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Part 1

His brand new leather-bound shoes made a distinct clicking noise as he walked briskly across the courtyard. Lex Luthor was a billionaire business man who was very busy concerning his companies new product, The K.B.

The K.B. had run into some major legal issues involved with Wayne Industries’ “Loren Ray Project”. Both the K.B. and the Loren Ray project were highly advanced robotic humanoid prototypes. Wayne Industries has sued Lex Luthor’s LexCorp over the similarity of their two products. The Case was today.

Sweat dripped down from the bald head of Lex Luthor as Bruce Wayne’s attorney, Harvey Dent starting asking numerous questions that made Lex even more nervous. Then Lex remembered his back up plan, he threw up, high into the air, a half-dollar coin. That was the signal for one of his many goons to hurl acid directly into Harvey Dent’s face.

Screaming in pain Harvey tried to wipe the acid off the half of his face that the acid had covered, but he couldn’t get it off before it did permanent damage.

And so the case was called off and both companies were allowed to build fembots. Wayne Industries eventually decieded to scrap the idea since the average person could never afford one. Lex Corp on the other hand had other ideas….

Lex Luthor has plotted to take out both Batman and Superman using these fembots. In a grand conspiracy, Lex meets with a man by the name of Edward Nigma aka The Riddler.

“It’s been awhile Nigma.” Said Lex in his cool clam yet smart tone of voice

“Please, call me Riddler.” Said Riddler

“After all of this is over Riddler you and your fellow Gotham criminals will have free reign, and you all will get some private funding from my company.” Explained Lex

“Yes, yes…but, Question, Where is the fembot you promised me?” asked The Riddler

Soon after an African-american woman in her early twenties dressed in a skin-tight white body suit came into Lex’s office.

“Answer: right in front of me.” Stated The Riddler with a wide grin on his face

“You’ll find Taylor here is one of our most advanced fembots. She is equipped with machine guns, super strength and a custom made Kryptonite laser, incase Superman shows up. Remember Riddler, you’re supposed to be the mastermind behind this whole thing, I wish you luck.” Said Lex

“Question: Who else is envolved in our little scheme, who else is getting one of your robotic beauties?” questioned The Riddler

“Well your not supposed to know incase you give in to batman’s examination of you if you get captured but….a few of my clients include Joker, Mad Hatter, and Mr. Freeze. They all have their own specific reasons for buying my product…you should get going with phase one of the plan, Nigma.” Answered Lex

“It’s The Riddler” corrected The Riddler

“Whatever” replied Lex


The thunder rolled across the gloomy cityscape as a cold rain fell down on the city, The Batman was definitely prowling. Comissioner Gordon parked his police car outside of the Gotham Park Green house. He had heard someone had broke in, Poison Ivy no doubt he thought.

Pamela Isley, or “Poison Ivy” was a very seductive professional criminal who lured the men of Gotham City using her body and her favorite pet plants. She usually wore nothing but a set of ivy leaves in the shape of a leotard.

“This is the police. Come out with your hands up.” Yelled Comissioner Gordon into the megaphone

Batman, like a ninja, cut a perfect circle hole in the top of the glass and jumped into the Green house. Poison Ivy was waiting for him.

“Hello Batman….I’ve been waiting here for you all night….come closer.” Ivy whispered seductively

Batman did not answer as he threw his re-enforced, weighted rope at her. It successfully captured her, but only for a moment. Batman was shocked when Ivy simply flexed and the ropes snapped instantly. Running at top speed, Ivy punched batman right in the ribs, which sent him flying across the green house.

“Damn it” Batman said under his breath, he could tell he just broke a rib. Batman was still trying to figure out where Ivy’s new found strength had come from when he saw Ivy remove her face.

“What….?...a…robot?” thought Batman.

Ivy walked towards Batman, holding her face in one hand, her breasts bouncing in tune with the clicking of her ivy-green boots on the green house floor.

