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This is the script I sent to RBP Studios. I should point out that the actresses who appeared in the film were not my original choices. Originally, Unit 469 was taller than Tina. This is why Tina is wearing high heels and Unit 469 is wearing flats. I didn't realise that the situation would be reversed with the new girls until it was too late.

A short clip of the video can be found here.

Notes on Robotic Acting

(These notes only apply to Tara until the very end.)

FACE: The robots should hold the same facial expression through the entire film. Eyes should be open as wide as possible without raising the eyebrows. The rest of the face should stay relaxed. Blinking should be kept at a minimum, but when the girls blink it should be done in a quick and pronounced manner, remaining closed for half a second, with the eyes returning to the same wideness as before. Only the eyes should move when blinking too. Mouth should be neither smiling or frowning, and should only move to speak. (or kiss, lick, suck, etc.) The girls should imagine that their face is made of plastic.

VOICE: The proper monotone voice is just that, essentially singing the exact same note. Each robot can have a distinct pitch, but it MUST NOT CHANGE. Each word is to be spoken at this pitch, with a pause between each word. The pitch must not go down or up at the end of a sentence. The voice must also be calm and soft, not stressed. This style of voice must remain constant throughout. The main idea is that it sounds like a computer is generating the voice rhythmically and emotionlessly, and all the words at the same speed and tone. The robots should not use contractions (like can't, won't etc.)

POSTURE & POSE: Posture should be erect and stiff. When standing, arms should be at the side pointing straight down. Hands should be extended straight with the fingers together. When walking, arms should swing slightly forward at the elbows about 45°. Hands must not move unless doing something. Try to keep the pupils centered between the eyelids - for instance, when looking down, tilt the head downward at the neck while the eyes stare straight ahead. Try to avoid looking at the floor when walking or turning. Above all, there must be no eye contact with the camera. In scenes when they are unmoving, the girls should remain as still as possible. Even the slightest movement or blink can ruin the effect. Breathing can be practiced so as not to be noticeable visually.

MOVEMENT: Think of assembly line robots, but slowed down. Slow, stiff and steady motions are the key. These robots behave like they have fewer joints than a human (think Barbie doll). They should try to move all their body parts at the same speed. Only one body part should move at a time. For instance, if a girl turns her head, bends over and extends her arm, she should do it in steps, first turning her head, then bending over, then moving her arm. Parts of the body not moving should remain absolutely still.

SEX SCENES: The robots must not show human-like signs of enjoyment. They are emotionless machines passively experiencing sex. They have no spontaneity. The same robotic facial expression and voice should be maintained. They should move as little and as rhythmically as possible.

If you follow these difficult guidelines, you will produce an ASFR masterpiece!

Other Notes

COSTUMES: If possible, use costumes already available.

LOLITA: Mostly black (preferably satin, or lycra that looks like satin) with white lace french maid outfit with a very short skirt. Black stockings that come to half-way up the thigh & suspenders (preferably satin) are a must. Panties (must be black satin) must be the type that form a triangle on both sides, not split-crotch or thong. She should wear a one inch black satin collar around her neck (no pendant on it). Tallest available black high heels should also be worn.

TARA: Latex, vinyl or satin skin-tight outfit that looks futuristic or like a uniform, not camouflage or with a lot of straps or buckles. This outfit should cover all her private parts. The more of the body that is covered, the better. She should wear flat shoes that match the outfit.

HAIR: The girls should wear their hair down and styled, with a lot of body and shine. I would like Lolita to appear with large, loose curls.

MAKEUP: Girls should be heavily made up, but not overdone. Don't add a large red circle on the cheeks. Some people like that effect, but I don't.

ROOM: Standard woman's bedroom, with one or two Halloween decorations.

Include lots of shots of the girls from behind, but not necessarily bent over. I like the way a nice set of buns looks when a girl is just standing up straight, walking or lying down. Show off Tara's magnificent hips and buttocks as much as possible.

I don't want the words "Dolly" or "Dolls" to appear in this video. "Robot", "Fembot", and "Android" are OK. The script should be followed as closely as possible, especially Tara's lines.

"Halloween Treat"

CHARACTERS: Tina (Lolita)

Unit 469 (Tara Indiana)

SCENE: Upstairs in a bedroom at a Halloween house party. The muffled sound of loud music can be heard in the background throughout.

