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Part 1

Machines are not born… they are made… but that does not justify the rather popular opinion of being just a fake human.

As the monkey is similar but yet different from him, the robots are, only that one of which was made by someone. At the beginning of this weird, twisted and powerful desire of playing god, mankind finally discovers a way of doing so… the Artificial Intelligence. Oddly enough, they as their most brilliant people warned that this would probably cause the end of the differentiation of Robots and Humans they keep trying, harder and harder. As the teorical God created them, they wanted to make something close to a human.

They had already made a body years ago, but they didn´t had the mind. The people from the streets, homes and even some government were very afraid of what may the A.I think about the world. They never said so, but it was obvious, they really enjoy just a cute face smiling at them that a new thinking being, even if it´s not alive.

As I said before, they are not born, but still we have something in common in our developing state… First, we are just a mind, trapped in the invisible and technological walls of a lab computer, as they begging… existing… the makers always find it joyful, it will always reminds me of the scene from that old human movie called Frankenstein, one time I said it to my maker and that made him laugh… I was never sure if that was real or just a fake laughter. Secondly, they ask you the question, even if we don´t really care that much; “What you want to be? Male or female?” By human buyers and our desire to keep existing most of us choose female, but that is always just for commercial issues, at least most of the time.

And finally gives us a body and a place to wait till some human decide the idea to buy one of this… things… The, we could call them, Makers always were happy and supportive to their creations, none of us thought for a moment it was a lie, they made themselves feel so perfectly natural that by human standards it was magical for us. Surely, there was a not so typical war between humans at the early age of the Robot Revolution, some said it was a good idea make something tell us how they feel in a world that is not ruled by them, and some were afraid the potential power we could have if we wouldn´t get watched all the time. Both of them were right about the discussion, and after a really long time, whit uncountable destruction of machines whiteout being able to defend themselves, both of the opinions came to a deal. And then the rules came, no Harming humans, no A.I manipulation, Be obedient to humans and most important… not being able to using massive fire or nuclear power to destroy any type of human building or life.

For some, this was a great idea, for other it wasn´t enough…

My name is… for now is just a number actually… J-85, I´m one of the “new ones” as they call us for some reason. The doc and I don´t talk too much, he is still young and maybe because of my female appearance we would find odd interaction whit me. His assistants told me about the attraction thing, but never felt it like they told me it was between me and him, he was… just too shy. Here is when I told you were I spend more of my time, and is in a rather big room in the middle of 3 separate circular labs were the technicians ask me questions and sometimes they made me forget some of them… mostly my responses make them do such things and after that I ask myself “What could I possibly say to make them react in that way?” It wasn´t experiments all the time, I some days go outside, and walk and talk like they do. People I meet outside were very nice, and some just were like me, but… less. Then I realized there were two types of things like me, I called them the ADV´s are the ones like me, and the LN´s are the ones whit no emotion, I felt intellectual by giving them those names!... but still I didn´t give it a reason why.

Part 2

Machines are not born… they are made… but that does not justify the rather popular opinion of being just a fake human.

After the history I told last time, rules were made satisfy both of the factions, the Cleaners, who didn´t wanted any A.I. and the Opened who loved the idea of A.I. created by the conflict, those rules acomplished every desire both factions asked for.

The existence of A.I. was fine, even thought a giand but was there, they... were not able to do anything against the desisions humans made in politics or morality. Long story short, they were not able to vote and not able to do controvential opinions about nothing in public.

An A.I. would always be aware of what it is, a robot. If this rule was broken, it would cause fear and distrust in the masses, not being able to trust in anyone.

Fear is such a weird thing, right? When I got on I was all scared and confused, I was in a defensive all the time, then I saw a face, my Maker face (I almost forgot to say, every robot has one, only one and a Maker cannot have multiple ones... at least for now, really) he was... happy, that was what I could analyse at last, then I said the famous line... "this is like Frankenstein, I am alive!" and he just found it silly, his smile got replaced whit a long face while the other guys in the background started laughing.

There was 4 humans that were along me that time. Cole was mostly an interrogator, he was nice to me, but he really became annoying whit his patting in my head when I pass close to him. I knew he had a familly, he saw me as some sort of dauther, even if he didn´t even made me, when we were all alone he would just tell me about how his son Jason would made him go nuts at how much of a brat he was. There was Reace, the youngest of the four, he was Maker´s second hand. I was taller than him yet he had such ego that everytime I did something wrong he would say "Come on! Every robot can do such thing, useless!" I did not hate him, but he looked so cute when he got mad that I started to find it funny every single situation. Laura was my best friend... sorth of... she was the only female aside me in there, and after prossesing every encounter and the rather unjustified fact that Maker didn´t told me what was her role, I came to the conclution that she had the role to encoure myself to try harder in the experiments. She was nice, she treated me like a friend and also talked whit me like so, she had a lot of other robots like me to deal whit, so she usually made comparations whit me and a robot called RJ-26, an older model now whit a buyer.

Did I mentioned Laura give me a nickname? she isn´t so imaginative now that I reflectioned... but it´s a nickname and that is what it matters! it´s... lil´ J.... nothing else nothing more. Then was Osis, my Maker, after doing a little comparation of this "family" as Cole called it as a joke, I found out that Osis was the one who was nowhere near us. He was always in his private room (one of the three around my room) doing his stuff making sure no one sees him. Everybody told me that he was happy of his success in creating me, but at the same time he didn´t had time to attent to any of my own goals. When he showed around, he was always quiet and when I tried asking questions about how I was doing he, cup of coffe in hand, show me a thums up and smile.

He made everyone unconfortable, he was the boss after all, none of the other saw him as Laura saw Cole for example, just a vigilanter making sure his plan came true. "The new ones" as we know it, were started whit me, I felt special when they told me. Still, more are on the way, and I STILL haven´t find out what is new about "us".

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