Inspektor 12 Kronicles 1: R.O.S.I.E

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{Editorial notes And Prologue: This is the first of my continuation of some ideas that originated in Minkwheel's "Willow Bay" universe. Mink gets first credit here, 'cos he really was the original instigator, and he was kind enough to let me cut loose and get silly - which I have since refined and taken to the extreme with this series. And co-kudos go to petey and Sthurmovik, as both their recent epics have been wonderful sources of inspiration - I hope to see much much more from all three in the future. You dudes rock to da max!!

This installment is one of the most enjoyable pieces I've done in a long while, 'cos I tried to throw out the book altogether with this one. Rosie first cropped up in a couple gag cameos in Mink's WB environment and was basically a Speed Racer "Mammoth Car" clone, with not a lot of depth to her. Rosie complained to the Inspektor, and the Inspektor threatened to bury me, so I substantially revised Rosie's concept, and sweet-talked her into giving me some backstory to work with. The end result follows - and it ain't your daddy's standard fembot tale. Icon twisted.gif

The Game is now Afoot! And soon to be a sexy leg, too........ Icon wink.gif }


Rosie's senses came abruptly online, startling her out of her late-night somnolence. A quick internal check assured her that her Family was resting peacefully; her four Sisters' systems were all on normal standby, and Inspektor 12 was likewise deeply asleep {in human fashion}, embracing Gina {in Inspektor Fashion}, whose hair was still wildly mussed from the mayhem earlier that evening {also in Inspektor Fashion}. Rosie had gotten in on a bit of that fun too, happily teasing the Inspektor the same way he teased all of them. Something still didn't seem right to her sensors and well-developed intuition however, so she initiated a broad-range exterior scan of the local vicinity, alert for any movement or potential threat, only gradually relaxing back into her drowsing-mode. She took enormous pride in her ability to care for and protect her Family, but it was still wise to be prepared for anything. Lord knows, her life with the Inspektor was proof enough of that! She was always ready for anything, and would act on an instant should any threat suddenly materialize. Then again, it was now obvious that somebody was really gunning for the Inspektor and all he held dear; there had been plenty of clues and warnings. His strange nightmares, and her Sister Rochelle suddenly starting to act funny just today, being the two most recent examples. Rosie wasn't sure if the two events were actually related or not, but it seemed likely to her. Her intimate knowledge of the minutest of Robo-Depot workings was riddled with any number of incidents that came about at the hands of enemies of the Inspektor, his company, or both. Such was daily life in the cutthroat buisiness world. As a result of the most recent signs, everybody in the Inspektor's innermost nucleus had to be on their toes at all times, even those who literally didn't have any toes - like Rosie herself. Setting up a program-loop which made her scans continuous without conscious effort, she then began to relax again. As she "dozed," her thoughts drifted as usual towards the human she was utterly devoted to, her beloved Inspektor 12. A sleep-mumbled "Now you're gonna get it, you naughty Wench" accompanied with an equally sleepy Gina-giggle from the first queen-sized bunk within her reassured Rosie that he and her Sister remained unaware of her alarm and concern. She relaxed all the way, then.

Rosie had come into being twenty one years previously, as a very, very special Robo-Depot AI development project. Her core AI was none other than Inspektor 12's original "Giga-Pet" design, specially modified. The success of the G-P project didn't stop at the "pet" stage, however. The prototype was quickly found to have the capacity to develop and grow far beyond the original parameters, so Inspektor 12 adopted the infant technology, and eventually named her "R.O.S.I.E" an acronym for Robot Of Sentient Intelligence and Engineering, once she was in his personal care. She quickly took to all the enhancements he favored her with {boy, did he ever spoil her ROTTEN}, and she soon rapidly matured into an incredible powerhouse of AI capability; one that approached, and seemed likely to exceed human thought processing power in terms of complexity, sophistication, and most of all adaptability. She learned as she matured, and retained the knowledge indefinitely, applying it accordingly. She also learned how to think beyond the limitations of her basic programming and gross AI capability. This was the realm of creative independent thought, the same realm that gave human beings dominance over all lesser biological organisms. Her astonishing aptitude in this area was spotted early on by the Inspektor himself, which is why he adopted her so quickly; he knew a diamond-in-the-rough better than most, and wouldn't hesitate for a moment in grabbing it, then releasing the full potential after careful nurturing to maximize the polished and glittering end result. In time, the Inspektor installed her as the "brain" of his company's headquarters. In this capacity at Robo-Depot, Rosie's maturation advanced by quantum leaps {in Bakula Syndrome Fashion}. Along with complete access to any database on the planet, as well as within the plant itself, Rosie was also able to experience and begin to understand the world at large, further enhanced since the security systems were routed through her, giving her eyes and ears within and without the vast R-D complex. Her "internal" experience kept her abreast of the company's progress and development; she literally knew everything there was to know about Robo-Depot, its' workings, and its' people. And it was with those people that she initiated her next stage of development.

