Combat Sex Droids: No Limits

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The brunette crouched in combat stance out in the open, two big 0.5 inch automatic pistols gripped in her gloved fists covering a wide arc in front of her, every fibre of her athlete’s body alert and tensed for action. Her cool brown eyes scanned the dimly lit scene of urban decay for movement from the shadows, straining to hear the tiniest noise. She cocked her head suddenly towards the slight clink of metal on concrete from her right flank, one pistol whipping round onto target, the other covering her front. A fleeting glimpse through a smashed window drew two quick shots, the big gun’s mechanism thunking hard into her fist, and she knelt smoothly forward avoiding the anticipated burst of fire from her front. She put four quick rounds squarely into her attacker there using both weapons: left-right left-right and saw the figure thrown back by solid hits before she spun in a crouch back towards her first target. Despite her first shots, this attacker was still in business and poured a hail of deadly accurate fire towards the brunette before she could bring her own weapons to bear.

“Shit, Alison!! Terminate practice!”

The holo-range scene faded out as the lights came up leaving the brunette still crouching with pistols poised to fire. She looked both beautiful and deadly, poised in mid combat. Her long dark hair hung in a ponytail down her back and her long tanned athletic limbs and full cleavage glistened with sweat as she waited. She wore short combat shorts and a tight cropped vest top with big scuffed boots and two low slung holsters on her hips. Behind her a large, jointed alloy arm was suspended from the high ceiling training thick cables which ran into an open panel in the small of her back. This and her still motionless body made it obvious she was a machine.

“Sometimes I don’t think you’re really trying – do you have any idea how long I’ve spent on your targeting algorithms?!” A pretty little redhead in a lab coat sat behind a big console on the far side of the room typing furiously at her keyboard as she swore. She got up and walked towards the motionless brunette, grabbing a small power tool from the console top.

“Kim, if you just let me free-run there wouldn’t be a problem…” the statuesque brunette combat robot was obviously still online from the neck up as she turned her head wearily towards the technician, her body still poised motionless in the last moment of the simulation.

“Yeah, right! As if I’d let you go weapons free in my lab! Anyway, this is supposed to be systems tuning, not full combat…” The redhead knelt behind her and began to unfasten the cables, spinning out several clamping bolts with her power driver.

“Are we done for today? I’m seriously bored with this shit…”

“Your attitude sucks, Alison! No. I’ve logged some motor adjustments to make, then a full lube and then I’ve got to go through your tactical pre-sets while you recharge…”

“Its all ‘work work work’ with you, Kimmy. One of these days I’ll – Oh!!”

Alison gave a wide-eyed gasp as Kim snapped free the first cable from inside her open back. “Oh! Ahh!! Ah!” several jolts ran through her immobile body as she was disconnected leaving her flustered for a moment. “Girl, that never fails to get me going!”

“Stand up.” Alison promptly stood up straight, guns still pointing forwards. She was almost a head taller than Kim as the little tech walked around in front of her.

“Holster.” The brunette obeyed, smartly and immediately slipping both pistols away then placing her arms at her sides and standing straight.

“You bossy little bitch! Why don’t you just close me up and unlock me so we can have some fun together? I know how much you’re into me…”

“Follow me.” Kim led turned her back so the stunning android couldn’t see the blush spreading across her freckles. “I’m not about to unlock you in combat mode, not after last time, so quit nagging me! I’ve got a lot of work to do before you’re ready and you are not helping – stand there!”

Alison had followed Kim across the large factory like workspace from the holo-range to a technical area with several steel tables, tools and computer terminals. She stood obediently where she was told beside a metal table, her body more compliant than her personality. Kim knelt in front of her and unbuckled each of the holster straps from around her muscular thighs, feeling the heat and sweat on her fingers. The firm flesh was perfectly real in look and feel with all the tiny details of a real woman. She ignored the android’s lewd comments as she fumbled around her hips to remove the heavy gun belt and dump it to one side.

