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Chapter 1 - Initial Appointment

Dr Michaels checked the days appointments at the Clinic, a couple of young ladies were being prepared today for the transformation process to be carried out, a session in the neural receptor linkage unit, so that their thoughts and memories could be gathered together for download into their new bodies. This was a simple hour or so session in a special chair that replicated and compacted the womans thoughts and memories into an unused area of the human brain therby simplifying the memory download process, as the computers were then able to concentrate on just one area of the mind, rather than having to attempt a complete random download. This session was simply to initiate the process of thought replication, by the time they returned in a weeks time for transfer, the process would be completed.

This was one change that the Dr's Dyson and Michaels had brought in over the years to the thought download process as it seemed to produce cleaner thought transfer than the original one of direct download to the new Android body.One lucky young lady was already on her way to the transformation chamber to begin memory download, and another was due to begin the process shortly after. Both were young and pretty, one a model who didn't want to lose her looks, and another a budding young film star whose agent had suggested this would benefit her career to have her 'human blemishes' delicately removed. He had also suggested a slight breast size expansion for her new body, to make sure she got noticed as he put it, and as she was now a modest B cup and her new body was a DD cup that was likely to happen!

There was just 1 new visitor due that day for an initial appointment, a Miss Stephanie Bell, much older than his usual clientele, in her forties, with little details given of her previous life. Her photo suggested a plain woman, short sighted judging by her glasses. Seemingly never married or in a relationship, her reason for change had been given on the form as 'seeking a new start in life' without giving the reason why. He wondered what she was hoping to achieve from the change to an android.

His buzzer rang, and his secretary informed him that Miss Bell had arrived for her appointment. He told her to show her in. A few moments later and 2 women walked through the door, 1 confident and pretty, in her early twenties judging by her looks, with a full and firm cleavage. A brunette of medium height with a trim figure, long legs that seemed to go on forever, and a pretty smile on her face. Behind her was obviously Miss Bell. The thing that struck the Doctor most about her was how tall she was, nearly 6 ft tall he guessed at a quick glance. She looked much younger than her details suggested, in her mid thirties he would guess, a blue eyed blonde, not pretty but equally not painful on the eye. It was easy to see that she was very short sighted judging by the thickness of her glasses, a reasonably trim figure for a woman of her age.

He beckoned her to sit down, asked his secretary to fetch her a cup of something, Miss Bell asking for a milky coffee with 1 sugar.

The Doctor spoke to her, " Well you've seen the end result, what do you think?"

Stephanie gasped, "You mean your secretary is an android?! I would never have guessed, she seems so natural to talk to."

Dr Michaels laughed and smiled back at her,

"Well thats because Lucy still has all her own thoughts and memories, its only her body thats been changed, not her mind you know! She's a VX9000 model android, the edition before the current one, and very happy with her new body too. She would actually be 30 in human years now, but as you see her body hasn't aged since she was transformed about 3 years ago. Mind she did choose a slightly younger look than natural even then. To be like a young twenty something if I remember rightly was her request! Your new body would be one of the latest models, a UX1000 series type."

"Thats amazing." said Stephanie, "I noticed she had a very good figure, but I had no idea she was a machine!"

At that moment Lucy walked back in with the coffee, and Dr Michaels asked her to 'reveal' herself to his new client. Lucy simply lifted up her top, pressed a small button embedded in her navel and a panel slid silently open revealing circuitry.

"And how does it err.....feel knowing you're a machine and not a human if you dont mind me asking?"

Lucy giggled, "Not in the slightest, its absolutely wonderful. I know I'm going to keep my looks for as long as I wish to, and providing I remember to recharge myself at the designated times I can live as long as I wish to. One of the perks of working here is that I can get an upgrade in the future if I wish to as well, but for now I'm happy with this model."

Dr Michaels now turned his attention to his new client,

"So Miss Bell, Stephanie if you dont mind?" and she nodded in agreement, "So Stephanie why do you want to change your human body for an Android one. Most of our clients are younger women keen to keep their looks for their work or career, but you don't seem to quite fit that bill?"

She blushed brightly, " You remember the story a few months back in the papers about the woman who had been forced by her family into a nunnery as a teenager, and that the world only found out about her after 30 years and rescued her?", and the Doctor nodded, "Well that was me! Thats why my details on your form are so scarce."

"So how can we help you?" he asked tenderly, having read the story but not having believed it at the time.

"Well it was suggested I should 'disappear' from sight for a while in case people came looking for me, and that a change of name and look would do me good. Thats one reason I went blonde to be honest. Well someone told me about your work, and that I could have a whole new me if I came here. I hadn't realized at first they meant a new android body, but the idea has grown on me. What I'd like if it's possible with this old body of mine is to live life again, become a twenty something and have some fun in my life. There's just one 'little' snag with that though.......!"

"What's that?" asked Dr Michaels.

"Well being hidden away in a nunnery all my life, I dont know how to have fun and be sexy!" and a tear trickled down her cheek, "Is it possible I can be umm........programmed to be that way? I dont want to be a wild sex maniac or anything you understand, just enough to enjoy my new life."

The Doctor thought for a moment, "Well normally we dont change thought processes in any way, the whole point being is that its the natural human personality in the android body. But maybe for you I can arrange something."

She wiped away the tear, and gave a hopeful smile, "That would be so nice." she said.

"Well I can certainly approve your application for transformation Stephanie, given that story." said Dr Michaels, "Have you had any thoughts about your new body, we can create one to fit your own desire you know?"

"I hadn't realized that!" she said, "I assumed I would just end up with a younger version of me!"

"We transfer your thoughts and memories to a new android body, in your case an UX1000 model, and it can be designed to your wishes. Obviously most women dont want to change dramatically because of their families, and the records of their lives, but in your case..............!"

She thought for a few minutes, " Well I'd like to be a little shorter, say about 5ft 7 or 8. Medium shaped, about a size 12. A curvy figure but nothing too large, say about C cups would be nice. Blonde hair I do love, and I'd like to keep my blue eyes as well. Looks, pretty but not stunning would be nice, pretty enough to interest the men, but not an absolute stunner if you know what I mean."

"I think I do." said the Doctor smiling at her, "I'll see what I can do for you. I'll get Lucy to make your next appointment for a weeks time, and see what we can come up with in the meanwhile. Oh, and I can also promise your new self will have perfect vision."

She blushed slightly, "Thank you." she said shyly.

The Doctor pressed the button, Lucy walked in and showed Stephanie the way out. Even as she went out the door he could hear her telling Lucy how wonderful she looked, and that she would never have known. Of course, as Dr Michaels said to himself, Thats the whole idea!

To be continued...

Chapter 2 - Early Stages

( A week on from Chapter 1)

Even before his buzzer rang Dr Michaels knew that Stephanie Bell had arrived for her appointment! His door was slightly aja,r from when Lucy had recently brought him a coffee, and he could hear 2 women happily chattering away to each other, even if he couldn't really make out what they were chatting about. He suspected Stephanie was eagerly asking Lucy questions about her new life as an android (and in fact he was right!), but he didn't mind this in the slightest, Lucy was good with clients, and a very good advert for the work of the Institute. A minute or so later his buzzer actually rang,

"Dr Michaels, Miss Stephanie Bell is here for her appointment, shall I show her in?" Lucy asked.

"Yes please Lucy, and fetch her a coffee as well, we have a few details to go through before she undergoes the first process." the Doctor replied with a smile on his face.

Stephanie's face soon peered round the door with a smile on her face, " Hello Doctor Michaels, it's lovely to see you again. From what Lucy has just told me I'm looking forward to today. She said she will be in in a minute with my coffee. It sounds absolutely amazing."

The Doctor smiled back at her, " Call me Peter, we are going to be seeing more of each other in the near future, and I dont like to be too formal with my clients. I dont know how much Lucy has told you, so let me explain what will happen today." and offered her a seat, " I've designed your new image as per your requests last week, firstly I just want you to check that you are happy with the look that I've created so that the technicians can commence building her. At this stage we can quite easily make changes, so dont be afraid to say anything." and Stephanie nodded accordingly, "I wasnt quite certain about details like hair length, but that can easily be changed to any length you wish."

As he was saying this Lucy walked in with her coffee, and cheekily interrupted, " I hope she has it shoulder length like she has now, I think that looks nice." causing Stephanie to blush slightly.

Dr Michaels tapped a couple of buttons on his keyboard, and said " Done, it was shorter than that, but I've changed it to Lucy's wishes. But of course Stephanie, your decision is the only one that matters."

