Anthroid Crossing (Malfunction Edition)

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[Note: This is a fan-made version of Animal Crossing. It's suppose to be for entertainment purposes. If there are some issues or a problem, let me know in Discord.]

[Prologue] "Wolvesville"

In the game world of Anthroid Crossing where all the animal villagers are robots, you, as a human villager, just started leaving your house to have your daily walk around your island; Wolvesville, specifically made just for all wolf villagers and no one else. Your island includes the town hall where Tom Nook and Isabelle works as your island landlords, the Nook's and Red's Cranny where Timmy Nook, Tommy Nook and Red works as the shopkeepers, the Able Sister's Tailor Shop where Mable, Sable and Lable works as tailors, the museum where Blathers and Celestie works as the museum curators, a religious looking hut where Katrina lives and shares fortune telling and predictions, a workshop where the married couples, Reeses and Cyrus, help craft, sell and paint items for anyone, and a special building that has multiple private spas, baths and a public pool that is run by no other than another one of Gulliver's lookalike, Gullivibe; who's a trained lifeguard. Your island rating was 5 stars, has a big food joint just behind the public pool, a musical stage just a road down the town hall and a carnival in between to the Nook's and Red's Cranny and a rose flower garden.

In Wolvesville, 10 wolf villagers; Vivian, Skye, Freya, Whitney, Wolfgang, Chief, Fang, Kyle, Lobo and Tarou, were hanging out as they please. Meeting with other wolves, singing to K.K. songs, fishing on rivers and ponds, catching bugs, having picnics, or even went to the shops, visit other's house or head to the pool. Since they're robot villagers though, you have the pleasure of doing whatever you want as the owner and the mayor of your island. They can be programmed to do your every desires whenever you need or want. You're very happy with the result of your effort and hardwork for making your own paradise.

[Day 1: Whitney] "Whitney's Malfunction"

While you were on the walk and met with the other wolves, you bump into Whitney who's wearing her sleeveless shirt dress. She has a emotionless expression and was just standing idly next to the apple tree. You tapped on her shoulder and she jolted awake. "-Oh! Sorry, I must have blacked out. Hmmmmm...that's odd...I can't recall blacking out while standing...Ah oh well, thanks for waking me up, snappy." said Whitney as she shook her head, then bowed and walk pass you. You know something's not right. Whitney never acts so blank and this was the first time seeing it happen. You stopped Witney and then ask her to come over to the private spa as an invitation. "Oh dear! A-a-an invitation? I couldn't wait to hang out with you! See you around 10 AM! Thank you, snappy!" she replied as she joyfully skipped along the sidewalk humming. You checked the time, it's currently 8:35 AM, which gives you plenty of time to book a private spa for two person and then head to the food joint for breakfast.

Time passed a bit and it's now 10 AM. You see Whitney coming over with her dufflebag, packed with her spare clothes and cleaning utensils. "Hey there, snappy!" Whitney called. "Thanks for inviting me over! I never had someone invite me to a private spa! It cost a lot and I'm living with my own taxes and fees, snappy." You wave your hands side to side with a smile and hold Whitney's hand as both of you head in. After entering to your private spa quarters, Whitney place her bag down and sat next to you. You asked how she feels and what happened before. "Hm? You mean me blacking out, snappy? Well, this happened to me thrice already this month. I can only recall myself walking down and then blacking out for no apparent reason, snappy." With your suspicions you let her continue hanging out with you.

After going swimming, getting massages, and having a bath together, it was time to head out. "Thanks for spending time with me, snappy. It was a total blast and I really have fun in there." she smiles as she waves goodbye and left. You waited for her to be a bit far from you and then you proceed to sneak on her from behind. For a few hours, everything seems totally fine. She chat with other wolves, sat underneath some trees, singing and then walking again. But then, she then immediately stopped just within a bundle of trees. You went over to check and as you got closer, you can hear her systems whirring and her eyes blinking red. You waved and said hello, but she didn't respond. When you proceed to tap and shook her slightly, she then spoke in a robotic voice. "ERROR: SYSTEM FILE READ FAILURE. RESOLVING ERROR. PROCESSING...PROCESSING...WARNING: UNABLE TO RESOLVE ERROR. FILE CORRUPTION IMMENANT. ERROR: MULTIPLE CORRUPTED FILES DETECTED. UNABLE TO RESOLVE ALL ERRORS. MALFUNCTION...MALFUNCTION...MALFUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN-" Whitney's head started twitching as smoke and small sparks starts to let out from her ears as her eyes starts to move in cross and rolled to random directions. Her body started shaking as well and her hands moves up and down as her hips swayed side to side after each small sparks. You were taken by surprise as you watch Whitney breaking down. "Hell-l-l-llll-l-lo-o-oooo-o Mayorrrrrrrr-r-r-rrrr-r...bzzt" Just then, her shirt started popping out as her shirt button flinged out and a few of her components broke out of her cleavage. "Whitney-Whitney-Whitney-issssss-s-s-s...I loooooooovvvvvveeeeeee you-u-uuu-u-u...whirr...pow...ERR-RR-RR-RROR: P-P-PRO-O-OOOOO-OO-OGRAM CORRUPTI-I-I-IIII-ION...Wanna haaaaavvvvvveeeeeee sex-x-x-x...beep...bzzt...ALL SYSTEMS DOW-W-W-W-W-W-W-WNNNNNNN...OPERA-A-AAAATING SYS-SYS-SYSTE-E-EEMMMM...FFFFffffffffaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........-"

She drones down slowly and then slowly bends down to her hips as her hands swayed up and down like a pendulum before stopping and her eyes slowly went dim and dull. Sparks and smoke still coming out of her. With that, everything went silent. No one around to see what happened but you. With that, you stripped off Whitney's shirt and then proceed to rub her leaking wet pussy and then grope her fine breasts. Soon after, you spread her legs, bent her down a little more, pulled down your pants and inserted your cock into her wet pussy. You thrust into the broken wolf fembot who won't know what happened. You start of slow until you made your way up to the climax and started letting your load fill into the broken Whitney.

After pleasuring yourself with the broken Whitney, you put your pants on and carried Whitney to the town hall where you handed her to both Tom Nook and Isabelle, letting them repair her. What you have experienced today made you feel even more happier. Shame that Whitney was the first who had to face an error, but was all worth having sex without her knowing. Surely you believe that even after repairing, she won't remember having sex.

[Day 2: Chief & Freya] "Wedding Breakdown"

Another day passed, another beautiful time. While Whitney's still undergoing repairs, you have other wolves to enjoy with. You was just heading to Nook's and Red's Cranny to see what they have in stock and saw both Chief and Freya hanging out together. You head over to them to greet them. "Howdy! It's a coincident meeting you here, harrumph." said Chief. "What brings you here to the Cranny? Going to buy something, uff da?" said Freya. You told them that you were just checking on what they have in stock. Some good furnitures and items are in store, but nothing much on Red's side cause he's selling more fake arts. "Ah ha ha ha, that sly fox. Made his attempts for you to buy a scam, harrumph." Chief laughed. You gave a gentle punch on his left arm and told him to stop it as you got a bit embarrassed. "Ahhhhh don't worry about it. Even though it's a scam, it's good for interior decorations at least, harrumph." Chief joked. "Nah, doesn't look good if you have a fake one though. It'll just pummel your social status, uff da." Freya shook her head with disagreement. Chief was shocked and you giggle and agree with Freya. "Aw come on dear...I thought you're on my side." Chief teased and Freya just laugh. "Anyways, we were just hear to look around like you. You should do your business mayor and perhaps we can meet back at 12-1 PM for lunch at the food joint, uff da." said Freya as she and Chief moves on and waves goodbye. You wave goodbye and went on with your business.

Around pass 1 PM, you, Freya and Chief were at the food joint talking about social status, clothes, and other stuff. Then Freya starts to mention about her going to be married with Chief. Hearing that shocks you. "Yeah! Chief and I have hanged out so many times and he and I have been so close. I think it's about time we should get married. Don't you think Chief, uff da?" saif Freya, looking at Chief in a flirty expression. Chief blushes and smiles. "Yep. We also made our engagement at the beach last evening. It was the most memorable moment of our lives, harrumph." said Chief as he holds Freya's hand, revealing a gold ring with a diamond on top. You congratulated them with joy. They thanked you for congratulating and asked for a favor. "We would like if you could help set up for our wedding. We think of doing it next week and have everyone to come and join, uff da." Freya requested. You nodded and said you'll start the wedding preparations for you by next week. "Thank you, Harrumph / Uff da!" said both Freya and Chief as they shook your hands. It wasn't long until they start to grow a little exhausted. " I'm feel...sleepy...harrumph..." said Chief as he slowly doze off to sleep by falling onto the table. Freya was trying to stay active, but was in vain as she too doze off as well. You can hear both their internal systems whirring slowly until it faints. Seems that they put so much into this wedding that they didn't have enough energy to stay on. You giggled and tried to carry both of them back to Freya's house. After reaching to Freya's house and going in, you placed both of them onto the bed, carefully take off their clothes and then tuck them in into bed. You watch as the naked deactivated Chief was positioned, hugging Freya and having her rest near his chest while Freya was hugging Chief. You then had a fun idea and repositioned both Chief and Freya. Chief was lying flat while Freya was sitting on his crouch with his cock into her pussy, slightly bent down and her hands on his chest. You took out your phone to take a picture of it before leaving them to recharge on the bed.

A week later, the celebration was set and everyone joined into both Chief and Freya's wedding. Tom Nook announced both of them husband and wife and the celebration continues onto having a feast. Everyone gave their congratulations and presents from each and every villagers. I handed mine, a 6x6 in picture frame of their marriage in a wedding picture frame. They smiled and thanked you for the gift and you give them a handshake and a happy smile. Soon after the party, you, Chief and Freya head back to Freya's house and started having fun as best buds, popping some champaigne and eating some leftover wedding cakes. Chief and Freya got drunk, but at least they're very fun. You were just about to fill in another glass of champaign, but instead, you tripped over, spilling champaign on both Chief's and Freya's chest where their power button is located. The spilled champaigne entered the small opened crack around their power button and then started shocking their internal circuits. "ERROR...ERROR...LIQUID SUBSTANCE DETECTED ON CIRCUIT...bzzt...MALFUNCTION...ERROR...PRIMARY FUNCTIONS...CORRUPTED...UNABLE TO RESOLVE...UNABLE TO RESOLVE..." Both Chief and Freya started blaring out in their robotic tones as sparks flew out of their ears, wires popping out of their power buttons, and static shocks zapping around their body. You stood back from them breaking and just enjoy the scene. "MAIN VOLTAGE OVERLOAD...VOLTAGE OVERLOAD...OVERLO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O...pow" Soon, their chest let out an small explosion, letting most of their main wires, components and circuit boards flew out as they then fell backwards and immediately dies down. Occasional sparks and lots of smoke still let out from both their ears and the broken power button, their eyes crossed and dull, their lips puckered and froze. You smiled as you strip off their clothes and started pleasuring yourself. You started fucking into them one by one, letting out your load as you play around and suck Freya's breasts and rub Chief's cock. You went on like this for an hour until you grown exhausted. You called Service Rescue that you need help at Freya's house and then left back to your home. Fucking a married couple...someday, you'll get someone and make her your own fucktoy. Who knows, they may enjoy it.

