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"Plug It In" is a 2004 song by electronic music duo Basement Jaxx featuring JC Chasez.

The music video, directed by Swedish production team Traktor, features two bumbling security guards (Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx) showing up for work at "Second Hand Supermodels", a fembot manufacturer. After watching TV commercials for some of their company's products, they activate the robots and play with their remote control. They eventually push the fembots too far as they malfunction and catch on fire. The guards elope as their boss walks in.

Six costumed fembots are shown: Pinky Tennis, Furry Fire, Mile Heidi, Cuddly Cop, and the unnamed "librarian" and "bride" fembots. A prop mannequin also features as a fembot in a state of disassembly. Cuddly Cop and the "librarian" were tied for most popular in a 2004 poll on Fembot Central.


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