Stephanie looked shyly at Lucy and giggled slightly, "Well I was thinking of something a little shorter, but I'll see what I think if Lucy likes my hair like this. Just hope the guys like it as much!"

Lucy and Peter both smiled at her, "Oh I'm sure they will when they see the new you." Lucy said to her.

Dr Michaels then continued, " After we have finalised your new image I need you to do a session in the body scanner. I know we are creating a whole new you, but I want her to at least be in roughly the same proportions as you are now. Then a session in the Neural Receptor linkage unit to gather a replication of all your thoughts and memories in one of the untapped areas of your brain for download on your next visit. At the end of which you will walk away in your new android body!"

"What happens to my old human body at the end of all this, is it simply cremated away to ashes or something?" Stephanie asked.

"Thats entirely up to you my dear, we offer our clients 2 choices. They can either discard their human form forever, in which case we simply 'cremate' the body using a very special means leaving no trace whatsoever, after all in most cases the person still 'exists'. But its rare for anyone to choose this straightaway. Normally it's an initial 5 year period contract as an Android, after which they are free to continue as they are or to change back to their organic body form. We simply store the bodies in a special cryogenic chamber for 5 years, then 'revive' these bodies if the client so wishes. Equally they can choose another 5 year period, or to leave their human body behind forever in which case we simply cremate it then. There is however a charge for this storage process, but I know the 'people' protecting you are happy to pay this if you wished."

"Thats nice of them!" Stephanie said with a smile on her face, "But as I'm changing my name and image I can't see any point in doing so!......Please, can I get to see the new me?"

"Of course you can." said the Doctor. He turned the screen to face Stephanie, pressed a few buttons on his keyboard, and was thrilled to hear Stephanie let out a gasp of delight when she saw her new self. The facial image suggested a woman in her mid twenties, shoulder length blonde hair, and pretty blue eyes. A plain nose and mouth completed a pic of a happy, pretty but not stunning young lady. A curvy, full body, not too slim took her eye on the full length image. This vision had large, rounded breasts, but they looked so large to her eye that she inwardly giggled at the thought of being such a buxom young lady. The legs seemed to go on forever, shapely and feminine.

"Well, what do you think?" asked the Doctor.

She blushed, "Those beautiful breasts, aren't they a little large! Not sure I will be able to carry them, they must be heavy. And those legs, arent they a little too perfect in form for a slightly plump girl like her? Not that I should really complain I guess."

Dr Michaels smiled, "Stephanie, your new android body could carry G cup breasts and you wouldnt notice the weight! Those are DD cups, I know you asked for C but I just wanted to see your reaction to them. Easliy changed if you wish?" she nodded, and giggled as the image on the screen changed as he amended the data.

"That's nicer!" she said with a little smile.

He laughed, "Many girls who come her want them as big as is realistically possible, its nice to find someone who wants them smaller than practical for the design! I think the legs are fine, but we can always adjust them after your body scan to get them in true proportion." and Stephanie nodded happily at this news, "That is one of the reasons I still want to body scan you, to make sure everything does look right. And when you've finished your coffee we will do it."

Stephanie took the last sips of her coffee, put down her cup and said, " Ready when you are. I suppose I'm naked in the scanner?"

He laughed, "Yes you are, but I can always get Lucy to take you there if you're feeling shy about it."

"Not really!" she giggled, "I guess you've seen hundreds of naked girls in your time here! It's just that at the nunnery no one would ever see anyone else naked, we all had to change in little cubicles so we were 'demure' in Gods eyes. So for a man to see me naked..............is kind of funny!"

He took her along a passageway, stopped at a door and tapped in a code. The door slid open, and they walked through. Stephanie could see a small changing area off to the left, a bank of control and display units, and through a door at the back of the room she could see 6 tubes, which she guessed were the scanning units. She went into the changing area and stripped off, stopping for a few moments to look herself over before going back out. There were 1 or 2 lines around her eyes which betrayed her age, and without the support of a bra her breasts were slightly saggy. She definitely had a 'middle aged tummy' as well. She smiled to herself at the thought of that '20 something' android body that would soon be her, and the fun she hoped to have, to make up for all she had missed out on. The Doctor had offered her a gown to wear, but in all honesty she couldn't see the point, she would be stood naked in the transparent tube for him to view, so what was the point in covering up now.

He cast a glance at her naked body as she trotted back out, it was in good condition for a late 40-something but compared to most of his much younger clients, it definitely showed signs of being lived in. He thought of the much younger android body that would soon be Stephanie, and felt glad for her. He directed her to enter tube 3, get comfortable and stand still, he would then tell her what would happen.

Stephanie pressed on the door of the designated tube, and it slid open. Once she was inside it slid closed behind her, and she could barely tell where the door was. She found the mark she was to stand on, found a comfortable position, and gave a thumbs up as instructed. She then heard the Doctors voice,

"What will happen is we are going to detail the contours of your body using a special laser system. Dont worry about the brightness of the light, it wont hurt your eyesight, and besides in about a weeks time you will have perfect android vision!" and she giggled at this thought. "It will all take about 10-15 minutes or so, but then I need you to stay in the tube in case I have to remeasure anything for the android body. It should all take about half an hour, so if you are ready?" and she nodded.

Suddenly the walls of the tube began to glow a bright blue as the lasers burst into life, and soon these beams seemed to fire at her from all directions, she tried to stand as still as possible. They tingled slightly, but nothing really painful. On Dr Michaels display unit an image of her body began to appear. Exact details of her height measurements, weight, body mass etc were also displayed on the screen., his plan being to proportion them down to her new shorter body. She blushed slightly when she felt a beam enter her slit to even get those measurements! After 7 or 8 minutes he was satisfied with these details, and the blue beams rescinded. Just when Stephanie thought it was all over she was proved wrong! The walls started glowing orange, and then this orange light got closer and closer! Soon she was glowing orange as this light covered her whole body. Soon the image on the Doctors screen filled out as data on her physical form began to download as density readings came through. 5 minutes or so of this was enough to satisfy him. The orange light receded and darkened away.

"Thank you Stephanie, that should be all the measurements taken, but just stay there while I run the final checks. You may relax, but remember your position in case I need to take further shots of your body." she heard him say.

She decided it was easier to stay still for another few minutes! A few minutes later she heard the words, "Everything is fine Stephanie, you may come out now." and the door slid open in front of her. She walked out, and over to the Doctor and looked at the screen, seeing an image that was her shape, but with no features on it.

"Is that me?" she asked, "Because there's no real features to her."

"Yes,that's you." he replied, " It's a topographic image of your body, its basically an image of the contours of your body both externally and internally."

"Why internal, I thought I'm going to be circuitry and wiring? Surely that doesnt need contours?" she asked.

"Indeed not, but for people replicating themselves in an android body it has to be identical in shape and form, and therefore internal body fat, muscles etc have to be taken into consideration. For you it doesnt matter, but for many it does."

"I see." she replied.

"Now while I work on this data and send it to our technicians I'm going to arrange for Lucy to carry out the next stage, the Neural Receptor Link machine. As I say this will commence the process of replicating your thoughts and memories to an untapped area of your brain so that when we do the transferance next time the machine can concentrate on one small area of the brain. This produces much clearer and more accurate downloads than if we tried to do a transfer from the whole of your mind. Just slip on your clothes again, and I will give Lucy a call."

She put her clothes back on, and by the time she was finished Lucy was stood waiting for her smiling. She smiled back. Lucy led her back into the corridor, and after a short distance stopped at a door and tapped in a code. Stephanie saw what looked like a dentists chair in the middle of the room, only this one had a helmet much like you see in a ladies hairdressers to dry the hair. They walked over to it together, Stephanie sat down as instructed, and then Lucy lowered it slightly to an angle of about 45 degrees. She placed a couple of bands over Stephanie's forehead that she assumed had some effect, and lowered the helmet over her head. She heard Lucy throw a couple of switches and a gentle throbbing noise began to resound through her head, the feeling something akin to having your scalp vigorously massaged, only this was electricity doing the massage and not hands. Combined with a gentle tingling sensation in her forehead and temples it all succeeded in relaxing her so much that she dozed off! Lucy checked the readings on the monitor, saw that an area of her brain was 'waking up' ready to become functional. After just over an hour Lucy saw the magic sign that thought replication was commencing and downloading to this area of her neural cortex so she switched off the stimulation unit. She walked over to where Stephanie lay, and smiled at the sight of the woman so peacefully asleep. Soon she would be like her, a very happy and content android, in about another week or so the deed would be done.

She gently woke Stephanie up, Stephanie blushed when she realized she had dozed off and that Lucy had had to wake her up.