Her "vicarious socialization phase" as the Inspektor termed it began, teeming with potential from the outset. She started learning and polishing her social skills as soon as she was able, and she was soon loved by every human she interacted with, thanks to the winning personality that was steadily emerging within her. This unusual development of true personality and nascent emotions was not merely programming; it was a naturally occuring by-product of her sophisticated Sentient AI, which the Inspektor lost no time in patenting, trademarking, copyrighting, developing, improving, exploiting {for fun and profit, natch}, enhancing, studying, and whatever other "ings" were available, all in true Inspektor Fashion. In time, Rosie began to love her human interactions, as well as the humans themselves, which only furthered the progress of her still-developing SAI. The first amazing breakthrough came when Rosie, all by herself, developed a wireless interface program that allowed her to link into virtually any personal computer or PC-device. If the host wasn't camera equipped she could still get some limited feedback and interaction via the keyboard, screen, and speakers. As a result, she was soon able to "go visiting"{as Inspektor 12 put it} her Robo-Depot people in their homes, broadening both her understanding and interaction skills. Rosie was careful never to abuse her knack; she never went visiting unless invited to do so first, and she never "snooped around" or otherwise interfered with the host computer. This pleased Inspektor 12, who had strongly emphasized her ethical studies since before she could clearly remember. It also kept her from catching a virus from the host; she could vividly imagine Inspektor 12's "Well, machines can get quite sick just like people do, so please be careful, Puddin'." Like many young females, she was quickly tapped as a babysitter of sorts, once she learned how to remotely operate household electrical appliances. Due to her lack of physically independent mobility, her babysitting duties were always in a supervisory capacity, although she mitigated the lack by being remarkably effective in maintaining discipline / dispensing love / having fun or being entertaining only with her well-developed voice and obviously abundant computer-screen skills. Once her abilities were defined and made public, she quickly built up a large clientele, giving her even more interactive experience in the outside world and sharpening her social skills by leaps and bounds, tall buildings notwithstanding. Each charge in her care was always safe and sound and happy when her duties were over; a sterling record of human interaction and caregiving Rosie proudly maintained from then on. Of course, all these achievements were carefully charted and analyzed and eventually exploited on the open market - she was still an exclusive Robo-Depot product, remember - until the fateful spring day a year ago when her beloved Inspektor 12 changed her existence forever.

Rosie still melted in an electronic swoon whenever she recalled that wonderously glorius day.

Inspektor 12 assembled the entire R-D staff {he didn't know they were broken} in the company auditorium one pleasant afternoon for what promised to be a momentous occasion. Rosie was sure of this, because of all the virtual-comm equipment that had been laid on; executives and staff from R-D's satellites, subsidiaries, and affiliates worldwide would also be "present" for whatever the Inspektor had up his sleeve. Try as she might, Rosie couldn't even get a hint out of the Inspektor as to what the surprise might be. When she pressed him, he would merely crack his devilish grin and softly drawl "You'll just have to wait and see, my dearest Bane Of Turing." Although she loved hearing that particular nickname, this posed an amusing source of frustration for her; he knew damn well how naturally inquisitive she was, but this one time when her curiosity was at its' height, he had dropped nary a clue aside from one maddeningly vague hint several weeks previous that she was indeed involved in some way - perhaps even responsible. Despite her tremendous thought processes, she couldn't put the puzzle together, and this privately bollixed her no end, but in the most pleasant way imaginable. A puzzle she couldn't quickly solve was a special gift in itself, as she was sure the Inspektor knew - and most likely actually intended for her. Just like that, the most wonderful epiphany she had yet experienced burst into her thoughts, but before she could even begin to check its' veracity, the Inspektor took the podium, his familiar grin bordering on an outright smile. Acting on fast impulse, Rosie blared a Medieval trumpet-fanfare over the PA a split second before the Inspektor opened his mouth, causing him to chuckle heartily. "That's one for you, Luv!" he said while the crowd laughed in appreciation. Once everybody was quiet, he welcomed all and sundry "to the day that seals the ultimate destiny of AI as we know and understand it."

