Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach (Heroic Superstar Ending)

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[Note: This is a fan-made alternate ending version of FNAF Security Breach. It's suppose to be for entertainment purposes. If there are some issues or a problem, let me know in Discord.]

[Prologue] "Freddy Fazbear Pizza Plex"

10 PM:

It's late and dark. You're in your blue Chevrolet Silverado, driving down the nearly empty road to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex as it's your first day of your nightguard job with your guide, Vanessa A. (To Be Continued)

[Chapter 1] "Crossed Paths"

[Chapter 2] "Daycare Trouble"

[Chapter 3] "Fazer Blast"

[Chapter 4] "Monty's Golf Course"

[Chapter 5] "Roxanne's Raceway"

[Chapter 6] "Chica's Dump"

[Chapter 7] "Underground Getaway"

[Chapeter 8] "Vanessa or Vanny"

[Chapter 9] "The Glitched Monster"

[Chapter 10] "Way To Go, Superstars!"

[Epilogue] "Heroic Superstars!"