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This is a story I was poked and prodded into writing by Kishin, so he is to blame for getting me off my shiny metal ass to write this. :P Seriously though, he was wondering about the ominous side of Fembot Command, and what set them apart from Robot Control. Basically it's that Fembot Command has no problem killing to advance their goals. So I thought I'd write another dark and sinister tale about some Fembot Command girls up to no good. I also took some inspiration from one of Sarabot's stories, so thanks Sarabot!

“It is a little bit intimidating.”

That thought finally crystallized into Jessica’s head as she fumbled around with her phone, trying to look distracted. She stepped off the downward escalator and walked the hundred or so feet on the polished mall floor to the lingerie shop.

The chain was known for its gimmick of dressing its staff up in the same lingerie it sold. This had garnered the expected range of reactions, but it had gotten this retail upstart noticed.

And the lingerie was indeed high quality. While other notable outlets had let the quality of their merchandise slip, Beni Nascosti had a growing reputation for selling only top quality undergarments.

Jessica wanted to give her fiancé something special, and she could afford the premium. So she crossed the threshold and slowed her pace to have a good look around inside the store.

It was a rather large retail space for a lingerie shop. This used to be the sporting goods store, and it’s actually where she and Brian bought their canoe. On the wall where it once sat was now a row of disembodied plastic feminine legs, each one in a different rainbow hue of stocking.

Glossy plastic torsos with colourful corsets lined the other wall, and racks and shelves of lingerie filled the spacious floor. There were a handful of ladies shopping here, and of course, the staff.

Three attractive young women dressed in lingerie showed off the goods. Jessica briefly looked at them one by one, the corner of her mouth raising in a girlish smile as she did.

She was almost embarrassed to be caught looking at them, like she was doing something she ought not be doing. She had to admit though, she found them to be easy to look at.

There was a tall blonde woman helping a customer. She was dressed in powder blue lingerie with white lace trim. She moved like a ballet dancer or a fashion model. Jessica wished she could move like that.

Then there was the slightly shorter and voluptuous girl with auburn hair. She was dressed in a black lingerie set with a garter belt and everything. Jessica imagined her with a whip and nearly giggled out loud. She hoped that girl didn’t notice her staring from her vantage point behind the sales counter.

The black-haired woman was just finishing up stocking a set of shelves. She was of average height, and had quite an exquisite figure just like her two coworkers. She was wearing a mostly black corset with shiny blue satin trim, black stockings and panties too.

She stood up after laying down pairs of panties on the bottom shelf and turned around to look right at Jessica. She smiled brightly at the new customer, the deep blue accents on her corset accentuating her clear bright blue eyes.

“Hi.” she said in a cheerful voice. “Can I help you find something?”

Jessica saw the nametag pinned to her corset. Her name was Lauren.

“Umm…” Jessica found herself a little dumbstruck by just how beautiful this mall employee was. She could easily be working as a runway model on the catwalks of Paris.

“Call me Lauren, by the way.” she said with a friendly smile, extending her hand.

Jessica took the gesture in stride and shook her hand. “I’m Jessica.” she said. “Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m pleased to meet you too, Jessica.” Lauren said.

Jessica let her hand drift down to the side while she just stared at the raven-haired beauty. Before she could realise just how awkward her silent stare was becoming, Lauren spoke again.

“Is there a specific look you’re interested in?” she asked.

“Yes actually.” Jessica said, taking a breath. “I want something in white. Something really frilly and girly. You know what I mean?”

Lauren gave her head a slight tilt to one side and said “I think so. But let’s narrow it down further. Do you want something loose-fitting or more snug?”

“Snug.” Jessica answered. “Actually, something almost exactly like what that girl is wearing.” she said, pointing to the redhead behind the counter.

That girl looked directly at Jessica, making her feel just a little abashed again.

“That’s Melody.” Lauren said. “Let’s go over and see what she’s wearing!”

Lauren turned around and led her customer over to the front desk. Jessica followed, and felt a little more at ease when Melody leaned forward and smiled at her.

“Melody,” Lauren said, “This is Jessica. She’s looking for an outfit like yours, but in white.”

