Anto: Girl of my dreams

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There was this cute new girl at school she was very pretty, she had nice straight blonde hair, beautiful amber eyes, a slim, thin , pale body and a cute smile that could kill you by just thinking about it. She was the prettiest girl I've ever seen, so I knew I HAD to ask her out somehow.

I decide to make my first move one day during lunchtime. “H-hi...” I shyly say to her.

“Hello! How are you?” She says to me in a cheerful tone with her beautiful Australian accent I didn't notice before.

“I-I’m good! I’m good!” I say, now even more nervous, but shit, I really like this girl, so now I'm gonna be as courageous as possible to win her over. “So.. um... how's school been for you” I ask, to which she replies “It's good, everyone's been treating me nicely so far and classes have been ok for me”.

I, now with more confidence, say “Ah, it's because you haven't met Mr. Redfield yet, you'll change your mind next Wednesday” I said this as a joke but she had a concerned look on her face, so I quickly make up. “Oh! No, no, don’t worry I’m kidding!”

She makes an expression as if she understood already and started laughing. “I was worried for a second” she said.

“Haha, yeah, he's a nice man but his classes can be too harsh, and boring”.

“I'll take that in mind” she says with that cute smile again.

Silence breaks between us so I try to break the ice and take advantage to ask her out. “So... have you made any new friends yet?” I ask.

“The other girls in our class have been nice with me, but we're not really close yet” she replies.

“I see... So I assume you're doing nothing on Friday” I say to her.

“Well, I don't have any important plans for the 15th. What's the question for?” She asks me innocently.

I blush crimson red and quickly face away “n-nothing! Just asking” I nervously reply.

“Ok” she says back.

I, feeling dumb and regret pretend to check my phone... And then I get an idea “Actually... Good Burger 2 Go is coming out on Friday...we could go together... if- that's fine by you”

She looks at me. “Like in a date?” She asks

I almost crap my pants but conserved my dignity and said “I-it can be! It can be! As... a welcome to.. our country” I say as an excuse.

“Sure, sounds fun. So Friday 15th... at what hour?” She asks me.

“After school?”

“Ok” She tells me. “You're very nice, um...”

“Dio” I introduce myself.

“You're very nice, Dio!” She tells me.

I laugh and blush, “And your name is....” I ask her.

“Anto” She tells me.

“Ok, Anto” I say to her. We keep talking in the school cafeteria, I ate my lunch while she ignored hers, and kept moving on during the week.

Friday finally comes, she and I go to eat something before the movie, we went to this restaurant near the theater and I order a very big cheeseburger and she... orders nothing, like not even a drink.

“Are you sure you don't want anything?” I ask her while eating my burger.

“I'm fine, thank you” she says.

“I ask because after school I was hungry as heck, I don't understand how you're not” I tell her.

“I just don't feel hungry I guess," she says as she watches me eat.

I shrug it off and give my burger a bite, I look and she's glancing at me, she smiles and I smile back.

Then we go to the movie, it was just SO great, it perfectly adapted the book and did it in such a great way. Sure, the prequel was WAY better but I enjoyed this one a lot.

We come out of the theater and I ask her what she thought of the movie. “Did you like it?”

“It was very funny, it made me laugh a lot” She tells me.

“I’m glad you think that” I tell her as I start to get in front of her and tell her the following. “Anto today I had so much fun with you, you're really great. You're charming, wholesome, beautiful not just at heart but look at you! Your pretty blonde hair, your cute smile, your funny little accent. I wouldn't want to be with someone who isn't you, and that's why I'll let nobody else ask the question I’m about to ask... will you be my girlfriend?”

She stood in front of me, surprised and she says. “Of course! You're very nice Dio, I’d like to be your girlfriend.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my face goes from surprise to the biggest smile I ever put on, I go and embrace her with a hug and she hugs me back. “I love you Dio” she says.

