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Farra held your hand and started to walk to the huge hallway, branching in each room. You look around and see mannequins on glass displays. They are actually prototypes for each model, currently deactivated and unused.

“We here at Beauty Inc. know what it’s like, for the work of quality sex,” she said, “Whenever a Perfect Girl is performed, they show all about how much hot fun for you.”

You asked her about that incoherent part. She replied to you that she made it up.

“In any case, we have four of our nice young main fembot vessels to take you for a free joyride. However, they are currently under work, since they had glitches in them previously.”

You asked that you would like a robot now. Farra refused and explained why:

“Not until we go through some ground rules. 1) You must NOT go through idle chatting for a total of seven hours. A Perfect Robo-Girl doesn’t always chat; 2) you must use sexual conduct on your robot. They are programmed for pleasure; 3) never go for it immediately. They’d refuse to do it now. Just wait until they’re very horny; and 4) be extremely careful with each robot you choose. They tend to break down easily. But ALL of our Perfect Robo-Girls are indestructible.”

She then showed you four doors. Each one with a different name for each: Farra, Heather, Alison, and Mia.

“You’d be surprised by the girl you’d choose,” Farra stated, “Please pick a room wisely. You can only get it once! And… you can take as long as you want; anything just to please a very sexy man, just like you.”

Farra then showed you the doors. You chose…