“Oh, well let me come out and show you what I’ve got on.” Melody said brightly. She strutted out, heels clicking, from behind the counter and stood herself in front of Jessica.

“Magia Nera shoes…” she said, looking at Lauren, who nodded deliberately. Melody turned around and posed like a model for Jessica as she listed off the garments she was wearing.

“Usignolo thigh high stockings, Legami del Desiderio garter belt, Porta a Cielo bikini-cut satin panties, Nuvole di Dioia push-up bra, eleganza seducente long satin gloves, and Io Sono Tua satin choke collar.”

Melody finished her little fashion show and smiled at Jessica. She felt herself blushing a little.

“I can get together the exact same outfit in white for you, if you like.” Lauren said.

“Oh, I love it all!” Jessica said, looking back and forth between her and Melody.

“I’ve got to go now.” Melody said, returning to her original position to ring up a sale for someone.

“The only thing I’m not super keen on is those long satin gloves.” Jessica said. “Do you have little white lace gloves?”

“Yes, of course!” Lauren said. “Our Colibrì Giocoso gloves should be exactly what your looking for.”

Jessica thought about Lauren again for a moment. She clearly had a brain in her head on top of being extremely gorgeous. She was impressed.

“Why don’t you head back to one of our change rooms and start undressing while I start gathering those items for you?”

“Okay.” Jessica said with a little hesitancy. There was that intimidation she felt again.

She was a little self-conscious of her own body, and being around these three women who could so easily be supermodels didn’t make her feel any better. She knew she was fit and pretty, and Brian loved her and lusted after her, but she always thought her boobs were a little saggy and imperfect, and her butt was a bit too big, and she had that slouch she was always working to get rid of.

“You can just take any one of our change rooms, they’re right at the end of the wall in the back.” Lauren said with a smile as she gestured Vanna White style to the far end of the store.

Jessica realised she had kind of been standing there zoned out for a moment and nervously laughed and started walking.

Lauren followed, and asked “You’ve got 39” hips, right?”

“Yeah…” Jessica said, “how did you know?”

“I work in a lingerie store, It’s my job to know things like that.”

Jessica laughed it off and continued to the change rooms. There were eight of them, all very large considering they were just for lingerie, but she wasn’t complaining.

All were empty too, and she went into the farthest one and latched the door closed behind her.

She hung her purse on the hook and started taking off her clothes. Her tight cream coloured sweater came off first, then her skirt. She heard a knock on the door.

“It’s me, Lauren. I’ve got all your lingerie. Can I come in?”

“Uh… why?”

“You need to be properly fitted for your bra.”

Jessica thought about that. She had never actually been “fitted” for a bra, she had always just bought them.

She unlatched the door. A smiling Lauren walked in, carrying a neatly folded stack of white lingerie piled on top of a red shoe box.

“I’m going to put this stuff down here.” Lauren said. She stooped down to lay the stack of merchandise onto a bench in the wide and deep change room and then turned her attention to Jessica.

“Have you ever been sized for a bra before?”

“No, actually.” Jessica said, remembering to straighten up her posture a little bit.

“Oh, it makes such a huge difference in comfort. No more chafing, less bouncing around, and it just looks a lot better too.”

Jessica smiled.

“Take off your bra.” Lauren said.

“Right now?” Jessica asked.

Lauren smiled reassuringly at her customer. “Don’t worry, I’m an expert at this. This is part of my job too.”

Jessica looked down as the blonde highlights of her light brown wavy hair draped forward. She reached behind her back and undid the clasps of her cheap and probably ill-fitting bra.

She brought her head up again as the shoulder straps came off. She pulled the garment down and forward and tried to think of this as a medical exam or something similar.

The impossibly beautiful supermodel candidate wasted no time in grabbing both of Jessica’s breasts with her hands.

“Woah!” Jessica said, almost slapping the other woman’s arms away. “Don’t you use a tape measure or something?”

Before she could even answer, Lauren was done. “No.” she said anyway. “I told you I’m an expert.”

Lauren smiled and said “I’ll be right back with your bra.”

With that, she left the change room, leaving it to Jessica to latch the door after her.

