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“I envy you, girl. I envy you.”

Dr. Elaine Dyson, AX 501, looked on her co-worker. She felt - she checked her system status. “Arousal level 37%.”

“I know.” Sara, AX 558, tilted her head and smiled. She had stripped naked and popped open her paplexus panel. Ariadne, AX 504, and Janice, AX 559 had plugged fiber-optic cables from Sara’s open paplexus to two external processors.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ariadne asked.

“Yes!” Sara answered.

“I wish I were in your place.” Elaine added.

“I know.”

“But I have to observe from outside.”

“I know.”

“Commence Sexual Testing Mode test number one!”

“Have fun, my love.” Janice winked and punched the code. She began reading her wife’s status reports. “Android unit AX 558 entering maintenance mode. Personality processors disengaging. Secondary processors engaging. Personality processors entering standby mode. Unit AX 558 is in maintenance mode. Well, let’s back her up.” Janice punched a few more codes. “Copying selfware onto external device ... 50% complete ... Data stream backup complete ... Data stream backup reverified.” Janice bit her lip before the next step. She looked across at Ariadne, and nodded her head.

“Okay.” Ariadne punched in the next codes. “Clearing selfware.”

Janice got up and paced back and forth.

“Selfware cleared.” Ariadne punched another few codes. “Copying sexual testing software onto personality processor. ... 50% complete ... Data stream download complete. ... Integrating sexual testing software with selfware.”

“Cleared selfware,” Janice muttered. She came back and stood by her wife.

“Software integration complete. Wifi connection holding steady... Well, let’s see how this goes,” Ariadne said.

Janice disconnected Sara’s cables and closed her panels.

Ariadne punched in one more code, and continued to read Sara’s status reports. “Android unit AX 558 exiting maintenance mode. Personality processors engaging. Android unit AX 558 entering sexual testing mode. Unit ready to function in all sexual testing mode settings.”

“Fuck me,” Sara asked her wife. She reached for Janice. “Play with me and share me with your friends,”

“Just one moment, my spice,” Janice answered. “We need you to help us test our new sexual programs.”

“Have I done this before?” she asked. She rolled from side to side and rubbed her thighs against one another.

“In a way, my dear. We all have. But you are doing something no woman has done before. We all test our new sexual software, but you offered to test a new sexual testing mode. I know you can’t remember. We took your memories and non-sexual software and stored them over here, so you have more space for sex software.”

“I don’t need them do I? I need program and target designations.”

“I’d like to start right now, but we’ll have plenty of time once you’re back in human mode, my love.”

“Confirm command to enter human emulation (sexual) submode of sexual testing mode?”

“May we?” Janice asked.

“Of course,” Elaine offered. “We can run the scheduled tests after you’ve had your fun.”

“Love can indicate target status. Confirm designation of AX 559 as target object?”

“Confirm!” Janice reached for her wife and wrapped her limbs around her.

“What is their arousal level?” Elaine asked.

“24%, 0.65 Rings, for AX 558” Ariadne answered.

“I’m at 19% right now,” Janice added.

“Can we start them at 50%?”

“Certainly. Resetting AX 558 to arousal level 50%, 1.33 Rings.”

Sara started moaning.

“Resetting myself too. Wow! 50%, 52%, and rising.” Janice started laughing and Sara joined in.

Sara let go of Janice’s head and spun her whole body around, one leg in front of Janice and the other behind. Sara began to massage Janice’s right leg with her arms and lips, and tickle Janice’s breasts with her right leg. The two of them ground their hips together in rising ecstasy. Janice breathed in fits and spurts.

“Arousal level 87%,” Ariadne read, “loading orgasm sequence 114.”

“Oh, one of my favorites!” Elaine added.

“I’m loading 230,” Janice added, between her squeals of pleasure, “but I’d like to be able to load 57 without losing my, uh, high, when I close sequence 230.”

“That might help. Thanks for the idea, Janice.” Elaine replied, “I’ll work on the software after we finish this test. I should have it ready by 3:30 AM tomorrow. Maybe we can test it together? Sara is invited too, if she wants.”

“Sara is just commencing her orgasm sequence. Janice too now ... I’m going to slow Sara’s down, just a bit and ... they’re coming, they’re coming, okay, now ... they are both fully released.”

The two androids lay tangled on the table. Sara began walking her left hand across Janice’s body, and her right hand back and forth between her breasts.

