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The fembot's eyes light up while charging

The Tokyo Gas commercial is a 2009 commercial aired in Japan for the Tokyo Gas company. It features a man finding a female robot and helping her to recharge.

Translation thanks to Andoroido:

It's an ad for a home gas-cogeneration system. [Generate your own electricity using natural gas, and the

generator's waste heat can be used to make hot water, etc.]
She's slumped on the sidewalk and asks him for a recharge.
She thanks him for the charge and offers to pay for the electricity.
He says it's she doesn't have to, and explains the system.
Then he talks about a home sauna, then kinda says "Robots and saunas don't mix, do they?"
She robo-blushes, and he says "You're blushing!"
So she anime-robo-thrusts him across the room.
I guess it's as suggestive as the gas company wants to get.


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