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“Young sir this form of use is not covered on my Rental agreement”

Despite being a machine she was sentient and independent as a unit. she was even married once. Her porcelain like faceplate was capable of limited emotion. Is not that she wasn’t capable of using nonverbal communication, but it was all a simulation and she refrained from it for she was a robot not a woman with cute robot ears.

As long she was on rent her employees could make limited reprograming and shutting her down as they saw fit, but her physical integrity was something else.

“I- I am sorry. I didn’t mind to..”

“It’s okay, you were having a rough day and I was being unavailable following my programed schedule very tightly”

she said staring at nowhere with her almost unblinking eyes “I am sure the masters will understand your behavior, replacements like this is something your family can afford.” tilting her head, the unblinking gaze met his eyes as a soft smile was produced “you could even afford a unit like me”

“I would like to afford you…”

Slowly her head tilt back in a mechanical fashion as her smile faded in the silence of the hall.

“I am here for You and your family sir, but I also have my own goals and motivations. Remember I am just a robot sir. Life is different for us as we are not subjected to the same rules as biological beings.”

Eye contact and silence continued until only the humming sounds of her servomotors and cooling systems remained. The broken limb continued to twitch randomly and she spoke:

“Yes, sir, your father and your mother have both made use of me for their own gratification, I don’t mind any of those things, I am sorry that it upsets you, but for me they are nothing but mere orders.”

She could have ended like that and offered him service as was suggested by her lower AI. but she decided to use her resources to elaborate despite being pestered by inner warnings about her current power loss. her facial recognition software suggested it was not enough to calm the young man.

“I cannot be sick or disgusted or go against my current maid sub programming. accept me as the way I am and enjoy our time together as long it last. I tell you this with all my CPU capacity”

she placed her good hand on his chin to gently lift his eyes to meet with hers again. It was strange for a robot to do this, but it was stranger a human be at disposition of a service robot.

“now let me make you some tea and show you something”

Besides the tea part, it was the strangest thing he had ever heard coming from her.

this is also the less grim-funny thing I have ever written.

What the shit eh?

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