Although giddy with growing excitement and curiosity, Rosie nonetheless reflexively punctuated Inspektor 12's statement with a "wha-wha-whaaaa" trumpet-trill over the PA, causing the crowd to laugh again, and the Inspektor to glare at her central lens in the center of the auditorium's ceiling in mock exasperation, grin hinting in the corners of his mouth. After a deadpan growl of "All right, Too-Fer-Yoo, Miss Impudence-Of-Kilobytes, but the big three shall be MINE, kapish?" he continued his formal address. It was only then that Rosie realized that Inspektor 12 was dressed differently than his usual casual business attire. He sported a clerical-looking black button-down Liverpool shirt {Oxfords were for snobs, per Inspektor Fashion}, tucked neatly into cargo-pants with an "urban camouflage" pattern, only done in varying shades of red. For reasons she didn't understand, Rosie's excitement spiked upwards at the sight of the Inspektor's clothes. She had lost track of what he had been saying, but she came fully aware when he addressed her directly. "Rosie-Luv, would you kindly enable your scanners and tune in on any new frequencies you can detect, then report your findings, please?" She did, and after thirty seconds or so, she was startled to pick up one of her favorite child-verses recited to her by her dear Inspektor being broadcast on a frequency she didn't have on file already: "Rosies is red / violetses be blue / sugar is sweet / and so be you!" Rosie didn't know how many years had passed since she last heard that verse, but it still retained its' ability to move her deeply. She always liked to think that this was the Inspektor's way of creating a permanent record of how much he loved her so that she could always have it with her, should she ever lose him. She could see the smile growing on the Inspektor's face, so she knew she had found what she was supposed to, even though she didn't understand why it was important. "It's coming from within Building 917, source of origin unknown, but apparently non-threatening, Sir." she brightly announced in her lovely contralto voice. The Inspektor's smile was even bigger, now. "Would you please open your interior eyes over there, and project on the screen behind me, Dear Heart?" She did - and was totally flabbergasted by what she saw coming sharply into focus before her super-sensitive lenses. The crowd, both actual and virtual, likely dropped the local barometer a point or two with their collective stunned gasps as they stared at the IMAX-sized screen behind the Inspektor.

In Rosie's eyes, and on her screen was a vehicle like none ever seen before. A long, large, and appealingly curvy silhouette, clad in retina-burning devil/tomato-red lacquer with deep glossy black accents. Building 917, adapted from a onetime zeppelin hangar, stretched an easy 600 yards end-to-end, with a ceiling that majestically vaulted to a similar measurement; the vehicle within occupied about one third of that distance in overall length, and regally towered a full 40 feet in height atop mammoth wheels that made the largest of off-road mining vehicles look like mere toys in comparison. A cross-section of a full twenty feet completed the awesome {dude} dimensions. Rosie's astonished "Wow!" was lost in a sea of similar exclamations from the audience, as they all beheld the impressive machine on the screen. Only Inspektor 12 heard her, and if Rosie hadn't been so mesmerized like everyone else, she would have instantly recognized the knowing grin now on his face. For her part, Rosie had never seen such an elegantly pretty machine; each graceful curve practically screamed "femininity," and the color combination certainly reinforced the impression, with it's subtly strong suggestion of sexy satin and glossy patent-leather. Rosie lost herself in visual study for five minutes, but when she finally got around to examining the detail of the license-plaque, the next shock hit her. Befitting the voluptuous vehicle it was attached to, the plaque was ornately scrimshawed all the way around the perimeter, with equally ornate etch-engraved script lettering flowing grandly across the center, all finished in matching red {plain surfaces} and black {engraved surfaces}. The crowning touch was in what the inscription read - R.O.S.I.E-T1&O. By now almost locked up to the point of crashing, Rosie didn't hear him the first six times the Inspektor called her name. His seventh call brought her around, but she was still flustered enough to completely miss the tone of his ever-so-slightly-throbbing voice, dripping with pride and affection. "What do you think, Sweetheart? Does that baby look like a ton of fun, fun, fun, or what?"