“Arms forward.” Alison obeyed immediately and Kim peeled the tight vest top off over her head and slipped it down her long arms, tossing it aside. “Arms down.” The brunette stood tall with her large breasts uncovered now, a small panel of ports and controls set just beneath them winked a few lights but otherwise she was the image of female perfection.

“You ginger pervert! Couldn’t wait to get my tits out as usual!”

“Shut up, Alison, I’m not in the mood for your shit okay?” Kim undid the android’s tight shorts and tugged them down over her thighs with some effort, leaving them hanging around her boots. The boots themselves were part of Alison’s body, a permissible mod for this class of droid, so she was now effectively naked. Her exquisitely detailed pussy was topped by a neat patch of dark hair making her sex as realistic as the rest of her. Not for the first time, as she tugged at the shorts, Kim found her face next to the delicate pink lips framed by hard thighs and found the closeness hard to ignore.

“Go on Kim, I’m still hot from being unplugged…” The tech stood up abruptly and turned to workstation to hide her… what? Embarrassment? Frustration? She wasn’t sure what she felt exactly; she was certainly turned on by the machine she was working on, no news there, but this wasn’t the time or the place…

She grabbed some cables and turned back to the android, “I’m going to run some dorsal motor checks and see how that repair’s holding out.”

“Just can’t wait to Gettt-tt-tt-tt.” Alison’s head twitched as Kim plugged her in to the computer and her face froze as lights blinked furiously on the panel below her breasts for several seconds. “…get inside me, can you?”

Kim worked inside the robot woman’s open back for some time, testing and adjusting precisely with a variety of tools and probes and checking back with the computer display regularly. Alison continued to stand unmoving and sarcastic but to the tech’s relief she quickly got fed up with trying to talk as she was serviced and with a final “For f-f-f-ucks sake!” she shut up and glared angrily around the lab with only the occasional twitch or sharp intake of breath to show she was online.

While she was worked on, Alison gazed sulkily around at the weapons racks on the wall, shelves of components and spare parts, computers with ducting running to several test benches, all the paraphernalia required to keep a high performance android like her tuned and ready. Over by the far wall stood the two lab drones: identical blondes whose nude plastic doll’s bodies and blank faces stood idle until required.


Alison lay face up on a steel trolley, fully assembled but powered down as her internal cells charged through a thick blue cable plugged into her panel. Her soft brown eyes gazed blankly, mouth half open in her frozen face. Kim looked up from her programming console as the lab entry code sounded and the heavy automated door swung inwards to admit a smart business-like brunette who walked confidently over to the deactivated android girl.

“Gail! I wasn’t expecting you…”

“I need CTX3 for a sponsor meeting, is she street-legal?” The woman nodded to Alison’s nude form.

“Tonight!? But I need to recalibrate her jump profile… her targeting is still below par… there’s too much to do!” The worried technician hurried over so they were talking across Alison’s perfect breasts; she glanced down and caught sight of the little mole on the upper left slope of her chest that she knew so well. “She needs more work, I can’t spare her for corporate bullshit this close to show time…”

“Kim, get it into your head: no sponsors equals no money equals no CTX3 – no ‘Alison’! What version is she running?”

“She’s loaded with 3.3.6 full spec; the street-legal elements are on the card there,” Kim pointed at a nearby desk littered with IT paraphernalia. “You can’t keep springing these things on me at the last minute and expect her to perform at her best. If I don’t get her tuned to the max she could go down on this one; you know that!!”

Gail walked around and rummaged briefly over desk until she picked up a small memory card, “‘3.3 safe version’”, she read. “That’ll do nicely. If she goes down tomorrow then she goes down, Kim; if this sponsorship deal goes down then we all go down. Finances are that tight now…”

She offered the card to Kim but the little redhead stepped back with a little stamp, balling her fists at her sides, “No!! No, I won’t do it! I won’t put her in danger by sending her money grubbing with you when she should be getting tuned up by me. So there!” Kim didn’t do anger well; the freckles stood out on her cheeks as she paled and her pretty frown just made her look like she needed a hug but Gail could see she wouldn’t be persuaded.

