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The party wasn’t going too well. The boys had gotten together to celebrate Chris’s promotion at the Ministry of Administers but found themselves uncomfortable now because of his position. He had always been one of the boys, but somehow they felt they had to watch themselves now that he was their boss. That changed when the knock came on the door.

“You hired a stripper!?” Chris couldn’t hide his glee (or his erection) when he saw the raven-haired beauty standing there. She must have been a stripper because cops usually don’t dress so sexy and her uniform looked American. Besides, she was also holding an American stop sign that a crossing guard would use. She didn’t even look at him as her grey eyes stared blankly ahead. She walked passed him into the room that now seemed much more receptive. He watched her as she walked by with authority and purpose in her step. Her hair was long, black and perfectly straight under the patrol hat. Her bangs framed her beautiful face and her hair bounced against the tiny blue shirt of her uniform as she walked with a stiff but graceful motion. His eyes drifted down her back and he noticed a strange large square-shaped tattoo on her lower back, but his attention was quickly drawn to the tight black shorts and the long knee-high stiletto boots she was wearing. He thought of all the fun things she might do with the items on her utility belt. Chris imagined her nightstick probably used batteries!

The boys looked exited when she came to a halt in front of them. They were lounging in the seats that surrounded a coffee table that sat in front of the telly. The game they were watching lost all interest when she simply pushed everything off the table including the drinks. Before they could protest she stood on the table and her hips began to gyrate. Her head swiveled mechanically right to left a few times as if she were scanning all their faces. Chris joined the happy crowd as she continued to dance without music and her face locked on to his. “Somebody put on some bloody music!” one man yelled. Chris squeezed behind her to turn off the telly and get to the CD player. As he did she loosened her tie and put her hands on her knees. She rubbed her perfect ass against him while showing the boys some cleavage and puckering her lips.

As soon as the music came on, her movements synchronized with it and he turned around to appreciate the show. Her bum was now rubbing rhythmically against his chest then she turned around to face him. She kept dancing on the coffee table and his face was almost level with her crotch. She came closer until she was right on him and stood as she straddled his chest. She began thrusting motions that nearly hurt as her pelvis and bare belly slammed his chin. She must have been an expensive stripper because she didn’t seem to mind when Chris couldn’t help himself anymore and grabbed onto her athletic boot-covered calves to pull her closer. The boys all cheered when he reached up and felt her firm buttocks while his other arm wrapped around her thighs and he buried his face between them. He inhaled deeply at her very clean scent.

Suddenly he felt her glove covered hands reach under his armpits as she pulled him onto the table with her. He didn’t need much encouragement, but he felt that he was almost lifted by her strength instead of his own. The thought quickly perished when she turned around and began to gyrate her bum on his eager erection. He put his hands on the soft bare skin of her sides while he looked down. He noticed that the tattoo on her skin covered a thin square indention, but he was too aroused to dwell on it. He had gotten away with so much so far that he decided to chance moving his hands up to her breasts. “Have you lost it, you crazy nutter!” one of the boys shouted in awe, fearing that she would call the real police. But again she didn’t seem to mind or even notice, though Chris definitely noticed how soft her breasts were. He thought that she must have been enjoying herself as well because he could feel that her nipples were erect as he continued to fondle them. Maybe she actually fancied him?

She turned around once more to face him and her expression was almost serious when she pulled him close while her body continued to move with sensual precision. He didn’t care that everyone’s eyes were on him as he reached around to feel that firm buttocks again. He felt her glove slide down on top of his wrist as she gazed blankly into his eyes, then he suddenly felt her strong grip pull his hand away and twist his arm to turn his back toward her. Then he felt the handcuffs.

“This is getting interesting,” one of the boys commented. Chris was going along with it and wondered what she was going to do next. She easily pulled his other arm behind his back and cuffed his hands together. She kept a firm grip on his arm above his elbow as she stepped off the table and pulled him down after her. She picked up her stop sign in her free hand and looked towards the door with no expression on her face. It didn’t take much force to guide the willing Chris to door but he felt as if he wouldn’t be able to break her firm grip. “We’ve got to see this!” the boys said as they began to follow, but she held up the stop sign and gave them a very sexy wink before exiting with Chris and closing the door behind them, dropping the stop sign on her way. “So who’s the one who hired a stripper?” one of them said while they looked at each other in confusion.