“Good bye, Batman.” Ivy said in a now robotic monotone voice

There was a huge explosion and the entire green house lit on fire. Batman had to struggle to get out with his broken rib but he eventually escaped thanks to his fire proof cape. Comissioner Gordon was blinded for a few seconds but as his sight returned he could of sworn he saw someone standing in the flames of the Green House.

“Harvey?” thought Gordon

Part 2


The batmoblie slowly came to a halt inside the dark and gothic cave of The Batman. Still in shock from the broken rib, Batman quickly walked over to Alfred, his butler.

“Yes master Bruce it’s a broken rib indeed.” Said Alfred

“It doesn’t matter, but why build a robotic version of Poison Ivy? And only to have her explode like she did doesn’t make much since either.” Bruce thought outloud

“Well you’ll have time to think it over later, the lexcorp electronics expo starts in an hour or so, and Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a v.i.p. guest tonight.” Informed Alfred


The crowd was already large and growing at a rather alarming rate. Lex Luthor himself had just pulled up in his stretch limo and was wearing a confident smirk on his face as he approached the microphone.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure you’re all aware that tonight is the night we unveil the future of Lexcorp industries. So with out further ado, here it is….” Said Lex

Several guards pulled away a large blue veil to reveal a woman, or at least it looked like a woman. She was tan, had dirty blonde hair, and suggestive green eyes. She wore a white dress that showed the seams on her arms which made her seem almost like a mannequin.

“Now I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t a product. Ah, but it is, allow me to demonstrate.” Spoke Lex calmly and coolly to the now loud crowd.

Lex pulled a small remote from out of his tux pocket and pressed a single button labled “on”. Immediately the 20-some year old woman eyes grew wide and her hands slowly moved towards her face. Her hands then proceeded to remove her face altogether, revealing the various wiring and circuitry within her. The crowd roared with questions and excitement. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne was shocked, easily putting two and two together his sharp detective mind now assumed the Poison Ivy fembot was from Lexcorp.

Suddenly a shot rang out. The crowd instantly hit the ground and screams where heard all around. Someone had shout a man in the crowd, and that someone was The Joker. “I just love make entrances like that! Hahahahaha!” laughed The Joker crazily

“Puddin’ we should hurry up and steal that fembot, the police will be hear any second.” Worriedly Harley Quinn said to Joker

The Joker and his “friend” Harleyquin where a terrible couple of villains. While The Joker’s real name remains unknown, Harley Quinn was once a doctor at Arkham Asylum but was driven half insane by the joker himself. Her real name is Haleen Quinzel.

“Don’t worry sugar, remember this is all part of the plan.” Said joker smiling, his red lips growing wider and wider.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor had escaped in his limo.

“Killing that man wasn’t part of the plan…what does that maniac think he’s doing?” whispered Lex to himself while peering out of the bullet-proof window in his limo.

Lex had dropped the remote the fembot up on stage on purpose and The Joker knew this so he picked up the remote ran laughing hysterically back towards Harley Quin.

Bruce Wayne who sitting at the very end of the row, stuck his leg out and tripped The Joker who fell hard onto the floor.

“Why you! So money bags wants to play, huh?” said Joker a little angrily

“Hey Mr. J shouldn’t we just get out of here now? The next part of the plan is supposed to be starting any moment.” Whined Harley Quinn

“oh fine.” The joker half sighed and pressed another button on the remote

The 20 year old tan fembot blew up, killing everyone in the first two or three rows of seats.

“Now that’s how you make an exit!” laughed Joker


Batman watched as the news reporter gave her speech.

“After last nights incident, Lex Luthor has promised he will personally see to it that the Joker pay dearly for his crimes. He will also be donating a million dollars to the Gotham inner city children’s fund.”

Then batman saw the bat signal shine brightly against the dark sky. He used his grappling hook to swing over to the sky scrapper. Comissioner Gordon was waiting for him.

”So….exploding robots that look like attractive women…” said Gordon

“Lex has to have something to do with it.” Said Batman, “The Joker was just a distraction.”

