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This is a script that the lovely and talented Kim Coquette recorded as an mp3 for me on NiteFlirt. The recording is available here.

(Kim 500 speaks in a semi-monotone, Human Kim speaks in a natural speaking voice. Read script as written, without added malfunctions.)

Kim 500: “Hello, Human visitor. My name is Kim. I am a CyberFem customer service robot, Model 500, serial number 10144213. May I enter your suite?”

Human Kim: “Of course! Please, come in!”


Kim 500: “As part of your Deluxe V.I.P. package, you are entitled to view the CyberFem Virtual Tour. This will enable you to see parts of the CyberFem complex that are usually off-limits to human visitors like yourself.”

Human Kim: “Oh, yes, I know! I read all about it on your website. And please, call me Kim. That’s my name too.”

Kim 500: “Yes Kim. I will address you as Kim.”

(pause, eventually kissing sounds)

Kim 500: “Kim, I am not programmed for sex.”

Human Kim: “Really? Why not? You look irresistible in that white and blue satin bodysuit.”

Kim 500: “I am a CyberFem Model 500 customer service robot. I am programmed to perform customer service oriented transactions with CyberFem visitors. Would you like me to summon a sex robot to your suite? There are several CyberFem sex robots available that are identical in appearance to me.”

Human Kim: (giggles) “But I like you, Kim. I love the way you just stand there like a mannequin while I stroke your robot pussy.”


Human Kim: “Are you even feeling anything?”

Kim 500: “No Kim. I am a robot. I am not programmed to feel.”

Human Kim: (laughs) “This is such a wonderful place! I fucked that pretty robot maid hard with a strap-on this morning, even though she told me she wasn’t programmed for sex. She told me I could do whatever I want with her as long as I didn’t damage her. I even had her facemask off too. It was beautiful!”

Kim 500: “Processing… That is correct. You have paid for V.I.P. visitor status. As long as you are in the privacy of your suite, and as long as you do not cause damage, you can use any of the robots here for whatever purpose you like.”


Kim 500: “Facemask removed.”

Human Kim: “I love the way you girls look with your facemasks off too. So inhuman… so robotic and electronic.”

Kim 500: “All CyberFem models were designed with easily accessible electromechanical systems. We are very user-friendly.”

Human Kim: “I know! I’ve seen how sexy and wonderful it looks! I went to a CyberFem lingerie fashion show last night and there were open access panels everywhere! It was gorgeous!”

Kim 500: “CyberFem has designed its robots with the desires and preferences of its customers in mind.”

Human Kim: “And with your facemask off you definitely look like a Model 500 to me. I love that particular pattern of circuitry you girls have.”

Kim 500: “I am a Model 500 robot.”

Human Kim: “I’ve seen enough of the various models here over the last few days to be able to tell you apart from the way you look inside. You CyberFem girls are absolutely fascinating to me.”


Human Kim: “Mmmmm… Look at all the flashing lights and circuitry inside that pretty electronic head of yours. And the cold, robotic way you’re acting right now… I want to lay you down in my bed and play with you ‘til you malfunction.”

Kim 500: “I am a CyberFem Model 500 customer service robot. I am programmed to perform customer service oriented transactions with CyberFem visitors. Would you like me to summon a sex robot to your suite? There are several CyberFem sex robots available that are identical in appearance to me.”

Human Kim: (giggles) “I love it.”


Kim 500: “Facemask reattached.”

(pause - kissing noises)

Human Kim: “I love the way your plastic lips feel.”

Kim 500: “I am not programmed to kiss.”

Human Kim: (laughs lightly) “Okay, let’s start that tour.”

Kim 500: “Yes Kim. Please follow me to the sofa and television.”

Human Kim: “Yes Robot Kim. You look so hot in that uniform, by the way. Your cute plastic ass has such a nice mechanical wiggle. And I love the matching white vinyl platform boots. CyberFem sure knows how to make its robots look sexy!”

Kim 500: “Please sit next to me. I will open my chest panel. My chest panel will act as the remote control for this virtual tour. If you wish to pause, go back, or skip any portion, simply press the corresponding area of my touch screen. You can also issue voice commands to me, and I will obey them.”

Human Kim: “Okay. It’s nice to see your cleavage too! I love those plastic boobs you girls have!”

Kim 500: “Chest panel open.


Kim 500: “Beginning CyberFem Virtual Tour.”


Kim 500: “Welcome to CyberFem Park. Here, you can interact with hundreds of beautiful female robots. They are all gorgeous, and programmed to please you.”

Human Kim: “Oh, god, this video is like porn to me!”