“Wow! That was fabulous!” Chris said as she continued to walk down the hall of the apartment building holding him by the arm in front of her. “What’s your name, by the way? I’m Chris, but you can call me yours if you like!” She continued to stare forward as they reached the lift and she pressed the button to go down. She didn’t say anything even when the doors opened and she pushed him in with a little more force than was necessary and it actually hurt a bit where she was gripping him. “Ouch! Hey, you can release me now. I’m not planning on running,” Chris said as he began to pull away from the uncomfortable hold she had on his arm. Suddenly her grip became even tighter but she remained rigid and only moved slightly against his struggles. She stared blankly up at the numbers at the top of the car as they counted down. Chris was beginning to think that this wasn’t part of the act and that something more sinister was happening. “Who are you?!” he demanded as he tried hard to pull away in vain once more and lost his balance. He couldn’t believe her strength because instead of falling back with him she held her stance while holding his entire weight, but his arm also felt the strain of his body weight and a sharp pain reminded him that he was still her prisoner. He regained his footing and decided to make one last attempt when the doors to the lift opened.

He knew he only had one chance. He remembered how he could feel her calf muscles flex through the thin vinyl of her boots. The material of her boots was quite thin, but the material on his wasn’t. As the doors opened he regretted that he was about to hurt this incredible beauty that literally captured him. He was already lifting his knee and he stomped down with all his might on her delicate foot and tried to rush out the opening, but found himself still being held tightly in her grasp. There was no cry of pain. She didn’t limp. She didn’t even winch. She didn’t seem the least bit phased as she coldly led him toward the building exit. There was no one around and who would believe that any sane man would try to escape from such a beautiful woman wearing such a sexy outfit. He had no choice but to await his fate. If she wanted to kill him, she probably could have done so in the lift.

As they exited the building the back door to a waiting limousine opened and he was forced inside as she climbed in beside him. He wasn’t expecting to see what he saw next. Sitting in the opposite backseat facing them was Lindsay Lohan. The doors locked and she told the stripper to release their captive. “Bugger! You didn’t have to kidnap me; I would have come willingly!” Chris exclaimed as the pain in his arm was quickly disappearing. “Would you tell your ‘silent partner’ to uncuff me?” he asked.

“Not just yet” Lindsay said. “Driver. Head back to base” she called past him. He looked over his shoulder as the car pulled away and was shocked to see that the chauffeur was identical to the woman that posed as the cop. The only difference was the uniform, but even their hats looked similar… as well as their trance-like behavior. “Let me introduce myself…” Lindsay said.

“Oh, no need!” Chris replied. “I’m not too old to be a fan of your… ummm… work!” he said as she crossed her legs in front of him. She wore soft brown suede boots that went only halfway up her smooth calves. Her short plaid skirt slipped further up her thighs as she moved, but she didn’t bother to try to adjust it and he was treated to the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties before her leg came to rest on top of the other. Chris swallowed hard and said, “What’s all this about, then?”

“The Crown needs your help. I need your help. But we have to be sure that we can depend on your confidence. You will be well compensated,” she said as she shifted and uncrossed her legs while leaning further back in her seat. Chris could see clearly up her skirt, but tried not to look although it was obvious that she intended him to.

“Pardon my saying,” he said, “but it looks like your body guard can take care of you. It’s not that I don’t want to, but GODS she is strong. I may not be in my best shape, but I still should have been able to break free. No offence, luv,” he told the brunette who sat motionless and gazed at nothing out of the rear window. “She even has a twin!” Chris exclaimed.

“She has a lot of twins,” Lindsay said, “but what I need from you are documents to help me leave the country and you are now in a position to provide them.”

“What do you mean she has lots of twins? And you shouldn’t have a problem with your papers, Miss Lohan.”

“That’s the problem,” she said. “I’m not Lindsay Lohan. I was constructed to pose as her, but our headquarters was destroyed by an unknown operative before my mission could be carried out. My documents and passport were also destroyed, but they did not acquire the data that I contain. Now I must leave the country quickly before I am found. It’s not safe to send it over by wire. We don’t know who to trust anymore.”

“Constructed?!” he burst. “You mean you’re a…”

“An android, yes,” she confirmed. “I contain information crucial to the Americans concerning high treason and detailed plans against both of our countries. Miss Lohan is aware of my existence and was kind enough to volunteer her image. She will be protected while I take her place on their USO Tour and relay my information directly to their commanders in the field.”