"Everything is fine Stephanie, the process has commenced and by the time of your next appointment in a weeks time everything will be ready for neural download into your new android self. And then you can commence your new life." Lucy told her.

"I'm looking forward to that." Stephanie replied, "I'm looking forward to finally having some fun in my life. Do you know if the Doctor has arranged a 'sex education package' for me?"

Lucy giggled, "Yes my dear he has. he's working on a very special package using combined memory data from several of our clients to ensure that you become the sweet but sexy little lady you want to be. And 1 or 2 special 'treats' for you in your knowledge as well!"

"That sounds like fun!" giggled Stephanie.

The work completed Lucy took her back to Dr Michaels office and the appointment for the big day was made. In 8 days time the organic Stephanie Bell would cease to exist, and Android Unit UX1048 Louise Chapman would come to life. Of course Louise would have all Stephanie's thoughts and memories, but would become a younger and sexier lady.

"Can I ask you something Lucy?" Stephanie asked.

"Why of course." Lucy replied.

"Whats your designation?"

Lucy laughed and smiled, "Officially I'm Android Unit VX9427, but known to everyone as Lucy Wakefield. Why?"

"Just wondered." smiled Stephanie.

They showed her out, and as they saw her trotting off to get the bus home Lucy turned to the Doctor and said,

"I really like her, she's so down to earth and likeable."

"I'm inclined to agree, whoever has 'Louise' as a partner is going to be a very lucky person." the Doctor replied, and Lucy nodded in agreement, seemingly rapt in thought.

To be continued...

Chapter Three - The Big Day

(A week on from Chapter 2)

As she went to bed that night Stephanie couldn't help but be excited at the thought of what would happen tomorrow. The idea of becoming an Android did seem slightly strange to her, but the idea of finally having the 'fun life' she had missed out on did please her so much. She giggled at the thought of the 'sexy behaviour' programme that she would have as a bonus download, but knew she would need it if she was going to have a happy love life. She didn't know how it would work, but it would be fun finding out. perhaps it was the glass (or 2) of wine that she'd treated herself to that night having its effect, but she felt in a 'happy but silly' mood. Before laying down she spent 5 minutes or so walking round her bedroom as she imagined a robot would, slow steady steps with unflexible arms making bleeping noises, the effect only ruined by her giggles inbetween! She knew she would be nothing like this, but in her slightly drunken state it was fun to pretend to be that way. Needless to say she slept very peacefully.

The next morning she got up and took a shower, not realising the irony that in just a few hours that body would no longer be hers. She cleared a space in her bedroom for her recharging unit that she would bring home with her the following day (all new Androids were now routinely kept in overnight for initial malfunction checks) and she wondered what it would be like to plug herself in at night. She eagerly ate breakfast, packed an overnight bag complete with nightdress, and set off for the Institute. Eventually the bus arrived at her destination, and she hurried in.

Lucy was there waiting for her, "All ready for the big day then Stephanie? Or should I now call you Louise?"

Stephanie grinned, " Stephanie for a few more hours, but I'm looking forward to bringing Louise to life. I'm assuming my new body awaits me?"

Lucy checked on her monitor, "The technicians are just carrying out the final checks on the body now Stephanie before final assembly starts, but yes Android neural unit UX1048 is ready for thought download so that she becomes Louise Chapman."

Stephanie giggled, "The new me!"

"Indeed!" smiled Lucy, "Dr Michaels is busy preparing details for the transfer and download, so he has asked me to carry out the preliminary checks on you for him."

"Checks? What are they?" Stephanie asked looking concerned.

"Nothing for you to worry about dear! Mainly to check that the Neural Receptor Link has completed its work and to get you to read a small script for us so that the vocal unit is set to the correct digital setting so that you sound the same as now. I'll show you something on the way." said Lucy.

She led Stephanie down a passageway and stopped at a door, entering a code to gain entry. Stephanie gasped when she saw 2 female technicians working on a torso, and another working on a pair of legs. They seemed to be testing its reflexes as she saw 'muscles' twitch and the legs 'walk' as various electrical units were connected up to them. Over in the corner she could see a head that seemed to be watching everything, with shoulder length blonde hair and big blue eyes. Then it dawned on Stephanie who this 'unit' was!

"Is that me?" she asked Lucy.

Lucy laughed back, "Yes it is, I thought I'd show you the new you. I guess it seems strange to see yourself in pieces, but very soon the body sections will be joined together. Then after the neural download the head will be attached and Louise Chapman will come to life.", Lucy checked the technical monitor, "It seems all the checks have gone well, your new body is in perfect working condition."

"Oh good!" said Stephanie barely containing her excitement.

Lucy said, "And the next time you will see that body is in a mirror!"

Stephanie recognized the room she was taken to next, the 'dentists chair' in the middle was where she had been just over a week before, she sat down in it, Lucy lowered it back and dropped the helmet over her head. Soon Stephanie felt that gentle massage of her head again as the tingle of electricity passed through her skull. 5 minutes later the tingling stopped, Lucy lifted the helmet up and raised the chair,

"Everything is fine, perfect memory storage data replication. Transfer should be very easy. Now I just need you to sit down at this desk and read this," and handed her a piece of paper, " into the microphone for me."

Stephanie did as requested, it was quite a long piece taking her about 15-20 minutes to read in full. Basically it was designed to cover all word stylings so that the Android would not only sound like Stephanie but say words in the same manner as she did. When she had completed Lucy checked the data, asked her to repeat a few words and phrases for her which she did, and then Lucy turned to her smiling,

"Perfect, we are going to give the voice a slightly younger feel as Louise is only in her early twenties, but otherwise you will sound the same. Now let me just check how things are progressing elsewhere...."

She picked up the phone and called Dr Michaels, chatting to him for a few minutes before turning back to Stephanie and smiling, "The technician units have completed their work, and your new body is being sealed as we talk. The head section has also passed all final checks so we are almost ready to create your new self. The Doctor has requested your appearance for download in about 45 minutes, so we've just got time for a coffee.

"Technician units? You mean............they are Androids?" asked Stephanie.

Lucy laughed, "Yes, all the technicians here are Androids, all formerly organic women like yourself, specially 'trained' for the role. You don't think we'd trust humans with such an important task do you!"

Stephanie giggled, "I guess not!"

"All the technicians and maintenance staff here are Androids, their work is incredibly accurate, and our clients can feel comfortable knowing they are being cared for by one of their own. I know the technicians we saw looked very emotionless and calm when we saw them working on your body, but its simply a special programme that takes away the human element while they are working. If you saw them outside of working hours they have the same fun, and real personalities as me, and indeed as you will have. I think 2 of the other receptionists here are still human, but otherwise apart from the Doctors we are all androids."

"Oh!" gasped Stephanie, "I would never have guessed!"

"Thats the whole idea!" grinned Lucy back at her.

The 2 of them went 'somewhere comfortable' as Lucy put it, and she reappeared with 2 cups of coffee and they carried on chatting,

"So you can drink coffee, and presumably eat as well much like I do, what happens to it, after all you dont need it for energy?" Stephanie asked her.

Lucy laughed, "Yes, we live the illusion of normal human lives in that way as well. Built into the Android body are receptacle tanks, one smaller one for the liquids we intake, and a slightly larger one for food, all well away from our vital circuitry and wiring! Liquids are simply 'released' in a natural way, food intake is internally transformed into pellets and released in the same natural manner. Its all very ably taken care of, and allows you to live a natural 'human' life of going out for meals and/or drinks with your friends without anyone discovering your benefits of Android life. The only thing is as alcohol doesn't affect us you have to drink sensibly to keep up the illusion of human-ness. There's only 1 thing I know we aren't permitted to do."

"Whats that?" asked Stephanie.

"A professional sports career! Our bodies are more technologically advanced than human ones, so it would be unfair." said Lucy.

Stephanie just giggled at this.

Lucy looked at her watch and smiled, " It's time Stephanie for the big event. Are you ready?"

Stephanie smiled back, "Oh most definitely!"

Lucy led her along a passageway, finally stopping at a door and pressing a code, the door slid open and Stephanie saw Dr Michaels waiting for her with a gentle smile on his face. Lucy turned to Stephanie and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek,

"The next time we meet you will be Android UX1048, I can't wait. Good luck Louise, its the right time to use your new name now." she said.

Stephanie entered the room and greeted the Doctor, "Hi there Doc.........Peter, I'm ready if you are!"