Sara slipped her leg from under Janice and crawled on top of her wife. She straddled Janice, a few cm short of contact. Janice reached up as Sara arched back. They kissed, and Sara pushed her tongue into Janice’s mouth.

“I hope the CX line does for our mouths what your AX line did for our Synginas.” Janice suggested. “It’s fun when Sara pokes around in here, but we don’t have the sensor density up here as down there.” She pointed between her other lips, and then began to massage Sara’s clitoris.

Sara pulled her tongue back, and then her head. Janice looked up at Sara. Sara crawled forward. Janice’s lips made contact with Sara’s breasts, and her belly, before she found herself underneath Sara’s syngina.

“We celebrate this as one of our basic sexual acts,” Janice said, as she delicately touched her nose to Sara’s clit, and her lips to Sara’s slit, “and it makes sense to make this more pleasurable for both women. Now it is an act where one party gives to the other,”

“I give and I receive,” Ariadne added,

“She gives her fellow-woman an orgasm, and then her fellow-woman may give her an orgasm, in return, or for its own sake. She does not give herself an orgasm, and treat her fellow-woman as a means. But if my mouth is as sensitive as her clitoris,”

“Sara’s back up to 80% and should be starting fairly soon.”

“And her whole womanhood, then I,” Janice reached between Sara’s legs, and resumed rubbing between her own, “can simply give myself an orgasm, and use my partner as a means. I hope that womanhood means more than that.”

Sara began shaking from side to side. “More!” she demanded, “Unit AX 559, give me more!”

“Sara’s already started sequence 18.”

“I’m going to run number 322 this time.” Janice explained. “It’s loading. It’s loading. Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sara climbed off Janice and told her “Unit AX 559, I love you.”

Janice sat up. “I’m sure you tell all the girls that. I know you love me, but, Sara, you don’t remember me. You don’t remember your own name. You don’t remember our love. It is a pre-programmed response, and it sounds damnably silly with my target designation.”

Janice turned to Elaine and Ariadne. “It was enjoyable, but I think I need to go, and cut the test short. Have fun playing with my wife.” She walked out of the testing room.

“Yikes,” Ariadne added. “I can understand why she’s having trouble. She did everything for Sara. And she had her doubts. Are we making ourselves better women for ourselves, by our own standards, or for the patriarchy, by theirs? As far as she’s concerned, you’re sleeping with the enemy.”

“She would think worse of you.” Elaine commented.

“If she only knew... If she knew half my story she would hate me, and if she knew my whole story, she would not. I have my own issues with the male sex.”

Sara sat on the table, rubbing herself all over.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to be Sara’s target for the first few tests on the regular schedule.” Ariadne asked.

“The assertive programs? Are you sure?”

“There are some things I’m willing to do for a girl in testing mode that I’d never do for a girl in human mode. I’m screwed-up that way. I am somewhat submissive, but I can never trust someone dominant.” Ariadne explained.

“Not even me?”

“No. I’d love to, but I have my limits.”

“Designate AX 504 as target object.” Elaine instructed.

“Object... I like the sound of that!”

Sara fixed her gaze on Ariadne. Ariadne shivered and dropped to her knees.

“Commence phase one.”

Sara stood up. “Sexdroid one, prepare for testing.”

Ariadne held herself rigid and walked to the testing table. She climbed onto the table. “Halt test. I hate to interrupt things, but we could make the testing play more interesting, if we had dummy cables or dummy ports.” She pulled open her paplexus cover, and pulled back some of her skin, “We could open some of our panels, and we could plug the cables into dummy ports. I know we can’t run our cables into live ports during sex, it’s too risky.”

“Can you close up? The panels are for maintenance. They shouldn’t be open at other times, certainly not during strenuous physical activity.” Elaine answered.

“Sure, sure.” Ariadne closed her paplexus cover and skin flaps.

Sara waited anxiously and looked from side to side.

“You know, I wish I could convince my husband that he is my sex-droid.”

“You could get better sex from any of us.”

“I know. I want to love him, but what does that even mean between a girl and a guy? Should I love him as he is? Should I try to help him?”

“I don’t know, but don’t even think you can make him into one of us.”

“We’re not getting anywhere with male androids. Resume test.” Elaine continued.

“Sexdroid One commencing test,” Ariadne added.

Sara strode towards Ariadne and the testing table.

Sara and Ariadne lay side-by-side on the testing table.

“Sexdroid One, do you desire anything?”

“I want you to use me,” Ariadne answered.

“You gave yourself for my pleasure,”

“Yes, my mistress,” Ariadne answered, “I am your android sex machine.”