“Haha, I love you too.” I say as I hug her, her body was so soft and cute, almost like a pillow, you can't believe how glad I am at this moment.

We return to my car and start driving us home. I bought myself a cup of coffee because I wanted one, but once again, Anto didn't want anything. On the way I ask “don't you want to at least try my coffee?”

“I'm good, but thanks for asking.” She tells me.

“You don't like coffee?” I ask her concerned.

“I do, but I'm not thirsty right now” she answers.

“Come on, it's seasonal! They don't have it the whole year, at least take a sip to see if you’d like to try it when you're thirsty... perhaps in another date?” I playfully ask her.

She looks at me for a few seconds and finally caves in. “Fine” she says as she takes my cup and drinks my coffee.

“Sooo?” I ask.

“It's good” she says.

“Glad you-“

“It's good” she interrupts me.

I look at her confused as she goes “It's good. It's good. It's good. It’s ghhhhhhh.....” she says as smoke starts coming out of her mouth, I get scared and then sparks fly from her body which causes her to like jump and goes “H-hello-hello! M-my name is-is-is ERROR” As I saw her erratic movements and how her words didn't match her mouth, I realized I was in love with a robot this whole time.

I change my plans instantly, I go rent a motel room and take her there to try and fix her. I peeked inside her bag to see if there was anything that could help, I saw an instruction booklet. It mentioned how she was originally some sort of maid sex doll or something. I try to use the button on her shoulder to turn her off, but it all resulted in nothing, so what I do next is I turn her over and try to use the options button on one of her buttocks, but she only goes “o-o-ooo-o-Hi I’m OPTIONS”... this gives me a great idea. I take away her jacket, her blouse, her pants, and underwear, and strip her naked. I see that the reason she felt so soft was because she was made of plush, you could see by the marks of stitches all over her body, as well as a pull string on her back and tag attached to her ass. I get naked too and start fucking her. I also take advantage to hug and cuddle her. She's all “E-ERROR-ERROR. H-Hi-hi! I’m Aaanto, the serv-service roooooooo......” I keep thrusting inside her soft body. I then proceed to kiss her, she has a chip on her mouth that lets you know if she's being kissed or not, she tried to kiss me back, but since she was broken, she couldn't hug me and stayed frozen like a ballerina. I kept doing this for a while, I fucked her in the pussy, she was all “I-I’m Anto-A-Anto-Anto” and I hugged and cuddled her. I tried using her pull string, but when I did I only heard a faint “aaa” from the speaker box in her chest. I also pushed the button on her ass but she was all “O-options-options-o... Hello! I’m Malfunction... Malfunction” she eventually speaks up “D-Dio, I-Dió I lo-o-ERROR-Anto, the service-System overhe-e-e-OPTIOOOOO-I D-D-Dio Dio Dio”

“Yes? Yes Yes?” I ask her.

“Dio, I-Dio, I-Dio, I-D-Diiiiii”


“I lo-o-Malfunction-Service Robot! error D-D-Dio Love-Love-Love I....” She starts sparking and moving aggressively until she lands on a final pose and goes “I love youuuu” faintly as she sparks one last time and shuts down. I flip her again, open the zipper on her back, unplug one of her circuits and go to sleep.

The next day I take her to the mechanic, he checks her out, replaces her circuits and cleans her up from the inside, he told me to turn Anto on, and so I did, she went “Rebooting System... 1%.... 2%” The mechanic explained that sadly, her memory couldn't be recovered, but it was fine, all I wanted was to get my girl back. I took her to the motel room, dressed her in a nice outfit and as she went “98%... 99%... 100%... Rebooting System” She turned on again and went “Hello! I am Anto, the service maid robot! What's your name?”


“Hi Dio! How are we related?”

“I’m your boyfriend” I tell her, she puts a kinky face “I see” she says as she comes and hugs me, we kiss and I use her pull string, I hear the phrase “I will do anything for you... ANYTHING” I get her to bed and take off the maid dress, and the rest... is all history.

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