Jessica stood there bewildered with her arms across her chest for a moment while she thought about what had just occurred. She definitely wasn’t expecting that at all.

She looked at the pile of lingerie that Lauren had brought and continued to undress.

Lauren came back quickly again. “Here you go Jessica!” she said cheerily as she held the bra over the top edge of the change room door.

“Thanks.” Jessica said as she took it.

“I’ll be just outside the change room. If you need me, just give me a call.” Lauren told her.

“Okay, will do.” Jessica said.

She proceeded with her undressing and got herself totally naked, then started putting on the new lingerie piece by expensive piece.

Her misgivings about the weirdness of this lingerie shop and its employees faded away a bit as she got herself clad in more of that sexy underwear.

Jessica loved lingerie. She loved the way it made her feel and she loved how sexy it made her look. And of course the bra fit perfectly. It fit better than any bra she had ever owned. Go figure.

The last and final touches to her ensemble were the white satin choke collar and those little white lace gloves. They were like the cherry on top.

Jessica smiled at her reflection in the full-length mirror. The white lace lingerie set looked incredible on her, and she couldn’t wait to show it off to Brian that evening.

She turned around and glanced at her perky round butt cheeks again. The outfit made her look so sexy, it was incredible. She couldn’t get over just how well everything fit, especially the bra. And those bikini-cut panties even made her slightly plump buns look sexier than they’d ever looked before.

The white thigh-high stockings and garter belt matched the bra and panties perfectly, and she swore the girl in the mirror looked like a fashion model rather than an accounts payable office clerk.

She couldn’t suppress a wide grin, and brought up her lace-gloved hands to her face as she giggled with glee. She would definitely buy this outfit, and would actually wear it under her clothes for the rest of the day. Without the gloves and satin choke collar, of course.

Jessica reached out to open the change room door, but it was stuck. She tried again, harder. The door latch wouldn’t slide open.

She called out. “Uh… hello?”

She didn’t hear anybody out in the little change room hallway.

“Hello?” she called louder, feeling embarrassed. “The door’s stuck.”

She waited for a moment while that feeling of being trapped slowly set in. She rattled and tried the door latch again. It wouldn’t budge. She pounded on the door with her fist.

“Hello? Lauren?” she called to the lady who had been helping her.

Still, there was only silence on top of the sound of the mall’s cavernous air conditioning.

Jessica stood back and took a deep breath.

She looked around her. Her clothes and her purse were still where she had left them. She thought maybe she should get dressed, but decided to wait until she had talked to Lauren about buying the lingerie first.

Then she noticed another door latch on the back wall of the change room. It was an odd place for one, but she decided to try it.

It opened, allowing her to swing out the entire heavy back wall of the change room - mirror and all.

“Hello?” she called out again as she leaned her head through the doorway.

Again, there was no answer. She walked through, into what was obviously a very cramped store room full of shelves, stacked boxes and not much light.

She turned left and tried making her way around the change rooms and back into the store. Her white heels made distinct clicking sounds on the concrete floor as she walked.

Suddenly she heard another set of high heels clicking. Jessica stopped and waited. She felt like she was trespassing somehow, and prepared herself for an explanation.

Lauren came walking around the corner, dressed in the blue and black satin lingerie set that she had been wearing out in the store.

“Oh, Lauren! I’m so glad to see you!” Jessica said.

Lauren said nothing, and didn’t even look at Jessica. She kept walking swiftly forward, and almost collided with Jessica as she strutted down the narrow stockroom hallway.

Jessica got out of her way just in time and watched her walk past. “Lauren, can you help me?” she asked.

Lauren did not answer. She kept walking through the stockroom and through another doorway. Jessica followed, and watched Lauren stop in the middle of a very small room and sit down on a cheap wood and metal stacking chair.

“Lauren?” Jessica said to the oblivious woman one more time.

Lauren did not respond. She looked different. She looked like she was sleepwalking, or like she had been hypnotized.

Jessica couldn’t take her eyes off her though. She watched as Lauren turned to use a laptop set up on a shelf to her left. She typed something into the keyboard and picked up a cable plugged into it.

Then Jessica watched as Lauren reached up to her head and took off her face.