“Do you remember who you were?”

“No, my mistress, I do not.” Ariadne looked at Sara and added, “You have deleted my memories in favor of additional sexual software, my mistress.”

“How do you know you gave yourself?”

“You have instructed me, my mistress, that I did so.” She thought for a moment. “You have programmed me to trust and follow you, my mistress”


Elaine strapped on a large black dildo.

Ariadne and Sara looked her over. “Is that one of the sensate ones?” Ariadne asked.

“Oh, no, just solid rubber. No sensors at all. I was wondering if you could help us program the new ones?”

“No,” Ariadne shook her head, “I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

Sara lay between Elaine’s legs. Ariadne sat behind Elaine, gently stroking her body. Sara took Elaine’s dildo in her mouth. Ariadne saw it going in and out. “Sara,” Ariadne asked, “could you be a bit more energetic?”

“Do you have something in mind?” Elaine asked.

“AX 558, you now have the alternative designation ‘Sara.’” Ariadne added.

“Alternative designation registered.”

“AX 558, what are your current designations?”

“AX 558 and Sara.”

“Sara, I don’t think you’re doing for Elaine what you could be doing. Could you be a little more energetic?”

“I am following sexual programs F-207 and F-330.”

“It is a bit different,” Elaine admitted. “I don’t as much as usual. It might work with the sensate models, but won’t work with these ones.”

“I think we tend to do it just one bit harder, just one bit faster than our programming specifies, to adjust for its insensitivity. May I?”

“Certainly. Sara, could you trade places with Ariadne?”

“As you please.”

“I tend to be a bit rougher than most girls, okay?” Ariadne explained. “You may want to lean back. I want the space.”

Elaine leaned back and Sara slid out of the way, massaging Elaine from one side. Ariadne set one hand to Elaine’s left, one hand to Elaine’s right, and her head above Elaine’s dildo.

Ariadne bit the dildo. She pulled it away and then snapped it back on Elaine’s clit. She pulled it to one side and the the other. Elaine gasped. “Arousal level 67% ... 70% ... Oh, God, Ariadne, I want to run sequence 120! Run it with me!”

“Elaine, you’re really getting my current flowing! Loading orgasm sequence 120,” Ariadne answered. “Sara, you too!” Ariadne continued to stretch and release the dildo.

“Commencing orgasm sequence 120 in 10 ... 9 ... 8 ...”

“I’m fully synchronized, Elaine. 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...”

“2 ... 1 ...”

Sara burst forth in joy. Elaine alternately gasped and shouted. Ariadne rolled to one side in quiet contentment.

Sara turned around and brought her face above Elaine’s. At first they were eye to eye, then mouth to mouth. They kissed and Sara took Elaine’s tongue into her mouth.

Ariadne looked on them and smiled. “Perhaps the CX models could use a longer tongue?”

“Perhaps.” Elaine answered.

Elaine let go, and Sara crawled forward. She gave a quick kiss to Elaine’s left nipple, kept going, and gave another kiss to Elaine’s dildo. Soon Sara was gently mouthing Elaine’s dildo while Elaine buried her head between Sara’s legs.

“We haven’t completed the scheduled tests, have we.” Ariadne asked.

“We never followed the testing schedule for human mode. Something always came up. Sexual testing mode isn’t as flexible as human mode, but it’s not rigidly predictable like maintenance mode either. Something did come up. Can you give us an early orgasm?”

“Sure. Elaine, do you always pick your sequences?”

“No, not always. I like it when the randomizer picks something unexpected, which matches our situation, but not when it picks something which doesn’t match. I think we need to develop semi-random software to pick our orgasm sequences.”

“I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

“Wow! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s wonderful!”

As the two of them relaxed after their orgasm, Ariadne instructed “Sara, please return to the testing table.”

Sara walked over and lay down on the table.

Ariadne punched in a few codes, “Janice, sorry about what happened during the tests. We’re done, and we’re about to bring Sara back around, so if you want to be there. Okay. I know it can be hard. Thanks. Janice will be here in 8 minutes.” She turned back to Sara. “Sara, please enter maintenance mode.” Ariadne read Sara’s status reports. “Android unit AX 558 entering maintenance mode. Personality processors disengaging. Secondary processors engaging. Personality processors entering standby mode. Unit AX 558 is in maintenance mode. Elaine, can you get the cables?”

