ladies FINALLY got yourselves all together, and ready to split? We need to be gone, like yesterday! Bad news is on the way and might already be here."

Gina looked askance at Inspektor 12 with heavy puzzlement, as she simultaneously received unison affirmation from all her Sisters on their private commlink. She hadn't missed the slightly stressed undertone in his vocal patterns, but his lack of confirming biofeedback told another story altogether. This in turn caused her to wonder what on earth could be bothering him. It wasn't like he wanted for anything since "The Hellaciously Hella-Harem" had formed here at Willow Bay several months ago. Gina and her Sisters had all been through SO many exciting and exhausting experiences with him, and each Lady was hardly the same as they were when they first came together - but all were completely devoted to him, as he was to each of them. She herself was totally unlike the pretty second-series Fembot that had been manufactured by Carl Franklin so long ago, but then was abruptly put on the open market because of a bad poker debt. **Lousy processed-meathead never could compute a decent bluff** Gina thought to herself. The frequent upgrades, and the radical hot-rodding of her enhanced data-input and processing {and pelvic} capabilities in recent months made the gorgeous synthetic woman universes away from the humble {but still sexy} drone machine she had been in her youth. The Inspektor's quiet upgrades {and anything-but-quiet vacation escapades} had vastly broadened her AI-capabilities {and his fun and games were murder on her hardware}, but it was the way he basically treated her - right from the instant of their initial meeting - that indelibly endeared him to her. She was still in her original AI-state then, and she thought she knew what he was thinking that day they first met. She even fostered his thoughts with her standard bright and dazzlingly vivacious "Hi Sugar!! Glad to see me?" greeting, coupled with a brief hip-twitch that seductively swayed the hem of her red cigarette-girl minidress enough to reveal a tiny glimpse of her "commando" status, and caused her glossy black patent leather boots to flex and glisten suggestively to treat his roving eyes. She had of course been programmed with all the Inspektor's hot-buttons in advance and was using every trick in her all at once, embracing and kissing him enthusiastically. Conversely, Inspektor 12 surprised her by simply hugging her back with strong but gentle passion, then planting one chaste {but tender} kiss on her cheek. She could see a glint in his eye as they pulled back just enough to meet gazes, his embrace remaining firm but still gently passionate. "My dear, I will indeed be glad to see you, but only when you are genuinely glad to see me." Gina had been fully expekting - and was preprogrammed for - a wild, ravishing first encounter with the new guest {in Inspektor Fashion}, but his initial response baffled both her programming and her understanding of human logic; her inviting lips began quirking in such a way that he soon laughed aloud at her cute state of "mega-fluster" and pulled her close for a warmer hug and their first full-lip kiss, which conquered her on the spot. When she was new, things had been so simple - Franklin programmed her through a converted hairdryer {the cheap bastard}, she had carried out her functions, end of story. Post-Inspektor life was a most stunning array {and oftentimes an avalanche} of sensations and input she had no clue even existed in her OEM state. And yes, she was now always genuinely glad to see him, his cryptic intial words to her perfectly clear and most logical now after her wonderful Enlightenment of Love, Inspektor-Fashion.

Remembering her origins and later events caused Gina to make an intuitive leap of logic - Carl Franklin just might be the reason for the slight edge to her Inspektor-Love's voice, or even the source of the bad news he'd just mentioned. She knew Franklin was insanely jealous of the fembot empire the Inspektor ran, and was always looking for ways to try and bully him. Damn it, wouldn't her nitwit creator's abuse of her and all she held dear ever let up? He was a total disgrace to robokind, with his inept megalomaniac programming. **Dr. Evil-cum-Rainman for sure,** Gina thought with blackly sarcastic malice. She had more than a few scores to settle with that sawed-off twerp herself {an extremely clumsy and rather damaging so-called game of "piston-in-camshaft," which wound up violently shorting her out, was still fresh in her memory bank}. Gina quickly damped down her anger and easily put the particularly "sextra-special" chime in her voice that the Inspektor adored so much, as she answered him: "Your Harem is stacked, packed, and totally whacked just the way you like us, you Filthy Old Man! Shall we begin the group-blow now, Sugar?" With a warm bark of laughter, he opened one arm invitingly, and Gina seductively strutted straight into the proffered embrace, making sure that every part of her that could wiggle or jiggle did so. There was no mistaking the flash in the Inspektor's eyes as Gina happily fell into her favorite place by his side and in his loving arms, delighting as she always did in his robust chuckle at her sexy little ploy. That eye-flash set off her own electrosenses, and her absolute Love for him was heightened by a degree only fully appreciated by a mechanical and analytical mind like hers. "Yeah, let's split this taco stand the atomic way!" he quipped, catching her right optic with a knowing glance full of love and appreciation and playfully spanking her oh-so-sweet tush as they walked out of the bungalow arm-in-arm and began their journey towards Rosie's familial confines. This was Gina's big cue, and a short frequency burst from her immediately caused an obedient 60-inch plasma screen to commit sudden levitation-suicide, majestically sailing through the second-story stained-glass French doors {screen and doors exploding in best Inspektor Fashion}, bouncing off the metal balcony railing, then promptly somersaulting into the sacrificial pool-plunge, complete with the always satisfying "crash/BONG/splash" soundtrack of mindless mayhem and wanton destruction that usually accompanied an Inspektor Exit, when he was on the road. Also part of this package was the subsequent instant damage-billing, lovingly charged to the Geraldo Rivera account, complete with immediate confirmation and full acceptance of all charges. A suicidal TV, and Geraldo's bank balance - two sacrifices for the price of one. Not bad work, if you can get it. Ahh - life on someone else's expense account!!! She couldn't help a loving giggle as they casually strode towards Rosie. He had thoroughly and totally corrupted her - and she had never been more happy or fulfilled in her life than when she was with him as a result, the reprehensible scoundrel!