[Day 3: Audie] "Pleasuring Visit"

A week has passed after Freya's and Chief's wedding and they're fully repaired, you met with them along with Whitney. All of you were talking like best friends do and Audie came over. "Hello y'all, foxtrot. What are you all doing?" said Audie. "Oh! Hi Audie, harrumph. We're just talking about fun stuff to do." Chief replied. You nodded as you hug Audie, taking her by surprise. "O-oh! A hugger aren't you, foxtrot?" Audie flustered. You told Audie that you haven't talked with her for a few days and was glad to see her again. "Oh yeah, I was busy at home doing some renovations, foxtrot. I just recently bought my own lemon themed furnitures and was busy moving and replacing wallpapers." Audie replied. "Oh? That's so "sour" Audie. Why not add something more "sweet", uff da?" Freya joked. Both Freya and Audie started a joking conversation and started talking about designs and other accessories for house renovations. You went to Audie and asked if you can come visit her, since you're curious about the result of her renovations. "Really!? Oh I'm grateful and happy to invite you over! Do anyone else like to come over?" said Audie cheerfully. Chief and Freya shook their heads as they said that they had a date night. Audie nods and stood up. "Alright then! I'll get some food and drinks ready for you, foxtrot! Make sure you keep your promise~" said Audie as she skipped her way back home.

Night rises and you were heading your way to Audie's home. You knock on her door and entered. Audie was so joyful seeing you coming in. "Hello! I'm so happy that you came, foxtrot!" said Audie as she came over with a joyful hugs. You hugged back and looked around her room. She's not kidding when she said she made a lemon themed renovation, like her ENTIRE room is set up with lemon based stuff. Lemon wallpapers, floorings, stool, table, music box, bed, stand, wardrobe and a cart full of lemons. "So? What do you think? Is it wonderful, foxtrot?" said Audie with a smile. You said that it's wonderful, since the theme fits her lemon clothes she always wear. "Lemons are one of the most delicious, but sour fruits. People say that eating one will make your mouth numb with sourness, but will give you Vitamin C, a vitamin that gives you a boost of energy! I'm always full of energy, which is why I like lemons." said Audie as she wags her tail. You said to her that lemons does suit her personality in a way. She blushes as you then went over and carass her chin. She blushes as her tail wags faster. "M-mayor?" Audie stuttered as her blush deepens and she starts to feel nervous. You said to her that you just want to have some fun with her, and you started holding Audie near the wall and slowly taking off her lemon dress, exposing her naked body. "I-if that's how you wish to spend the night, then please, don't hesistate. I won't bite~" Audie flirted as she then turned around, spread her legs and bend 90 degrees forward, both hands spreading her butt, revealing her pussy as her tail wags. You smiled and strip off your pants and grab onto Audie's hips as you tease her pussy before inserting it into her slowly. Audie gave a moan and bends upwards, feeling your cock rubbing against the lubricating walls inside her. "Mmmmmm~ please, do not slow, go wild as you wish. I can take the load." Audie moaned as you continued to hump into her faster. Your hands slid pass her hips and her waist, guiding towards her big milky breasts. As you grab hold of Audie's breasts, you knead it and squeeze her nipples, letting it harden slowly. Audie was in a blissful trance as she was intaking the pleasure from both sides as her internal system starts to whirr louder. "M-m-m-mayorrrr...mooooore...ah-ah-ah-ah...don't be shy-y-y..." Audie glitches. You proceed to go even faster and deeper as Audie's ears let out steam. Her pussy let out her lubricant load and spills her lemon carpet, her breasts starts to spew breastmilk and Audie's eyes started blinking yellow and red repeatedly. "Ahhhh-a-a-a-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh~ I'm...not-t-t-t giv-v-v-vvvvv-vvv-ve uuuuupppppp." Audie blurted as her legs started to tremble and you reached to your limit as well. Both of you didn't give up and you soon spew your load into her. Audie let out a glichy moan as she soon collasped onto the floor, panting as she opened her access panel from her back. "Mmmm-m-mmm-mmm...ahhhhhhhhhhh..." Audie continues to moan and you take a breather from the side. Both of you were exhausted and Audie's nearly out of comission. "H-h-h-hey...mayor..." Audie looks at you exhausted and lustfully. You looked at her and asked what's up. "T-t-t-thhhhaaaaannnnnkkkkk me...thhiiissss...lovely mo-o-oment...I'll...never...forget...foxtrot..." Audie gave a heartwarming and a blissful smile as she crawls to you and lies onto your laps. " you..." She slowly crawls up to your chest and leans in for a kiss. You embraced her kiss and return as well by replying that you love her too. Audie gives a blissful smile and kissed you one last time. "BATTERY...CRITICALLY...LOW-LOW-LOW...ENTERING...P-P-P-POWER SAVE MODE...AUDIE_WOLF_UNIT...Deeaaacccctttttiiiiiivvvvvvvaaaaaaaa..." Audie drones after the kiss, rests her head onto your shoulders and blissfully shuts down. Her fully shut eyes, her blissful smile and puckered lips froze and her tail lumps onto your left side. You smiled as you gave her one last kiss on her cheek before carrying her to her lemon bed and let her rest there. Before you left, you went to her showers and cleaned yourself. After showering and get changed, you left a gift for Audie. A romantic love letter and a photo of you in a lemon picture frame that's wrapped in a yellow wrapper with lime green tie. Soon, you rub Audie's head and then left home.

It was a great night, you and Audie spend some quality time not only as friends, but lovers. Audie manages to recover from her glitchiness and restored her battery power thanks to her automated bed charger. The next day, you met with Audie again by the food plaza. "Hey mayor! It's wonderful to see you, foxtrot!" Audie smiles as she hugs you. You returned the hug and asked if you enjoyed our time and the gift you left last night. "Mhm! I enjoyed every second dear~ Oh! I got you something as well, foxtrot. Here, have a "Audie's Photo" and a "Audie's Remote". A thank you gift for spending time with me, foxtrot!" She took out two gifts wrapped in a gold and silver wrapper. You thanked her for the gift with a bright smile. She smiles back before joyfully skipping off somewhere. You finally got the photo that you longingly waited for. Now you have all photo sets of your wolf villagers as well as each of their own remotes.

[Day: 4 Wolfgang & Fang] "Lovers' Reset"

Three days after your romantic time with Audie, you're just walking down the sidewalk when you heard Wolfgang and Fang causing a comotion at the small park. Oddly enough, you went over there and see what's going on. You thought that it was rare to see both Wolfgang and Fang fight over something cause both are best friends with each other. The commotion they're making sounds worse than an average fight between friends and you went there to see the issue. As you arrived to the scene, both Wolfgang and Fang were on their workout outfits and were arguing something about whether to swim or bug catch. It was just a fuss over what to do next and they both are taking the argument too personally. You interfered and stopped them from fighting and talked things out. "I just want to swim cause swimming is refreshing and can help build stamina, cha-chomp!" Fang growled. "And I want to bug catch cause catching bugs is fun and it's the perfect day to be out than swimming, snarrrl!" Wolfgang growled back. Both continue to complain about not doing what the other wanted. You told both that they can do something like snorkeling since it's available for everyone. Fang liked the idea since it involves swimming and joined. Wolfgang like the idea of catching while being outdoors and joined as well. You'll join to keep both company and to enjoy the seas as well.

Few hours later, both you, Wolfgang and Fang met at the shore a few miles far from the lighthouse. "So...both swimming and catching aquatic stuff huh? A good outdoor activity at least. We couldn't came up with that huh, snarrl." said Wolfgang. "Yeah, guess we weren't limited with options. I thought snorkeling or having fun at shore was only for the mayor, but I guess we were wrong, cha-chomp." Fang replied. Both seem to make ammends by talking normally and soon went to the shore. You set up a spot on the sandy land and watched both of them on the sidelines. Everything went well so far. Fang was swimming around peacefully and often joins Wolfgang on catching sea creatures. Wolfgang, who has caught quite a find of sea creatures was still searching. They took a break from swimming and relaxed along with you. "Today was pretty fun. I managed to catch quite a lot of sea creatures, snarrrl." said Wolfgang, resting besides Fang. "Yeah, and I'm so freshed from swimming. We got to do what we wanted to do, cha-chomp." Fang replied as he turns to look at Wolfgang as he also turns to look back at Fang. "You know, it was fun doing this with you Wolfgang. You made it so special and I really loved having fun with you, cha-chomp." said Fang, blushing at Wolfgang. "Y-yeah. Me too. I never would have thought this brought us closer, snarrrl." said Wolfgang, also blushing. Both continued to talk how special today was until they gazed at each other's eyes. "I...really love you...Wolfgang, cha-chomp." said Fang as he slowly leans towards Wolfgang. " you too...Fang, snarrrl." Wolfgang replied as he does the same. Soon, both of them started hugging and kissing each other and started rolling around the floor as they do. Both moans over and over as they continue to cuddle, huddle, hug and kiss and you're just watching from the side as they get their fur dirty by the sand. Their romantic moments got deeper as they soon proceed to take off their pants and started to tease each other's groin, cock and testicles. Fang slowly proceeds to insert his cock into Wolfgang's bumhole and thrust into it. "Mmmmm...ahhhh...ohhhhh~" both moaned as they let out their pleasuring sounds while they fuck each other. You just smiled as you watch them enjoy their moments. Both don't give up and continued to fuck. Fang was in the verge of losing his energy and Wolfgang's systems was heating up from the stimuli. "Ahhh...Wolfgang...Mmmmhhh~" Fang moaned as his legs start to tremble and his systems started heating up as well. This went on for quite some time, Fang's internal system hummed loudly as minor sparks and static shocks were let out of his body. The shock as well traveled to Wolfgang, who started glitching. "F-F-F-F-Fang-g-g...Don't hold baaaaaaaack..." Wolfgang stuttered as his body started shaking and smoke starts coming out of his mouth and sparks flew out of his ears. Fang started shaking in a glitchy manner as well as his system can't handle the heat. "ERROR. SYSTEM OVERHEATING...ATTEMPT EXITING PENDING TASK...ERROR...UNABLE TO END TASK...PLEASE SHUT DOWN TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE..." Fang blared in a robotic voice. Wolfgang's systemd did the same, but gave up a bit easily than Fang's as his back panel bursted and few of his circuits and wires were blown out. Wolfgang immediately shuts down as all of his internal componets spills out from him. It was also then Fang let out his load into Wolfgang and Fang's back panel opened and more spark, static shocks and smoke was released. Both collapsed onto each other, weak and not in great shape. "Ahhh-a-a-aaa-ahhh...ERROR...ERROR...myyyyy...loooovvvveeeeeeellllllyyyyyyy...frriiieeeennnnndddddd...PRIMARY SYSTEMS DAMAGED...SYSTEM ALL OFFffffflllliiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeeee......" Fang slowly drones as he then rests on Wolfgang. Both are now broken and deactivated. After seeing such moment, you checked on their internal systems and circuits as well as ones that came out of Wolfgang, most were fried, a few were damaged but fixable, and the rest are still in good condition. After checking, you decided to take them back home in a deactivated state. You let them rest on the spare king size bed as you take your time fixing all the damaged spots. It took you some time, but you managed to fix their internal systems. After the repairs, you grown exhausted as well and slept next to the fully fixed and still deactivated Wolfgang and Fang.