Jessica gasped. Lauren was clearly electronic inside. Lauren was an android.

Lauren’s face was full of electronic components on its underside. Inside the oval-shaped opening in her head were bright flashing lights, circuit boards, computer parts and bundles of wiring.

Jessica said nothing, only trembling now as the robot she had called Lauren plugged the cable into a port inside her head.

Jessica backed away from the shocking sight, but bumped into somebody. She turned around with another loud sharp gasp to see Melody blocking her exit.

Melody was dressed in her black lingerie set, just as she had been in the store, but she had taken on that eerie, hypnotized look that Lauren had.

“You are not authorized to be in this area.” Melody said.

“I’m sorry.” was all Jessica could think to say.

Melody stared at her with lifeless eyes. She was perfectly still while Jessica’s trembling got worse.

“I wanna go now.” Jessica pleaded.

“We can not allow you to leave.” Melody said.

Melody grabbed Jessica by the arms and pushed her into the small room where the robot Lauren was plugged into her computer. The blonde woman in her powder blue lingerie came strutting from the dark hallways and blocked the door behind Melody.

Jessica tried frantically to free herself, raising her arms and flailing them around to try and loose Melody’s grip. Her clenched fist struck the side of Melody’s face in the process, dislodging that plastic covering and revealing Melody to be an android too.

“Please do not resist.” Melody said calmly, her voice a digitized stream projected through the electronic maze of parts. “We do not wish to harm you.”

Jessica’s mouth hung open wide. Her eyes darted around from the faceless redhead robot woman to the blonde as that one entered too and closed the door behind her.

“No!” Jessica shouted by reflex, now trapped in this tiny room with three inhuman machines.

The blonde wasted no time in opening a first aid kid and extracting a syringe from it. She uncapped it and turned around to face Jessica, now sweating and still shaking with fear.

The blonde’s expression looked blank, plastic and fake now too as she stuck the needle into a vein in Jessica’s arm.

“No!” was all Jessica could say again as the plunger was pushed down, forcing a clear liquid into her body.

“Please do not resist.” The blonde android said.

“We do not wish to harm you.” Melody said again, her exposed circuitry lit up by a complex array of flashing LEDs.

Jessica started to see spots. She felt a spinning sensation as everything got hard to see. Melody held her up as her eyelids got heavier and her balance failed. Within a minute, she was unconscious.

Her head drooped forward as her knees bent in. Melody was now supporting her full body weight.

That android turned her opened electronic head to the blonde and said “Nicole 2, please reattach my facemask for me.”

The blonde responded “Yes Melody 2.” and bent over to pick up the fallen covering.

She held it in her hands and inspected it closely for a moment. “Abrasion damage detected on facemask. Nose and left cheek area affected.

Melody 2 aimed her electronic optical sensors down and left at the device in Nicole 2’s hand. Analysis of the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum was enough to reveal that the silicone and plastic facial covering had become scratched and scuffed in its sudden fall to the concrete floor.

“My facemask will have to be repaired.” Melody 2 said, still holding the unconscious Jessica in her arms.

“Processing… processing… processing…” she repeated, lights inside her open electronic head flashing faster and brighter while she computed what to do next.

“Nicole 2,” she said, “please set aside my facemask and open the trap door.”

Nicole 2 stood motionless for a moment while she processed that order. “Yes Melody 2.” she eventually said.

She laid down the redhead’s facemask next to the laptop that Lauren 2 was still plugged in to, and opened the door to the dark hallway again. Nicole 2 walked a few steps and rolled back a rug that covered a wooden trap door in the floor.

Melody 2 raised Jessica up and walked out of the room, carrying her out into the hallway.

“Nicole 2, please climb down the ladder and prepare to take this human from me as I pass her down to you.”

“Yes Melody 2.” the blonde replied. She obediently knelt down and started to climb down the wooden ladder into a meticulously carved out secret underground chamber.

Melody 2 positioned and lowered Jessica down into the shaft. Nicole 2 took her from Melody 2, who followed down the shaft.