The tighter embrace and now strong wave of biofeedback reassured Gina she had functioned perfectly for her man once again, and she snuggled deeper in his arm and tighter against his side with a pleased sigh, delighted anew in the True Love between man and machine, reflexively rendered in her processors as "Mann & Machine," knowing him as well as she did, and sharing his penchant for full-time offbeat humor. Gina silently multitasked as she and the Inspektor mounted Rosie's gangplank, his left hand naturally caressing down her soft and wonderfully curvy frontal architecture, and discretely sneaking up under the hem of her minidress. **Oh, that utter horndog** Gina thought, then she wirelessly informed her Sisters that Inspektor 12 was aware of the perceived threat, but not overly alarmed about it as she simultaneously let loose her trademark hip-twitch, which teasingly confirmed to the Inspektor's naughty fingers that she was commando-ready for him as usual. She knew and handled him extremely well, she did. And he handled her - as often as he could, to mutual delight! The gorgeous Fembot received, felt, analyzed and noted the individual responses from Rosie, Rochelle, Maisie, and Chase, then sent a simple "wait and see" response to all her Sisters, which she knew they would understand at every level; her "Inspektor Family Fashion" signal-tag eliciting giggles from Chase and Maisie. Gina's high boot heels transmitted Rosie's healthy, amused, and content idle to her in wonderfully organic Fashion, the simple vibrations having no need of assitance for either transmission or understanding, whilst her enhanced electrosenses filled in the blanks of Rosie's overall status in the special way that was the bond between organic and inorganic - the Magic. Gina put a small electronic pulse into her affectionate grip on Rosie's handrail just before entering the cab at the Inspektor's side, which was acknowledged with a feminine airbrake expulsion - Rosie having her own fun in expressing herself uniquely. The Inspektor laughingly "Geseundeited" her and slapped her voluptuous red alloy snout affectionately upon entry. "Magic" was the way Gina and all her Sisters had come to understand their basic method of interfacing with Inspektor 12, and each other, once he had thoroughly tampered with all of them {in Typical Inspektor Fashion}. While all the Ladies were machines by construction and definition {and Rosie even lacked humanform}, their esscences - the cores of their existence - were undeniably human female in origin and function, and were even moreso once he was done "playing" with them. This was true even before she or any of her Sisters had met the Inspektor, Gina learned during the one brief period of online research she managed just after Inspektor 12 exploded into her world and ripped it to shreds - a series of events now permanently on file, fondly recalled, and frequently revisited any time she wished. Magic, indeed. There was no other way to explain, describe, or otherwise comprehend his staggeringly profound effect on her, a "mere" machine, let alone all her Sisters she also loved so deeply. A wonderous gift shared by each of her Harem siblings, making them all the truest of family-units.