The next day came and you activated both Wolfgang's and Fang's systems. As they whirred back to life and was reactivated, both stiffly sat up with blank expressions and was just gazing straight. "Wolfgang_Wolf_Unit Systems Online. Alert: System Was Resetted To Factory Settings. Please Register To Continue." said Wolfgang in a robotic voice. "Fang_Wolf_Unit Systems Online. Alert: System Was Resetted To Factory Settings. Please Register To Continue." said Fang in the same robotic voice as well. You were shocked that they don't have their memories and default programs anymore. You just sighed and without a second thought, you decided to register yourself into them and make them both lovers of each other. You also tried your best to put them to their primary default settings, but the best you can do is put their default programs back, made them remember where their house are, who their friends are and remember the island layouts. Their memories were all gone, and they don't have any recollection of their past, which honestly doesn't bother you a lot. After completing their settings, they both whirred back to their free selfs. "W-what...happened, cha-chomp?" moaned Fang as he holds his head. "Where...are we, snarrrl." Wolfgang muttered as he also holds his head. You talked to them and explained what had truly happened. Both seem to be confused, but take your words. After the talk, both you, Wolfgang and Fang hang around in your place and relaxed with you. Both Fang and Wolfgang kissed each other and huddle with each other before resting against each other. You just smiled and head to the kitchen were you grab a cup of coffee, sat on the living room sofa and watched the news from the TV.

[Day: 5 Kyle & Tarou] "Movie Crash"

After spending at least one month trying to make Wolfgang's and Fang's life back to sustained and neutral, you relaxed at the nearby park where a both Kyle and Tarou were talking about what to do. You went over to them and asked what's up. "Oh hi mayor. We're just thinking of doing something eventful tonight, but unfortunately, we didn't have any idea to do, wow." said Tarou. "Yeah. It's monsoon season and we thought of spending some time as besties, but we don't know what to do. All the board games, video games and stuff has all been gone through and we were just bored on what to do, alpha." said Kyle. Both were pouting on what to do. You look at the sky and realized that the weather today is a bit cloudy and was about to rain. You came up with the idea of watching TV together. You know it was rare for them to watch TV, since they really weren't fans of "fake acts" and "stunts". But...they didn't have much of a choice either, since they have a TV that they watch news or game shows with. "Well, sure. We're not much of a "movie" kind of type, but since it's the only thing we can do, I can accept it just for today, alpha." said Kyle with a sigh. "You coming with us? It was your idea, so you're welcome to join us, wow." said Tarou. You nodded and say you'll come over with some snacks, drinks and a few movies we can watch. Kyle and Tarou nods as both of you walked separately.

Evening came and the weather was drizzling. You had your umbrella and a bag full of snacks, drinks and movies to watch as you head over to Kyle's home. As I arrived, both Kyle and Tarou were in the middle of setting up the TV with the movie player. "Hey Tarou? Is the movie playwer still working, alpha?" asked Kyle. Tarou was setting up the TV and hooking up the movie player to the TV. "I believe this should about do it. I think it's set! The player should be working, despite being unused for almost all day, wow." said Tarou. After some time, they managed and we set up our movie night. "Well, we're all here. What movie do you really like to watch? Drama, Documentary, Action, what will it be, alpha." said Kyle with curiosity. You said you have tons of genre that they can watch, but tonight we can watch an adult content movie. Tarou gave it a look from its cover. " this is technically a show where an agent has to go through a difficult mission andl also involving highly sexual content only for 18+ to see. Interesting, wow." said Tarou. "Wanna watch that, alpha?" asked Kyle. You and Tarou nodded as you take it to the movie player and insert the disk. The movie started playing, Tarou and Kyle were watching the start of it with almost sheer boredom, which is common when the introductory part of the movie is completely boring and not exciting yet. Time skip to where they were watching an interesting part of the movie. "Oh wow, I never thought love could be expressed that way, wow!" said Tarou. "Mhm. This action and romance movie is something. I get to understand the moral story behind their true loving hearts, alpha." said Kyle. Both were enjoying the show and are really taking the content and story behind it as well. The weather outside was roaring with thunderstorms and heavy rain. The street starts to flood, but nothing seems damaged from outside and inside. At the end of the movie, both Kyle and Tarou started talking about what they like about the show, mostly the romance and how the action behind the explosions, assaults and even cool scenary. Both looked at the clock, it's past night and the weather is still terrible. "Maybe we should stop for a while today. It's fun watching that show though, alpha." said Kyle as he was heading to the TV. "Mhm. Maybe they aren't so bad after all, wow." said Tarou as he too heads over to the TV. Both were about to disconnect the cables until a roaring thunder accompanied by a blast of lightning struck the house, causing all electronics as well as the TV to be electrocuted. Tarou and Kyle were effected by it and after being shocked, Kyle were blown onto the floor and Tarou was blown against the wall. You stood up, avoiding the static shocks coming from the TV and went to check on Kyle. "S-S-SYSTEM DATAAA-A-A CORRUPTED...NEW P-P-PROGRAM FILES ADDED...ERROR...CHANGE IN-IN-IN PROGRAAAAAAMS DETECTED...SSSSYSTEM RESTAAAaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt..." Kyle drones as his glitching movement started slowing and then he shuts down on the ground. You went over to Tarou next who was leaning against the damaged wall. "MALFUNCTION...MALFUNCTION...ALL PRIMARY SYSTEMS DAMAGED...UNIT WILL RESET AND SHUT DOWN IN 1 HOUR..." said Tarou in a robotic voice. With quick thinking, you grab a kitchen mittons and unplugged the TV quickly without getting electrocuted. Then you carried Kyle and Tarou into the living room couch. While Tarou was still under reset process, Kyle was fully deactivated. You pry his cleavage open and pressed his power button, rebooting him up. "Kyle_Wolf_Unit Systems Online. Alert: System Programs Were Reconfigured. This may damage unit's processors and AI. Do you wish to continue?" said Kyle in his robotic voice. You entered yes and Kyle booted up fully. "Wha...where am I? Where's Argos? Where is my boyfriend?" Kyle moaned as he then started questioning. You asked that he was in his room, but Kyle didn't believe. "What the hell are you even talking about!? I am not Kyle! I'm Andros! This isn't my home! Where did you take me!? I'll have the agents arrest you!" Kyle started growling. Now it made sense to you that his programs were altered from the movie data. Now all the scenarios that happened in the movie are all altered into his memories. You tried to calm things down and explain what happened. Kyle, who was skeptical at first, looked around and saw the evidences of your explanation. "Ok. I believe you. My memories are altered from a movie that was transfered due to the lightning shock, the other wolf there, Tarou, is my boyfriend and his system is resetting, this is my real home and my name is Kyle, not Andros." said Kyle as he walks around. Then he gazed at Tarou and heads over to him. "I'm sorry Tarou. I promise, even after you reset, I'll make you happy and safe." muttered Kyle as he kissed Tarou on the lips. An hour passed and Tarou was fully resetted and the heavy rainstorm stopped. You take both Kyle and Tarou over to Tom and Isabelle, hoping that they could find a way to fix them.

Days passed, Kyle, who's memories were altered and mixed, was able to recover a few of his past and recent memories and was able to remove all memories that relates to the movie. Unfortunately, Kyle's personality changed into the character from the movie; protective, aware and often a jokester. Tarou on the other hand was fully repaired, but due to the reset, he wasn't able to remember everything. After having Tarou register you and configuring Kyle as his boyfriend, he came to be and acted as if nothing had happened. It's another fresh start for both Kyle and Tarou. "I am happy that most of my memories remains. Just sad that a few memories were corrupted and my personality has changed. But hey, at least I'm not "shocked" by this anymore, alpha." Kyle joked as he gives a chuckle. You laughed as well, welcoming Kyle back and left him with Tarou.

[Day 6 Skye] "Fainted Warrenty"

"Another day, another adventure" some would say. You just got out of Gullivibe's place after a fresh swim and spa. Walking along, you met up with Skye, who seems lost in thought. You went over to her and asked what's the matter. "Oh hi mayor. Just thinking about what should I do, airmail." said Skye. You asked what's she thinking about. "I was thinking, "You know, I've been with you ever since the starting foundation of your island and by the fact that I have thought of this for the 50th time, but at the same, I really want to explore more that's out from this village. But, I'm worried that once I left, I'll never see you again, airmail." Skye looked a tad bit concerned. You said that as much you like having Skye going out, you too will miss her forever if she left. You don't want her to leave, considering that she has also been by your side since the island foundations has started. "Yeah, I'll admit. I'm not yet ready to move out. But at the same, my feelings are telling me that I should go, airmail." said Skye. You replied that despite the feelings, you should decide what your heart really want. "My heart huh?...I really...want to stay here. With you, airmail." said Skye, trying to let her heart feel what she wants. You're glad that she decided to stay and hugged her. "It's hard to get over grudges like this, but I don't want to let go of you and the friends I made here. Thank you mayor for helping me make this decision, airmail." Skye smiles as she hugs you first before bowing and leaving with her tail wagging. You hugged her back and waved goodbye as you went home.

Night came, you're just hanging out in your living room, chilling as usual. There was a knock on your door with Skye calling you. "Mayor, is it ok if I can come in, airmail?" Skye called. You went over, opened the door, invited Skye in with a smile. Both of you sat on the living room sofa and started talking about Skye's hobbies and what she likes. "As a chef, I like to make sure the seasoning is perfect at the end, airmail. That way, despite having either hard or soft noodles, you can savor the taste with the spices and flavoring." said Skye. You smiled as she talks about cooking. That's when Skye thought of something. "Say, you haven't had your dinner yet. Let me cook for you, airmail." Skye said as she stood up and went over to your kitchen. You asked that she don't have to, but Skye proceeds to start cooking. You just stay quiet as you watch from the corner as Skye cooks. Her body sways and moves elegantly as she chops the ingredients, stewing brews, frying curries, etc. Seeing her smile as she was doing her favorite hobby for you makes you feel happy for her. After cooking and the food was ready, you and Skye started eating. "Mmmmmmm~ I really love it~" Skye smiles as she loves her cooking. You agreed with as smile as you ate some of her food as well. After the food, you and Skye chilled back at the living room. "I'm glad to spend time with you and cook for you mayor. It has been a dream to make people like my cooking and you're the first to love my cooking, airmail." said Skye as she leans onto your shoulder. You thanked her for her cooking and say that someday, she should open up her own restaurant here so that every villagers and visitors who comes here can enjoy. "You really think I can, airmail?" Skye asks, filled with hope. You noded and replied that you can help make a stall for you and that you can make your delicious food there for everyone can enjoy. Skye hugs you with a smile, thanking you over and over as her tail wags. You returned the hug and smiled back to her. Both looked at the clock. "It's 10 seconds until midnight. I should get going mayor. I'm happy to spend time with you, airmail." said Skye as she stood up, grabs her purse and was ready to leave. You too stood up and said goodbye as you take her to the door. Skye took a few steps out of your front yard and was smiling all the way, but that smile instantly went from immediate gasp and shock as her body started swaying weakly and she collapsed on the sidewalk. Shocked, you went over to her. Next to her and leaving was a scorpion. You took out your netting and caught the scorpion before it can harm anyone else. Soon after, you carry Skye back to your house and lied her down onto the sofa. You did all you can to cure her from the scorpion sting with the antidote from your first aid kit, cause if a robot got stung by a scorpion, it forced their system to shut down and can only rebooted when being cured. You let her rest in the living room with the sofa pillow and a spare blanket you take out from your bedroom closet before slowly drifting to sleep right next to Skye on the other sofa. Morning sun shined and you woke up from your bed. You looked around to see that Skye was still on the sofa. To your confusion, you checked her, cause she should have rebooted herself and left while you were asleep. You uncover the blanket, stripped her topless and opened up her back access panel. In attempt to manual activate her, you ran into what was Skye's problem. The display screen kept saying that her system has expired from her warrenty date and cannot turn on. You decided to activate her, ignoring that she's expired. Doing so, Skye turned on. "Hello m-m-mayorrr. How can Skye-Skye-Skye helllllllp you-u-u? airm-m-m-maaaail" Skye started glitching as her body moved robotically and stiffly. Pleased and aroused by her glitchiness and robotic behavior, you asked how she feels. "Skye f-f-f-feels grrrrrrreaaaaat...Want to...Want to...Want to...Thanks for-for-for asssssking..." Skye continues to move stiffly and glitch. She made attempt to hug you, but her arms accidently slaps your laps as her head smooshes into your chest. You softly grunted as she heavily smooshed her face onto your chest, but chuckled as you properly help her from what she's aiming, a hug. You asked if you would like to have some quality time together. "To have-have-have seeeex with you-you may-y-yor, airmail." Skye glitched as she leans down on you and made you lean on the sofa. You giggled as you strip of her bottom as well as yourself naked, grab her hips and aimed her pussy to your cock. "Oh my-my-my...I would loooove to be your-r-r...krzzzt...Let's cook together...bzzzzt...have sex-sex-sex together..." Skye continues to glitch and twitch even more as you hold her hips and moves it up and down, letting her inner walls lubricate your shaft. " really are...bzzzzt...I love you...krzzzzt...your seeeeeeex partner-ner-ner..." Skye's voice changed to a more robotic-like voice as she started riding your cock. After 3 minutes, you let out your load, filling inside of Skye which caused her to be even more glitchy. "Ahhhh-aaaa-aaa-a-aaaaaahhhhhhh...bzzzzt...I am...perfect sex-ex-ex-ex toooooyyyyyy..." Skye leaned forward and then immediately straighten as her arms stifftly twitches up, down and sideways. Her head tilts and twists as her eyes started glitching and her pupil blinks yellow and red. After letting your load fill in her, you moved her body and laided her down as she was still remaining in her kneeling pose. You opened a small hatch on the back side of her head and yanked out a green circuit chip. Doing so, Skye immediately froze as her eyes flases red, one side half shut and the other side opened, her mouth opened and her arms stiff and frozen while one hand was forward and the other was on the side. You called Nook and he have his team carry Skye's lifeless body while you hold onto Skye's chip.