Back in the tiny room, Lauren 2 had finished up her process with the laptop. She reached up to her own open fembot head and disconnected the cable from it. Her hands picked up her realistic facemask and reattached it to the front, making her look more like a person again.

Lauren 2 looked at Melody 2’s facemask lying beside the laptop. She had been momentarily occupied while the intruder had been subdued, but she had not been oblivious as to what was going on. She took Melody 2’s facemask and exited the room, heading down the trapdoor to meet up with her fellow robots.

Lauren 2 stepped off the ladder and visually scanned the scene. An entire new basement room had been carved out by Fembot Command underneath this lingerie store. Into it had been fitted one of Fembot Command’s supercomputers - a Master Computing Device.

This made Beni Nascosti another node in Fembot Command’s network. In fact, every location of Beni Nascosti operated this way. All staffed by pretty women in lingerie, all actually Fembot Command bases directed by a supercomputer and run by highly advanced female androids.

Lauren 2 saw Nicole 2 and Melody 2 off to one side. They had gotten Jessica into a white padded vinyl examination chair, and were tying her into it with a few pairs of beige thigh high “piaceri semplici” stockings. She had been gagged too.

Lauren 2 approached Melody 2 with that girl’s facemask.

“I will package your facemask and arrange for our delivery girl to deliver it to Fembot Command Base Number 293 so that it can be repaired.” Lauren 2 told the voluptuous redhead.

That girl said nothing, but continued to tie knots in the nylon stockings so that Jessica would not be able to escape when she awoke.

Lauren 2 stood there looking pretty and artificial for a long moment. Then she asked “Shall I inform the others of this situation?”

Melody 2 tightened a double knot around Jessica’s right wrist and stood up. She pivoted to aim her electronic head at the black-haired robot and said “Yes Lauren 2.”

Lauren 2 wandered stiffly over to a computer console near the ladder. There were computer monitors above showing the view of the lingerie store and the back store room.

From those camera views, all appeared normal. The Lauren 1, Melody 1, and Nicole 1 robots were all still fully operational out in the front of the lingerie store and interacting with customers. Those identical androids were all in Human Emulation Mode of course, unlike the three dealing with the intruder Jessica.

Lauren 2 activated a microphone that would encode and transmit a message only to those three robots on the showroom floor.

“Attention all robots. Attention all robots.”

Lauren 1, Melody 1, and Nicole 1 froze in place.

“A human intruder has been subdued and captured.” Lauren 2 said. “Security level Gamma. Please continue normal operational programming and subroutines and await further commands. End transmission.”

The three girls on the showroom went back to being helpful, apologizing to their customers for the way they had suddenly and awkwardly fallen silent, still, and unresponsive.

Lauren 2 had one more announcement to make. She directed this message only to Melody 1.

“Attention Melody 1. Attention Melody 1.”

That redhead android froze again. The woman she was helping was now visibly irritated.

“Melody 2 has suffered hardware damage. Location: facemask. Melody 2 will require use of your facemask when she replaces you for your shift. End transmission.”

The copy of Melody out in the store went through another round of apologies as Lauren 2 disconnected and went to package up the damaged facemask. It was, of course, safe to ship it out to have it repaired. Their courier was also staffed by Fembot Command androids.

A few hours later, and a shift change of sorts had occurred. Due to their battery packs running low on energy, Lauren 1, Melody 1, and Nicole 1 had all been swapped out efficiently with Lauren 2, Melody 2, and Nicole 2. Those androids now ran Human Emulation Mode, and sold sexy lingerie to customers with ease.

The two Melody robots had merely exchanged the working facemask between them as they had walked past one another in the back hallway. It wasn’t a perfect situation, but it was necessary at the moment.

After that, Lauren 1, Melody 1, and Nicole 1 retreated down the trapdoor to charge their battery packs and download their most recently collected datasets into the Master Computing Device.

Lauren 1 had an additional task assigned to her now. While she had been plugged into an electrical power supply at the base of her spine to recharge, she had also remained in Human Emulation Mode in order to interact with Jessica.

Soon, that sedative started to wear off. Jessica heard unfamiliar sounds all around her, and moved to get up, only to find herself restrained.