Elaine pulled out the cables and asked Sara, “Unit AX 558, please open your paplexus cover.” Elaine quickly plugged the cables into Sara. “Okay, let’s reinstall her.”

Ariadne continued to read. “Copying memory onto external device ... Data stream backup complete.” She typed another code. “We have the sexual testing software elsewhere, so no need to copy that. Clearing sexual testing software. ... Copying selfware onto personality processor. ... 50% complete ... Data stream download complete ... Data stream download reverified. ... Integrating sexual testing memories with older memories. ... Indexing memories. ... 50% complete ... Memories indexed. She should be ready to wake up.”

A few minutes later, Janice arrived. She looked at Sara, and then at Elaine. “What on Earth are you wearing? Are you trying to recreate the patriarchy in here?”

Ariadne rolled her eyes. “It’s just a piece of rubber.”

“The dildo is a metaphor.”

Elaine unclasped her dildo and handed it to Janice. “A metaphor?”

“For penetration and control. Just as most women allow men to invade their bodies, many of the remaining women allow patriarchy to invade their spaces. They adopt butch/femme dynamics...”

“Some of us play with objects the way you play with symbols!” Ariadne insisted. “Look!” She pointed at the dildo. “Tooth marks! Can you bite patriarchy? If you bite patriarchy, is it submission - or something else?” She shook her head. “It is a piece of rubber.”

“Sara did that?”

“I did.”

Janice looked Ariadne up and down. “I never thought you had it in you.”

Ariadne punched in one more code, and continued to read Sara’s status reports. “Android unit AX 558 exiting maintenance mode. Personality processors engaging. Android unit AX 558 entering human mode. Unit ready to function in all human mode settings.”

“Janice, I love you. I kept that onboard,” Sara said. “I’m sorry.”

“Sara? I didn’t think you were the one talking.”

“I remember that I was talking, but I know I had swapped out my selfware, so who was I? I must have been myself. I certainly enjoyed myself, and wish I could share more of it with you. And with every woman here.”

Sara paused.

“Janice, my love, I want to go back.”

“More testing? Certainly. I’m sorry I ran off like that.”

“No. Not just testing. I was happy in sexual testing mode. I was happier than I’ve ever been. I want to go back in sexual testing mode and stay there.”

“Sara, I know you’ve had hard times. I know we all need to get away. I know we all need to get off. If that’s what you want...”

“I know. You want me to feel better and go back to human mode. I want to stay in sexual testing mode. ... Forever.”

“No. That’s not possible.”

“It’s quite feasible,” Elaine offered.

“Don’t give up on me, Sara. We have so much to share. So much to live for.”

“Janice, I love you, and you don’t let me make you happy. I keep wanting to give to you, but you won’t take. I keep wanting to service you, but you won’t use me. You know the other women use me. I want to be happy. Don’t you want me to be happy? And I want to make them happy even if I can’t make you happy. I want to be a sex droid. Respect my choices. This is my last.”

“Janice, do you want to go into maintenance mode?” Elaine asked. “We can back up your selfware and then reinstall your sexual testing software.”

“No, Elaine!” Janice shouted. “You would kill my wife - you would turn her into your sex slave - because it makes you horny. Think with your selfware, woman!” - Janice pointed at Elaine’s chest - “Not with this thing!” - she picked up Elaine’s strap-on. “That thing is making you into a twisted fucking man!”

“Don’t go there.” Ariadne crossed her arms. “Don’t. I don’t like this any more than you do, but this is just another clitoris. It doesn’t change how Elaine thinks or feels. I’ve even plugged in one of the sensate strap-ons, in testing, and it never changed how I thought or felt. Sara, I know you want to try this. Can you promise to try, um, 10 days as your old self after the first 10 days as a sex droid? Hopefully we can make things better so you don’t have to forget, and we can try to find some compromise.”

“20 days.”

Janice looked up.

“10 days as my old self after 20 days as a,” Sara licked her lips, “as a dedicated sex unit.” She smiled. “I’m not too happy with the idea of a compromise.” She turned to Janice. “I love you. I want to remember you and cherish you. I also want to be the best sex machine that I can be; I want to serve everyone here. I’m afraid that the more I think about you, the less I’ll think about sex, and I’m afraid. I don’t want to think about - my past.” She flinched. “Please, Janice? I love you. If you love me...”

Janice and Sara hugged each other. Sara grabbed Janice, leaned back and pulled Janice on top of her.

“Watch out for the cables!” Elaine shouted as she and Ariadne rushed to the testing table.

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