Creation (Nova Recreated)

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The time has come to re-tell this tale. It's been 10 years since Nova was created. Ten years she's had to grow and develop, and ten years I've had to grow and develop. Now it's time to tell her tale, the way it should have been told to begin with.

The smell of metal, electricity and sparks filled the air as the robotic equipment went to work. Each piece was assembled sturdily and precisely as the arms carefully anchored metal fittings together and spot welded them. Miles of fiber-optic cabling was wound into place, and each end connected to the newly fitted circuitboards and systems being installed.

Individual components began to resemble limbs. Long, rod-like appendages, ball socketed into place and secured with servo-motors to keep them stable. Delicate, miniature servoes and sensors came together to form five-digited forms that flexed and twitched as the careful robotic equipment tested and moved them. Solid, metal cup-like formations were brought together to form a bowl-like shape, into which audio, and video components were installed. A stiffened, metal tube was installed, with smaller vents above in the center of the bowl, just beneath the large, blue optical units. As each piece was finished, it was set aside in a pre-designated configuration. Fitted together to form a frame.

The frame was humanoid in appearance. The slender build of the torso, and the slightly wide portions of the hips created a feminine shape, to which electonic components were installed and quickly tested by each machine. Feet fitted to legs, legs fitted to hips, hips fitted to torso... Eventually the limbs and joints were locked into place to stand almost alone, save for the large clamps keeping it upright and erect.

As the frame was completed, a special set of high-speed armatures lowered and began weaving, long, spider-silk thin strands of a special synthetic material over the frame. Occasionaly a set of special fibers were woven in to form the sensory clusters of each section of skin. More sensory bundles were added at various points of the frame; nipple-like protrusions, the long, slender flanks of the body, each delicate finger and toe, and the cone-like ears and ear-lobes. She began to take shape.

The mannequin-like, female form stood silently as sections of her synthe-skin were carefully sliced by lasers and removed. Some of the sections were replaced with motorized hinges and equipment to form panels, others like the nipple-like protrusions were discarded and new equipment was installed, to form the genitals and sensitive areas of a woman's body. Pink in color, each new piece was packed with sensory hardware and specialized pumps and motors. Each panel was fitted and sealed, leaving only the very faintest of join lines. Her body was complete only her head was missing now.

On a separate system, a set of special armatures began creating the frame for the face-plate. Delicate wires, were installed, along with the smallest of micro-servoes and sensory systems. The weavers carefully selected specially patterned features, creating the eyelids, nose, and delicate mouth. Equipment was snapped and interwoven into place to form the inner mouth, and nostrils. A gel-like, motorized tongue was fitted at the base of the face's jaw structure. At last a pair of template-like eyes were installed and coordinated to fit snugly with the large blue optics. The machine brought both halves together to form a completed head.

Sliding down the assembly-line, the head was socketed into place on an armature while a very precise machine began to install long, silky fibers to the skull. The colors of each fiber differed slightly here and there, not always perfectly one shade of red or blonde, but rather a conglomeration that eventually resembled a fiery mass of red hair with long-blonde streaks of arc-welder like tresses. Eyelashes and eyebrows were carefully installed to complete the face of a beautiful woman in her late teens. The features being somewhat elfin in appearance, and yet exotically proportioned with Asiatic overtones. The melange of features were completed with the silky-lightly tanned skin, with the barest hint of freckles to round them out.

At last the arms lifted the head to the top of the neck. It was suspended a foot above, while a second set of machines dipped into the neck and began attatching the fiberoptic cabling and fluid tubing to the head. Carefully and precisely it lowered the head to the neck until the metal units clicked and socketed into place. Her head was rotated left, and then right, each to the maximum angle to insure no problems occurred within the delicate neck and spinal assembly.

She was moved down the way a bit, until she came to rest in front of a new machine. It slid a probe into her vaginal assembly and carefully opened a deeply hidden bay inside. The unit linked directly with the Moleculartronic Central Processing unit, and began to upload special programming. Her taut belly clicked open to reveal her inert systems and more armatures extended to begin calibrating and powering her systems. A special fuel cell was installed to her core and activated, taking the strain off of her limited internal batteries. Status lights began to blink and flash as special tools were inserted into her to regulate her various functions; skin-temperature, breath-rate, eye-blinks, sensory buffers. Large tanks of a clear fluid were installed and secured into place. Internal pumps began squeezing the liquids throughout her systems. Her mouth, vagina and eyes wettened as the clear lubricant flowed into her. The special fluids coursed beneath her skin, giving her a realistic pulse and heartbeat. The cool liquids helped to regulate her temperature and added a scent and taste to her skin: Sweet, artificial cherries.

Her panels were closed as the last of her systems were brought online. She stood blank-eyed and mouth slightly agape as she was programmed and fed data directly into her neural nets. Her eyes snapped shut and her head tilted to one side abruptly as the probe withdrew itself, now wet with her juices.

Moments later her head jerked back into place and her eyes opened as she began to speak in an eerie monotone, "Daikoku Corporation Unit NVA-7 online and awaiting orders."

From the observation booth, Doctor Aaron Lafeyson smiled and spoke to her through the room's speakers, "Unit NVA-7, your designation shall be...Nova. "

NVA-7 blinked as she processed the command and responded, "Unit NVA-7 now responding to new designation: Nova. Awaiting further instructions."

Doctor Lafeyson replied, "Go to cubicle 7 of 13 and plug yourself into the system for programming and diagnostics"

"Acknowledged", she said, and moved gracefully to her cubicle. As she stood inside, a panel above her sex slid open, revealing a miniature keyboard and screen, as well as a set of I/O ports. She inserted cabling from the computer bank she rested against inside herself, triggering a pre-programmed touch-response. She moaned softly and closed her eyes as the machine began to check her programming and systems.

She stood with her currently completed sisters. The Seventh unit of the series of Thirteen.

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