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Warning! If anyone has any problems with sexually graphic, twisted, forced tf stories DO NOT READ. Everyone else, please enjoy this fan fiction an anonymous author wrote about me.

Coco was the kind of girl nobody really liked, but everyone wanted, or wanted to be. She was the kind of girl who knew she was better than you from the get go, and she acted like it. She was a blonde bombshell, built 100% for sex. Her skinny frame, offset by her plump bubble butt and gorgeous round tits, made every guy do at least a double-take, if not stare outright. She liked to count the number of visible hard-ons she could see on her walk to work in the mornings. Even the few women who could admit it to themselves might have talked shit behind her back, but wanted to look just like her.

She had the attitude to match as well. She knew how to get what she wanted and she used it. She was never above flashing some cleavage at someone to get what she wanted. Maybe an “accidental” pen drop so she could bend over and give a hint of that perfect ass underneath her short skirts. She wore clothing that showed off her assets very well, and it played no small part in getting her her current job at the bank down the street. Unfortunately, it was this attitude that would be her downfall.

On this warm July day Coco was going about her normal daily routine, stopping at the cafe for coffee before heading to work. As she walked along the sidewalk, her hips swaying and her pink heels clicking on the concrete, she never saw the brown van come up from behind, not the two men who grabbed her and threw her in the back.

“Wake up beautiful, we need to talk.”

Coco heard the voice, but it seemed to be coming from a million places at once. She was so groggy and disoriented. “Where am I” she thought to herself, trying to get her bearings. She was...well, somewhere. The room was pitch black but was slightly cool. That's when she realized she was naked. She could feel the cool air moving across her bare skin as the ventilation system did it's job.

“That's it, shake those cobwebs out. We need to go over some things darling.”

She still couldn't pinpoint the voice. It was almost like it was...inside her head. She was slowly growing more aware of her situation now. She was on her back on some sort of table. Her arms and legs were bound at the wrists and ankles, as well as around her thighs and upper arms. There was also a strap on her neck. She was completely immobile.

“OK sweets, I want you to nod if you can hear me.”

She nodded.

“Great, that means this transmitter is working.”

So it WAS inside her head. “What the fuck is going on?” she wondered, now very scared at the predicament she found herself in.

“Alright, so first things first. My name's Charlie. Ican't tell you who initiated this process, but I think I should tell you you've pissed off quite a few people babe. They told me all about you and all they wanted was some pictures and maybe a video of my finished product. Isn't that nice of them? Now, this might be a little shocking at first, but I promise you'll learn to love your new life. You'll just need to...adjust a little bit. We'll get to that later, but for now I just need to make sure of a couple more things. Can you wiggle your fingers for me? OK good, now your toes....great job sweetheart. Now can you stick out your tongue? Fantastic.”

Coco's mind was racing as she followed Charlies directions. He had such a nonchalant way about him, like this was just another day at the office for him. What in the hell was going on? And why in the hell could she hear his voice in her head? She felt the adrenaline pumping through her naked body, and then a rush of cool in her arm. Suddenly she felt much more calm, more docile. She couldn't think clearly, despite her best efforts to concentrate. “Baby I see you're getting a little excited. I need you to calm down OK? I've given you a bit of a sedative to take the edge off while I just finish this last test up and then we'll proceed mmmk?”

After a few more minutes of waiting, Charlies voice once again echoed in her head. “OK sweetness, I'm going to give you something a little bit stronger now. When you wake up, you're going to LOVE what we've done with you. Just trust me alright? OK now here you go. Sweet dreams love!”

She felt another rush of coolness in her arm and immediately her eyelids felt like they were made of lead. As she faded, she heard a woman's voice repeating things over and over, but she couldn't quite make them out. She recognized a couple words....cock....serve....submit......God what was she saying? She fought as long as she could but the drugs were too much for her and quickly rendered her unconscious as her subliminal training began.

Coco was awakened once again to voices in her head. This one was much harsher than the last time however. “WAKE UP SLUT” rang through her mind as she quickly regained consciousness. As she tried to shake her head, she noticed something was wrong immediately: She couldn't move. Well, that wasn't entirely true. She could move her head, but fuck, it felt so heavy! What was wrong with her? She tried to lift her hand to her head too but that action was also seemingly way too difficult, as though her arm weighed a thousand pounds for some reason.