Chris couldn’t believe it. He had always hoped that female androids would exist in his lifetime and now he was actually being seduced by one. One that looked like a living fantasy. “Well that also explains your friend’s friendly disposition,” he said happily as he cuddled against the unresponsive cop. “Whatever I can do, you’ve got it!”

“That’s why you were chosen. Our records of intercepted chats to a person named “Keizo” indicated you are receptive to android women and that you are a true patriot,” she told him as she stretched her leg out and parted his with her foot. Now he could see clearly between her legs as they spread apart and her skirt slipped even further up her thighs. “Uncuff him,” she ordered the cuddly cop.

The frozen officer instantly came to attention and turned to Chris. She knelt him onto the floor of the limousine and bent him over so that she could reach the handcuffs. Now his face was between the robot Lindsay’s knees and he could see the perfect symmetry of her synthetic vagina. He could feel the heat radiate from her flawless thighs. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Oh, very much,” Chris answered in a daze.

“Unfortunately we have no money to compensate since our headquarters was destroyed and our bank records were erased to protect our allies,” she said as she wrapped her legs around his back to pull him closer. “But we can repay you in other ways.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way!” he said as his hands reached around and glided up the length of her thighs and grabbed her soft bum. She lied back on the long seat while he climbed on top of her, stopping at her breasts on the way. He then continued up and lost all control as he kissed her passionately. Her lips were soft. He tongue was softer. He slipped his finger into her vagina and it was softer still. He couldn’t believe that she was actually a robot when she suddenly sat up completely rigid and her strength knocked him to the floor as she did.

“Oh, bother. We’re here,” she said. He looked up in shock and the door opened to reveal the chauffeur holding it. It looked like she was standing at attention in her military-like uniform only hers involved knee length black leather boots and sheer black stockings to match the ensemble. Her sister android and the Lindsay stepped out to join her. The identical fembots stood at either of Lindsay’s sides as she looked in and asked, “Aren’t you coming?”

“That was the plan!” Chris said somewhat annoyed as he got out of the car to follow them, but he was immediately distracted by the sight in front of him. The chauffeur had a similar square on her lower back, but the skin was missing and revealed a port, a recharge connection and a red light. He followed the three like a moth drawn to a flame by that light that clearly came from the inside of the beautiful stiffly moving robot. “You say there are more of these birds?” he grinned as he came between them and lied an arm across the Lindsay and the chauffeur. They appeared to be in an unassuming alley and came to a strong metal door that was rusted with age. He was surprised to see the keyhole swing sideways while the chauffeur produced a flash drive from her key ring and placed it into the port that was revealed. Latches could be heard clanking and the door swung open.

They entered a clean hallway with another door at the end. It was flanked by two more fembots. These were blonde and had their hair pulled tightly back. They were dressed in regulation military guard uniforms with white gloves and wore red barrettes. They also held menacing machine guns. Chris couldn’t help but notice how much they resembled Keira Knightly when he approached the opposite doorway. “Brilliant,” he said as he stood in front of an unmoving guard and waved his hand in front of her face. He was fascinated by her and lightly touched the side of her cheek. It felt soft but cold.

“You are not authorized for physical contact,” she said in a harsh monotone and pointed her gun at him.

He was taken aback by her suddenly coming to life, but was more worried about the gun that was now pointing at him. Lindsay stepped behind her and pushed the flash drive into the guard’s port. “Authorization confirmed,” the guard said as she instantly resumed her stance by the door.

Chris said, “Thanks” when the door opened. He patted the guard’s bum as he past her and looked down at her now exposed panel. “At least she’s a little more talkative than your escorts,” he commented.

“They are very basic models, but they are tough. Those guards are a bit more advanced although their artificial intelligence isn’t as advanced as mine is. But I can’t think for myself at a higher level. I am only following my programs and responding through association.” Chris was surprised to hear this because she acted so human.

“You must have had a great programmer!” he said.

“Thank you,” a voice came from the shadows of the room they were in now. The only light came from a desk lamp. An older man stepped out from the corner and two more fembots appeared from another corner and another door. They were like the brunettes but they were dressed in tight black catsuits. One had red hair and green eyes and the other had brown hair and dark brown eyes. The man was well dressed and looked stocky but kind. The Lindsay robot now appeared very rigid and became silent. “Beautiful machines, aren’t they?” he said.