A few days after Skye's full repair and extended warrenty, she was back anew with a new AI chip. "Why hello sir~ How may I help you today?" said Skye, being so formal towards you like nothing happened. You chuckled as you took out her blank AI chip and put in her original chip. Having Skye rebooted for a few seconds, she looks around. "W-what happened...Last thing I remember was leaving home...and I blacked out." said Skye. You told her that a scorpion attacked you and your system's warrenty went expired. You explained everything as you take Skye on a walk around the village. Today was unfortunate for Skye, but you're glad that she finally gets to stay with you for much longer time.

[Day: 7 Lobo] "Critque Gone Wrong"

After a pleasuring event with Skye a few days ago, you were invited to Lobo's home by Lobo. You arrived to Lobo's house and Lobo welcomes you in. "Ah mayor! Please come in, ah-rooooo." He kindly welcomes you into his house. You went in and started looking around Lobo's house. Most of his furnitures are antique, old, native and feels like I'm in an old hut of someone very old in the past. "Please take a seat. I'll get you something, ah-rooooo." He went to the kitchen corner and brought some cookies. "I'm glad that you came by mayor. I wanted to talk about the upcoming event that's going in the museum, ah-rooooo." Lobo started talking about the "Fossil Event" that's coming in next week. "I know Blathers needed a person who can help examine fossils and give critques for the contestants. I want to request if I could help with it? I know that every villagers have to participate, but I believe I could be of help for Blathers as you are going to participate in the event, ah-rooooo." Lobo's correct about it. You are going to partcipate in the event as a contestant and Blathers' still looking for someone who can help him take part of the fossil examining and critquing. You said that it can be arranged as he only needed to let Blathers know that you accepted his request and that Blathers can help teach Lobo if needed. "Wow! Thank you very much! I really appreciated that you accepted my request! I'll let Blathers know about it and can start learning more with him, ah-rooooo." Lobo was really psyched about the acceptance as he was wagging his tail with joy. You told Lobo that since the event starts next week, he needs to start preparing by tomorrow morning as Blathers' going to teach him until noon. Both you and Lobo continued to talk about the event until noon as you left and head for lunch.

Days gone by and you can see Blathers and Lobo going at it as you expected. Lobo was really enjoying Blathers' teachings in fossils as Blathers uses the spare fossils of the ones already collected and displayed in the museum. When the event finally came, you and all the villagers were gathered to the main hall as Nook stepped onto the stage with Isabelle, Blathers and Lobo. They both announced the rules of the event, how the event scores will determine the winner and how the event will last until 3 PM in the afternoon. When the starting horn sounded, all the villagers including you started holding onto shovels and started digging at the ground where the fossils are. So far, you have found a lot of fossils and a few gyroid fragments. Hours passed and your inventory was filled with 28 fossils and 11 gyroid fragments. When the event horn sounded at exactly 3 PM, every villagers were gathered back to the main hall and placed all the fossils and gyroid fragments collected in their own given inventory chests. Blathers and Lobo went around and looked at all of them one by one as they started taking notes. "That's a great find Whitney! All of those fossils are rare! Great job, ah-rooooo!" Lobo started giving compliment critques as he moves on to the next contestant. "Some of those fossils are common, but some are rare. You did good at least Vivian, ah-roooooo." Lobo smiles at Vivian as she just strike a prideful gesture. "Wow, so much gyroid fragments than fossils, looks grim, but hey, at least you gave your all Chief, ah-rooooo." Chief looked down in a sadness reaction. Contestants after contestants, you're the last Blathers and Lobo came to and examines. "Oh...oh my! You have collected most rare and a few super rare fossils! You're putting up the work with your best efforts mayor, ah-rooooo!" Lobo's compliment made you bashful as he and Blathers made their leave to the stage, started checking on the scores and finalized them. Nook then walked up to the mic and started the announcement. "Hello all villagers of Wolvesville! Congratulations on your efforts in this event! We have finally round up points and finalized the score of all contestants and am proud to announce the winner!" Then, there was the drum roll as he then looks back at the notes gathered by both Lobo and Blathers. All the other villagers looked at Nook with bewilderment. "And the winner of this year's Fossil Event is..." Just when the winner was about to be announced, Blathers stops Nook. "Wait! There's something off with the fossils." Blathers was looking really strange as he feels like there's something wrong. "I went to check the fossils again and again, but all of the fossils collected here are fake!" Blathers took a fossil from each of the contestants and started rubbing the skin of the bones and/or breaking the bone into half. "Fossil bones aren't that fragile when they break! They're strong enough to withstand being broken with a simple force from hands. And, a few of the fossil's skin layer started peeling off like paper crumbs!" Blathers was right, you can see small white crumbs that shouldn't appear from the bones. And the shells of the bone look more ceremic than real bones. "This event has been sabotaged! All those bones are forged! We have set out REAL fossils for the event, but these are FAKE!" Blathers shouts with shock. All the other villagers starts to question and starts to worry. You look at Lobo who was worrying about the thing but wasn't doing anything but sit on a chair. You feel something's off with Lobo.

As the event ended and the day became night, you went to Lobo's house. As you entered, you were shocked to see all the fossils piled in boxes left in the room and Lobo was just looking at them. You talked to Lobo and asked why he sabotaged the event. "As much as I wanted the event to go well, I really like to gather ancient artifacts and such. As I LOVE to become an archeologist, doing all the hard work is tiresome. Which is why I had to sabotage it so that I can gather all the real fossils placed around the island and keep them for myself, ah-rooooo." Lobo shows his colors as he was the one who commited a felony. "I know what I did was wrong, which is why I have given a large amount of Bells to each of the contestants as a participation prize. I gave them 999,000 Bells to each of the villagers, ah-rooooo." Normally, as a mayor, Lobo should have to pay charges for it. But paying each of the contestants with the amount of Bells that's greater than the sum total of all the fossils and gyroid fragments you collected is a fair exchange. You said to Lobo that what he did was wrong, but at least he repaid for it. "I'm glad that you understood me mayor. I was eventually going to tell the people the truth but-" Lobo cut off midway as you went to him and quickly took out his A.I. chip, causing Lobo's system to shut down and his body to slump forward. You let out a sigh as you called Nook. Nook took all of Lobo's stolen fossils back and returned it to the museum. After you shut the door, you looked at the deactivated Lobo and smirked as you strip him naked and started having fun. You rubbed his cock from behind as your cock teased his crotch before shoving it deeply into his tight butthole. You muttered that even though he has paid for what he did, it doesn't mean that he's going to be punished. You continue to hump deep into him while rubbing his cock. Soon, you let your load deep into him as Lobo's cock started leaking his own cum. You rest onto Lobo's back and looked at Lobo's A.I. chip. You keep hold of it as you put it in your jacket, get cleaned and carried Lobo all the way back to your house. Days later, Lobo remained deactivated in your house. You treated him as nothing less than a boy toy doll as his half shut and lifeless eyes and puckered lips remained frozen and his body remained lumpy. At the outside, Lobo's house was taken down and was left with a free spot for any villager and no one knows about Lobo being the fossil thief in the Fossil Event. Lobo's crime was repaid, but he still has his punishment to finish.

[Day: 8 Vivian] "Business Gone Wrong"

With Lobo taken care of at your home, his house taken down and his property goes to you by default, you went to Nook's and Red's Cranny to see what furnitures or items you can purchase. You see Vivian talking with Timmy and Tommy Nook as she was giving some of her items to them and they give Bells to her and Red was restocking some items. Looks like she's selling something to them. You went over and talked to both of them. "Ah mayor! I'm surprised to see you here, piffle." Vivian was slightly surprised. "Timmy, Tommy and I were talking about the prices of the items I'm selling to them. I have too much furnitures and other cosmetics that I really want to sell. But I'm not surprised to hear that they return only 70% of the original price of the item instead of the full, piffle." She seemed unhappy about the business. Timmy and Tommy tried to talk to her that there are taxes and fees to selling items that makes it a fair trade, but Vivian doesn't believe as she just huffs and fights back. You stepped in and side with Timmy and Tommy as you told Vivian that this is how business works and explains why it has to be that way. Vivian of course listens to you, despite not being pleased, and just let the problem go and accept it. " least I got the money. That's fair enough. Say, would you like to come with me mayor? I'm doing a small online business of my own and I really need your help tonight, piffle." Vivian looks at you. You accepted her request for help and told her that you'll come tonight. With that, you left the shop.

