EMOS - DSR: Prologue

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Jeff woke up, with a terrible hangover. He couldn’t much remember much of what happened last night. He had gone out drinking with his friend Gordon, an engineer at Gynotech robotics. Gordon had been talking to him about something, something important. Damn it what was it!

He looked at his watch. It was 11:30 in the morning, he was glad he didn’t have to work today. He staggered out of bed, into his living room then collapsed on to the couch. Five more minutes and he’d make breakfast.

“Can’t hold your liquor?” A female voice asked.

Jeff, stunned, noticed that there was woman also sitting on the couch, flipping through one of his porno magazines.

She looked 19-20, had pale skin, medium length blazing red hair, and blue eyes; her outfit looked like a modification on a maids but was red with a neck line almost down to her navel which nicely showcased her DD breasts, her skirt was short enough that you would be hard pressed to find a vantage were you couldn’t see her black lace panties.

There was a sound from the kitchen, and another woman walked out of it carrying a tray. She had the same outfit as the first one, although this one was black. The same pale skin and tit size, but she had green eyes, and her hair was black and went below her shoulders, and looked around mid twenties.

“Good, you’re awake,” the woman said smiling, “I was worried I would have to heat up breakfast again.”

The woman kneed and placed the tray on the coffee table in front of him. It had bacon, eggs and a coffee on it.

“Please enjoy!” the woman said happily.

Jeff was confused. What the hell happened late night?

“Um, not to be rude but, who are you people?” Jeff asked awkwardly.

The black haired one gave a confused look.

“Do you not remember? We arrived last night, and we’re not people, we’re your property.” She replied.

“Huh?” was all Jeff could say.

“We’re machines, gynoids. Ya know, girl form robots. You’re our master.” the red haired one replied. She put down the porno turned to him and handed him a piece of paper. “Here look.”

It was a form for testing EMOS-DSR type gynoids with his signature at the bottom.

Gynoids? All the ones he’d ever seen had been mindless dolls that could only obey specific direct commands. Jeff had a vague recollection of a conversation with Gordon, something about a new type of robot. Jeff tried to remember through his throbbing headache

“You look a little tense master,” The red head continued, “let me help you relax.”

“Sure,” said Jeff still looking over the document.

“I could use a massage.” he thought to himself.

The document said he had volunteered to test Gynotechs new line of EMOS – DSR gynoids.

“As it seems that you have forgotten our introductions,” The black haired one started, “ I am GRACE- EMOS-DSR – B01. It is pleasure to serve you my master.”

“What’s EMO-“ Jeff began when the red head pulled down his pants.

“Wha-“ Jeff started again, but was cut off as the gynoid wrapped it’s lips around his dick, beginning the best, if only, blowjob he ever had.

Grace’s face went red. “Impulse! Don’t you think we should give master time to adjust before you start something like that!“

Impulse gave her the finger.

Grace sighed. Seeing as her master was now too distracted in order to inquire further, Grace attempted to extrapolate on the data he would desire.

“The unit currently orally servicing you master, is IMPULSE - EMOS-DSR – B01,” Grace said somewhat uncomfortably and still red faced, “There is also a third unit in your possession, but her power demands exceed are own and it is still recharging. What EMOS-DSR means is Emotionally Motivated Operating System Domestic-”

As Grace was talking Jeff had come to a crescendo, and Impulse quickly swallowed the load.

“-Sex Robot!” Impulse cried finishing the sentence, “So despite miss goody goody’s attitude over there; she’s programmed to be as eager to fuck you as I am.”

Grace's face went redder than before.

“Impulse!” Grace cried.

“I mean sure, I would love to for master satisfy himself with my body.” Grace mumbled, glancing at Jeff. “But there’s this thing called social context, you don’t just Fu- er… initiate sex anytime you feel like it.”

“So anyway,” Impulse said, ignoring Grace, “I’m Impulse your sexbot-slave-toy, whatever you want to call me, I technically can do house work to if you want to waste my talents on that.”

Jeff the logical part of Jeff’s brain told him that he should call Gordon and ask him about all this or at least finish reading the form.

Impulse moved up his body to stare him straight in the eye, as she rubbed her crotch on his exposed genitals, she whispered in his ears. “So… how may I service you my Master?”

Gordon could wait…

End Prologue

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