“Quite!” Chris burst, “But why only females?”

“Why not!” he said as he lifted Lindsay’s skirt and pointed to make his point.

“Right!” Chris shot back. “I was about to pop my cookies on that one when we arrived here! I think that I’ll be needing some privacy with her after you finish telling me what’s going on… Ummm… Please.”

“Good man. A bloke after me own heart! You’ll be happy to know that you have already passed our screening process,” he told him. “Unfortunately there are many in power and positions of influence that never required one. That’s why we can’t use wireless transmissions and THAT’S why we needed someone on the inside whom we can trust. Chris, my boy… how would you like to work for us?”

“If by ‘us’ you mean fembots, then of course! But I really don’t have any authority where I work, you know,” Chris admitted.

“Ah, but you have enough!” he continued. “Rest assured that tomorrow you will get the phone calls authorizing to push our Lindsay’s paperwork through, but we need someone who actually works there to do it. We don’t have much time. That enemy operative is still out there. There are still some of us that love our country more than a fool’s paradise. But we need you to also let us know who in your Ministry is questionable so that we may avoid dealings with them. Lindsay,” he turned to the motionless robot.

“Yes, Master,” she replied obediently.

“Please resume your charming personality and take our friend downstairs and tend to his needs” he instructed.

“Yes, Master,” she said in a much more human-like manner as she took Chris’s hand and moved toward the other door in the room. It led to a hallway with more doors and a staircase at the end. “I want to see how much you really love robots,” Lindsay Lohan’s android replica told him as she led him away.

“No problem!” he told her. “Can the chauffeur and one of the guards join us too!” Chris shouted back enthusiastically.

“I’m sorry,” the older man said. “Only the driver and one of my personal assistants, if you like. I’ll be needing the others to keep watch.”

“Deal!” Chris happily agreed. “Hey Lindsay, let the driver walk in front of us. I love the way her panel looks when her hips sway.”

“Yes, Sir” she said and allowed the chauffeur to pass them. Chris was becoming so aroused by the sight that he pushed Lindsay against the wall and started to fondle her and kiss her hungrily. She quickly pushed him away and easily lifted him off the ground and carried him over her shoulder. “The Master said to take you downstairs,” she said bluntly. She wasn’t joking. She was just following her programming. He took advantage of the situation and continued to fondle her bum and her thighs and to feel between them as she walked. He looked up to see the tall brown-haired fembot following them and walking very mechanically as she did.

When they reached a room that was obviously the old man’s living quarters, Chris wasted no time in pushing Lindsay on to the bed as soon as she set him down. He quickly began to take his clothes off and noticed the other droids standing ready nearby. He walked behind the chauffeur and marveled at her open panel and began to pose her. She held the positions. “Lovely!” Chris said and pulled her toward the bed. He turned her back to them and positioned her in a very sexy pose that showed off the length of her legs and her open panel. He then went to the other one and pulled the zipper all the way down the front of her catsuit. He was happy to see that she was completely nude underneath. He had her join Lindsay on the bed.

Lindsay looked up at him and began to unbutton her blouse. Chris sat at the foot of the bed and lifted her leg. She was still wearing her boots but he wanted to see what was underneath now. He slowly slipped it off her and held her soft calf as her perfect foot came into view. He began work on the second one. She unclasped the front of her bra and her ample breasts fell out. He took in the entire scene and asked, “Does this naked lady next to us do anything else but lie there?”

“Begin program Menage A Trios,” she told the dark eyed beauty. Lindsay and the other robot immediately began to kiss and caress each other.

“Hey! I want in on this!” he said as he joined them and climbed onto Lindsay. “That dirty old bastard,” he thought as he felt the other android begin to lick his back and move her hands over his body. He looked over at the chauffeur standing in her pose. He reached and felt her boots and thighs and ran his fingers over her panel as he felt his penis finally enter the robot beneath him. The sensation of her artificial vagina was amazing and contracted in ways a human woman’s could not. He then gave her his full attention and kissed her deeply as he began to thrust. Then a very loud bang came from the upstairs. “BUGGER!” Chris grunted. “Not again.”

He tried to continue anyway, but the powerful fembots all rose and made their way toward the door. “Lindsay!” he said. “Wait! Is there another way out of here? You are too important to risk yourself up there. Your data must remain safe.”