Night time came and you went to Vivian's house. You knocked on her door and Vivian opens and welcomes you. "I'm so happy that you came by mayor. Please, take a seat. I'll grab some refreshments and some small snacks, piffle." She was joyful as she went to the kitchen and grabbed some cookies and milk. "I seem to have trouble with the online marketing investment and I would like you to see where did it went wrong, piffle." She went and grabbed a few documents and opened her personal computer, showing the marketing investments she made. "I don't understand why the value has dropped instead of going up, piffle." She looks with confusion as you continue to look. You told her that her mistake was depositing minimal amount of Bells for the investment and the fact that the company she invested is not a great company. She'll go bankrupted if she doesn't change the company she's investing and depositing the profitable amount to that company. "Ah, I see...That's why I wasn't do so good in financial terms. I blame the company for not putting up the good job, piffle." She snarled. You can't help but agree with her as the company doesn't really put much of a reputation itself. "Then what should I do? I don't know which company I should invest now and how can I get the income value necessary, piffle." She started to worry and slowly started tearing up. She feels stressed, depressed, worried and scared about what to do next for her investment income changes. You said that if you come to her place once every night, you can help her set up with a working company to invest on and help her with the investment. "R-really? You'll help me? Thank you mayor! This is the biggest help I never thought having, piffle." She shook your hand with happiness as her worries were nearly lifted. As promised, you visited Vivian every night and helped her with the money investment. A month later, she started doing what's needed and now living happily thanks to your help. She gives you gifts with letters to you once every week to thank you. You visited Vivian again and you noticed how much she has changed. "Ah mayor! Please, come in, piffle." She happily welcomes you in and you gazed at the massive change in her interior house designs. New furnitures, new wallpapers, new floorings and new set ups. "What do you think mayor? Thanks to you, I finally able to create a home of my dreams, piffle~" She hugs you as her tail wags. You said that there's no problem as you hugged her back with a smile. "You know, I really want to properly thank you for changing my view and life. In return for your support, I'd be happy if you like to have fun with me, piffle~" She blushes and shuffles her body side to side. You blushed a bit as you smiled and said yes. Vivian smiles as she first gave you a kiss before taking you to her bedroom and started stripping naked. You followed up and both of you cuddled on her bed. Both of you kissed lustfully and lovingly as her breasts squishes your chest and her fur warmths you. "Please...have sex with me~" She spread her legs wide and rubs her pussy in front of you. You chuckled with a blushful smirk as you crawled and slowly inserts your cock into her and started humping. You grope her breast and started sucking as well. Vivian moans as you continue to fuck her while drinking her breastmilk. "Yes...yes...ahhhhhh~ I'm yours to play with~" She blushfully smiles and continues to moan. You go faster and then kissed her lips. You started smelling smoke from her as her ears started to slowly let out small smokes. "Fuck me- Fuck me- Fuck me...Ahhhhhh~ I'm your perfect...*krrrrrtz*...I love you mayor...Please be my...*beep...whirr*...I'll be your caretaker-" Vivian started glitching as her body twitches. "Ahhhh-aaaaaaa-aaa-aaaaaaaa...SYSTEM ERROR...OVERLOAD...CANNOT...COM...PUTE...ERROR...M-m-maaassssttteeeerrrrr...loo-ooo-o-ooooooves...yooou-you-you..." She continues to glitch more and twitch more as more smoke comes out of her ears and mouth. Her panels opened up and started to shock and spark. You let out a couple more deep humps and then fill your load into her. Vivian takes it in and sparks and shocks become so intense that it started to cause her to catch on fire. Vivian's voice becomes more disoriented and glitchy, her motions stuck in a stiff loop and she can't do anything but glitch and move in a repeating loop. You looked around for a fire hydrant and then stopped the fire. The liquid from the hydrant stopped the fire and caused her system to pop and shut her down. All that's left on the bed is a broken and deactivated Vivian, who's nothing left but a lifeless doll.

Weeks after Vivian was repaired and returned to you. She proposed to you that she wanted to be your wife. Her loyalty is to you and she is willing to stay by your side. Additionally, she like to use Lobo's lifeless body to be a hugging pillow and boy toy on the couch. You giggled as you smiled and accepted her proposal. A lovely wedding took place at the beachside and everyone was happily attending to you and Vivian's wedding. Both of you made your wedding vows, put wedding rings on each other and then gave a lovely kiss. Vivian is a trustworthy, loyal and loving wife to you as she has helped you and stick by your side always.

[Epilogue] "What Experiences Awaits You"

Life in Wolvesville will never be the same. Both Chief and Freya, and Fang and Wolfgang have started their own family as they have kids of their own. Kyle and Tarou become more than just best friends as they both live together in one house. Lobo remained deactivated, his AI stored in one of the drawers and he was used as the wives' hugging pillow and sex toy, but Vivian was the most to use him. Both Skye, Whitney, Vivian and Audie married you as well and started living together with you and Vivian and started a family together with a total of 6 children. As the only father, married to 4 wives, you did all you can and supported your loving family. The wives also doesn't seem to care if you have sex with other villagers, cause in the end, they're still loyal to you. Your childrens respects your privacy, didn't talk about any sexual affairs to anyone and continues to live normally. Two new villager has joined your island as well. One is the old wolf, Dobie. He's sometimes cranky, but was really kind and fun to be around with. Another is W. Link. He's adventurous, likes to act like a warrior and he's really gets along with everyone.

The times spent with all the wolves was great. However, you decided that the town needs a bigger aim. And years later, you made your goals finally true. Your home is big and luxurious, the visitor tents has been upgraded to an apartment for any visitor villagers can come visit. Nook's and Red's Cranny was further upgraded and turns into a super market. The outdoor pool and spa, Katrina's hut and the museum still remained the same. Reeses and Cyrus' workshop and the Able Sisters' tailor shop got upgraded as well. The airport is upgraded as well and now boat travel to other islands are possible with Kapp'n. With such a massive improvement to the town, all the villagers all around came to visit here. And with the new changes, you also renamed the town. Now, it's no longer Wolvesville. It's now named, Atlasia.


(Note for Bonus Chapters: Due to the majority of the votes in Fembot Labs Discord Group, people wanted me to make bonus chapters for this story. I'm very happy to see that people like my story, and I'm happy to continue. Bonus chapters are chapters that happens after the epilogue as a continuation of the story. So enjoy the bonus chapters as well. Thank you!)

[B-Prologue] "One End Is Another Beginning"

Years after all the changes and improvements that were made to Atlasia and you were announced as the town's permanent mayor and governer, you were given special items from what appears to be from the "Animal Crossing Community". The letter says;

"Dear (Player),

We thank you for playing our game. However, you have successfully reached to the end of the game and there's nothing to continue further on until hopefully our next update to the game. Until then, we like to give you a special gift for completing your island and the game. For more fun experiences, we like to present you with this "Staff Villager Control App" and this "Special Key". With these, you are able to interact with the staff villagers, can enter to all other rooms that are locked for the villagers who haven't complete the game and can visit to the staff villager's home. We like to thank you for enjoying and completing the game. We hope to progress the game further with future updates. Hope you enjoy our greatest Animal Crossing adventure.

Best Wishes,

AC Community."

You smiled as you installed the app into your phone and keep the key into your inventory. With that, you joyfully walks into the big city in your own island, happily welcoming all the other villagers, enjoying your time and happily spending time with your family of 4 wives and 6 childrens.

[Chapter B-1] "Isabelle's Biggest Secret"

It was just one regular normal day, you and your new family walked around Atlasia, meeting and talking with all other villagers that came to visit your island. You're just having fun in your own beautiful and luxurious island as the new villagers came to greet you and respect you. You got a phone call from Isabelle as she calls you to come to the office as you're needed to sign a few important documents to talk about the recent taxes and fees rate. You kissed your wolf wives and went to the mayor's office. Nook welcome's you as he leads you to Isabelle's office. "Ah, mayor! We're glad that you came by. Isabelle is waiting at the office, mhm mhm." He opens the office door and in awaits Isabelle with a pile of documents. "Mayor! Thank goodness you arrived!" Isabelle walks to you and shook your hands. "There are TONS of paperwork that needs signing and you're WAY behind! You looked at the paperworks piled up at the other side of the room where your desk can't see your desk anymore as piles of paperworks has mostly covered your entire desk and chair. You let out a huge sigh of defeat as you and Isabelle work on the documents while Nook went to review the paperworks on Isabelle's desk. You spend the entire day up till evening, signing all the documents one by one to nearly no end. While Nook has finished his side with Isabelle's paperworks, you and Isabelle still continue to struggle signing all paperworks.

When night arrives and the office closing hours came, all the paperworks were submitted and signed to the mailing office. You and Isabelle were exhausted and tired as Isabelle walked to the "Restricted Room". You wondered what's in there as you've never been into that room as it was only been used by Isabelle only. With the "Special Key" in your pockets, you use it and entered into the restricted room. It's a stairway leading down to the basement that you're never aware of. You walked down and see what's in the basement, and to your shock, it was a BIG industry of robot villager production! So many villagers that you never had were all placed in hangers, conveyor belts, in some machines and in boxes. You see so many wolf villager models, squirell villager models, bear villager models, cat villager models, etc. And inside a room where the controls are was Isabelle and masked NPCs doing their job to run the industry. It seems like this island is very unique to you and was kept a secret. As you went down, Isabelle saw you and walked towards you. "H-hey! How did you get in here!?" said Isabelle with a shock. You told her that you were granted the Special Key and was able to enter restricted areas. "Oh dear...I guess the AC Community has given you the key for all the hardwork." Isabelle sighs. You asked how you're connected to the AC Community. "I'm a part of the AC Community to help a villager build their own island and bring satisfaction and joy. This restricted room actually leads to the core factory where we produce all animal NPC villagers to other islands with their own mayor." Isabelle replied. You had a long conversation. Turns out that the restricted room leads to the central factory where all animal NPC villagers were made and delivered to other villages or islands. "If you're going to ask if I'm like them, no. I'm not." Isabelle blurted that out without thinking. That caught your interest as you asked if she could take you to a room where you can talk with her in private. "Hm? Well, there is a private room, but what do you want to talk about?" Isabelle questioned. You only replied that it's something that you don't think is ok to talk in public. Isabelle nods and took you to the private room just east of the factory room and two rooms next to the meeting rooms. Isabelle takes you in and locks the door. The private room is actually small, but very luxurious. Fancy too, with expensive furnitures and a small fridge with drinks. "Ok, so what do you want to talk about?" Isabelle asks as she heads to you. You just smirk and gets closer to Isabelle, opened her cleavage panel and pressed down her power button. At first, she was taken by surprise, but it was too late to react. "Isabelle System...Shutting...Doowwwnnnn......" Her systems slowly stops whirring and beeping, her voice slowly drones, her eyes slowly went half shut, dull and lifeless, and her body slowly leans forward. Looks like this was the biggest secret that Isabelle tries to hide, but no longer. Seeing how Isabelle, a helper NPC that's different from villager NPCs is really nothing but a robot. You chuckles as you strip her naked, taking off her clothes and revealing her big breasts and thicc hips. You were about to feel her body when the door suddenly opened. A villager player, pale skin, have a goatee and short haircut wearing a business suit came in and what looks like another Isabelle wearing a pallette swap of the same shirt and skirt of your Isabelle. He was surprised to see you playing around with your Isabelle and just glares at you. "I'm sorry...but are you by any chance having some kind of affair with your Isabelle?" He spoke. You backed away, flustered and admit it in a stuttery and flustering way. "Hahahah, don't worry. I was the same too." He just laughs at it. You looked dumbfounded, but when you look at his Isabelle, it made sense. Unlike your Isabelle, his Isabelle is more loyal, loving and companionative and helps assists her owner. "You know, I can help set up a program similar to what I did for my Isabelle but for you at least." He proposed. You can't help but feel embarrassed as you just nod and let the man reprogram your Isabelle to be loyal, loving, companionative and assistive to you. "You know, Isabelle models are one of a kind. You only get them per island and you can only purchase one island while the other islands were either vacant or reserved for other players." He said. You and the other villager player started talking and you learned a lot about the AC Community. It turned out, he's the founder of the AC Community and he was the one who delivered the Special Key and presented you with the "Staff Villager Control App". You and him went through all features and talks about the application and about the community. After the talk, you left the factory back to your office room, carrying your deactivated Isabelle and still naked.

It's been two days after that meeting with the founder in the core factory. Isabelle was still deactivated, naked and was still left in the office room. You just looked at her every time you come in. You decided to power her back on. Isabelle powers on, updates her system and reboots before looking at you with a kind loving smile. "Hello my mayor~ How may I help you?" said Isabelle in a sweet voice. She seem to not bother about the fact that she's naked. You just smile and tell her if she could pleasure you. "As you command~" She bows. She came over to you, kneels down, pulled down your pants, exposing your erected cock and she started licking it and sucking it. You just let out a lustful moan as you hold her head. She then proceed to ride your cock with her pussy while offering her breasts to you. You just hold her hips while sucking her breasts, drinking her sweet and creamy breastmilk. This went on for a few seconds before you cum into her and you were filled with her sweet milk. Isabelle just giggles and kisses you. You returned the favor and kissed her back lovingly. You tell Isabelle to get dressed and cover your work while you go out. "Of course my mayor~" She smiles, wears her clothes and went through the documents and paperworks. Seeing your very own Isabelle, doing everything she can in your place while remaining loyal, loving, companionative and assistive to you makes you feel more happy as you head out of the office and back with your family.