He smiled back, "Yes Stephanie, we are ready. If you look over there," and she looked where he pointed and recognized the head she had seen earlier, now connected up to a unit, " You will see your new head is ready to store all your memories and thoughts. The body is nearby in the technical bay ready for connection when we have completed here. You will lose an hour or 2 of time while that process is being carried out, but apart from that you won't notice anything...................Well not until you wake up in your new body anyway!"

" And the 'Sex Education Programme'?" she asked.

"Already loaded in my dear, you will get to have fun in your new life! Along with your voice pattern data." Peter replied.

"Thats nice" she said.

"Now Lucy informs me that everything is ready for download, so I want you to lay on that bed over there and I will get you ready. Then I will transfer your essence to your new Android neural unit, and when you wake up again you will be Android unit Louise Chapman. Just one thing, do you want to remember being Stephanie Bell, or simply believe you have been Louise Chapman all your life?"

She thought for a moment, "I think its for the best that I think I've always been Louise, that way Ican't give myself away to anyone."

He pressed several buttons, "That matter is solved my dear, when you wake you will have your thoughts and memories but only remember them as part of Louise's life."

"Thank you." she said.

She lay down on the bed as instructed, Dr Michaels placed a tight fitting skull cap on her head, and placed a mask over her face for her to breathe through. Though she could barely see it without her glasses and through the facemask she took 1 last glance at what would soon be her face and smiled contentedly. She soon felt a powerful tingling in her head as he switched the device on, and within minutes began to feel sleepy. Within 10 minutes she was sound asleep. The Android head however was far from asleep, making gentle clicking and whirring noises as her essence was passed over to it. if she could have heard the voice giving reports of data progression she would have known it as her own. This work continued for the next hour or so. Finally the head stopped inputting data, and in Stephanie's voice he heard it report,

"Full neural download completed, 100% transfer success. Neural Unit UX1048 now functioning as Louise Chapman. All additional programmes also successfully inputted and downloaded. Sexuality status set as per command function. This unit is now ready for connection to body units. Neural unit setting to standby for this procedure."

Dr Michaels looking at the peaceful sleeping organic body and smiled. He injected a strong sedative into her arm, and called 2 technician units to take it away for Cryogenic storing. Though Stephanie had asked for its disposal the 'people' who had rescued her wished it to be stored for now, just in case. He gently picked up the head and took it to the technicians awaiting it. Very quickly they began the intricate task of connecting up all the wiring to link it into her body, every wire in her head being neatly sealed to the corresponding one extruding from her body. When finally this work was completed the final task was started, that of sealing the head to the body in such a way as to make the join invisible to the human eye. Finally he was told everything was ready, and he looked her naked form over. It all looked as perfect as she had hoped to be.

"Initiate first start up module sequence." he commanded.

"Sequence initiating." was the only reply.

Louise gasped as her big blue eyes opened slightly to see streams of data flashing before her eyes, and though she couldn't take it all in, her neural circuitry was easily doing so. As each part of her new body was woken up she began to feel sensations in it, her arms, her legs etc as the body reacted to the signals fired through it. Finally after about 10-15 minutes of this Louise sat up, looked herself over, smiled and said,

"Android Unit UX1048, designated human name Louise Chapman now fully functional. All start up module steps successfully completed. Unit ready to function in all Human Mode settings."

"Set to last remaining human mode settings in 10 seconds." replied the Doctor, though he could tell from the big grin on Louise's face that she already knew what had happened. Moments later the squeal of delight he heard was all the answer he needed to find out how she felt!

He rang Lucy and said to her, "Louise is ready to take visitors..................... And her first lessons in the benefits and workings of her new body."

Lucy's smile at the other end of the line was like the Cheshire Cat's, "I'll be there shortly, to commence her 'education'!"

To be continued...

Chapter 4 - The "Benefits" Of A New Body!

Lucy swiftly snatched up the vibrator she had bought a couple of days earlier just for this moment, and at a speed slightly faster than walking pace headed to where she knew Louise was 'recovering' from the experience. She quickly punched in the entry code, and as she walked in she heard 2 obviously happy voices chatting to each other. By now Louise had slipped her new body into a nightgown and slippers, and was happily admiring herself in a mirror that Peter had provided for her to 'admire herself' while talking to him 'ninety to the dozen'. She was thrilled with her new look, though slightly relieved when Peter told her that a basic new wardrobe of clothes had been purchased for her as she was now 5 inches or so shorter than before, and 1 dress size less to keep her in a 'nice proportion' as he put it. Also they were designed to give her the 'younger look' that she now merited.

Lucy dashed across and gave her a big hug and a tender kiss which Louise happily returned.

"So what do you think Louise, or is it Unit UX1048? Do you like your new self?" Lucy asked her.

Louise giggled, "Please call me Louise unless I'm booked in for a service or maintenance session when Peter tells me its all done by Unit designation. I look fantastic, and feel wonderful, just hope I can learn to act like a twenty something to match my looks. I hadn't realized how big 'these'...." and fondled her new breasts, "....would look on a much shorter body, I hope they dont look too big. What do you think Lucy?"

Lucy smiled, in fact she and Peter had chosen to make them a 'little larger' than Stephanie had requested for Louise, just to give her that extra special curvy look, making them almost a D cup rather than the C cups she had asked for. Lucy at least had a special incentive for this!

"They are fine Louise, you're sure to attract plenty of attention with those combined with your pretty looks. You look absolutely wonderful, you just need to develop some confidence in yourself now."

Louise blushed, " You're right of course, they are perfect, its just because I'm about 5 inches or so shorter than before that they stand out so much I guess. And yes, I do like my looks, I'm pretty enough to attract looks, without being so stunning that I couldn't cope with all the attention. Mind I'm not sure I know how to cope with all that attention anyway!"

Peter laughed, "Don't worry Louise, as well as the 'sex education' programme we've devised what I would call a 'pretty twenty something' confidence programme for you as well, so that you needn't have any concerns on that front."

"Thank you." said Louise, slightly relieved at the news, then giggling when she saw what Lucy had in her hand, "Well I just about know what that is Lucy, and where it goes but any more than that...........!"

Lucy laughed back, "Well believe me the reactions your body will give you to this little baby are truly amazing. Especially with a little help from me!" and she winked at Peter, "But thats what your new programming is for, to let you get the benefits of toys like this. Has Peter told you how to initiate your extra programming?"

"Yes he has, while we were waiting for you to arrive he ran through the basics of how to switch them on, but he said you would show me everything else in time." Louise replied.

Lucy winked at her, "I certainly will dear, my duty for the rest of the day is to make sure this sweet little android knows how to live and function in the outside world. And knows how to enjoy herself there. In that case try switching on your Sex Education module, and set it to Level 1."

Louise nervously smiled back and did as Peter had instructed her earlier, initiating that area in her memory bank. Data appeared in her eyeline confirming that the programme had commenced. The big grin was enough for Lucy to know that she had achieved the task. At this moment Peter wisely excused himself and left the 2 young women to each other.

"So!" Lucy said to her, "Now you know how this little baby works why dont you give it a try. I'll give you a helping hand in 'other areas' if you like? Might be better if you remove that nightgown first though!"

Louise giggled, as she knew exactly what Lucy meant about the nightgown! Hopefully the first big orgasm of her life! Louise pulled off her nightgown, and it was all Lucy could do to stop herself attacking that gorgeous body there and then. She'd always been bisexual, and a sweet, friendly girl like Louise was her favourite type of woman to get close to. She handed Louise the vibrator, and slipping it near to her opening she switched it on, letting out a little moan of excitement combined with pleasure as it began to slip in. As Louise let it slip in deeper and deeper , all the while gently turning the power up Lucy began to gently nibble on, and blow softly into Louises's ear. As Louise didn't seem to object in the slightest she carried on with her work. Slipping her fingers round her hardening nipples and playing with them tenderly only increased the volume of the pleasurable moans. After a short while her mouth linked up to Louise's in a sweet kiss which was quickly returned, Lucy increased the strength of the play with her breasts and nipples as she began the journey to bring Louise to her first orgasm. Slipping her tongue inside Louise's mouth, and with her hand expertly turning the vibe up a notch or two she soon had the desired result. She felt Louise's hips brace themselves, a moan of delight rumbling in her throat, and then the tell-tale shudder as Louise reached her first happy climax. Quickly followed by 2 more as Lucy continued to press all the 'right buttons' on Louise's helpless body. She softly switched the vibrator off and slipped it out of her slit, covered in the soft sticky lubricant that they released at climax.

A few moments later Louise opened her eyes and grinned, "Wow, that was fantastic. And thank you for all your help." and planted a firm kiss on Lucy's lips. Lucy slipped her fingers inside Louise's damp opening and covered her fingers with her juices.