Tina leads Unit 469 into the room. Unit 469 comes to a halt in the middle of the room and stares straight ahead, unmoving. Tina closes the door.

Tina: "We can be alone now. Come on, tell me your name."

UNIT 469: "I do not have a name. I am Unit 469."

Tina: "OK, you don't have to tell me your real name, but mine really is Tina."

UNIT 469: (just stands unmoving)

Tina: (walks up to Unit 469 and puts her arms around her waste. She starts to fondle Unit 469's buns.) "You know, that robot thing you're doing really turns me on."

UNIT 469: (pauses for a moment) "That does not compute."

Tina: "Oh yeah..." (still fondling) "You sure are good at it."

Tina gives Unit 469 a long kiss. She gropes her body all over (except the back) as she kisses her. Unit 469 stands rigid and motionless.

Tina: (walking toward bed and sitting down) "Come sit next to me, Unit 469." (she pats the spot next to her with her hand)

Unit 469 slowly pivots and moves robotically over to sit next to Tina. Once seated, she stares out straight ahead.

Tina: (takes Unit 469 by the hand, stroking it) "Tell me a little about yourself."

Unit 469: (slowly turns her head to face Tina) "I am a humanoid robot created by visitors from another planet. I was built to study human life on this planet. I was manufactured 83-point-2 hours ago in a space station behind your moon. I was activated and programmed by Unit 421. My initial diagnostic scan revealed a flaw in my left optical scanner. It was replaced by a new optical scanner and I underwent a second diagnostic scan. All my systems functioned as expected. My fluid reservoirs were filled to capacity and my power cells were recharged. I was fitted with a uniform and brought down to the planet's surface by Unit 421 and Unit 458. Halloween was chosen for my arrival as a cover for my conspicuously non-human behaviour. I walked nine-point-3-7 kilometers to this building. I entered it and you asked me to dance. Dance does not compute."

Tina: "Wow. Uh, gee. You must have practiced that speech."

Unit 469: "I have just stated a description of relevant events in chronological order since my inception. Practiced that speech does not compute."

Tina: (putting her other arm around Unit 469) "Well, tell me something, my little robot hottie, does your pussy function as expected?"

Tina lets go of Unit 469's hand. She puts her hand on Unit 469's crotch and starts to rub.

Unit 469: "My vaginal unit was designed to emulate the functionality of a human vagina. I am equipped with 3-point-8 liters of synthetic vaginal fluid. My vaginal fluid was formulated to be nearly identical to human vaginal fluid."

Tina: (still rubbing) "How does this make you feel?"

Unit 469: "I am not programmed to feel."

Tina: (giggles) "Well then, how does this make your pussy feel?"

Unit 469: "The dermal sensors embedded in my vaginal unit are detecting the motion and pressure of your fingers. The data are being processed by my CPU. My vaginal unit is now secreting synthetic vaginal fluid."

Tina: "I'm getting the hang of this game now. Unit 469, walk back and forth across the room for me in that sexy robot walk of yours."

Tina masturbates while Unit 469 struts forward, turns, then walks backward, turns, etc. This goes on for a couple of minutes. Unit 469 takes the same number of steps in either direction, always looking straight ahead. All her steps are the same size and at the same speed. The camera views Unit 469 from the front and from behind, Tina watches from the side, seated on the bed.

Tina: (once she is done masturbating) "Unit 469, stand up and undress."

Unit 469: "I am not programmed to undress."

Tina: (smiles and thinks for a moment) "Oh. Alright. Let me help you."

Tina helps Unit 469 out of her clothes, giving appropriate instructions on how to move which body parts, etc. This will require some ad-libbing.

Once Unit 469 is naked, Tina walks in a circle around her, checking out her body.

Tina: "My, my, my. You sure are built right in all the right places. Those aliens sure know how to make a woman." (pauses for a moment) "Hey, did you ever pretend you were a robot when you were a kid?"

Unit 469: (stands motionless for 3 seconds) "Kid is a term used to describe a human child. I am not human."

Tina: "Wow, you're a natural at it!"

Tina gives Unit 469 another long kiss. While kissing her, she puts her hands on Unit 469's upper back for the first time. Tina appears slightly startled.

Tina: (said with a slightly puzzled expression) "You're vibrating."