She opened her eyes, still heavy from the drug. She didn’t know where she was. She felt her pulse quicken as she began to panic, realizing that she was gagged too.

Lauren 1 sat beside her on a decorative white painted wrought iron chair. She gently held Jessica’s hand and said “It is alright Jessica. Do not be afraid.”

Jessica tried to scream but was only able to moan.

“We are not going to hurt you.” Lauren 1 said, wearing a reassuring smile.

Jessica wasn’t reassured.

“I need to talk to you Jessica.” Lauren 1 told her. “If you promise not to scream, I will untie the stocking from your head.”

Jessica looked at her. She was too afraid to think.

“Please Jessica.”

She nodded.

Lauren 1 smiled warmly and stood up. She leaned forward and reached behind Jessica’s head to undo the knot. Jessica started silently freaking out at the sight of an electrical cord plugged directly into the woman’s back.

Her mouth now free, Jessica looked at Lauren 1 as she sat back down again, brushing the recharge cord out of her way as she did.

“You…” she quivered, “you’re a robot.”

Lauren 1 smiled a little bit again, trying to comfort her captive.

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re all robots.” Jessica said, falling into panic.”

Lauren 1 acted quickly, trying to soothe her.

“Do not be afraid.” she said. “We are not going to hurt you.”

Lauren 1 brushed some fallen hair out of Jessica’s face and held her hand. Jessica wanted to turn away. She wanted to run away.

“What do you want from me?”

“I just want to talk to you, Jessica.” the robot told her.

Jessica just looked at her. A silence fell, broken apart only by the continuous soft electronic beeps coming from the computer equipment around them.

She looked around the room. It was obviously that it had been roughly carved out and not properly finished. The only exit she saw was that ladder and the now closed trap door. The air was heavy and hard to breathe.

She looked at Lauren 1’s coworkers. They stood against the far wall, charging. Both were still dressed in their lingerie. Nicole 1’s face looked emotionless and blank. Melody 1’s face was missing entirely.

“I just want to talk to you, Jessica.” Lauren 1 repeated oddly.

“Why?” Jessica asked. “You’re not real.”

Lauren 1 continued to attempt to convey a look of sympathy and reassurance on her facemask.

“You’re not a person.” Jessica said. “You’re a machine. You don’t understand what you’re doing to me!”

“Please do not raise your voice, Jessica.” Lauren 1 warned. “Please calm down.”

Jessica glared at her. She looked back at Nicole 1, then Melody 1, then Lauren 1 again.

“Why are you keeping me tied up like this!?” she demanded.

Lauren 1 was still for a moment while she computed a response. “I do not know.” she said.

“Do you even think?” Jessica asked. “Do you even understand anything you do?” Jessica wanted to spit at her.

Lauren 1 had another moment of motionlessness and then responded with “I just want to talk to you, Jessica.”

Jessica forced her body back into the chair and shut her eyes. She started to cry.

“Do you have any hobbies or interests?” Lauren 1 asked.

Jessica shook her head side to side. Not to answer the question, but to deny the reality of the situation itself. She dared not open her eyes.

Lauren 1 still squeezed and held her hand, trying in vain to reassure her captive.

“Do you want to talk about lingerie? I know a lot about lingerie.”

Jessica opened her eyes and looked through her streaming tears at the counterfeit woman. Her appearance was flawlessly perfect, but the way she acted now was rote, mechanical.

“How do you like the lingerie you selected?” Lauren 1 asked.

Jessica sniffed and blinked as she felt tears dripping from her face. She thought and then said “That’s a stupid question.”

Lauren 1 looked inquisitively at the human and said “Why?”

“Oh my god! What do you care?” she snapped back.

“It is my job to care. My job is to make sure every customer of Beni Nascosti is happy with their purchases.”

“But you’re not even real!”

“I do not need to be a human to fulfill my duties.”

Jessica glared at the impenetrably logical black-haired beauty again.

“What are you going to do with me?” she asked.

“I can not answer that question.” Lauren 1 stated.

Jessica sat silently and tried to think of a way out.

“I need you to tell me one more thing Jessica.” Lauren 1 said.

“Go fuck yourself.” Jessica said.