"Try these, the result of the first moment of true pleasure in your life." and in turn both girls enjoyed the result of that pleasurable happening.

When Louise had recovered she asked Lucy a question, "Does that make me a .......a lesbian then because I really enjoyed that, but I was hoping to enjoy mens company as well?"

Lucy smiled back, "No my love, you have been programmed with the best of both worlds, a nice bisexual programme so you can make your choice in time.............or simply continue to enjoy both, much as I do."

Louise just smiled contentedly, "I think being bisexual sounds very nice............just like you are to me."

This was now Lucy's moment to blush!

The next couple of hours or so were spent with Lucy giving Louise a guide as to the workings of her new Android body, how to self check her system to make sure she was functioning OK , how often and how long she should recharge herself for using her main unit, and how long her personal back up device would allow her to operate. She was also given a special bodysuit that she would need to wear if flying anywhere to avoid setting off the security check devices! Now that would take some explaining! Lucy also ran a series of tests to make sure everything was fine with her, and she was. Finally she reported back the results to Peter Michaels,

"She's fine, everything functioning OK and no noticeable problems with her internal charge unit, charge level remaining at normal levels. I know normally we keep them in overnight before letting them go out into the outside world but..................?"

"Yes?" asked the Doctor.

"Wouldn't it be fun if the 3 of us went for a drink together tonight to celebrate, we will be there to look after her, and if there are any problems we can always say she's had too much to drink and bring her back. And we can let her try out her 'twenty something' module among friends that way?" Lucy asked.

He thought for a few moments then decided to agree, but with conditions, "Alright, but you have to bring her back here afterwards for her overnight stay. You can always stay as well if you like, I can arrange for the technicians to provide a sleeping unit for you for 1 night."

"Yes please," said Lucy, "that would be nice. I'd better let her know, make sure she agrees."

Louise was thrilled at the idea, though slightly unsure as she knew she wasn't meant to leave the Institute at that stage. However Lucy soon convinced her she would be in safe hands so she agreed. They found a suitable 'posh casual' top and mid length skirt for her to wear, and she dressed. When she was ready she looked herself over in the mirror and loved what she saw, a happy looking, pretty but not stunning young lady in her early twenties, ready to go out for a social drink.

The moment the 3 of them entered the bar and sat down eyes were attracted to the 2 pretty young ladies. Even while Peter was at the bar fetching their drinks men started to hover over to their table. Louise giggled, blushed and whispered to Lucy that she had never experienced anything like this before, saying she wasn't quite certain what to do. Lucy told her to initiate her 'twenty something' module, and that should help her along. Louise did as instructed, and was thrilled when a whole lot of helpful information appeared in her neural circuitry to guide her in her behaviour. Just as well as she'd never been close with a man before in her life! Or indeed a woman before Lucy earlier that day.

Both Lucy and Peter suspected that it was only a matter of time (and an emptying glass) before 1 of the men would come up to Louise and they were right. Now 1 day earlier 'Stephanie' would have 'run away' if that had happened but Louise complete with her programming and new image coped easily with the moment, happily accepting a drink and chatting away happily to this nice man for a while, even having a 'bar snack' that he offered to buy her.

Peter teased Lucy, " You'll miss out with our Louise, she likes the male attention!"

Lucy laughed back, "Que Sera Sera, if thats the case, all I want is for her to be happy in life. But yes I do like her a lot. Hopefully for a while at least she will enjoy both sets of pleasures. But isn't it wonderful how confident she is, we know its down to her programming but he doesn't, and most importantly she doesn't!"

After a couple of hours Peter looked at his watch and said, "You 2 had better start getting back, don't want 2 young ladies out too late at night creating the wrong image do we?"

Lucy giggled, "As if we would!" and signalled to Louise that it was time to go. She laughed loudly as she saw Louise and the man swopping telephone numbers! "Hope she's told him not to call her tonight though!" Lucy added laughing.

Louise walked back across grinning like a Cheshire Cat and smiled at both Peter and Lucy, "Now that was nice, and fun, and something I would never have dreamed about doing before. Thank you both." and she gave them both a little kiss.

Outside Peter said to her, "Seems that 'twenty something' confidence package works well, almost too well!" which caused Louise to blush a bright red.

"I'm just discovering things!" giggled Louise still glowing red, " As Lucy put it, I need to discover the best of both worlds!"

"Indeed!" said Lucy, "As long as you remember that!" and Louise giggled again.

The 3 of them walked back to the Institute and Peter left them at his car, telling Lucy to make sure Louise was 'tucked in and charged up' for the night which caused both girls to laugh loudly. Lucy ran some quick checks on Louise before 'tucking her in' bed for the night, and showing her how to plug herself in at night. She then went off to her unit to do the same.

Yes, she thought as she placed her thoughts on standby in preparation for sleep, Louise is a nice young lady, hopefully I can get to know her better, a lot better would be nice! as she drifted off fully into standby mode.

Louise hadn't quite done the same, she was looking back on an amazing day, and thinking of what a lovely experience it had all been, and what had happened. She had enjoyed her time being 'close' to Lucy, and Paul had been nice as well, she wondered how her life would be from now on as she set herself in standby, and her thoughts began to drift away. One thing was for certain her future life looked a lot happier than her old one that she had now left behind.

To be continued...

Chapter 5 - Louise's New Life

(An element of this story was definitely inspired by a recent photo posted by Korby, if someone wants to post the link then feel free to do so. The pic is Korby 113 in his personal gallery.)

Louise was woken up by a gentle bleeping noise which seemed to be coming from within her head. Then it dawned on her, it was coming from within her, it was her system booting up into life! A whir of data details flashed before her eyes confirming her status, and that she was now fully functional. She unplugged herself from her charger, and assumed that somewhere in the Institute Lucy was doing the same thing for herself.

She was of course right, in her personal quarters Lucy was going through the same steps, and preparing herself for a busy days work that lay ahead of her. There were just a few checks to do on Louise now before she could be 'freed' to enjoy her new life, one of those checks Lucy was definitely looking forward to! She flipped on her computer and checked over Louise's vital stat readings from overnight, and everything seemed fine. She saw that Louise was now 'active', so she hastily 'prettied herself', dressed and went off to meet up with her. Louise too had got herself ready, still instinctively washing herself before giggling when remembering that her 'new body' only had to be given a signal for an automated cleansing process to operate. She found her clothes from the night before, and got dressed.

A few minutes later Lucy arrived at her room, and the 2 of them greeted each other fondly with a kiss. Lucy suggested some breakfast, over which she would tell Louise what would happen to her that day. Louise agreed readily to this. Over cereal and coffee Lucy explained to her that everything seemed fine with her new android body, and that Louise would be 'freed' later that day to do as she wished for the 'rest of her life'. As Lucy pointed out to her, as an android, that life was as long as she wished it to be! There were just a few more tests that needed doing first, and though she didn't tell Louise what they were, the glint in Lucy's eye suggested at least one of them was something they might both enjoy!

Louise admitted she was hoping finding a job wouldnt be too difficult now she was able to, her 'protectors' had created a suitable CV for her new self, and she was hoping to find a 'nice little office or shop job' that she could settle into. Lucy thought something to herself, but said nothing, just simply telling her that finding a job with her 'new qualifications' shouldn't be a problem. Breakfast over, Lucy looked at her watch and knowing that Peter would have arrived by now suggested that the 2 of them go over there so he could explain fully what would happen that day, Louise doing a pretend 'fixed eye' look and saying she would do 'as her mistress requested' in her best impersonation of a robot voice. Rather ruined by both girls bursting into fits of laughter at her attempt!

Peter Michaels heard a knock on the door, and guessed who it was,

Come in Lucy, and presumably Louise." and as their heads appeared around the door he added, "So you made it back safely without any 'extra adventures' last night, I'm glad to see that!" and winked at Lucy.

Lucy grinned, "2 sweet innocent girls like us..............you wouldnt have expected otherwise surely!" and Louise let out a big giggle at the thought of not being a good girl, after the life she had previously led.

"So Louise, how are you feeling, everything OK and ready to start your new life?" he asked.

Louise smiled back, "Yes I feel fine thank you, and Lucy tells me that all the overnight diagnostic checks show my new body is operating perfectly. And that all the neural links between the old me and the new me seem to have embedded without any problems either. She tells me there are just a couple more checks before I'm let loose on the outside world. I must admit I'm looking forward to that, though I'm determined to make job hunting my first priority, I'll be expected very soon to pay my own way in the world now I have this new identity, Lucy tells me I shouldn't have any problems finding work, I just hope she's right."