“I thought I saw Harvey…” began Gordon

“You might have.” Interrupted Batman, “Who knows who is involved with these….fembots….the real mastermind hasn’t shown his face yet.” Batman said

The Comissioner turned to respond but Batman was already gone.

Part 3


Edward Nigma aka The Riddler tapped his foot impatiently, his green tux suit with black question marks spread all over it contrasted with the orange sunlight of the setting sun. Finally two figures appeared.

“Question: What took you two so long?” asked The Riddler

“We got lost. Now give us Lex’s products, you’ve already been paid.” Said Mr. Freeze emerging from a shadow

Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze has lead a somewhat tragic life. He seeks to cure his frozen wife Nora, who was terminally ill before being cryogenically frozen.

“I hope you have my Alice, I can’t wait to see her.” Said The mad hatter also stepping out from the shadows

Jervis Tetch aka The Mad Hatter is a mentally insane man obsessed with the classic “Alice in Wonderland” book. He is an expert hypnotist and deploys highly advanced mind control devices.

“Well here they are Nora for you Mr. Freeze and Alice for you Mad Hatter.” Riddler said

“Nora….” Mr. Freeze said to himself

“Come on Alice, we’re late to the tea party and Mr. Rabbit is waiting.” Mad Hatter said to his new fembot who was dressed in a blue and white dress with long socks, exactly like the cartoon character Alice.

“Your not going anywhere.” A woman’s voice said from somewhere in the shadows

“Who’s there?” yelled Mr. Freeze grabbing his freeze-gun

No one answered, but shortly after Mad Hatter was taken out with a flying kick to the face. The Riddler gasped and then gluped, “C-Catwoman!?!”

“That’s right Riddler, I’m back in town and I want one of these fembots.” Catwoman said defiantly

“All those fembots are are walking bombs.” Another voice said from yet again the ever growing shadows

“W-who’s there?” Riddler asked growing more and more scared

“It doesn’t matter who’s there, he’ll be frozen in a minute.” Mr. Freeze boldly said

A batarang flew from the shadows and knocked the freeze gun from Mr. Freeze’s hand.

“Batman?!?” yelled The Riddler

“Purrrrfect.” Purred Catwoman

Mr. Freeze ran and got away, taking Nora with him. Mad Hatter slowly started to get up only to be stepped on by Catwoman.

“Shall we take him out, love?” asked Catwoman to Batman

“There is no we….” Batman said to himself

“Q-Question: H-How did things-s end up this way-y?....A-Answer: Malfunction.” Spoke The Riddler in an increasingly monotone voice

“Get down! He’s a bomb!” yelled Batman at Catwoman

The Riddler Robot erupted into a huge explosion. After words, Batman and Catwoman shared a few words.

“Why did you want a fembot?” asked Batman

“Well they’re obviously valuable, I don’t know.” Replied Catwoman casually

As Batman watched catwoman disappear into the night he removed a tracking device that someone had planted on him. “Could Catwoman had planted this on me?” thought Batman, “Could she be one of Lex’s robots too?”


“Cheers.” Smiled Lex

“Cheers.” Smiled The real Riddler

The two masterminds had just finished watching what had transpired on TV.

”It is time we move on to the next stage, project cornfield.” Said Lex still smirking a bit.

“Next week you give your big environmental speech in that cornfield, with any luck some of Wayne’s stock holders will be there…” Riddler began

“….and that’s where we get them.” Finished Lex


“We are coming to you live from what appears to be just an ordinary cornfield, but Lex Luthor has chosen to give his environmental speech here, just outside of Gotham.” A TV news reporter explained to the camera

Lex was surprised to see that Bruce Wayne himself had managed to get out to this remote location but it didn’t matter he thought. As he finished his speech the two identical brunette fembots on either side of him applauded slowly and smiled brightly as people began to leave. When suddenly an old scarecrow that was behind Lex began to shake and shiver. It raised it’s head and threw to balls which were spewing gas at the crowd.