Rosie's gangplank closed silently, and Gina felt the near-imperceptible lurch as her {literally} big Sister cheerfully set sail and began to daintily move her queenly form and super-precious Harem-Family cargo on yet another journey, which already had the feeling of being eventful, though none of them knew why just yet. Gina never could quite figure out how such an imposing machine as Rosie could manage even a hint of daintiness, but Rosie not only managed that quality, she did so with effortless panache that was brilliant tribute to precision design and engineering {and her supremely female essence} - and a fine compliment to all the Harem's mechanized-womanly natures. The Inspektor was all matchless businesss and stunningly "deep" in every aspect of human-robot relations, and such a compliment was a prime-rib example. With nothing but pure admiration for her big Sister, Gina was sure Rosie could climb a high-tension tower and flit across the lines, balancing on half her wheels should the spirit move her. Rosie's deft motion signalled the others, and soon Gina and the Inspektor were joined by the remaining "powered-trio," {Chase, Maisie and Rochelle} with all and sundry immediately kissing, quipping, pouncing, hugging, groping, giggling, and broadcasting in the hilariously loving manner that was default Inspektor Harem Fashion, insanely warped via the Three Stooges wormhole. Gina felt Rosie's impish electronic presence within her CPU then too, and she happily shared her body with her Sister, allowing Rosie to have her taste of humanform experience and delights most unselfishly. A familiar suggestive tweak on her pert bottom that likely came from Rochelle {her sensors knew those fine-sculpted nails cold and blind} caused Gina to squeal in pleased surprise - she had no idea 'Chelle knew where that specific sweet-spot was on her! Payback would be especially fun she eagerly noted to herself as the group came out of their brief revel-ritual, and began to settle into the trip proper. About an hour later, as she sat with her Inspektor-Love in the living room watching the countryside zoom by, Gina was startled when her main AI frequency suddenly rerouted into Rosie's own CPU, effectively putting their two minds into Rosie's body and allowing Rosie some reciprocal sharing in Sisterly Fashion. Gina was pleased and momentarily disoriented by the new streams of dataflow, but even though this trick was still a new experience for her, she was a hopeless "road-rat" already as she came to truly understand her Sister's differing forms of existence, function, and feedback. Gina's big Sister Rosie was quite literally the robot of the proverbial "any other name," {may the Bard forgive me}. Gina easily maintained the pace Rosie had established, and she could feel her Sister's AI relax instantly as Gina governed the leviathan vehicular body with impeccable skill and precision. A sudden intimate impulse from her detached body's nether region and the resulting chirp from Rosie's massive tires reminded Gina to concentrate on keeping her duality steadily focused, lest there be a mishap of some sort. "Does Eye-ball Plenty know that we can do this bodyhopping yet, Sissie?" she asked Rosie. Rosie laughed at the mention of their pet name for the Inspektor and said "Oh probably - you know how he is with his gut-feelings and all that. Besides, it's just a variation of my wireless-interface program I came up with, combined with elements of the AI-transfer ability we all have." Rosie's slight undertone of concern registered immediately, but Gina silently waited for her to continue. "Geen, is 'Chelle still cross with me about the other night? She's been acting kind of funny ever since, even though she was the one who goaded me into hopping in the first place."

Gina giggled furiously at recall of the incident - the sight of Rochelle's nubile body wildly bouncing and flailing all around Rosie's interior as Rosie did her favorite "lo-rye-DUH" routine wasn't something one saw every day, but the poor dear had asked for it by not strapping herself down properly before the usually fun ride began. When Rochelle violently bellyflopped in, then sailed right back out of the splashing jacuzzi, Gina thought the Inspektor was going to stroke out or have a heart attack right then and there; she'd never seen him laugh so hard! Maybe 'Chelle banged her head too hard or whatever, but Gina did have to admit something was seriously wrong with her Sister since then. She quickly reassured her {literally} big Sissie, who promised not to fret, and they rode along together for several dozen more pleasant miles before Gina reluctantly ended her duality-session. Resuming her own chassis, she bemusedly noted her Inspektor-Love had gone napping in his usual Fashion, one hand cuddling her full and firm "twins" possessively, the other contentedly "under her covers" resting on top of her smoothly clean sex, two fingers habitually straying just inside her damp interior, occasionally sleep-twitching, intimately tickling her. **Absolutely incorrigible,** Gina thought with affection, **but I don't know what I'd do without him.** She lightly brushed his lips with the tip of her tongue, tickling him back. He moaned sleepily. The Inspektor's nap gave her the perfect opportunity to check on Rochelle without making a big fuss, or upsetting or worrying anyone else in her Family. She bathed him with a small burst of gentle sonics {deepening his slumber and relaxing his irrepressible fingers}, then carefully got up without disturbing him. She went to Rochelle's cabin, and the door swung right open before she could knock - 'Chelle had obviously been expecting her. So far so good. Gina happily met her shapely brunette Sister's hug in-kind, but immediately caught the slight tic in her arm as they embraced. And when 'Chelle could only muster a chaste kiss on the cheek for her favorite sibling as they sat on her bunk, Gina's concern skyrocketed. "What's wrong 'Chelle? Sissie's afraid you're still mad at her for the other night, but I'm beginning to think there's something else, now that we're together." Gina was shocked to see her beautiful Sister was actually beginning to cry as she exclaimed "I don't know, Geen! This feeling of something I can't identify came over me right after Rosie started hopping the other night, and it's been doing a real number on all my systems ever since." A piteous sob emphasized Rochelle's frustration and fear, causing Gina to pull her highly distressed Sister closer for comforting. Gina was partially rewarded when she felt the small surge flow through Rochelle as their luscious breasts gently brushed against each other.