Peter noticed Lucy looking intently at him, but pretended to ignore her for now. Instead he turned to Louise and said,

"Thats right my dear, just a few function tests that need to be run, normally these would all be done by technicians, but for some reason Lucy wants to do one of those herself. Cant think possibly why! Bear with me a moment and I'll book you in with a technician for the tests they will be running. Then Lucy can do the final test herself!"

He typed something into his computer, clicked the mouse several times and then looked up,

"You are to report to Technical Bay 3 at 10.30 for Maintenance worker TA-17 to carry out the checks. You will need to report to her as unit UX1048 as that is the only way they recognize units. She already knows what checks to run as I've just sent her the designations." he said.

Louise asked questioningly " TA-17, isn't that a strange designation? I thought we were all designated with an X and 4 numbers?"

Peter laughed back, "Well her actual designation is VX0063, real world name Josephine Lewis, but our technicians function with a special program at work for which purpose they are designated a TA number. She wont seem very human to you when you meet her, but if you met her off duty Josie is a really nice person. In theory the receptionists have a special function program as well, but some dont seem to run it very often!"

Lucy grinned, " Well when we are greeting new clients the best way to be is almost human. But when we are taking dictation or doing admin work it can be useful to use the AA program. I think most of the admin section use it each day Peter."

He laughed, "I know, just teasing Lucy!", then added, "Well Louise, its about time for your maintenance check, if you switch on your direction sensors they will take you there."

Louise nodded, and did so, and gasped as the route details appeared before her eyes, "See you later then!" she said and trotted off following the directions. Finding Technical Bay 3 was so easy for her with this assistance. She tapped in the passcode and entered, and was greeted by a woman in a white lab coat. Her eyes seemed almost clear to Louise, and she stood stiffly still. A redhead, barely over 5 ft tall with a petite figure was the 'person' that greeted her.

"I am Technician TA-17, please give your designation so I can see what maintenance checks I am running." was her blank reply.

Louise replied calmly, "Unit UX1048. Reporting for checks input by Dr Peter Michaels."

The technician typed in her designation and Louise saw a ream of details appear on her monitor. TA-17 studied them, then simply asked UX1048 to follow her to the maintenance table. Louise removed her clothes then laid down as commanded, and various tests were run on her, the strangest sensation being when her 'calorie intake units' were checked over and cleaned, and she saw last nights bar snack removed as tiny pellets from inside her. After an hour or so the Technician sealed her back up and reported equally as blankly as before,

"Unit UX1048 has passed all designated checks in this Maintenance Bay. Unit VX9427 has been designated to carry out final test before departure from Institute. She is awaiting you in Maintenance Bay 9, please go there now."

"Unit UX1048 obeys her command. Departing for Maintenance Bay 9 now." Louise was slightly surprised at the clipped tones that left her mouth at this point, but guessed that 'more robotic' style was something input into all units for when they were in the maintenance area. She dressed and then transferred to her new destination. Entering the passcode she entered the bay and was greeted by Lucy's smiling face.

"Unit UX1048 reporting to Maintenance Bay 9 for final test as commanded." she said blankly on entry.

Lucy smiled at her and laughed, "She must have left you in Maintenance command mode because tests werent completed. Must put that right!" and she picked up a remote control unit and pointed it at Louise, and instantly she came back to 'life'.

"What happened to me back there? I was just like a mindless but aware machine!" she asked.

Lucy laughed loudly, "You were! Thats because thats the way you are programmed to be under Maintenance Protocol! We dont want unnecessary movement from our androids while they are being worked upon. And thats normally how this last test would be run, but I want you to enjoy this!" and pulling aside her lab coat revealed a strap on penis device strapped around her waist.

Louise giggled at the sight, "And whats that used for, as if I couldn't guess!"

Lucy smiled, "Yes, its obvious what my purpose is honey! Basically its to test the suppleness and flexibility of your new vagina, and to make sure all the sensors inside it are working OK. We want to guarantee an orgasm can be reached! And I for once get the pleasure of creating it. Now are you going to strip and lie on that bed willingly, or do I have to put you back under Maintenance Protocol?"

Louise was already undressing! Then using her 'put on' robot voice said,

"Maintenance Protocol setting unnecessary, Unit UX1048 obeys your command." and she lay on the bed. Lucy teased her with some foreplay, allowing Louise's eager slit to dampen sufficiently for entry. Then mounting her tenderly she began to insert the strap on into her by now eager body, gradually building up the intensity of her efforts. Though 'technically' Lucy was checking the readings on the monitor while doing this, in all honesty all her concern related to Louise's body as she knew she could retrieve the readings afterwards. Soon their bodies were tightly wrapped together, and the 2 mouths met in a series of eager kisses. Eventually Lucy felt Louise's body rock and she knew the moment was close, a loud passionate gasp came from her mouth and a powerful orgasm raced through her system. Lucy only wished she could actually 'come' inside of her, but the strap on wasnt designed for that!

Seperating the 2 bodies took a few moments, but finally they separated and Lucy checked the readings. They were fine!

"Time to get dressed and re-enter the human world Miss Louise Chapman, we just need to go back to Dr Michaels office, get you signed off, and for you to collect the case containing your new wardrobe. After that you will be free to go, only required to return for your 6 monthly maintenance checks unless you call in by phone to arrange a check for any reason. Your charging unit will be delivered tomorrow, you will be fine on your current charge until then."

Louise didn't know whether to look thrilled or sad,

"Does that mean I wont see you again? I'll miss you." she asked Lucy.

Lucy smiled, "That is entirely up to you my dear, I'd love to see more of you, but now thats of your own free choice. Maybe you and Paul can get together and find happiness, who knows? Anyway we had better get moving along or Peter will be thinking I've done multiple orgasm tests on you!"

As they were walking back along the corridor they came across a petite redhead trotting along chatting twenty to the dozen to a friend, Louise thought to herself that the face was familiar but............

"Is that TA-17....................?" she asked Lucy, being interrupted before she could finish.

"The Technician that maintained you, yes it is, though she wouldnt recognize you as such. As we said outside of work they are as natural as the rest of us, its only when their TA programming is switched on they become like machines. But thats to guarantee the quality and accuracy of their work." Lucy replied, "You should see me when I'm in AA role, I'm much the same to be honest."

"Wow!" gasped Louise amazed at Josie's transformation.

They knocked at Peter's door and entered as requested, there awaiting Louise was a pair of large cases which she was told was enough 'suitable' clothing for her new self for quite a while. And of course soon she would be able to add to her wardrobe for herself. She signed all the release forms, and then gave him a big kiss of gratitude. Lucy got an even bigger kiss! Lucy and her swopped phone numbers and arranged a 'girls night out' for the following Friday.

Just as she was about to leave Peter spoke to her," You know that job you were looking for Louise, well there are 1 or 2 'behind the scenes' vacancies here, could you possibly be interested? It would require you being little more than an 'obedient machine' in working hours, but the offer is there."

Louise turned back towards him, and wiped away the tear of joy that had began to form in her eye,

"Thank you, I would love that." she said.

"In that case I'll ring you tomorrow." said Peter.

And with that she walked out to the taxi sent to take her back to her apartment and to begin her lovely new life.

To be continued...

Chapter 6 - Life In The Real World

Louise almost leapt out of the taxi in joy as it pulled up outside her apartment, just about remembering to pay the taxi driver before rushing up the steps with her suitcases. She was free to start a happy new life for herself, and no one would be able to recognize her any more as 'the girl from the nunnery'. None of the other residents of the apartment block were likely to notice the change, residents came and went on a regular basis, so an old face out and a new face in would barely be glanced at. She did grin to herself at the thought of having to act like a 'young twenty something' rather than the forty something she had been, but was happy in the knowledge that her new programming would let her cope with this change in lifestyle.

She hastily unpacked her new clothes from the suitcases, and noticed the wardrobes had been emptied in advance in preparation for this moment, though her few other belongings remained untouched. She knew who had done this for her, and very much appreciated their efforts. She did wonder how long this would now continue as her 'old image' had now been erased forever, but guessed she would find that out fairly soon. Though she now had no real need for food and drink she had decided to live as normal a lifestyle as possible so that her neighbours wouldnt realize she wasnt human anymore, a fact that excited her greatly. She made herself a coffee, and checked over the mail. Most was junk, but 1 letter immediately caught her eye. She knew who the very formal looking envelope was from, so she opened it carefully and read,

Hello Louise, We are as thrilled with your choice of new life as I'm sure you are, and your new look should ensure that you will be able to live life just as you wish to in the future. Officially for the media and the like we have sent out a message that you have decided to move quietly to Europe to start a new life and left it at that. A job has been registered in your name in Oslo, Norway by friends of ours for a few months but of course that position will not actually be filled. You will find several copies of a 'verified' CV in a safety deposit box at .................... Bank, along with all your new identity papers, just take along the magnetic card included in this package as your identification check, they will be expecting this to occur. The rest of your life is then entirely yours to do as you wish. The rent on this apartment is paid for a further 2 months which should be more than sufficient time to find a salaried job to enable you to then continue to pay it. All basic utilities and service charges are paid for another 3 months. All your finances have been changed to tie in with your new identity. We will be calling you in for a final debriefing session sometime in the next few weeks, that will be arranged for a Saturday in case you find a job in the interim. After that you will simply be given a contact number should a problem arise, but otherwise we will leave you in peace. Best wishes, enjoy your new happy life, K.

