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Android Announcer Maico 2010 is a romantic comedy anime Television series that aired in 1998. It is an adaptation of the manga Maico 2010, which ran from 1997 to 1999. The series follows a radio station and its staff as they receive a new DJ in the form of Maico, an android built in the likeness of a young, pink-haired woman as she learns to become more human-like. Along the way, she begins to develop romantic feelings for assistant program director Daisuke, who throughout the series is her biggest advocate, despite the initial skepticism of his fellow employees at the station.

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Maico: Maico, which stands for Multi-Artificial Intelligence Computer, is an android that has been constructed to appear as a young, pink-haired woman. She possesses an artificial intelligence that allows her to learn from her experiences and develop as an individual, and becomes more human-like in personality and mentality as the series progresses. Despite being an android, her exterior appearance causes considerable sexual tension between the male staff of the radio show and Maico herself. Initially robotic in personality and naive in regards to human behavior, she develops into a kind-hearted and modest woman over the course of the series.

Construction-wise, Maico is considered to be "100% android", and a running gag throughout the series involves characters referring to her as a robot and Maico correcting them, insisting that she is an android. She is also completely artificial, with her core systems located behind an access panel situated on her abdomen, with other core functions contained on a drive contained on a CD tray in her forehead. She initially arrives at the studio only partially assembled, with her body only constructed from the waist up. Afterwards, she's shown having numerous issues, such as sudden power losses and an overheating issue. She also has a few accessory functions, such as a flashlight built into her eyes.

In the Maico 2010 manga the show is based on, Maico was originally built as a sexdroid, and had a sister android named Rei. These elements, along with a more sexually-charged plot and a super heroine subplot, do not appear in the anime.

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