[Chapter B-2] "Katrina's Little Fortune"

You were just walking around the park area in a Sunday afternoon alone, meeting with the other villagers and visitors. Walking in a beautiful, natureful, clean and nolstalgic park keeps your mind calm after the fun time you have with your kids and your wives. At the moment, the kids were at school and the wives are spending time with their friends. While walking around, you came across a stall. The stall has a red silky covering and has two candle stands, a glass orb in between the candle and ancient magical objects on the sides. There's someone at the stall too, a female black panther wearing some kind of a fortune teller style robe and a headdress. It's Katrina. You know her for her fortune telling. You've known her when you visited Harv's island when he opened a place for other staff villager NPCs to stay. You went to her stall and greeted her. "Keeeeeeeeeee hamo-ata... Keeee haaaaaamo-atata...Fellow mayor...I had envisioned that you would come and visit me in this park today in my visions yesterday. Welcome. I assume that you came to see what your fortune is?" said Katrina in a fortune telling way. You replied that you would like to know your fortune with someone. "Ahhh I see...I do not like to ask from a mayor himself, but unfortunately, fortune telling isn't free." she said as she just stands there. You paid her 1,000 Bells. "Thank you. Now, who do you like to see for your fortune?" she asks as she prepares. You asked if she could tell my fortune with you. She seems puzzled, but obliges. "Very well. Then, let us begin... " said Katrina. Soon, your surrounding became dark and the two candle stand light up. Katrina then started chanting. "Keee ha mo-ata... Keee ha mo-atata... Loo-ta matata... YEEEEeeeeee!" With a loud screech at the end of her chant, the glass orb starts to glow. As the light dimmers, the orb shows Katrina's face and a light blue spiral. "Ah...I see...Well, your fortune with me is rather intriguing. Tonight, you invite me into your home and hang out together...and then...there will be some...some vigorous...Oh...Oh my..." She began to blush and fluster to what she saw. You looked at her quite puzzled, yet a bit clueless. "Um...uh..." she became nervous and she then swayed her hand to make the orb slowly dim and the light slowly shines around you. "I-I'm sorry...I uh...never predicted" Katrina blushes heavily, nervously panicking as she tries to calm down and tries to make sense of what she saw. "I'm sorry. Please excuse me." She then packed her stuff and flee in utter embarrassment. Clueless as you are, you wondered what the heck happened. On the stall, she accidentally left something. You picked it up and to your confusion, it was a spare battery pack. You feel like it belong to Katrina, but when you look for her, she's gone, vanished from sight. You didn't know what to do as you just put the spare battery pack in your inventory and continued to walk around the park.

Around the evening sunset, you just finished a delicious cooked meal at the food stall. You're so stuffed that you decided to take the long road back home. The long road is basically you going around the west side of the beach, down to the south side where the Dodo Airport is, and to the east side where the port is. It's a 25 minute walk, but it's calm and windy, which makes it fitting for walking. You walked around, looking at all the other villagers and visitors who're still up, going around the big island. After a few minutes, as you passed the Dodo Airlines and was passing by a few of the villager's houses and Katrina's hut, you saw someone just standing in the middle of the road just 4 buildings near Katrina's hut. You went to take a closer look and noticed that it was Katrina, leaning slightly forward, her eyes were half shut and dull and her lips puckered. It seems that she didn't really left the island because she ran out of power. You just giggled and decided to carry Katrina all the way back to her hut. Inside her hut is filled with religious style rugs, objects, furnitures and fortune telling stuff. You put her on the sofa, giggling at her. You muttered to yourself; "Seeing Katrina like this is hot...If what my fortune telling from her said is true...then..." You smirked as you take off her clothes, opened her access panel and reprogrammed Katrina to be nothing but a sex doll owned by you. After reprogramming her, you put her clothes back on, switched her depleted battery core with a spare one and powered her on. "Katrina_Fortune Teller Panther_Unit Systems Online. Alert: System Programs Were Reconfigured. This may damage unit's processors and AI. Do you wish to continue?" said Katrina in a robotic voice. You giggled and confirmed. She reboots and then powers back on. "Why hello master~ How can a fortune teller like me please you tonight~" Katrina purrs lustfully as she crawls up to you and rubs your chest gently. You just blush and asked if she would like to come to your place for a little "fun". "Ooooo, I love fun~ And just as your fortune predicts too~ I come to your place and we have some "fun" together." she flirts at you, giving you the blushing lustful smile as she clings onto your right arm. Soon, you and Katrina left the hut and walked all the way back to your house. There, your wives and kids greeted you. You told them that Katrina and you were going to do something fun in the private room and they would like to spend some time together for tonight. The wives and kids don't mind as the kids went back to having fun. As for the wives, they asked that after you have fun with Katrina, they'll come over for some "fun" too. You nodded and invited them only after you have fun with Katrina. With that, you head to the private room, a room nearly similar to the one you once go to at the core factory at the basement, but there's a king size bed, an AC, a table, a fridge with other beverages, a TV and even a big sofa. "This is a wonderful place~ Where to start dear~" Katrina flirts as she releases her grip and slowly started stripping naked. You did the same and called her to the bed. She giggles and approached to you elegantly before she pounce on you and she was lying on top of you and your face is squished by her big breasts. "Hehehe~ Let's play master~" Katrina purrs. You smirked and giggle, hugging her and started cuddling around while you suck her breasts. Katrina moans and purrs as you drink her leaking milky breastmilk. Both of you cuddled roughly as the blanket and the bedsheet turned into a mess. You then dominated her by pinning her on the bed and shoved your dick into her folds and starts pounding in and out. "Ahhhhh...Ohhhhh...Mmmmm...Purrrrrr...Ahhhhhh~ Oh master~ Ahhhhh~" Katrina moans lustfully, taking in your love as you slowly go faster, deeper and harder. "Ahhhhh~ Yes...I'm your sex doll~ Ohhhhh~ Drain my batteries...Use me as your cocksleeve~ Mmmmuahhhhhh~" She's managing to hang in there. You smirked and then turned up the heat by going even faster, deeper and harder. Katrina's systems starts to whirr more as she starts to glitch and overheat. Her glitchy moan is what she can speak out as you nearly reaches to a climax. Seconds after seconds, her system heats up more and more and her glitching got from minor to major as her body then started glitching and smoke comes out of Katrina's ears and mouth. Her voice becomes disoriented, her eyes starts to cross and flicker and her breasts continues to spurt out milk. You reached your limit and filled your load into Katrina, moaning with pleasure as you hold onto the glitching Katrina. When you filled her load, her glitches became worse as her panels burst open and she's stuck in a static malfunction loop. Her disorient moan stuck on repeat, her body continues to glitch and move stiffly and robotically, her eyes randomly crosses and rolls around at random directions as it flickers on and off and her mouth randomly opens and shuts. You just let her remain like that and called in your wives. They all came, locked the room, stripped naked and you have fun with them. 1.25 hours before midnight, you're exhausted as heck. The wolf wives were all pleasured and were drained out of battery power. Whitney, Audie and Skye were all on bed together, both lying upwards, their arms placed at random places on bed while remaining intact and their bodies exposed and wide open. Vivian was on the floor, flat and her rear rised up. All four of them have one half shut, the other 3/4th shut and dull, lifeless eyes, their pussies leak with cum mixed with lube and their breasts leaking breastmilk. Katrina was placed onto the sofa, still glitching and stuck on loop. However, in each passing 10 seconds, she started slowing down, indicating that her batteries are draining faster. After 2-3 minutes, Katrina fully shuts down. Her body still stiff and poseable, her eyes crossed, lifeless and dull with one half shut and the other wide open, her mouth slightly open with her lips puckered, her right arm slightly raised and bent, her left straightened and was 30 degrees elevated, her legs remained spread out while her left leg remained bent and her right leg slightly straightened. Smoke comes out of all of her open panels, mouth and ears, her pussy still leaking cum mixed with lube and her breasts slowly stopped leaking breastmilk. You giggled weakly as you carried Katrina and Vivian on bed, lie on top of the fembots, suck their breasts dry one by one and slowly fall asleep.

You wake up to the sound of your kids getting ready for school. You weren't surprised to see your wives still deactivated and not recharged at all and Katrina remained broken. You get cleaned and prepared breakfast for your kids before sending them off to school on their own. You muttered to yourself with a scoff; "Looks like you'll be doing the house chores." You carried your wives and Katrina into the bathroom to have them fully cleaned before you carried your wives to your bedroom, placed them on a VERY BIG bed and left them to recharge. After that, you carried Katrina to the basement floor, where it's high teched and is like living in the future Sci-Fi world. You put her in a machine containing a pod where a person or robot can be contained. You put Katrina in there, activated the pod to initiate repair on Katrina and left her being repaired by the pod. After that, you cleaned the bedsheet in the private room, cleaned the cum stains on the floor, cleaned the house, do laundry and cooked yourself a good meal. It's the least you can do after having a magnificent and wonderful funtime with your fembots.

[Chapter B-3] "The Fuss in the Able's"

2 Days after your lovely time with your wives and Katrina, your wives were fully recharged and continue their lives as your housewives and mothers to the kids. Katrina still treats you like your lover, but was reprogrammed to have her fortune telling job and mixed memories of her original memories and the times she spend with you after being reprogrammed. You visit her hut some time and spend time with her and to see your fortunes for free. It was eventful and memorable time indeed.

You and your kids went out for clothes shopping in the Able's Tailor Shop, looking for good clothes to try out and purchase. While the kids went around the shop to pick 3 sets of new clothes, you see Mabel and Sable talking to Label...and it doesn't look good. You went over to them and asked what's the matter. "Ah! Mayor! Thank goodness. I'm getting sick and tired of our younger sister, Label, messing with the design patterns!?" said Sable in an irritated tone. "Hey! I'm a part of the Able Sisters too! Can't I put my design patterns in stock!? Why are you so picky Sable!?" Label yelled back at her. "L-Look sisters! Calm down!" Mabel was trying her best to stop the conflict, but both Sable and Label won't give up as they continues to yell at each other. "Oh this rate we'll be annoying our customers and they'll leave the shop..." Mabel sighs in defeat. You asked how'd it all happened. Mabel says that Label was introducing a few design patterns to Sable and Sable was picky with her design patterns and chose ones that Label doesn't seem to like instead of what she liked. Both started having a small friendly argument between the design pattern and it heated up "Oh man...I just wish neither of my sisters are picky with design pattern choices." Mabel sighed. You thought about how to resolve this conflict and thought of something brilliant. You whispered Mabel about your idea, not your full plan, but partially that can help settle the fight. Although Mabel seems unsure about the idea, she knows that it'll work, so she agrees to it. You told Sable and Label that they both could start a competition starting tomorrow 9 AM. Their goal is to present their designs before 5 PM tomorrow. You asked for at best 3 pairs of clothes with any design patters fitting for you specifically. Label and Sable agreed and they angrily scoffs at each other. "Oh...I hope this works..." Mabel looked worried. You comforted and assured Mabel that things will work out. Soon after, you and the kids went to purchase clothes and left the shop.