She wiped away a tear. She had been so lucky to be rescued by K and his team, and she felt like she would be losing a friend, even if she knew that for K it was probably only another job well done. She assumed they looked after many like her, and she did wonder how the others did after their 'rescue'. She was determined to make them proud of her at least. She did wonder who their financial backers were, but had never dared to ask.

Shortly after that there was a ring on her doorbell, it was the carriers delivering the charging unit that would keep unit UX1048 'fit and healthy' for the rest of her life, which she directed into her bedroom. It was just like the 1 she had been plugged into at the Institute. After all this 'excitement' she flipped on her mobile phone and it bleeped that there was a message for her. It was from Paul!

'Hope you got home safely, and if you fancy a nice meal and a drink give me a call.'

She certainly did, and even now she was considering 'trying out' her new body, and her sexual programming in an exciting way! She just hoped she could find something suitable in her new wardrobe! She liked Lucy a lot, but the idea after all these years, of going out on a date with a man definitely excited her., and was something she wanted to do. She called him back, and they arranged to meet that evening at a restaurant in town, one that at least by Louise's standards was 'quite posh'! She found a nice dress, soaked lengthily in a hot bath, she still found it hard to remember that she could just cleanse herself through her system, only giggling afterwards when she remembered!

The meal was wonderful that evening, and so was the company, both having a wonderful time. She did 'excuse' herself once when she had a fit of the giggles at the thought of whether he would be so keen on the old her. She doubted it very much! To her thrill he invited her home for 'coffee' and she wasnt going to say no! She knew she didn't have to charge herself that night so it didn't matter. She put her panel button on 6 hours auto seal 'just in case' of accidents. In fact the irony was that Paul acted the perfect gentleman and it was Louise who ended up making the first move! She leaned across and gave him a big kiss, making sure he got plenty of eyeline of her new full cleavage. It didn't take him too long to get the message and their bodies were weaved together in a tight embrace. After 45 minutes or so of heavy petting he guided her gently, but very willingly towards the bedroom.

Louise hastily activated her sexual programming and seductively pulled off her dress. The effect of this on Paul was obvious! A few minutes later 2 naked bodies were entwined under the duvet! Louise gently guided his very erect cock to her entrance, and after a couple of teasing licks with her mouth, and a little self lubrication fluid tenderly guided it into her. The sensation as it rubbed against her eager clit made her moan in anticipation. The 2 bodies rocked together in unison, moans of pleasure coming from both. A little while after she heard Paul let out a louder moan, and she knew he was about to cum, she set her 'orgasm setting' to align with his climax, and then awaited the magic moment. Very shortly afterwards she felt his 'hot cum' awash inside her, and her system set off her own personal orgasm. The pleasure was amazing. He released, and she cleaned him up with her tongue. 'Stephanie' would have been shocked by this sort of behaviour, but Louise was loving every minute of it. The 2 lovers rolled tightly together and slept the rest of the night in each others arms.

The next morning they shared breakfast, and said what a wonderful night it had been, then Paul left for work, and Louise for home to get her important phone call. She hadn't been in more than 10 minutes when the phone rang!

"Hi Louise, its Peter here, is everything OK?"

"Oh Yes!" she replied without telling Peter why.

"Oh good. Now are you still interested in that job offer I made you?" he asked.

"Most defintely, I was wondering what role it was." she replied, " You said I would be like an obedient machine, am I going to be a Technician then?"

He laughed, "No, we currently have enough technicians, but with an ever increasing number of Androids needing maintenance and service calls we need a group of call centre staff to arrange these bookings as our technicians seem to be spending more of their time arranging service calls than working at present. And we'd like you to be one of them. if you would be interested. The reason you would be 'robotlike' is the need for precise accuracy in posting details into the system. But as you've seen with Josie it doesnt affect your outside life at all."

"Indeed!" grinned Louise, remembering seeing both the 'robot' Josie aka TA-17 and the 'real life' android Josie later in the day.

"As an android obviously theoretically you could work around the clock if kept charged up, but we were working on about a 37.5 hour shift for each operative, but based around the clock so that staff were available at all times. Most calls are during the day, but 'emergencies' do happen outside hours so some staff would be needed for those shifts. But for some reason Lucy wants you on a day shift like her. Cant think why!"

Louise just giggled.

"The salary will be good, enough to cover all expenses and a 'decent' lifestyle, and you get to work with people you know. These positions will only be open to Androids, the same as our Technical staff so you will feel right at home. The CCA programming is now ready, so we are planning to bring it online the week after next. So would you be interested in joining our team, I know someone who would like you to!"

Louise grinned, "Oh yes please. Do I need to come in for an interview or anything?"

Peter laughed, "Not unless you really want to! Its an Android only vacancy so we know all the candidates already, and while working you will be in 'programmed robot' mode anyway apart from your hour break. And how you spend that is entirely up to you! In that case I expect to see you on Monday week at 8.30am for initial CCA downloads. Your normal workday will be 9-5.30 but obviously the 1st day we have to 'prepare' you for your role with the initial download. After that you just arrive for your shift, switch on and do your work. Oh, and Lucy says dont forget about tomorrow night!"

Louise giggled, "There's no chance of that tell her. I'll meet her as we arranged."

She was thrilled that night when Paul called her, and asked her out again the following week. Not surprisingly she accepted.

The next evening Lucy and Louise met up in a coffee shop in town before setting off for 'some fun' that evening, Louise 'slightly less' formally dressed than her last night out, in a casual top and skirt designed for a fun nights clubbing. Lucy told her to switch her 'twenty something' programming on just in case to make sure she 'fitted in' mentally as well as physically with where they were going. They had a wonderful evening partying away, certainly no one would have guessed Louise's actual 'mental age' was in her late forties! Lucy suggested a drink at a 'nice club' before they split for the night and Louise agreed. What Lucy didn't tell her was that this was a 'womans only' club and nearly all (if not all) the members were lesbians!

Louise noticed that all the people there were women, but didn't realize the sexual connotation involved in that. She knew she was getting a few 'interested looks' but took it no further. Lucy however did take the chance before they left to place a very passionate kiss on, and indeed in Louise's mouth which she didn't say no to!

The next week passed happily for Louise, a couple of 'dates' with Paul, a meet up with Lucy, and a very daring visit alone to a 'singles night' just to see what happened. Chatted up by several people of both sexes was the result! And 'some' retail therapy for clothes and shoes! She 'convinced' herself she needed some outfits for work, and she treated herself at the same time.

Sunday night she laid out her outfit for work the next morning, so excited at the thought of starting work for the first time in her life. The next morning she arrived for work at the Institute, and was delighted to see that she was 1 of 6 women starting there at that time. They chattered away happily to each other until Peter called them through.

"Thank you ladies, you are the first shift of our Dyson technical call centre, there are about 25 of you in all covering various shifts around the clock, 7 days a week. As you all know this work has to be carried out on a 100% accuracy basis which is why the CCA download technology needs to be downloaded into your neural systems. That is why this is an Android only role. So if you will each take a seat we can carry out this work, and you can begin your duties. For today only you will leave here with the CCA download functioning, all other days you will only switch it on at the start of your shifts."

Louise sat in a seat, the helmet was lowered and the download carried out. At completion the helmet raised and UX1048 walked as directed to her cubicle. Apart from her designated lunch break (timed by someone to coincide with Lucy's!) she remained in emotionless robot mode for the whole of her working day. Even her lunch break was in a 'partially controlled' mode so that it was ensured she would be back at her desk in time to log back in. It was only at 5.30pm that she truly again became aware of the world around her, and she logged out for the day. For the first time since that morning the 6 women were free to chatter happily to each other again.

Lucy met her shortly after her shift,

"Well how did it go?" she asked.

"You tell me!" giggled Louise, "Apart from my lunch break I dont really remember anything!"