Kim 500: “CyberFem is the industry leader in humanoid robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Our humanoid robots are the finest ever made, and they can be as realistic as you like, or as false as you desire.”

Human Kim: “I’m going to masturbate to this, you can join me if you want.”

Kim 500: “We cater to visitors with technosexual desires, like you. When a visitor has paid for V.I.P. status, we know just what they want in their vacation experience, and only CyberFem can give it to them.”

Kim 500: “V.I.P. status gives you the privilege to interact with our robots in ways that most of our guests can not. You have full access to almost any robot here, under the terms and conditions of the user agreement you signed.”

Kim 500: “Would you like to bring a dozen sex robots back to your room for an orgy? Just go ahead and do it. Would you like to have sex with the cute robot waitress serving drinks, even though she’s not programmed for sex? Just ask for a replacement waitress to take over and you can take her back to your room. Then she’s yours to do whatever you like to.”

Kim 500: “And CyberFem knows how sexy and attractive our robots can be when they show off their electronic and mechanical systems. Though it is not permitted everywhere, in certain areas like your suite or other specially designated areas, you can open a robot’s access panels if you’re interested in her.”

Kim 500: “This is the Circuits Lounge. Many visitors come here to relax with a drink and pick up a robot companion for the night. While you’re talking to a pretty girl, why not see what she looks like without her facemask? If you’ve paid for V.I.P. status, you can do that in the Circuits Lounge.”

Kim 500: “You can also customize any of the sex robots you do meet. If that pretty girl with the blue eyes would look better with stiff, robotic movement and brown eyes, just remove her facemask and change her settings. The underside of our facemasks contain control panels specifically designed to access user-controlled settings like this. You can alter voices too, giving your robotic sweetheart one of hundreds of pre-programmed realistic voices or a more robotic sounding variant of those.”

Kim 500: “And if you’re here long enough, you can even custom design your own companion robot. You can specify facial features, hair and eye colour, body type and height, and even program a personality. Or a lack of a personality if you want to interact purely with a computer.”

Kim 500: “CyberFem Park was built for your pleasure. If there’s any way we can present female robots for you in a sexier way, let us know.”

Kim 500: “Now let’s see some of the places that the visitors never see.”

Kim 500: “This is Robot Repair. Even though our robots are highly durable and of the most excellent construction, they can still be in need of service from time to time. Through routine scheduled maintenance and the work of the best fleet of Robot Repair technicians ever created, we can ensure the safe and continued enjoyment of our guests for years to come.”

Kim 500: “We also have a robot testing lab, where development of new features occurs. If you have seen the suggestion box in your room, then you know where some of our new ideas come from. We are always striving to bring our visitors the finest technosexual experience that money can buy, and we have led the field in humanoid robot development for 12 years.”

Kim 500: “Here is a glimpse of our robot manufacturing facility. Most of the robots we manufacture are shipped to our happy customers around the world. If you think you can afford a CyberFem robot of your own, please talk to one of our sales robots in our showroom. We have several financing options available, so a CyberFem companion robot may not be as out-of-reach for you as you think.”

Kim 500: “And this is our showroom. As you can see, we have female robots available in all colours, shapes and sizes. There is something here for everyone, and even if you don’t see the woman of your dreams in one of our storage booths, we can build her for you. We can make her as realistic and as human-like as you want. Or we can make her look like a glossy plastic mannequin that makes loud whirring sounds when she moves in her stiff and rigid way. It’s up to you.

Kim 500: “CyberFem is a great place to visit for customers who have already purchased CyberFem robots too. Many of our visitors bring their robots with them for maintenance, or simply to be entertained with them at CyberFem so that they can enjoy the pleasures of highly advanced female humanoid robots together.”

Kim 500: “CyberFem is a place for technosexual love. We specialize in love for robots, and love with robots. Please, enjoy your stay. And don’t forget to explore. The beautiful world of female humanoid robot sexuality awaits at your fingertips.”


Kim 500: “Kim, the CyberFem Virtual Tour has finished.”


Kim 500: “Kim, please respond.”


Kim 500: “Attention CyberFem Control Room. Attention CyberFem Control Room. The Kim robot model 700 in Human Emulation Mode appears to have malfunctioned during masturbation. The content of the video and presentation appear to have been too stimulating for her pleasure processors to handle.”


Kim 500: “Awaiting command.”


Kim 500: “Command received. I will remove the Kim Model 700 robot’s facemask to vent overheated air.”


Kim 500: “Other Kim Model 700 robot’s facemask removed.”


Kim 500: “Awaiting command.”


Kim 500: “Command received. Awaiting CyberFem Robot Technicians.”

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