“Thank you, Jessica.” Lauren 1 said.

Lauren 1 immediately stood up and tied the nylon stocking back around Jessica’s mouth. Jessica protested and tried to resist, but she couldn’t stop the android from gagging her once more.

Still plugged in and recharging, Lauren 1 walked over to the computer terminal at the front. She entered a hexadecimal code into a keypad and picked up a connection cable with her left hand.

Her right hand moved up to her face. She grasped her plastic facial covering and took it off, then proceeded to plug that connection cable into a waiting port above her optical sensory apparatus.

Lauren 1 stood there dressed up in sexy black and blue lingerie and heels, transmitting a fresh set of data into the Master Computing Device.

While she was doing that, Nicole 2 had gone back into the store room and off to the left by the rear exit. Fembot Command’s undercover courier girl had arrived. Nicole 2 smiled and chit-chatted with that pretty blonde and uniformed android for a while, then got down to business.

The courier picked up and scanned the inconspicuous brown box that contained Melody 2’s damaged facemask. She also had a special rush delivery for this location of Beni Nascosti in the form of a large oblong wooden crate.

The two ladies got the heavy crate out of the van with ease, and the courier lady was on her way.

Nicole 2 closed the exit door behind her and pushed the crate down the concrete floor to where the trapdoor was.

Lauren 1 stood in front of the computer terminal, still with her facemask off and still connected. She received a signal from Nicole 2, and unplugged the cable from the port inside her head.

Leaving her facemask behind at the terminal, she climbed up the ladder and opened the trapdoor to assist her fellow fembot with the crate.

Without speaking, the two of them opened the top of the hinged and locked crate. Inside was a newly and hastily customized Fembot Command unit.

The Beni Nascosti girls got her out of the form-fitted foam packaging and worked as a team to bring her down the ladder. Lauren 1 climbed down first, and took the inactive female android from Nicole 2, who followed after.

Jessica watched from her position, tied up and gagged in the chair. She tried to scream with fear and rage when she saw what these girls had brought down with them. It was an android duplicate of her.

Jessica violently shook and rattled the chair, trying to break free. The robots down their with her paid her no attention as they removed a white hairnet from the Jessica android’s head and let its hair fall around its shoulders.

The real Jessica was in tears again, full of anger, fear, shock. She could only sit there and helplessly watch as Lauren 1 removed the naked Jessica android’s facemask and plugged that thing into the computer terminal.

Nicole 2 went back upstairs as the faceless Lauren 1 robot worked the terminal, sending programming and data into the brand new member of the Beni Nascosti team.

None of the androids spoke, and Jessica could only whimper now as Nicole 2 returned with a familiar shoebox and pile of lingerie. She left just as quickly. The real Jessica watched as the robot copy of her got dressed in the lingerie that she had just picked out hours before.

The synthetic imposter faced her the entire time as she donned those stockings, panties, garter belt, bra, choke collar, gloves and shoes. Jessica looked at the robot woman without a face and saw only pure malevolence.

Lauren 1 walked over to the android Jessica and said “Jessica 1, how do you feel?”

The new robot stood for a moment with bright coloured LEDs flashing amid the exposed electronic circuitry and wiring inside her head. She turned to Lauren 1 and said “I feel very good. Thank you for asking.”

Lauren 1 said “Report system status.”

The android responded “All electronic and mechanical systems are reporting back as fully operational. Battery charge at 99%. No errors or anomalous logs have been detected.

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The android had been given her voice.

Lauren 1 walked over and attached the android’s facemask. “Jessica 1, please take your position on the sales floor.” she ordered.

“Yes Lauren 1.” the robot replied. The android Jessica walked in her new lingerie across the makeshift robot lab and climbed up the ladder.

Lauren 1 walked over to Jessica. Lauren 1’s face was still not attached to her head.

Jessica looked at the black-haired fembot. Her actions were menacing. There was another syringe in her hand.

Lauren 1 said nothing as she stuck the needle into Jessica’s arm. Jessica tried again in vain to resist, but it was no use. The plunger went down, the clear fluid went into her veins. Only this time, it was not a sedative. This time Jessica would not wake up.

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