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Hello! This is my first story that I will be posting here! This is meant as a tribute to the Casino of Deception animations. A huge thank you to the people that worked hard on the animations and enjoy the story!

Full Metal City; a place where everything is real, but yet, it’s just all an illusion. To the outsider or someone who had just moved into this place, it might seem prosperous and such, but underneath the mask is something more dishonest, and decieving. There has been a fair share of rumours and news articles from small-time reporters discussing the city’s supposed corruption, and even more outlandish, the robots that live among us, working the day to day jobs. Of course, no one believed in them; myself included, why would they? They were just that, rumours and there was no way that a city as wonderful as this would have those sorts of things; after all, it’s like that saying goes: Ignorance is bliss.

The Golden Tower Casino is the biggest place to gamble in the entire city, heck it’s the only place to gamble away all of your life savings or that big cheque on payday. The casino wasn’t without controversy however, many had accused the casino of cheating, as well as using the aforementioned robots as staff. All of these accusations were brushed off, with people just assuming that those who were accusing the casino of cheating to be sore losers.

I seldom come here, casinos aren't exactly my cup of tea, and the times I do go here, I don’t plan on taking risks as much as the other patrons there. However, it was one specific night that would ultimately change my view of the casino and Full Metal City itself.

As i’m playing blackjack with a rather attractive looking lady on the other side of the table, I began to hear strange sounds coming from a nearby table, sounds of popping and sparks along with garbled speech. I turned to see something that I would have never believed, one of the dealers was a robot, and was currently breaking down! The spectacle didn’t just grab my attention however, as many other patrons of the casino turned to see what was happening, they couldn’t believe what was happening as well.

As they all begin to mutter to each other, probably about the casino and the city itself, the robot tries to ask the person she is playing against if he wants to play again. I couldn’t exactly understand the man, with his voice being low-pitched and gravely as well as the distance between us. Something the man said caused the robot to sort of snap as she reached for her head and got a firm grasp on it, not long before pulling it upwards. Some of the patrons began to storm out of the casino due to the fact that the casino was using robots to their advantage. However, the man did not leave like everyone else, instead he picked up a strange metal piece that most likely came from a robot, inspecting it before tossing it back onto the table, before soon running off into an unknown direction, going further into the casino.

Curious, I walked over to the table where the man was playing. Looking around to see if no one was looking, I picked up the piece and turned it in my hand, I looked all around it. I spot what seems to be text on a white rectangular sticker. Taking a closer look, I can make out the words “Access Codes” on it, and underneath was more text that seems to be multiple access codes. Armed with this new knowledge, I wanted to confirm this whole robot theory myself, I mean the whole casino isn’t filled with multiple robots right?...

I quickly set the piece down before leaving the area completely, not wanting to get into trouble with the casino’s security that would likely be coming. As I pass by the cashier station, I hear a bright voice call out to me. “We hope you enjoyed your stay sir!~”. I look back to see a sparkling red head smiling at me from behind the cashier area. I actually talked with her when I first entered the casino, just some light talk and maybe a few compliments that were thrown her way. I thought about it for a moment… “could she be a robot as well?” I might as well find out.

I turn around and walk back to her. “I just need to cash in some chips real quick.” I hand over what chips I had remaining from my few games, she nods as she takes said chips. “One moment sir~” She puts the chips away and goes through the contents of the cash register, pulling out the money and sliding it onto the counter. “Here you go sir.~ Is there anything else that I can help you with?~”. I take the money that I was owed and pocket it, soon responding to her question; now figuring that it was time to put my plans into motion. “Actually… I need some chips real quick, figured I want to get another quick game in.” She tilts her head to the side, continuing to smile brightly. “Of course sir~. I hope you will win it big!~ How many chips would you like?” I try to remember what exactly were the codes that was written on that metal piece earlier. “Hrm, I would like… King of Diamonds?...”. A beeping sound signals from her as her eyes begin to brightly glow green before dimming repeatedly. “King. Of. Diamonds. Yes sir. I will obey…” I couldn’t believe that… it actually worked! Now it’s time to get some answers. “Alright, How many robots work inside this casino?”. I decided to ask as my first question, to which she replies in a monotone voice. “There. Are. One. Hundred. Units. Active.” Time for another question. “Okay okay… Who manages this casino then?”. “The. Manager. Is. Unit. 3357. Unit. Name. ‘Sophie’.” Huh, so the manager is a robot as well… Interesting…

I figured that I should get out of her, however I might as well get something out of this little investigation. “Thanks for the info! Also can I have negative one chips please?”. I give her a value that wouldn’t make sense at all; watching the bot put a finger to her mouth in a thinking expression as her eyes cross, all accompanied by a whirring sound. “Negative One. Chips. D-Does not compute. Ye-Yes. Sir. Ne-Negative. Unknown value-value.” Her head kinks to the side as a burst of sparks flies out of one of her ears, with what seems to be smoke flying out after.

The bot begins grabbing handfuls of random chips and dropping them onto the counter. I watch as the amount keeps on rising! I completely hit the jackpot because of this! The robot soon stops grabbing chips as it would seem that she has run all out, however she continues to grab empty handfuls of nothing. “Alright! That’s enough there! Thanks again!~” *I attempt to stuff my jacket and pants with the ridiculous amount of chips, somehow succeeding with only having to carry a few in my hands. I give a minor wave goodbye to the bot as she somewhat does the same, however, she doesn’t make full eye contact with me as she sputters out. “We-We. Hope. You. Enj-Joyed. Your. Visit.”

After leaving the currently malfunctioning bot, I head to another part of the cashier area to cash in my chips; though I was met with suspicion, I somehow got away with the excuse that I was just lucky. Soon I was walking away from the casino with literal millions of dollars. Looks like I won’t be returning to this casino ever, and it was all thanks to that one man from earlier… I wonder what he is doing right now inside the casino though…

After walking past a man who was smiling all too happy, a lady heads inside the casino, quickly noticing a bot that has broken down in the cashier area, heading towards it. The bot doesn’t look at the new person who had just entered, instead she twitches as she tries to speak. “Welcome. Welcome. Sophie. Welcome. We hope you enjoy-” Her endless rambling phases out as Sophie begins to connect the dots that the man she had just passed by was the cause of this bot’s current breakdown, she internally sighs as she speaks once more. “Initiate self destruction code: Bankrupt” A beeping is heard as the bot speaks up, her eyes now opened wide. “Y-Yes. Sophie-e. Ye-Yes…”. She gets a firm grip on her head before twisting it 90 degrees with a quick snap, soon after ripping her head upwards; the sound of metal ripping apart and wires being torn fills the area as eventually, the bot manages to tear her head off fully, letting go of it and letting it hit the tiled floor below, her body continues to stand up right as Sophie just moves on from this bot. It didn’t matter to her anyways, these robots were dimes in a dozen.