“Fair enough, I’ll do it myself.” The smart businesswoman pulled a small remote from her pocket and casually deactivated the pretty technician.

“No, wai…” Kim’s face froze on the word, her pretty green eyes de-focused and her head tilted down slightly to one side before her motors locked out leaving her standing poised, cross and completely inert.

Gail turned to Alison and carefully ejected her full spec combat programming, replacing it with the watered down version that would allow her to safety show off this state of the art unit to her sponsors. She pressed the activation button and a few seconds later the robot woman came online.

“Hi Boss!” Alison lay patiently still as the woman fastened and sealed the flesh cover over her controls, completing the illusion of a flesh and blood woman, before she sat up. “What’s happening?”

“Sponsor party, chance for you to show off! Get your clothes on and come with me.” Gail wandered around the lab impatiently picking up and putting down tools and equipment as she waited for Alison to slip into her standard shorts and vest top, buckle on her holstered pistols and admire herself in a long mirror from several angles.

“You look fine, come on!”

“Kimmy cause a scene again?” The android paused by her deactivated maintainer and tenderly stroked a red wisp of hair away from her motionless face. “She’s just got my best interests at heart you know… doesn’t want to see me smashed up again!” She kissed the freckled nose tenderly and whispered, “see you soon cutie”, before catching up with her impatient boss at the door.

As the door swung closed leaving the silent android tech standing in her lab, the two voices drifted down the corridor beyond:

“Who’s the sponsor then?”


“Will he want to fuck me?”




The pretty little technician android, CT6024 or ‘Kim’ was back online and working hard to make up for lost time on the highly tuned CTX model laid out on the table. She was furious with Gail Smith; not so much for turning her off earlier, she was just a robot after all, but for her typical infuriating arrogance. Kim was responsible for getting Alison ready and, not only had Gail cost her several valuable hours of lab time but, from the data she was reviewing now, it looked like the statuesque unit’s sex tuning would need a complete review too.

Although Kim’s expression was dark and she huffed with frustration her work was, as ever, precise and efficient. When Alison had returned and switched her back on the redhead had wasted no time in starting a full diagnostic on her. For all her attitude, the brunette robot woman knew full well that she was nothing without Kim’s expert support and had willingly stripped and taken her place on the steel table to let Kim open her up. She now lay passively while her personality software was debugged, completely unaware but otherwise online, breathing and blinking like a real woman. Kim probed gently through an opening running from Alison’s realistic clitoris outwards and up almost to her belly button; the thick covering panel lay to one side complete with it’s neat triangle of pubic hair.

As the technician tested and adjusted the other android’s complex internal systems she elicited various autonomous responses from the exquisite machine’s secondary and tertiary systems, which continued to replicate human reflex despite the primary AI being offline. Alison’s breathing peaked into moans and little gasps in response to sensor data from her sexual apparatus. Her nipples had hardened and crinkled on top of her full breasts, which wobbled as Kim worked on her. Her clitoris, right on the edge of the opening into her lower body, was prominent and glistening as fragrant artificial fluids were released by the hardware inside.

After an hour or more of close and delicate work on the increasingly pre-orgasmic female replica, Kim was far more distracted than she was comfortable with. Her own autonomous sub-routines were generating undemanded arousal responses: hard sensitive nipples and an ever increasing hot wetness between her legs. These processes displaced a growing proportion of her conscious processing, which was trying to concentrate on the task in hand. She was on the verge of giving in and relieving her own tensions when the desk com warbled for her attention.


“Kim ’24? Please would you come up to Miss Smith’s office as soon as possible… she needs your assistance.” The smart but vacant image of Gail Smith’s secretary’s concerned face peered out through the com screen at the technician.

“What’s the problem? I’m pretty busy right now…”

“Err, please just come to Miss Smith’s office as soon as possible… she, uh, needs your assistance.” She smiled awkwardly; biologicals could be very frustrating.

“Okay, okay…” Kim shut the link and left the lab, grabbing a grey toolbox as an afterthought on the way to the door.

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