Can You Fix It?

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Written by Mirage

Can You Fix It?

I entered the room holding the box. I sat at the chair next to the table. I put the box on my lap and waited. After a few minutes, finally a man wearing a lab coat entered. He welcomed me and looked at some papers in a folder explaining what I was there for. He took a deep breath and look at me straight in the eyes.

"How did this happen?" he simply asked me.

I explained in details what I could remember the most.

"Well, two weeks ago, I finally decided to order myself a love doll bot... I always wanted one and being a single guy, I was very happy when she arrived only two days later in her box. I read her instructions and followed them to the letter. Activating her and giving her a name. I called her Ashley. She was beautiful, blue eyes, long brown hair, luscious lips and her body... Dude! Wow... great tits on her. And her ass and pussy! Shit, it was perfect. After she was activated, she started to walk around, asking questions about stuff to develop her personality core. What I like, what she can do for me, what was her main purpose. Of course, fucking was her main fucking function! After a few more questions, I told her I wanted to fuck her good now! She went in sex mode and I boned her good! Things with her was great, best fuck I ever had! After a few beers, I sat on the couch and ask her to suck me hard. She went down on her knees and put her face in my dick and started to slurp me good! Man, she was sucking me so good, I was almost exploding in her mouth. She then stopped and told me she was heating up, she needed to cool down. I told her, Bitch, don't you dare stop sucking me! You know, you just don't stop in a middle of a blowjob. That's just wrong. She complied and continued to suck me hard. I screamed at her, FASTER! Well, faster she went, but then, holy shit, flames started to shoot out of her ears! I scream at her to let go, but she kept sucking away. I fucking lost it when her head burst into flames in my crotch. I fucking punched her hard but the crazy bitch would not let go. Screaming my ass off, I manage to kick her free. I ran in my kitchen and grabbed a bucket and put water in it and splashed it on my flaming robot where…"

Before I could continue, the man stopped me and told me he didn't need to know the rest.

"So, can you fix it??" I asked the man.

He asked me to open the box and he looked inside it. "How the hell can I fix that? It's completely burned off!" he yelled out.

"Fuck off then! I thought you were an expert in this kind of shit!!" I yelled to the man. I then left the doctor's office with my burned off penis in the box.

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