The logic was undeniable so she conceded and said, “Take care of my Master…” She then became quieter, “…And be careful.” She pressed a secret button in the bedpost and disappeared under the bed. Chris hurried up after the fembots. Someone was going to pay for this interruption.

Before they could make it upstairs a fight was already underway. An enemy robot dressed like a burglar had somehow found a way through the reinforced ceiling of the old man’s office. Her first move was to punch her hand through the electronic lock next to the front door to lockout the guards. The two remaining fembots could do nothing as she instantly captured the old man and threatened to kill him. The guards could be heard crashing against the strong door and trying to break in.

When Chris arrived he saw a beautiful woman on top of his new friend, holding him down by the throat. “Jennifer Garner? It’s obvious, I suppose.” Chris said, but she ignored him.

“Where is the data,” she said very coldly as she looked down at her victim. “I can cause you more pain than necessary. You can die slowly or quickly. Where is the data?” Her expression was completely without emotion. Her voice was even colder.

“Well if you’re going to kill him anyway…” Chris said as he leaped and tackled her from the side. She fell off of the old man and rolled with Chris, but she easily threw him off of her and continued to ignore him as she advanced once more on the old man.

“Where is the data,” she said mechanically as she walked towards him menacingly. Chris was already on his feet and he grabbed the chair from behind the desk. He swung hard and shattered it against her back. It only made her stagger one step forward, but that finally got her attention. She stood upright and turned on Chris. She grabbed him by the throat and pushed his back over the desk. He looked up at her beautiful face as her full lips began to speak. She looked down emotionlessly at him. “Where is the data? I can cause you more pain than necessary. You can die slowly or quickly. Where is the data?”

Her body jerked slightly as she continued to look coldly into Chris’s eyes. The fembot dressed as a cop had begun to hit her with the nightstick, but the Jennifer robot kept pressing the same question. “Where is the data,” she said even when a blow landed to her head with a metal clang. She simply resumed her icy gaze and Chris could feel her fingers begin to tighten around his throat when her hands were pulled free by the old man’s personal assistants. They weren’t programmed to care about Chris’s safety, after all.

But their help was welcome because he knew that he was about to die that very second. Yet even with their strength, the fembots were having a difficult task trying to restrain this new robot. She threw one against the chauffeur and the other against the cop. And once again advanced on the old man.

Just then the door burst open and the guards immediately began firing on the Jennifer Garner android. Chris and the old man lied flat on the ground as the bullets that bounced off of her landed all around them. Sparks erupted from parts of her body where some bullets managed to break her resilient skin. She staggered backwards with the impact, but didn’t fall and twitched where sparks flashed where she was damaged. Even so, she resumed her relentless advance on the old man once again. “Where is the data,” she said, but a clear electronic tone could now be heard in her voice.

The other fembots rushed in and pinned her down. She was damaged and she couldn’t fight off all of the other robots at once. Chris and the old man walked up to them and looked down at her. “Where is the data,” she continued to ask as she stared blankly at the ceiling. But the old man knew it was a set up. He heard a faint steady beeping coming from within the android.

“She’s going to self destruct!” he cried, but Chris was already springing to action. There was still a glass of water on the desk and he didn’t hesitate to grab it and pour it on all of her exposed circuits. She twitched violently as more sparks shot out, but the beeping had stopped. “You shorted her out, you magnificent bastard! Place her on the desk,” he told the other fembots and they immediately cleared the desk and complied. She continued to twitch but now only very slightly. “Release her,” he told his obedient servants. “Beautiful machine isn’t she?” he said as he gazed at her. “I wonder…” he said as he and Chris looked down at the lovely assassin.

“What? If she can be repaired?” Chris asked.

“Oh, of that I have no doubt,” the old man said as he slid his hand into her pants. “No, I wonder if she is anatomically correct,” he concluded. “Bingo!” he smiled widely.

“You dirty old freak! I want to be like you when I grow up!” Chris said.

“You already are,” he piped. “Anyway, it seems we have a problem. This android appears to be one of our own, only much more advanced. This means that forces in our own government must be involved. After I repair her and get as much information as I can out of her, I can’t keep her here. She’ll also need to be reprogrammed. May I keep her at your flat? You’ll also need a guard and an assistant of your own… just in case,” he added with a wink. “Besides, we still need to get our lovely Lindsay robot safely to the Americans. Perhaps she can stay with you tonight. What do you say?”

The End

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