Tomorrow came, you were at the office, meeting with the Able Sisters. You talked about the rules and the goal in the end. Mabel will be watching both of them to make sure they're not cheating. Both Label and Sable looked determined and ready. When you said "Start", both of them rushed out of the office back to the tailor shop. Since it is a competition, the tailor shop was closed and the two sisters started working. You and Mabel were watching both Label and Sable doing their best to tailor designs and clothes of their own fashion. This is where your plan goes underway as you reached for your phone, opened up the "Staff Villager Control App" and selected the three Able Sisters to control. After confirming, the device binged, sending out a signal causing both Mabel, Sable and Label to suddenly stop, dropped everything and robotically stood straight with blank robotic expression on their face. You think to yourself; "Thank you AC Community for this app. It sure comes in handy for personal gains." You then used the app and changed their modes from "Doll Mode" to "Maid Mode". All three of them flinched and shut their eyes as their systems reboot. They all powered back on and looks around. "Oh my...Looks like this store needs cleaning." said Mabel. "I'll go grab some cleaning utensils." said Sable. "We'll mop the floor first." said Label. Soon, all three of them started cleaning their own shop. From mopping the floors to reorganizing all the clothes to their own pile and arranged in size, they all did a great job. "Is there anything you like us to do sir?" said the Able sisters as they stood in front of you, their hands together and looking at you with a welcoming smile. You thanked them for cleaning the shop and used the app again and changed their mode to "Lust Mode". The sisters flinched and shut their eyes again and reboots. After powering on again, they looked at you with lustful smiles, gazes and blushes as they tease the sexual parts of their body. "Why hello sir~ Do you came by to have a lovely chat with me~" Mabel flirted. "Or to come and play with us~" Sable teased. "Or do you came here for something "special"." Label giggles. You told the girls that you would love to see all three of you making out with each other first before they all can have you next. "Awwwwww." The girls whines as they really wanted you first. But, rather than disobeying, they looked at each other, flirts and teases as they strip naked and started lewding each other. Each one fingering each others' pussy while their breasts bounces together, moaning together. Mabel suck onto Sable's breast while Sable sucks onto Label's and Label to Mabel. It was a love sex triangle between the sisters. You just enjoy seeing them lewding each other, making you grow a boner. Both of them were slightly overheating and manages to hang on as their pussy lets out their lube, staining the clean floor. "S-s-so sir~ Enjoooooooying our-our-our sho-o-o-ow?" said Mabel glitchingly. "I-I-I-I-I ho-o-ope weeeeeeee didn't-didn't-didn't disaaaaaaaaapooooooint." said Sable also glitching. "N-n-n-n-now it's our-our-our turn-urn-urn tooooooo-o-o-o-oooo plaaaaaaaaaaaay with y-y-y-you." said Label also glitching. All three stood up and was about to head to you, however they stopped midway as their system starts to crash. "ERROR...SYSTEM FAILURE...Do-o-o you stillll love-ve-ve usss...mayorrrrr~?" said Sable as her body starts to glitch and twitch as her ears starts to spark and smoke comes from her ears and mouth. "WARNING...OVERHEATING...L-l-l-let'ssss spend sooommmmeeee tiiimmmmeeee to-o-ogetherrrrr mayor~" said Mabel as the same thing is happening to her too. "We-e-eee-e'reeee nottttt done-e-e-e with ourrrr...ERROR...System...Shutting...Doowwwnnnn..." said Label as the same thing also happened to her. All three of them shuts down simultaneously as they drone, their body mushed together as they leans forward, their half shut eyes and lustful expressions remained frozen, Mabel's mouth was slightly opened, Sable's lips were puckered and Label's mouth was shut with a smile. Both their blush remained visible, even after shutting down. You enjoyed watching them break before they could have the chance to lust you. You turned off the app, disconnecting them from the app and wiped the floor clean before you went to each of them. You opened their back panel and started wiping out some of their memories so that they don't remember about the sex, the arguement between Sable and Label and the competition. You also reprogrammed them so that they see you as their lover and both Sable and Label won't be picky about the design pattern choices. After all that, you put their clothes back on and rebooted them. They powered back on. "Mabel/Sable/Label_Tailor_Hedgehog_Unit System Online...System Updating...Complete...Powering On." All three fully powers on. "Oh! Hey dear. Did something happened?" said Label. "What were we about to do?" questioned Mabel. You said that they were about to invite you to the private changing room for a little quality time together. "Oh? We did?" said Sable as the three looks at you with a flustered blush as their hips sways side to side and their small tails wag. You said yes and you giggled. The three took you to their private changing room and stripped naked, revealing their wet pussy. You also strip naked and started having fun with the sisters. First to go was Label. She starts by putting her butt in front of your face, strokes your cock with her tongue and slowly starts sucking it in and out. You lick and suck her wet pussy and licked in the wet lube. This went on until you cum into her mouth and she drinks it all in. Soon, she turns around, leans onto you and kisses you. "Thank you love~ ERROR...LOW BATTERY...POWER AT 1%...PLEASE RECHARGE...I really enjoy being with you...I...loovvveeee...yoouuu......" Label drones as her eyes slowly went dim and half shut, her body slowly slumps on you and her system fully shuts down. Her breasts smooshes your face. You kissed her lips and put her to your left sideand let her lean onto you while Mabel was next. She starts by kissing you tenderly and lovingly before slowly riding your cock in her pussy. As she rides and moans, she offers her breasts and you suck onto them, drinking her leaking breastmilk. You cum into Mabel as you continue to drink her breastmilk. "Ohhhhh my love~ This feels wonderful~ ERROR...LOW BATTERY...POWER AT 1%...PLEASE RECHARGE...Thank you so much...for this...memoriable...seexxx...tiimmmeeee......" Mabel drones, her body leans onto you, her body went limp, her eyes went half shut and dull and she shuts down. You kissed her lips before putting her to your right side and let her lean onto you. Sable was the last. She wanted to go for a sex, but...I have something special for her, and I was lucky enough that I have a music app in my phone. You asked if she likes to dance before having sex together. Sable blushes and flusters before nodding her head. You offered her hand, she holds it. You played the music and both you and Sable started dancing together in the small room. Beat by beat, you and Sable dances step by step. We spin each other around, lifting Sable up and holding her close to you as she giggles and kisses you on your face everytime she gets close to you. As the music ends, both you and Sable made a finishing dance and ended brilliantly as Sable was lying backwards while I was holding her and we both kissed each other lovingly and tenderly. "Thank you my love~ For this wonderful dance~" Sable lustfully smiles and hugs you. You thanked her back for a wonderful time too. Soon after, both you and Sable have sex together as Sable leans against the wall and moans, her right leg raised while you hold onto her leg and hump into her pussy while kissing her and sucking her breasts. In a short amount of time, I cum into her and gave her a loving kiss and hugged her, knowing that she's down to her last battery power too. "I would like to thank you for this moment. My sisters would feel the same too. ERROR...LOW BATTERY...POWER AT 1%...PLEASE RECHARGE...Before I shut down...I have to tell you something." said Sable as she whispers into your ear. She told you that there's a phone connector that lets you download an unlimited use and no expiration digital coupon that allows you to purchase any clothes for free, but only for you. " our gift...for you...myy...loovvveeee......" And just like that Sable drones, her body leans onto you, her body went limp, her eyes went half shut and dull and she shuts down. You kissed Sable and then lifted her to their bedroom with only one big bed. You put the sisters onto the bed one by one, lied down in between Mabel and Label and put Sable on top of you while both Mabel and Label were facing your direction. You posed all three of them to make them cuddle and hug you while they remained in bed. You kissed the three sisters again, suck their breasts and drink their breastmilk before slowly drifting to sleep.

You wake up to see the girls still recharging and it's 11 PM at night now. You let the Able sisters recharge, gave them a loving goodnight kiss on the lips before you head to where the phone connector is, downloaded the coupon and then left the store and back home. Having a great time with the Able Sisters was a memoriable moment in your life. Living in your own island with your own robot people is nothing more than a wonderful dream that you wish that it'll never go away.

[Chapter B-4] "Reeses and Cyrus' Relationship"

Feburary...The blossoming month. Perfect for wedding anniversaries. Speaking of weddings, Reeses and Cyrus sent you a letter about planning for their anniversary wedding's layout, only this time, they're taking you to a nearby island that's already used for exotic, high quality, and great for photoshooting instead of doing it in Harv's workshop. You went over to Harv's island, where you see Reese and Cyrus talking to Harv. You go and meet with them. "Ah! Mayor! It's such wonderful of you to come!" said Reese. "Yeah! We're getting ready for some more annual wedding photoshoots. Our dresses are ready and we're also ready for the photo!" said Cyrus. You told them that everyone from the island will come and celebrate. "Why that'll be wonderful! Having more people joining us is more fun!" said Reese. Cyrus agrees as well. "So, you're in charge for the furnitures and decorations at the back. Me and Reese have to get changed for the wedding photos and celebration." said Cyrus as he holds Reese's hands and kissed her. You nodded and went to the back and started the decorations.