Lucy laughed, "Thats the way life is at those levels of control my dear, no awareness, just simply functional machines. As you know from Josie or TA-17 when you saw both sides of her lifestyle. But the feedback says the call centre worked well today."

"Oh good." said Louise delighted, " As long as I'm doing a good job then I'm happy!"

Lucy laughed, "Well now you are officially a working girl do you fancy a little fun tonight?"

Louise blushed at the 'working girl' connotation but said no more about it," What sort of fun?"

Lucy giggled, "Ooh something a little 'raunchy', wear something very sexy and dont forget all your programming! Trust me I wont let you come to any harm. Or be too late to bed!"

Louise thought about it, and decided to be a little daring, "Oh alright then." she said unsurely, "But you make sure to protect me."

Lucy smiled gently at her, "Dont worry I'm not going to let my sweet little Louise come to any harm!" and winked at her.

Louise wondered what she was letting herself in for!

To be continued...

Chapter 7 - A Night Of Fun And Frolics

As she got on the bus to go home Louise hoped she could find something 'raunchy' enough in her collection of clothing to live up to Lucy's request! What she didn't know at this stage was that Lucy had planned this event before she went clothes shopping for Louise, so there was!

She giggled when she hunted through her clothes drawers at home and found a 'pretty revealing' blue top that would just about cover her cleavage enough to be decent in public, and a matching mini skirt that would just about do the same thing for her legs. She guessed Lucy had tucked them away well so that she wouldnt find them till the time was right to do so! And she was right, she hadn't noticed Lucy activate something with a 'remote' at lunchtime that set off the 'signal' for her to find them that night.

Looking at the clock she realized she didn't have time for a 'wallow' in the bath so she simply 'cleansed' her body using her cybernetic cleaning systems. Squeezing her new ample figure into the top was quite a challenge, and with a mini skirt above her knees to match, she giggled at how awful the old her would have looked in such an outfit. But eyeing herself up in the mirror she had to admit she looked absolutely stunning!

"That should have the men drooling!" she giggled to herself.

Even though Lucy was meeting her outside with her car Louise still put on her big leather coat when it was time to go 'to protect herself!' from admirers, for now at least. She heard a car horn toot about 10 yards down the street and saw Lucy waving at her. Lucy wasnt wearing a coat, and had a similar outfit to what Louise was wearing on, only in red. She slipped into the car, and smiled at Lucy,

"You look sensational tonight, guess I do too if I'm being honest. Where on earth are we going dressed like this?" she asked.

Lucy replied, "Louise, you look absolutely gorgeous, and just so very attractive I want to........." but seeing Louise blush at the compliment stopped short of saying "Ravish your body"! Regaining her composure she said, "You'll find out where we are going soon enough, all I'm saying for now is that you will be using some very special programming tonight! And I still promise to get 'Cinders' home in time for her bed."

After about 20 minutes or so Lucy pulled the car into a parking lot and stopped the car. Louise looked up to see where they were stopped and blushed brightly when she saw the sign on the building,

'Metropolis Adult Dance Club' the neon light flashed, and even Louise quickly realized what type of club that must be! And she had this funny feeling she was going to be part of the show!

"What..........what are we doing here? I'm assuming this is 1 of those erotic dance clubs where 'scantily dressed..........or less' women dance for mens pleasure. Surely you arent expecting me to perform here?" she asked Lucy nervously.

Lucy laughed, "Well I dont expect quiet, demure Louise to perform here if thats what you mean, but I'm expecting the sexy, daring Louise to do so!"

Louise just looked baffled at the comment,

"Part of your 'sex education system' was provided by 1 of the girls who dances here on a regular basis and she's fascinated to see 'herself' perform. All I have to do is activate that part of your programming and..............."

".............I become a sexy dancer!" giggled Louise, "Well I sure hope it works in that case because otherwise I will be a big flop. I suppose you are just going to watch me?"

"Dressed like this, you must be joking! I might not be as good as Cindy, but I enjoy teasing the men with my new android body as much as the next girl. And you are safe honey, any man trying to touch your body gets removed instantly. Unless you say otherwise of course!" and she gave Louise a big wink.

Before Louise could think about trying to get out of this she hastily whisked her off to the changing area, and got her out of her coat. She quietly slid Louise's panel open and entered a sequence of numbers that only she and Peter knew. Then telling Louise to activate various parts of her 'sex programmes' she waited a few moments for the dramatic change to begin.

One moment the quiet, demure girl was sat in front of her, the next a confident young lady proud of showing off her very attractive body had taken her place. Even Lucy was impressed how well it had worked. She then 'tweaked' her own neural system as she knew it would soon be their turn to perform. Minutes later the door opened and 2 other scantily clad women walked in, and one spoke to Lucy,

"Your turn now, I've told the guys not to start the music too quickly as I want to see this performance for myself. And Sandy feels the same way."

Lucy didn't even need to ask Louise if she was ready, she could see from the twinkle in her eye that she was! The 2 of them strode confidently to their poles and wrapped their bodies around it in anticipation of the music. A few moments later Lucy saw Cindy arriving at a viewing point, and give the signal she was ready for the show. Neither Cindy or the audience were disappointed! Lucy gave her usual stunning show, but no one would have guessed it was Louise's first time, she simply oozed sexuality as she made the pole 'her lover' for her 10-15 minute spot. Lucy didn't really have to look across to know the reactions of Louise and her audience, the shouts of delight told her all she had to know. She peeked across at Louise and saw a woman enjoying her work of 'playing' with the men in the audience, and working the pole against her body. At the end of their routine the crowd as one called for 'more' of them as they disappeared back to the changing room.

When they got back there Lucy hastily reset Louise to her default settings and asked how she felt,

"Amazing! I was aware of everything, but my body just took control. And it felt so good!" Louise replied.

Lucy laughed, "I know, I deliberately set it so that you would be aware of it all without being able to stop it. And its only switchable programming, but with a special code so only a very few people could ever set that off in you. In fact only Peter and I know it at present, though I'll tell you soon if you wish?"

Louise nodded.

Cindy walked back in with a wide smile on her face, "I think it worked, all the men out there are asking if that stunningly sexy blonde is appearing again tonight! If only they could see her now!"

Louise blushed, they would never believe the shy young thing sat back in the dressing room had been so confidently sexually only a few minutes earlier. And could be again so soon if her programming was reset.

Cindy joked to her, "Heck, if its that good I want some of her programming!"

Louise looked at her stunned, "You mean...........you mean, you're an Android?"

Cindy smiled, "Why do you think the clubs name is Metropolis, all the girls who dance here are Androids! Only shame is we haven't got a girl called Maria working here! You 2 want to do 1 more routine after us tonight, or does Louise want to quit while she's on top?"

Lucy looked at her, and Louise nodded, "I'll get her ready for 1 more routine then, then I'd better get her home to her bed, and her companion."

"Companion?" Cindy asked.

Lucy laughed, "Yes, her teddybear!", and all 4 girls burst into laughter.

Another stunning routine later, and wearing her long coat both girls headed back to Lucy's car for the journey home.

"Ican't believe I did that!" giggled Louise as they climbed in, "Even more surprised how much I enjoyed it."

"Well the manager is more than happy to make you a regular turn there if you wish to be, and even make it weekend work if that suits you better with your other job. I'll make sure I'm on the same shift to give you a lift there and back. And to programme you to dance sexily." Lucy replied.

"You mean............you mean..........you work there regularly?" Louise asked her surprised at the news.

Lucy laughed, " 3 nights a week, the wage is good, and it allows for a little luxury in my life. And its fun! You will be paid for tonight anyway, but you get more for being a regular dancer."

Louise giggled, "Well if you will be there, and the other girls seem so nice then maybe I should be adventurous and do it. Just dont tell Paul!"

Lucy smiled back, "Oh I wont tell him, dont worry! You just have to hope he's not a visitor to the club though!"

She thought for a few seconds and grinned, "Thats a chance I will take!"

Lucy stopped outside her apartment to drop her off, and Louise asked in her best 'seductive' tones,

"Do you fancy a coffee before going home?"

Lucy was stunned, she certainly hadn't programmed this idea into Louise! But she wasnt going to say no! She locked the car securely and they walked in, Louise removing her coat then fetching 2 coffees. They flicked the TV on and snuggled up close while drinking their coffees. When their cups were empty Lucy turned to Louise to give her a lingering goodbye kiss, and it was met by a tongue eagerly playing within her mouth........................

"Maybe I wont get home tonight!" Lucy thought to herself, "Good job its not a charging night."

To be continued...

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