It was Scarecrow. Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow was bullied as a child at school. He grew up and studied chemistry, he eventually developed his signature fear gas.

Lex quickly ducked under the make-shift stage and put on a gas mask from his pocket. Bruce Wayne tried to cover his nose and mouth put it was to late. He began to have horrible hallucinations including seeing the two beautiful fembots as hideous demon-women.

“Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow.” Sang Scarecrow while screams of terror rang out from all directions

“You have you’re orders Crane, find Wayne’s stock holders or find Wayne himself and drive them mad.” Lex said under the stage through a walky-talky

“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the blood of an English mun.” Scarecrow half sang and half laughed into the walky-talky

Scarecrow looked different but still truly horrifying to anyone to glimpse his mask. Bruce saw flames shooting up from the eye holes in his mask and was nearly frozen with fear until someone started shooting wildly.

“Guh!” yelled Scarecrow in pain, he had just been shot in the shoulder

“Crane, what the hell is going on out there?” yelled Lex into the walky-talky from beneath the stage

As the fear gas finally cleared Bruce was able to make out a lone figure holding two guns in his hands.

“Harvey….?” Thought Bruce out loud


“Riddler has to be in on this…” Batman said outloud

“His whereabouts are unknown, master bruce.” Alfred said, bringing a cup of coffee with him

“I’m going to have to seek out Lex myself” Batman thought


It was 3:30 am. The full moon was like a deadly searchlight as Batman scaled the glass windows of Lexcorp. Batman entered the 7th floor, he knew Lex’s office was on the 12th. It was very quiet until the lights switched on.

“Welcome to the 7th floor chump.” A voice said

It was Ventriloquist & Scarface. Real name Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist was a crazed man with a vicious spilt-personality. His shy and submissive side and his aggressive and murderous side are both expressed at nearly the same time. They even communicate with each other. His aggressive side came out in the form of a puppet called scarface.

“Your gonna get it now…whack em’ out.” Scarface the puppet “said”

Then Batman noticed two red number threes in the puppets eyes. Scarface was another bomb.

“Arnold drop the puppet and run!” Batman ordered The Ventriloquist

It seemed like it was to late but then Arnold pressed a button and Scarface’s eyes went dark and his head fell off. Arnold fell to the floor and began to weep uncontrollable.

Batman had no time to waste on Arnold and ran for the elevator and pressed the 12 button.

As soon as the door opened on the 12th floor, a tan blonde fembot stopped and looked at him. “Warning, intruder alert intruder alert.” The curvy fembot announced in a monotone voice.

“Hmm? Intruder? Who could that be?” asked a voice from the back of the room

“I’m Batman” whispered Batman as he threw a batarang at the voice

“Ha! You missed Batman” said the riddler stepping out from the shadows

“You’ll find this situation to be hard to…survive.” A voice said

“Question: Who is rich, powerful and my best friend? Answer: Lex Luthor” spoke the riddle insanely

Batman grabbed Lex by the collar and pinned him against a wall. “Why?” asked Batman coldly

Lex smirked while batman asked him, “What’s with the robots?”

Suddenly gun shots rang out. “Your time is up lex.” A voice said

“Harvey!!” Lex shouted in surprise

“Not Harvey, Two-Face” Two-Face said, shooting Lex in the foot

The Police kicked down the door an quickly arrested The Riddler, Harvey Dent aka TwoFace and Lex Luthor.

Arkam Asylum

“Why?!? Why did you kill all those people? Who all was involved with this?” Batman yelled furiously to Edward Nigma aka The Riddler

“Stocks, Wayne Interprises…money.” Edward responded softly, partially scared

“Was Catwoman involved?” Batman asked, furthering his interrogation.

“No…we hid away the real Catwoman and used a fembot.” Edward said starting to get his confidence back, smiling

“Where’s Catwoman?!?!” Batman said incredible enraged

“Now that’s a riddle, isn’t it?” answered Edward and began laughing manically


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