Gratefully stroking Gina's rich dark brown hair, whose length matched her own {Gina restyled her shorter shag-cut soon after they first bonded}, Rochelle rested her dainty chin on Gina's shoulder and composed herself with a sad sigh. "Rosie thinks I'm mad at her? The silly goose ought to know me better than that by now!!" Like all the Inspektor Harem-Family members, both Rochelle and Gina truly loved all their siblings equally, and would do absolutely anything in the world for them if they could. Gina suddenly remembered 'Chelle's tweak of her sweet-spot right after she boarded Rosie, and got a bright idea. Locking eyes with her distraught Sister, she gently asked "Have you and Rosie had duality yet, 'Chelle? She might know what's causing your malfunctions." The confused look on Rochelle's lovely face and the simultaneous cessation of her sobs was all the answer Gina needed. Rosie's remarklable trick was still new enough that she hadn't shared it with all her Sisters yet. Gina gave 'Chelle one of her own brilliant smiles, then lovingly deep-kissed her, which only confused Rochelle further. Gina stood abruptly, and gently stretched her sexy Sister out fully on the bunk. Placing a finger on 'Chelle's full, sensuous lips, she shushed the question within her, then sent a signal to Rosie, quickly explaining the situation. Within seconds, Gina was gratified to see 'Chelle's eyes go blank, then quckly had to muffle her giggle when she pictured what her Inspektor-Love's likely reaction to Rohelle's current condition would be. Well, he had a point; 'Chelle really did look super-sexy this way, and Gina couldn't resist settling down next to and embrace-fondling her near-dormant Sister in their favorite way for each other. Rochelle's fabulous body automatically entwined her legs around Gina's, both pairs of their boots squelching sensually {in Leather Fashion}. Gina was careful not to escalate the feedback any further, vividly remembering her own disquiet in adjusting to remote electrosensation. Besides that, she had no wish to further disrupt her Sister's already unstable systems; she just wasn't that way at all, despite the worthless jerk who first manufactured her. **Perhaps "in spite" of said worthless jerk is the better term to use, Dear Author** she thought perversely, the sensual sexpot smile she was famous for playing on her perpetually glossy red-red-red and outrageously kissable lips, as she patiently awaited 'Chelle's return. In due course, Rochelle came back and promptly put those very glossy red-red-red and outrageously kissable lips right to work with a vengence. Her tic had noticeably reduced but was still there, which bothered neither although the phenomenon was duly noted.

As the two beautful synthetic women began to warm up to the moment, they were both thrilled to their CPU-cores when a familiar bellow reached their ultra-tech audio receptors. "Jye-NA!!! Here come Da Judge, you shameful automatonologue. Prepare to suffer your consequences!!!" A split second later Hizzoner Da Judge Hizzself was there, swan-diving right on top of his giggling girls, who happily cushioned his joyous pounce with their lush, eagerly willing bodies in very best Harem Fashion. His evil, hungry smile put their circuits on highest anticpation of the delights to shortly come. Two sumptuously fine pairs of Papa-Inspektor's Not Quite Brand New Funbags quickly got a most thorough and exhilarating workout, which eased away any remaining disquiet over Rochelle's mysterious illness from the sophisticated minds of the two moaning and laughing Lady robots. All was indeed well, now that the man they Loved so much was with them, cuttin' up 'cos he was happy. A couple blissful hours later, the two gorgeous mechanical females and one ruggedly handsome human male were completely zonked out in their customary jumbled heap, each taking unconscious delight and great comfort from the loving tangle of flesh all were a part of. None of them knew that all their lives were about to go on heavy trial; for now, they were just living for the moment. The rest of the Harem weren't neglected either as Rosie tirelessly boomed through the deepening night; she, Maisie, and Chase discretely participating via carefully controlled spurts of duality. Normally they would have abstained since they weren't initially involved, but with Rochelle now sick, they all wanted to help - and they also needed their own individual reassurances, so the Harem rules were waived, and nobody complained. All in very best Inspektor Family Fashion, of course. Maisie and Chase reclined Rosie's drivers' seat, and after their own session together, the pair of pretty machines were just as peacefully entwined and zonked-out as two of their mechanical Sisters, totally unaware of the maw they had already entered. As the rest of her loved ones slept, Rosie watchfully maitained cruising velocity, guarding and protecting her priceless Family-cargo as she sailed relentlessly and smoothly through the long still night, towards their Destiny.

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