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If Mika had been an older unit, she may have seen the man as a possible disruption to the society they had spent the last 1000 years building, but as it was Mika was barely a month off the assembly line. She was little more than her base code, and her base code said Human = Master = Luckiest Gynoid on the planet.

“Yes!” Mika said, smiling and laughing giddily. If gynoids believed in gods she would have been thanking the heavens for the gift they have given her. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Gonna be the first in a thousand years with a master!”

Mika got up and took a closer look at her master to be, and realized she may have a problem.

“He’s broken,” Mika observed. “I mean hurt. He’s a life form. Life forms get hurt not broken.”

Mika wasn’t sure what to do. She knew very little about life forms, and even less about first aid. She knew life forms needed food, water, and sleep. She knew that too much heat and cold could kill them, and she knew that they tended to get better on their own.

Mika wasn’t sure what she should do, if anything at all. She could try to get him to Titan for help, but she wasn’t sure if she could get him there safely with her mech, and would they even know the first thing about helping him? She could try to get him to an oasis, giving him shade and a nearby water supply, but transport was still a problem. Maybe she should just leave him where he is?

What to do?

  1. As she's thinking, he wakes up.