Coco just felt wrong all over somehow. Her whole body felt...different. Her face felt tingly and swollen. Her nipples seemed to feel every molecule of air that flew by them. Her skin felt...odd. She couldn't move her mouth at all. Something was very, very wrong.

“That's right slut, come back to the land of the living. I want to go over things with you before we send you off. Nod if you can hear me," Charlies voice echoed through her consciousness. Coco nodded, not knowing what else to do. “ Good. OK I want you to wave your arms around for me real fast mmmk?”

Coco whimpered, knowing that was not going to happen. Charlie let out a smug laugh,knowing that what he'd just asked was impossible. “I'm just kidding babe. You won't be able to do much more than lift a finger anymore, if that, at least on your own.” Coco's eyes widened a bit at those words. What did he mean?

“OK slut, here's the rundown. You're not really a person anymore, well at least not legally. From here on out, you are property to be bought or sold. We've done some work with reprogramming your subconscious, but that's not exactly complete. That will come though, we're just waiting for it to take hold. In the meantime, let's go over some of the physical adjustments we've made for you shall we? Let;s start at the top. First of all, your body is no longer yours. This nifty little transmitter has given me control over your entire body. I control all your voluntary muscles now. Isn't that cool? Wave to me mmk?”

Coco watched in horror as she felt her muscles spring to life, hoisting her arm off the table and waving as if to say “hi.”

“Hahahaha isn't that amazing? I can actually give you control if needed, such as for letting you walk or...other things, but for now we'll leave you as is. OK, moving on, you may not have noticed, but you no longer grow hair on your body....anywhere. The top of your head actually has a thin grid of special magnets underneath the skin. This is to allow your owner to fit you with any wig he wishes. No more spending hours at the salon getting your hair done for you. It's as easy as swapping the wigs out and activating the magnets. He can pull as hard as he wants and that wig won't budge an inch, just like real hair!”

“OK next thing, your face. Feels kind of tingly doesn't it? This was the last change we performed so there are still some small side effects that should wear off pretty soon. What won't wear off is your makeup. We really outdid ourselves on this one. We used a special pigment that can actually change color based on whatever look we want you to have. It's pretty amazing honestly. I can give you any look I want you to have from this screen. Your eyelashes have also been replaced with some nice, long, high-quality plastic ones. They look gorgeous if I do say so myself. “

“Now, you may have noticed by now that you can't move your mouth. That's due to the fact that we did a little bit of work in that area. First off, your lips have been pumped full of collagen almost to the point of bursting. We've also installed a rubber O-ring inside them to keep that gorgeous mouth ready for action. You look so much like a sex-doll it's uncanny. We also removed all those pretty little teeth you had, since we don't want anyone getting hurt. You won't be needing them anyways, but we'll get more into that in a moment. Just know that your mouth is now a wonderfully sensitive wet hole, and nothing more.”

“Most of the other alterations were pretty standard, though they may have been taken a bit further than normal. Your breasts are now...well honestly, I'm not sure what the actual size is but we put 10,000cc implants in. It's amazing that you can even walk with those things hanging from your chest but we ran you through some tests when you were under and your body adjusted magnificently. We've slimmed your waist down to 20 inches, though your hips and ass flare out quite a bit. You have an hourglass figure that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous.”

“Now, I should also tell you, we got a little crazy with you. We've been working on a compound for some time and you were just the perfect test subject, so we figured 'why not?' Basically the way it works is it bonds with your skin to give it much more elasticity and toughness, but still leaves the skin smooth and soft. This means your skin can take a LOT more punishment than it could before. You might still feel some pain, but you won't bruise or break. This was of special interest to some of our more, um, rough clients.”

“In addition to that, you've been given 2 special ports. One is in your back and leads directly to your lungs. Basically, you no longer need your mouth or nose to breathe. The other is in your arm and is basically for nutrition. This means you won't ever need to eat or drink anything, so long as your owners make sure to hook you up to your IV once in a while.”