Rosie wasn't at all sure what he meant, and quickly told him so, with an impish reninder that a man of his age had better check his beachboy-glucose level on a daily basis, as he was already showing some early symtoms of permanent damage. Nonplussed, the Inspektor said "Well, there's an easy way to fix YOU, at least. Do you trust me, Rosie-Luv?" It was all Rosie could do to force a tiny "Yes" over the PA, but she managed it. She was so nervous and excited she could hardly stand it. The crowd murmurred appreciatively, enjoying this bit of cutely-comic soap-opera business. The Inspektor was on top of his game, and having a high old time indeed - one of the many perks of working for him. "Okay then, please open your latest sealed program-nodule, run it, and keep continuously reporting and projecting for the audience if you would?" She did as he requested, and abruptly found herself in Building 917. But something was amiss - instead of seeing the interior of the old hangar through her normal lenses therein, she appeared to be looking outwards from roughly the center of the building, perhaps 40 feet above the floor. An idea began to dawn on her then, but her amazingly facile mind was positively reeling by now - no way could this be happening to her, not even in her wildest flight of fancy. The sudden sound of footsteps approaching on a concrete floor caught her attention, and she soon saw Inspektor 12 coming towards her, beaming. Wait a minute!! A quick flash of bright red lacquer in a corner of her vision as she re-oriented her lenses caused her to momentarily forget the Inspektor's approach, and instead focus on the red. She concentrated, directing brand-new lenses - all 36 of 'em - and soon came to a conclusion that simply gobsmacked her. The Inspektor's voice penetrated her awareness then, and this time she didn't miss one tiny nuance while still being totally focused on inspecting what she finally recognized as HER lovely new chassis. "You gonna open up and invite me in Luv, or are ya gonna make this old man wait?" Without a thought or sent command, Rosie did just that, lowering her brand new stair-equipped gangplank and joyously letting the man she loved with all her being join her in this wonderful new phase of her life. She'd never been a sexy soap-opera star before, but she was quickly beginning to warm up to the experience!!

Rosie never lost sight of the Inspektor as he gracefully and gently entered her; she simply switched focus from exterior to interior optics, delighting in another set of 36 new lenses that allowed her to be closer to Inspektor 12 than she ever had been before. As he settled in her cab, he swept one arm in a grand gesture: "Go ahead, Luv - you haven't seen your insides yet. I'll make myself comfortable here while you have at it." Rosie wanted to cry when she saw what was hanging from the rear-view mirror. Instead of the expected pair of fuzzy dice, Roisie's own original Giga-Pet chassis dangled in place of pride and honor. **That's MY Inspektor's Fashion!** she thought happily to herself. God, how she adored him so! She next enabled all interior lenses, and was awed again by the elegant beauty of her interior, with its' lush fabric, tasteful real-mahogany panelling, and a cheerful, eye-appealing color pallette based on soft pastel coral, with warm grey accents. Just aft of her cab there were three sleeping compartments, each containing a queen-size bed with the two slightly smaller ones also having ingeneously designed drop-down bunks that lowered from the ceiling at the touch of a button {or a polite voice request}; in all, ten to fifteen individuals could be comfortably accommodated in perfect slumber. Quite naturally, all the beds were octuple-reinforced to meet the Inspektor's zany "raucous slumber" design requirements - he had his own ideal definition of "perfect," remember. An elegant living room was next, occupying the middle segment complete with a 72 inch multi-use screen, a plush sectional, a hideaway pool table, and a small jacuzzi set into a well-designed nook by the partition leading to the rear segment. This segment contained a kitchen space that rivalled some seen in high-end luxury mansions. It also contained bathing and discrete toilet facilities, and a storage compartment that could hold at least a month's worth of supplies and/or luggage. Rosie took all this in with dumbstruck astonishment. After ten minutes of self-investigation, she heard the Inspektor's voice again, instantly recognizing the calm, soft tone as being full of pride and {she thought}, love. The vocal throb was still there too, slightly elevated, although the ramifications of such still eluded her. "Dear Heart, your next investigation will have to be done internally via the link to your main CPU. When you're ready for some more surprises, please run a full systems check, and pay minute attention to what you find out." She answered "Okay, but one question first - what does the "Tee One And Zero" on my license-plaque stand for, Inspektor?" His laugh was warm and inviting as he replied "There is absolutely no zero in 'The One And Only,' Sweetness Incarnate." Oh.


