Hollywood Hardware (by Borias/Modded by RS5420)

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(Modding-Author's Note: I did a personal adaptation of the original story posted by Borias on the Fembotwiki. I like blondes but not too much Paris...)

You've been looking forward to buying your very own gynoid for months now. You've scrimped and saved for the down payment, and now you're ready to hit the showroom. You've decided to get a unit modeled after a celebrity, a sexy actress. But there are so many nubile hotties in California, you can't make up your mind!

You decide to visit the Hollywood Hardware showroom in person to get a better look at the inventory. A vast, gleaming, clean and brightly lit warehouse, the showroom has hundreds of beautiful women standing in quiet repose along every wall. There is no salesman, only an automated computer system to guide you through your browsing.

You pass by a blonde in a flowing white dress.

"This unit is based on the physical parameters of Marylin Monroe. Widely considered the first sex symbol, she is also one of the first figures to have been photographed extensively enough to allow our engineers to accurately reconstruct her appearance."

You stop for a moment, distracted by four gynoids in a row who look remarkably similar.

"These units are based on the physical parameters of Goldie Hawn. Famous for aging gracefully, by popular demand we have units available modeled after her at age twenty, thirty, fourty and fifty. Age sixty is available by special order."

She is quite beautiful but that statement is a bit much for you. You continue browsing.

After half an hour, you've narrowed your preference down to two units: a blonde and a latina. Your final selections were shallow, but popular. You feel guilty at your choices; you probably watch way too much tabloid TV. As you are agonizing over your options, the gentle, feminine voice of the store's computer informs you of a stunning fact.

"These units are available to test drive if you are still unsure. There are private rooms available in the rear of the showroom. Simply state which unit you would like to activate."

The blood pounds in your ears at the realization, then suddenly flows downward. Which one do you choose?

"I'd like to try her!" you proclaim, pointing at a statuesque blonde, looking in her late twenties, wearing a sexy tank top and short skirt, a few braces and large earings, standing on high glossy heels shoes in a row the on the left side of the room.

"Very good Sir. Activating unit now. Please accompany her to the testing room."

The blonde's forward stare never breaks as she mechanically steps forward, turns, and proceeds to the back of the showroom, each of her moves provocating a very audible whirr or hiss from her internal components. "This unit will take a moment to completely boot up. Please excuse her rudeness." the voice from above informs you.

In the time it takes to cross the hundred feet to the row of white automatic doors, her gait gradually changes. Her Frankenstein-like stagger evolves before your eyes into a seductive strut, still noisy however. By the time you reach the door, only a few seconds that feels like an eternity, her gorgeous ass swings wide left and right with each step.

The door slides into the ceiling with a whirr and you accompany your potential purchase inside. This room is also white and clinical, but equipped with a vibrant red sofa. Cheesy porn music is softly piped in.

Suddenly, the gynoid seems to snap to consciousness. Her bright blue eyes lock on you in awareness. Her pouty lips part into a gleaming smile, and she begins to speak in a ditzy Valley Girl accent, as you could see the internal speaker generating her speech just behind her rows of teeth. You could spot it each time she opened her mouth to follow her spoken words.

"Hey! I'm Nath. We should totally get to know each other. Want me to get naked?"

Albeith the artifical tone of her voice, she's so sensual that you can only nod to her question in affirmation.

"Ok, sit back and check this out."

She runs her hands through her hair, then down her body. She begins peeling off the skintight black swimsuit she was clad in, exposing herself. Her breasts are fairly small, but perky. Her tush is much fuller, just begging to be groped.

As she turns back toward you, she giggles and winks. You can't help but notice she's not quite perfect facsimile.

"Is it just me or are those seams circling around both arms and around your waist?"

"Many like their robot babes to look close to the real thing, but not too much, that's where the fun is."

You're inclined to agree, answering probably to one of her many preprogrammed answers that she served you.

As she dances and strips, she continues to move toward you, each of her leg's servo motors grinding furiously up to their maximum axes. Now completely naked, she turns and grinds her butt against your crotch.

"I want to see your body too, baby."

You hurriedly peel your clothes off.

"Looks like you've got a big present for me! Where do you want to deliver it?"

"I want to try out your pussy."


Nath saunters past you, lays down on the couch, and spreads her legs. Her hairless slit glistens with moisture. She runs what looked like a carefully manicured finger down it, returns it to her mouth to lovingly lick her juices from it, then uses it to beckon to you.

You crawl over top of her, kissing your way up. Her fake flesh is succulent, you can even taste a hint of perspiration. You run your tongue over her puffy labia and enjoy the sweet taste, eliciting an appreciative moan from the gynoid. Your index finger slides into her.

"Woah, you're so tight!"

"Thanks! I'm afraid my cute little snatch is the part of me least like my meat girl counterpart. They had to scale it down like 40%."

You appreciate the efforts of her designers. You continue your delightful journey up her body, running your tongue over her flat abs, then taking a hard nipple into your mouth.

"Ooh, I like that" she coos.

Finally you're face to face with her. You feel her shift her hips up under you to give you better access. Her slender hand wraps around your shaft and guides you into her. One sharp thrust, a gasp, and you are joined.

"Oh sweetie, you're so big!"

You certainly feel bigger than you've ever been before. Her love canal is warm, wet, and extremely snug, yet somehow it had just enough give in it to allow you to slide all the way until your hips pressed together.

"Does it hurt?" you ask in concern, perhaps forgetting for a moment your lover's true nature.

"Only if you want it to." She replies. Suddenly, tears begin to well up in her eyes.

"No, wait! I want you to enjoy this."

"Sure thing. Fuck me!" She blinks away her tears, then returns to her lustful gaze.

You can't help but oblige. You pull back, then shove deep into her. Her warm body convulses under you.

"Don't stop!" her voice speaker shouts in your ear, tamming slightly the noise generated by all her motorised articulations caught in the frenzy.

You kiss her roughly, flowing her long hairs around your fingers. She moans with great passion, but she refuses your exploring tongue, stopping you to her teeth. That's nothing to distract you too much, as you continue to thrust into her, hard and fast. Nath' bony hips buck wildly, rising to meet you every time you thrust down.

As your lovemaking intensifies, you begin to feel her pussy moving inside, stroking you every time you enter her. With every thrust she now yells out an affirmation, like an actress in a porno. The front of your brain thinks the whole affair might be a little silly. That voice is nearly silent compared to the primal parts of your brain that simply crave to plug this beautiful blonde slut until you die from exhaustion.

"Oh baby fuck me, fuck me! Oh shit you're gonna make me cum!"

Nath throws her head back and lets out a long, reverberating moan. You press your lips against her throat and thrust in again- you can't hold on much longer.

"Oh sweetie, fill me up! Please!"

You grant Nath' wish. You thrust into her so hard you think you'll break your pelvis on her titanium frame. You roar as your cum pours out of you. Her pussy seems to apply gentle massage and suction to heighten your orgasm.

"That's it, honey. Give it all to me."

Finally spent, you flop forward on her. Nath wraps her arms around you and strokes your cheek. You look up into her blue eyes.

"That was so hot. So, can I come home with you?"

"Not before I see what's behind that pretty face"

"Sure thing, honey!" She said cheerfully before removing her face mask like if it was a simple sock, and reveilling her innards behind it.

"No tongue?" As you see her blue eyeballs, nasal cavities and that famous speaker facing you, laying between a beautiful arrangement of signal and power cables feeding the various mechanical parts and sensors inside of her head.

"That's an option"

"I'll take it!"

The End.

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