“The last thing we've done is modified your bodies own personal chemistry. It's not so hard when you're jacked into the central nervous system to begin with. I could go into all the details but honestly, I'm not sure you could understand them anyways, so I'll just tell you: Your ass now produces it's own lubrication, just like a vagina. I hope I don't have to explain why we might have done that.”

Charlie sighed with satisfaction. “Yes ma'am, you're going to make someone quite, quite happy, and make me quite, quite rich in the process. I can't tell you what an honor it's been transforming you into this pinnacle of sexuality you are now. You'll probably be experiencing a bit of shock at the moment, but if you let yourself, you will quite enjoy your new existence.”

Cocos head was absolutely buzzing at what had been done to her. She wanted to look and see for herself, but she still couldn't control her muscles enough to really move her head more than rolling it side to side. She was very aware of her lip implant though, as well as the transmitter in her head. There was also a small thought in the back of her head, barely there, but taking up space all the same. She wasn't quite sure what that feeling was but it was burning up her mind trying to figure out what it was. She wanted something, no, NEEDED something, but what was it? Something just felt empty at the moment and needed to be filled.

The next month was quite tough on Coco, at least at first. Charlie took her all over the place showing her off to prospective buyers. She never knew where, since she always rode in a box when they traveled, but the things she was made to do severely tested her spirit. There was one couple who actually hung her from their ceiling by her neck, waist, and ankles. The husband used his thick cock to go back and forth between her ass and pussy while the wife pressed Cocos face into her own wet pussy. They used the controls to make Cocos tongue dance wildly all over the lady's clit, giving her orgasm after orgasm. Another prospective customer actually paid Charlie to keep her for a week, during which he dressed her up in all sorts of outfits to play with. One day she was in a club dress and slutty heels. Another day she was dressed up like a slutty schoolgirl, complete with plaid skirt and knee socks. Yet another day she was put into sneakers, cutoff shorts and a tank top (apparently the man had a “naughty babysitter” fantasy). One guy actually locked her in a box with only her head poking out. He left her sitting in that box for hours until he got horny, at which point he would pump his cock into her waiting mouth until he finished. There was another couple, a tall, well-built man and his very meek wife who just wanted to abuse her, physically and mentally. The man pounded into Cocos immovable mouth with great force, slapping her occasionally while the wife played with her giant breasts, constantly hurling insults at Coco. “Slut! Whore! Stupid little fuckdoll!” she would scream as her husband slammed into her face with his large cock sliding down her throat. “Do you like being used by a big strong man like that? You know that's all you're good for right? To suck cock and take it in every hole you have? What a fucking bimbo-slut you are”

The amazing part is that she did know. That small irking in the back of her mind had become an overwhelming desire for sex. She craved penetration like it was food. She fought to retain control over her thoughts,but she often found herself wandering into daydreaming about cock. She put a great fight at first, trying to resist everything happening to her, but by the time a few weeks had passed, her walls had begun to break down. After a solid month, the desire had grown too strong in her, and she couldn't resist any longer. She was a slave to cock. She needed it in every hole she had. She needed it every minute of every day, and every second that her holes weren't filled was pure agony.

The day came finally when she would be auctioned off. She was the headline item in this particular sale of oddities, and ended up costing her eventual owner several tens of millions of dollars. He was an older fellow, in his 40's. Apparently whatever business he was in had done well for him, considering the price he'd paid. His house was another indication that whatever he did, he did it well. Coco didn't see much of the house though. He really only brought her out in his bedroom to play. He'd often bring her out for parties and let his guests have their way with her. They'd use the controller to change her from trashy looking stripper bimbo to high-class escort, to over-the-top sextoy. They'd spend hours plugging away at her holes, filling her with cum again and again, all the while the blank expression on her face never changed due to her modifications.

When he wasn't using her, he'd place her on a custom stand in his room. The stand had a metal rod that ended with a rubber tip, shaped much like a dildo. This slid into Coco to keep her upright while she wasn't in use. He'd hook her up to her IV and let her sit until the mood to play stuck him again She was his own personal fuckdoll, without even so much as a hint of a personality anymore outside of her intense need for cock. She would stay here until he got tired of her and sold her, whenever that would be. She was a slave to this man and his wild desires from now until forever..

And now, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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