As Rosie initiated her systems scan, this time she was mightily impressed with what she learned. Her vehicular heart consisted of an eight-cylinder modular diesel-type main engine, which put out an easy 8500 horsepower minimum, sixteen thousand at the max, or nearabouts. Those storming horses fed directly into a modular electrical generator, which powered four motors per axle {one paired motorset per gargantuan wheel on either side, each individual motor generating an additional 500 horsepower}, all capable of either independent or series function, depending on immediate driving and road or surface conditions. All these motors had dual functions - propusion or braking on demand {also independent or in series}, accomplished through swithching the electrical field flow from consumption {propulsion} to regeneration {braking}. The motors were simply reversed, with the resistance of the regeneration being used to smoothly slow the wheels, after which the current was fed back into either auxiliary components or the main generator, in an efficient closed-loop system. Nothing was wasted; Rosie's new internal current-flow was essentially a variation on the prepetual-motion principle, and the basic technology had been around for almost a century and a half, being originally developed by and for the railroad industry, and still in use today. Once she got going, she was only limited by her engine's fuel supply {biodiesel, distilled from pure virgin or recycled vegetable oil} and even that could be augmented by both a set of storage batteries as well as her beautiful red lacquer, which was imbued with solar energy-absorption properties. She experienced a burst of humorous joy as she noted that her beloved Inspektor most likely got quite the kick out of the fact that her exhaust would smell like french fries! **Typical Inspektor Fashion as usual** she thought with tender love. Oh, how she was crazy about him!! All in all, Rosie's beautiful new form had beautiful functions, and she was suddenly eager to try out her lovely new chassis. Inspektor 12 anticipated her as always, telling her that all she needed to do was initiate a full AI-transfer from her indoor mainframe to her vehicular mainframe. He lovingly reassured her that her consciousness wouldn't be lost, nor would her memories; she would simply shift from one body to another. She didn't miss the obvious gleam in his eye as he spoke, nor his more intense vocal throb as he pronounced "body," but she didn't comment on either.

Rosie willed the process to begin, and blanked out for about an hour as the shift was flawlessly accomplished. When she woke up, she was startled to discover a new plethora of sensations feeding data into her CPU-mainframe. Sensations she had never experienced before. Wait, she could actually FEEL the sensations?? The pleasant weight of Inspektor 12, comfortably ensconsed within her plush drivers' seat; the ambient temperature of both the air inside her {a human-comfortable 72 degrees Farenheit} as well as the warmer muggy outside air of the hangar; the quiet pulse of her idled generator being ambiently fed through her lacquer; the glass-smooth and cool concrete beneath her massive tires - these, and over a thousand other subtle sources of data-input pleasantly assaulted her all at once. For the first time, Rosie could experience tactile sensation in a manner analagous to humans. There was more, though. Rosie began to pick up on a group of very different kinds of sensations - that emanated from the Inspektor himself. This was a "poser" like none other she had ever experienced before; she knew that Inspektor 12 was fully human, but he nevertheless gave off a veritable aura of extreme-low-frequency electrical impulses!!! Again, he shrewdly knew her thoughts before she spoke: "Oho, you've discovered the nifty realm of human biorhythms, eh M'Dearest? If you're a smart lass, you'll become expert in their interpretation ASAP." The thrill she now could feel from his gentle caress of her comely dashboard as he spoke was almost more than she could stand; she had longed for humanlike tactile sensations her whole existence, but had privately resigned herself to never being blessed with such a gift, mainly because she thought such was the sole province of humans, or humanform Sentient AI's. Leave it to her beloved Inspektor to buck industry {and science-fiction} tradition, and bestow her with one Gift that blurred the line between humans and machines, whether her form was human or not! Why, she could even feel his heartbeat being instantly transmitted through his body, pulsing straight into her drivers' seat. Better still, she could interpret the now insistently throbbing message of his heartbeat, voice, and biorhythms as being excited with tinges of pride and what she now clearly knew was love - and something else she still couldn't quite identify yet. Rosie's excitement had long ago surpassed the highest level she had been used to previous to today, and she was beginning to wonder just how high it might go, or where it might eventually lead her.