Unit 469: "The vibrations you feel are emanating from my hard-drives."

Tina doesn't say anything but looks slightly suspiciously at Unit 469. She drops her arms to hold Unit 469 by the elbows. Then she puts her ear on Unit 469's chest.

Tina: (after a few seconds of listening) "What's that sound?"

Unit 469: "That sound is generated by my coolant pump."

Tina: (starting to wonder now) "That's a little... strange."

Unit 469: "If you look into my mouth you will see a speaker and the circuitry connected to it."

Unit 469 opens her mouth wide. Tina looks inside, then gasps and stands back a couple of steps.

Tina: "Oh my god! You really are a robot!"

Unit 469: "I was constructed mostly from components available on this planet. Did you believe me to be a human?"

Tina: "Yeah. Wow. You look so real. You even smell real. I still can't believe you're a machine."

Unit 469: (stands unmoving for 3 seconds) "That does not compute. Your statements are contradictory. Please explain."

Tina: (looks puzzled for a moment) "Oh. Well, I do believe that you're a machine. When I said I couldn't believe you were... well it's just an expression."

Unit 469: (stands unmoving for 6 seconds) "That does not compute."

Tina: "Forget about it."

Unit 469: "I am not programmed to forget."

Tina: "Let's talk about something else then. Why are you here again?"

Unit 469: "I was built to study human life on this planet. "

Tina: (walks back toward Unit 469, puts her arms around her again) "Well, alien robot goddess, I'd love to teach you a few things. What would you like to know."

Unit 469: "Define sexual intercourse. Data is required."

Tina: "Hmmmm..."

Tina walks over to the bed and pulls out a magazine from between the mattresses. She flips through it with a thoughtful look on her face. She selects a series of pictures (don't have to be visible on camera) of a man and a woman having sex. She then lies down (on her front, resting on her elbows) on the mattress with her legs together and her buns in the camera's view. She turns her head to Unit 469 and tells her to lay down beside her. Unit 469 moves robotically to the bed and lies down in the same position, her legs together, her butt in full view. (The whole purpose of this scene is to show off the girls' buns this way. The camera should view them from directly behind.)

Tina: "Focus those pretty electronic eyes on this page, honey. This nice looking human male here is equipped with a penis." (she points) "See?"

Unit 469: "Are all human males equipped with a penis of those proportions?"

Tina: (laughs) "No, this one's... gifted. And when they're not horny, it's not that big."

Unit 469: "Processing." (waits 3 seconds) "Horny does not compute."

Tina: "Horny is... well, when a man sees a woman naked, he gets sexually aroused. His penis grows, he gets hot. Women get horny too. That means they're ready to have sex."

Unit 469: "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Resume Explanation."

Tina: "This is what it looks like when people are having sex. There's lotsa different positions to do it in."

Unit 469: "What is the purpose of sex?"

Tina: "Well, sex is for making babies... new humans. It's also done just for fun."

Unit 469: "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Do human females have sex with other human females?"

Tina: "Yes. Guys also have sex with other guys. I like to have sex with both."

Unit 469: "That does not compute. Only human males are equipped with a penis. Only human females are equipped with a vagina."

Tina: (Sits up) "That doesn't matter. Guys can fuck each other in the ass, and there's a lot two women can do together."

Unit 469: (still lying in the same position) "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Is kissing and holding part of sex?"

Tina: (massaging the back of Unit 469's thighs and buns) "If it's done right."

Unit 469: "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Processing" (waits 3 seconds) "Are your current actions part of sex?"

Tina: (still massaging) "That's what I'm hoping. You're making me horny, Unit 4-6-9."

Unit 469: "That does not compute. I am not a human female. I am a humanoid robot."

Tina: "You look like a very sexy human female. And I've always thought robots were sexy."

Unit 469: "Processing"

Tina fondles Unit 469's buns & thighs a while longer, then moves away to give Unit 469 enough room to lie on her back.

Tina: "Lie on your back and spread your legs, robot."

Unit 469 complies, moving mechanically, staring straight ahead, her arms straight at her side. Tina moves into position to start giving oral sex to Unit 469. Arrange this scene however it needs to be arranged. Unit 469 doesn't move at all through the whole scene. Tina acts as if she enjoys it tremendously.