Minutes later after all the preparations are set, you have 25 minutes before the ceremony starts. You went to see if Reese and Cyrus are done in Harv's hut. You went into Harv's hut and check. It turned out that they're done, just recharging in Harv's charging station and a spare guest's charging station. You look at the two alpacas in their wedding dresses. You giggled and stroke the chin of Cyrus and grope the breasts of Reese. Both didn't respond and you just pleasure yourself with the deactivated and recharging alpacas. Time went by meaninglessly and the ceremony was about to be underway. You stopped pleasuring yourself with the two alpacas and watches them powering back on. "Alright dear~ It's time." said Cyrus. "Mhm! Can't believe it's happening!" said Reese with joy. Both saw you and you told them that the ceremony is ready. And just like that, the wedding ceremony is underway. So many villagers from your island, staffs and others came and celebrate Reese and Cyrus as they handed gifts and wedding money to them. You took care of taking wonderful pictures while Reese and Cyrus enjoys the wedding together, cutting wedding cakes, enjoying the feast and even dancing together with the music. It was a total blast and it lasted until the afternoon. Soon after the party, both Reese and Cyrus were drunk from drinking too many cups of wine, the others were also tipsy and some were knocked out and asleep. As everyone left, you and Harv were left to clean up the mess and the decorations while Reese and Cyrus went back into Harv's hut. After all the cleanup, you went to check on Reese and Cyrus again. They both were still partying while being tipsy. "Yay~ We are having fun~" said Cyrus, his body wavering and can barely walk in a straight line. "This is the best wedding evar~" cheered Reese as she was feeling doozy on the couch. Harv comes in and said that he's heading out and handed you the keys. With that, you're left alone with the two drunk alpacas. You just enjoy them partying with each other while remaining drunk, but soon after, it got boring. You decided to take out your phone, use the Villager Control App and connected them into your phone. As they connect, they both shuddered before standing straight and gazing blankly forward at nothing. You giggled as you manually control both of them and have them move around in a robotic manner. You enjoy seeing Cyrus just dancing naked like a lady while Reese was lying against you, naked and cupping her breasts to your face as you suck them. You tried out more options as both Reese and Cyrus continues to move around. It wasn't long until you wanted to try out this magenta button with a heart logo on it. You pressed it and both Reese and Cyrus then shuts down. A few seconds later, they rebooted and their eyes were glowing with pink hearts. "Hey there~ It seems like you like to have some meat from this bad boy~" said Cyrus with a teasing smile as he walks towards you, posing as he flexes his muscles. "Hehehe, well, I can see that you'll be into me more as my milk tanks here and my folds down here are begging for your attention~" said Reese with a lustful and blushful smile as she was groping her own breasts while spreading her pussy. You giggled and told both Reese and Cyrus to have fun with each other until either one of them couldn't go on any further. Last one standing between those two will get a chance to spend time with you. "Ooooooo, a challenge~ Sounds fun~" said Cyrus as he looks at Reese with a smirk. Reese smirks back as both were determined to make either one be the first to fall and the first to spend time with you. You watch as both Cyrus and Reese started teasing each other before they both started kissing, lewding and fucking each other on the ground. You watch them, moaning, kissing, lusting, cuddling and fucking on the ground, rolling around, bumping into furnitures and knocking off a few objects from the table. "Ahhhhhh~ As much as I love spending time with my dear, I can't let you win my chance to be with the mayor Reese." said Cyrus as he was dominating Reese. "Mmmm...Ahhhh~ Go ahead and test your luck dear. You know you can't even last a few seconds with me~" said Reese as she was dominating back at Cyrus. Both continued to fuck each other more and more as a mixture of Reese's lube and Cyrus' cum stains around the floor and a bit on both their bodies. "Oooo boy~ Looks're going to be...the first to fail...heheheh." said Cyrus as he looked tired out. "You are too...this is where we'll see who's...the last person standing~" said Reese who looked like she's tired out, but she was acting it. "Heheheh...can't wait to see be the first to fall...SYSTEM ERROR...BATTERY LEVEL 1%...PLEASE RECHARGE THIS UNIT...SHUTTING DOWN...Oh...and down...gooeeessss...myyyyy...baattttttteeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy......~" Cyrus drones as his body slowly went limp, his internal systems stopped whirring, his eyes went half shut and dull, his mouth slightly opened, his head blankly gazing down and he remained kneeled down with his hands on the floor while being on top of Reese. And just like that, Cyrus was actually the first to fall, shut down even, and Reese won the challenge. "Hah! Beat that~" said Reese happily as she crawled out of Cyrus, leaving him remained on the ground. "So, looks like I won your little challenge mayor~ What shall I do for you~" said Reese as she giggles and cups her breasts while slightly bouncing up and down and swaying her hips side to side. You chuckled as you told her to come and suck your cock. "Mmmmmmm~ Looks like you're ready for some fun with me~" said Reese as she kneels down to your knees, stripped your pants off and rubbed your erected cock before she started sucking the tip and slowly shoving your whole cock deep into her mouth as her tongue licks and massages it. You moaned and giggled as she continues for a few minutes before you told her if you can open any of her access panels. "Why certainly~" she complied as she opens her belly, back and cleavage panels. You smiled as you start to cum into her mouth. She takes it all in and then I take my cock out of her mouth and spew it all over her panels, causing her to short out and fritz. "Aaaaaaa-a-a-aaaa-aa-aaaaahhhhhhhh~ Hey lovely-lovely-lovely...*bzzt*...Today isssss the wed-wed-wed...*krzt*...You are-are-are myyyyyy master-r-r-r-r...~" Reese glitches as her body also twitches and glitches. Her panels starts to spark and zap as her eyes crossed, her mouth and ears starts to smoke. You giggled as you then shoved her onto the ground and let her remain glitching and twitching as you continued to stain your leaking cum all over her naked body. "Y-y-y-you are-e-e-e-e onnnnnnnne...*bzzt*...ERROR...ERROR...SYSTEM FAILURE...MULTIPLE CRASHES IN SYSTEM DETECTED...UNABLE TO RESOLVE...PLEASE DEACTIVATE THIS UNIT FOR REPAIRS..." said Reese as it went to a feminine robot voice. She continues to glitch and twitch, her voice continue to blurt out random errors and cut off looping sentences. It wasn't long until her back popped and her battery flung out of her back. "SYSTEM ERROR...SHUTTING DOWN...*bzzt*...D-d-d-down gooo-o-o-o-o-ooo-o-oooes...myyyyyyy-y-y-y-yyy...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......~" she drones and her body slowly and stiffly went limp, her eyes one half shut and the other 1/4 shut, her mouth slightly opened and lips puckered. Her lifeless and broken body remained on the floor. You smiled as you kissed the lifeless Reese on the lips and groped her breasts before going to the out of power and deactivated Cyrus and shoved your leaking cock into his bumhole. You gave him a good hump and a large filling after a few minutes and then used Harv's bathroom, took a shower and cleaned yourself. You then contacted Nook about Reese and Cyrus and left Harv's island with is key in your pockets.

The next day, you got a special package. A letter with a small box. It was the wedding picture of Reese and Cyrus and a two sided pink heart locket with two buttons with a small name on each side. One with a blue button with the name Cyrus and the other a pink button with the name Reese. Looks like you scored yourself with two new toys to play around with. The letter was from both Reese and Cyrus. They thank you for the wedding picture and rewarded you with a special gift, a two sided heart locket. You smiled and went back into the house where you have fun with your kids and your wolf wives.

[Chapter B-5] "Tom and Red's Last Moments"

The years you spend in this island from the start has always felt like a dream, but today was like waking up from a traumatic nightmare. You got a letter from the Animal Crossing Community saying that they're shutting down and that all the villagers' data will be wiped from the server system. The interent was blowing loud as the news about them shutting down made a lot of Animal Crossing players to grow more desparate to keep the game going, but the community was absolute, saying that there will be a new Animal Crossing game that they're currently producing, but to do that, they need to reset the whole server, down to the last strip of data. Your villagers heard about the news, some were upset, some were panicking, some had no choice but to face the facts and some wanted to fight back.

You returned to the mayor's office, sat on your desk and looked at Isabelle. "Hey mayor. We have some news for you." said Isabelle as she hands over some documents to you. One is an Animal Crossing Form, a form where you answer some questions and list down villagers you want the community to save their data from the server so that they could create another copy to live with you IRL. The other document is letter from the community, saying that they apologize for the news and given you what looks like a beta test of the game. The last one is from Tom and Red...and it's a farewell letter. They're the first to be shut down permanently starting the day after tomorrow. The game will close in a week, but the staffs will be shut down in 2 days, including Isabelle, the Able Sisters, Nook's kids, etc. The villagers will be deactivated in 5 days and after that, you'll be alone and should wait for the world to fully be deleted. You let out a sigh as you looked at the form document. You wanted to keep everyone...but you can't as you don't have the room in your real world to handle everyone...Just then, a knock came from your door and both Nook and Red came in. "Hey there mayor. We heard the news and what will happen to us...It's sad to see that all the effort and fun you put into this world will be wasted, but...please...don't fret. I'm happy to help you and to have you as a great friend and helper." said Nook. "Yes yes...It was a blast that you have fun with us. But as the news stands, it's time for us to go." said Red. Both looked a bit upset, but they hide it with confidence, assuring that the next time we meet, it may be different but will be the same too. You thanked them as small amount of tears fall out of your face. You say to them that being the mayor of this island and putting in the effort to make this island remarkable and bright was a lot of fun, especially being with other villagers here. You stood up and hugged both of them and they hugged you back. You then thought of a good way to spend the last moments with both of them. You told Isabelle to leave and she did. With that, you're now alone with both Nook and Red. "Hm? What's wrong? Is there something you want to tell us in secret?" said Nook confused. "It seems like you wanted to spend our last moments together before we go hm?" said Red. You nodded as you took out your phone, opened the app and connected them. Both of them shuddered before stiffly stood up, blankly staring forward and was unresponsive. You smiled as you rubbed Nook's cheeks and rubbed Red's tail. Then, you strip them naked and started having fun with them. You firstly spread Nook's legs and have him lean and curved slightly up and forward as you then manually controlled Red to fuck Nook. You watch from the side and see Red humping his cock in and out of the mindless Nook's bumhole. Seeing them fucking mindlessly with no expression whatsoever didn't bring much excitement, so you gave them some consciousness, but have them still obeying you with no objections. With that, both Nook and Red were not mindless, but are your obedient toys. You commanded them to continue on what they're doing. "Yes sure master." said Red as he continues to fuck Nook deep as Nook lets out his lustful moans. Both of them started fucking and moving around, showing more sex positions, making erotic lustful moans and such as they made a mess on the floor with their cum spewing out from their cocks and from Nook's bumhole as Red's load fills in him. "Ahhhhhhh this feels wonderful..." said Nook lustfully as his eyes turned pink with hearts, blushing and gazing at Red who also has the same pink hearts in his eyes and blushing. "This would be the most fun moment we've ever have my dear friend~" said Red with a smile. Both of them giggled before kissing, snuggling and cuddling each other on the floor. You then call them to pleasure you. Both of them stopped pleasuring each other and looked at you lustfully. "Heheh, sure~" said Red with no objection. "If you say so." said Nook. Both of them went to you, stripped you naked and started licking, teasing and rubbing all around you, being lustful and erotic. You moan with lust as they both arouse you and teased you before Nook started sucking your cock. Red continues to snuggle, lick, purr and rub me all over, letting his fur brush all over my body. With the amount of lust and pleasure coming from both Red and Nook, you cummed into Nook's mouth and he drinks it. After that, Nook rests while it's Red's turn as I spread his buttcheeks and fucked him right into his bumhole. Red moaned as you fuck deep into him as his tail brushes your chest and he spouse lustful words. After giving your fill into him, you decided to take a rest with them on the sofa. You snuggled on both of them and fell asleep together.

You woke up late at night, 4AM. Tom and Red are still offline and it's eerie quiet outside. You got up and sat on the office chair and looked at the documents again. Your mind's filled with doubts as to which ones you truly wanted to keep. But just as things were getting sorted, you seem to have a new letter that was mysteriously placed on a pile of files. It's from Isabelle. She's saying that Whitney, Audie, Skye and Vivian were wondering when you're coming back as they were worried about the news. You sighed and just slumped onto the chair with your hands covering your face.


What will you do?

[B-Epiloge] "Moving...Or Is It?"

One day left before the staffs are going to be deactivated and it's the daytime. You looked around the island, feeling in a mix of happy and sadness. You have created a wonderful and fantastic place...but it'll be gone after a few more days. You sighed as you walked back home, meeting with the four of your wives. They both talked about what to do with you as it's your decision as a mayor on how they'll move on. You told them that you're at a loss too and that the childrens here cannot be brought back as they're a part of the game's data in the server. You wanted to bring everyone to reality,'s difficult as you don't know what to do. The wives looked upset, but they know you're going through a lot as it's hard for you too. They took you to the bedroom and all four pleasured you and ease your sadness with their lust, although they feel the same too...You lust with them, but also sobbed as this pleasure and moments was fun and that you don't want it to be taken away. Just then, you had an idea. It's risky, but it might just work. After cleaning up, you dashed your way back to the office, took out the form and jolted down everything and sent the form back to the community via email and airmail. Now all that's left is to wait...

Days have passed and the Animal Crossing world is fully deleted. It's sad...but're not worried. In fact, you're more prepared. In the IRL, the community have sent in what you're looking for. "Hope that's worth it kid. Thank you for playing our game." said the community staff as he handed you the beta game, a bare endoskeleton who's capable of changing its appearance depending on which character data it's using and a data drive with datas in them. You thanked him and wasted no time and went to work. After inputing the game and starting a new world, you mess around with its system data. Using the data drive you received, you started adding the data into the game. It started overwriting some datas and are solidifying as you can see that in the game, you can see all your villagers returning into a blank and empty island. You went back into the game world, happy and excited. All the villagers and the staffs you restored were all so happy to see you as they all gathered around you with happiness. Yep...I wished for this. A chance to recover the datas of everyone in my old world into this new Animal Crossing world. Although all your progress on buildings and money are gone, it doesn't mean that you're alone anymore. With everyone back, you all get back to work. It took months until you managed to rebuild everything back to your wonderful and fantastic island. You even got your gears and the Staff Villager Control App and the Special Key back. It was a dream come true again.

Now, everything is back to the way it was and you're now more than happy to say..., "It's Good To Be Home~".