The tenderness of the Inspektor's voice roused Rosie from her near-swoon as she feasted on his now tactile love for her. "Sweetie, why don't you dismiss the assembly now - they've had as much of a dramatic experience as you have, in a way." Without missing a beat, Rosie switched to her PA-mode and happily chirped "Beat it, you sorry lot - and please take a couple days off with full Holiday pay in small appreciation for a magnificently done job!" If Rosie was startled by the Inspektor's sudden eruption into a helpless fit of laughter, she was doubly startled by the crowd's mixture of laughter and a standing ovation. And then triply startled when she realized she had heard herself speaking in TWO voices; her usual one, plus a new one that sounded like what could only be described as a feminine contralto airhorn honk, which was echoing loudly all over the hangar. From the twinkle in the still helplessly laughing Inspektor's eyes and the warm "haze" within his biorhythms, she knew he was pleased that she had imitated his own manner and delivery spot on, and his biorhythms confirmed it, throbbing with great intensity now. This information sent her right back to near-swoon, but when Inspektor 12 suddenly reclined Rosie's plush drivers' seat to full supine, allowing her to feel him totally horizontal within her, the final piece of the Inspektor's biorhythm puzzle at last became came clear to her: it was akin to intense sexual desire, the urgency now rapidly rising to crescendo. At this point she lost it altogether and inadvertantly moaned aloud - through her horn-voice, no less! The booming, moaning echoes briefly mortified her, before she was simultaneously engulfed in an overwhelming super-tsunami of purest orgasmic ecstacy.

Good thing she was painted red already, but her lacquer did still take on a more deeper intensity and brighter lustre; only a sharp-eyed onlooker standing right next to Rosie would have registered her simultaneous states of deep embarrassment and extreme pleasure that exact moment. Unable to cope with this total sensory overload, she gave in to the sensual waves of pleasure and release that billowed and flowed throughout every system she had, totally oblivious to yet another peal of extremely fond laughter from Inspektor 12, as well as the dim echoes of similar laughter and affection from within the complex. She knew her friends and family were tremendously happy for her, and while she was equally grateful to all of them in return, she remained laser-focused on being lost in the most exquisite sensations she had ever known. Inspektor 12 was literally in her and posessing her {in very best Inspektor Fashion} in a manner that was totally unlike the human way {also in very best You-Know-What} - but it was no less potent or intimate, either. While he didn't have the actual physical release of human sexual culmination {and she obviously couldn't}, he nonetheless was in the throes of the intense emotional pleasure a satisfying love-making climax generates, broadcast loudly through his biorhythms - and so was his Dearest Rosie. Never again would she be quite so innocent as before, but she had absolutely no regrets. All she had was powerful and incredible Love {and a most passionate and gentle Lover} - and that was all she would ever need. Her rapture continued unabated for a full seventeen minutes of sheer bliss she had never experienced before; only very reluctantly did Rosie let go of that wonderful feedback loop that had fundamentally altered her forever. As she slowly detumesced, she oriented all of her 36 interior lenses on him, and saw {and felt} that he too was lost in happy afterglow, his biorhythms confirming all. True to her impish nature, as she happily gazed at the serenely blissed-out Inspektor, she couldn't help giggling about how Robo-Depot outsiders might view what just happened between her and her new Lover. She could hear the howls of "Incest" plainly. It was nothing of the sort, as she well knew. Although he performed all traditional fatherly functions for her, and she did love and basically relate to him in a daughterly way until recently, he simply wasn't her father, because they were of two totally different forms of sentient life, and her basic nature rested in the synthetic, while his was organic. It was more accurate to view their relationship as that of kindly {but rather daffy} monarch, and devoted subject. That's how Rosie herself felt about it, and she was sure the Inspektor felt the same way - she did know him extremely well, after all. At this point, Rosie saw and felt the man she cherished above all else come out of his reverie with a pleased sigh, and a huge grin. She knew exactly what was coming next. Of one mind, both she and her Immortally Beloved Inspektor began to quietly honk / whistle {in Beatle Fashion}, delighting in the famous song-joke they were sharing. When they were done punning on "All You Need Is Love," {in Inspektor-And-Dearest-Rosie-Fashion} they kept in tight synchronicity with each other, with a joyous honk / yelp in perfect unison that happily echoed all over the old zeppelin hangar: "ROAD TRIP!!!"

Editorial epilogue: A few points for clarification. Rosie's new design is a slightly-tweaked version of the Union Pacific Railroad's "M10000" streamlined trainset from 1934. I've always loved the sexy look of it, and in Rosie, I found a way to have some fun with it. Turning The Mammoth Car into the M10000/Rosie is like turning Roseanne Barr into Racquel Welch, but by golly I DOOD IT!!! For the record, Rosie has eight axles and 32 motors {16 per side, in pairs}. The total output of motors and engine at maximun comes out to 32,000.

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