Tina: (near the end of the scene as Unit 469 comes) "Oh! You taste so real! This is amazing!"

Unit 469: "My vaginal fluid was formulated to be nearly identical to human vaginal fluid."

Tina: (after finishing up and standing up again) "How did you like that?"

Unit 469: "I am not programmed to like."

Tina: (smiles) "That's ok, I liked it. Now stand up."

Unit 469 stands up and faces Tina

Tina: (fondling Unit 469's breasts) "There's a human expression that says 'little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice'. What are you made of, Unit 469?"

Unit 469: "I am mostly composed of silicone, titanium and various polymer compounds. My electronic and mechanical components are fastened to a titanium skeletal structure, coated by silicone padding and silicone skin."

Tina: (giving Unit 469 a tight hug and a grope) "Oh, this is like a dream come true for me." (pulls away and plays with Unit 469's breasts again) "I'm just fascinated by the thought of all those electronic impulses flowing inside your computerized brain, all the little motors that make you move."

Tina licks and kisses Unit 469's nipples for a minute or two then looks up and caresses Unit 469's face with her fingertips for a while.

Tina: "You're so beautiful. So perfect."

Tina kisses Unit 469 for a couple of minutes, Tina doing all the work. After that, Tina hops onto the bed and pulls the crotch of her panties to one side.

Tina: (smiling) "Now it's my turn. Can you move your silicone tongue for me like I did for you?"

Unit 469: "Processing."

Unit 469 waits 3 seconds, then moves robotically into a position to start giving oral sex to Tina. All her movements during the scene should be rhythmic and stiff. Her eyes should remain open wide. Tina should show all the enjoyment she can.

Some more ad-libbing will need to be done in this scene, with Tina giving Unit 469 instructions on how to move her tongue more effectively. Unit 469 should not respond verbally to these instructions, but Tina should react by saying things like "that's more like it", etc

Tina: (when they're done) "Stand up Unit 469."

Unit 469 stands up, then so does Tina. Tina puts her arms around Unit 469 again.

Tina: "That was heavenly. You're the most satisfying lover I've ever had. Can I keep you as a sex toy? I wanna show you off to some of my friends."

Unit 469: "Computing..." (waits 3 seconds) "I must return to the space station to reprogram the other robots with the new data.."

Unit 469 mechanically turns to leave, but Tina grabs her by the hips and holds her back.

Tina: "But you just got here! Don't go!"

Unit 469: (turns around to face Tina) "I must return to the space station to reprogram the other robots with the new data.."

Tina: "Can you take me with you then? That sounds like a fun place to visit."

Unit 469: (Stands still, staring out into space) "Receiving transmission from Robot Control." (waits 3 seconds.) "Receiving transmission from Robot Control." (waits 3 seconds.) "Receiving transmission from Robot Control." (waits 3 seconds.) "Transmission complete."

Unit 469: (turns to Tina) "I must download data from Unit 206."

Unit 469 takes Tina's hand and positions it if front of her, the hand turned up, the palm facing Unit 469. Unit 469 positions her other hand the same way. They touch palm to palm. As soon as they do, Tina Stiffens up and stands at attention. Her face becomes like Unit 469's, eyes open wide, mouth expressionless. Tina now acts as robotic as Unit 469.

Tina: (in a strictly monotone voice) "Unit 206 beginning data transfer." (waits 3 seconds) "Beginning data transfer." (waits 3 seconds) "Beginning data transfer." (waits 3 seconds) "Beginning data transfer"

Tina waits another 6 seconds, then starts stiffly rotating in a circle, her hand still extended and turned up. After she turns around 3 times, she is facing a wall with her back to the camera. She starts walking toward the wall, hits it (looks like she hits it), bounces back and says "Malfunction", walks toward the wall, bounces back, repeats the word "Malfunction", over and over again until the end of the film.

After Tina says "malfunction" a few times, Unit 469 stiffly puts down her hand and stares out ahead.

Unit 469: "Attention Robot Control. Attention Robot Control." (waits 3 seconds) "Send additional humanoid robots to the planets surface to repair Unit 206. Repeat. Send additional humanoid robots to the planets surface to repair Unit 206."

The camera stays on the two robots for another 6 seconds or so. Unit 469 is unmoving, Tina still malfunctioning.


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