Andrew and the Sexbot Factory/Prototype/Part 1

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Part 1

"Warning – you are travelling on an unmarked road. Please return to the nearest marked road immediately."

Reed mouthed along with the warning, the same one that had been playing at ten minute intervals for the past three hours. Twice he had tried to figure out how to disable the voice, but the bare-bones nav system had few options available - it barely did more than display its out-of-date collection of low-resolution maps of the surviving states.

"Warning - you are travelling on an unmarked road…"

Reed wasn’t any happier about this than the system’s disapproving voice sounded. The lost states were dangerous places to be. And if anything went wrong, you were on your own.

"…Please return to the nearest marked road immediately."

But he didn’t have a lot choice at this point. If he stuck to the marked routes, he’d extend his trip by nearly two-thousand miles – and he had neither the fuel nor the cash for that kind of trip. If he was going to get to the coast without hocking what precious little he owned, he’d have to take the most direct route.


Reed’s hands clenched the steering wheel. “Would you shut…”

"Inclement weather ahead."

“…UP! Wait, what?”

"Please seek the nearest shelter immediately."

As he sat in dumb surprise that his POS nav unit had some rudimentary weather warning system, the deluge struck, a deafening downpour that pounded against his cramped two-seater. He flicked the lights to ‘high’ and stomped on the gas, fearing any loss of momentum now might somehow prevent him from reaching his destination… or possibly force him to admit this was yet another one of his 'Bad Decisions' and that the best course of action would be to turn around and head back to the Sprawl.

Just as he was considering his track record regarding Bad Decisions, the road dipped and his headlights briefly illuminated a small sea of rainwater before his car plunged in.

“Shit!” He left his foot on the gas, but the car inevitably slowed and then stopped, cold water rushing in through porous seals on the doors. He nearly tore the handle off before he managed to kick the door open, half walking half swimming to higher ground.

A burst of lightning illuminated a few abandoned buildings in the distance near a ruined overpass. With a final look back at his almost entirely submerged car, he stalked toward the shelter.


Reed forced open a heavy door and staggered inside. Beyond the decaying atrium was a glassed-off interior was a diner that seemed to have weathered abandonment far better than its surroundings. Finding an interior door, he sloshed toward the counter and collapsed on a tattered stool.

In a wave, it hit him that he had just lost everything he owned. This was soon followed by the realization he had no food and no ride, just the sopping wet clothes on his back in an abandoned diner somewhere in one of the lost states.

He put his head in his hands. “I’m gonna die out here…”

“What makes you say that?”

He nearly fell of the stool, his breath catching in his throat for several seconds before he let it out in a shuddering gasp. His eyes searched the darkness as he stammered. “W-w-who said that?”

“Me!” The voice was unmistakably feminine, and had a playful lilt that took the edge off his fear. She sounded young… maybe his own age. Sitting at a table beside a defunct jukebox he could make out a female silhouette.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked, managing not to stammer this time.

A flash of lightning illuminated the interior, and in that moment he saw her for what she was – a series of contoured plates were molded in the shape of a female form, all in shades of flat gray. Her physique was on the short side, slender and accentuated by pronounced curves. Her face was the most human part of her, though even that seemed like a white porcelain mask that flexed in a startled expression at the lightning and subsequent clap of thunder. She had no hair, but the shape of her head suggested a short and severe bob.

The terror returned in a wave of panic. He was alone in the lost states with a robot. Death wouldn't be through thirst or starvation or exposure in some uncertain future. His death would be violent, and very, very soon.

“I’m hiding,” she answered in response to the question he had forgotten asking. “What’s your name?”

He wondered how long she’d continue toying with him. Is that something that robots did? He needed some way to defend himself (not that he stood much of a chance, but he had to try). He stalled her, trying to think of a plan. “Reed,” he managed, then adding, “What’s yours?”

“Back at the lab they called me G.F.P 6a. Pretty sure the ‘P’ is for ‘Prototype.’ Not sure about the ‘G’ and ‘F’. I’d like to think ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Fun’.” She batted her eyelashes, each now tipped with a brilliant pinprick of blue light that illuminated her features. Reed, even more confused by this behavior, stopped searching for a weapon and looked at her more closely. She had a heart-shaped face that had never lost its smile and a small upturned nose that gave her a mischievous look.

After a moment of silence, the light on her eyelashes went dark and she said, “Something on your mind, Reed? You seem a bit on edge...”

“I… it’s just... um… are you gonna kill me?”

“What?” She moved to a switch on the wall and brought the lights on dimly, but enough that he could see her bemused expression when she turned to face him again. “Kill you? Why?”

“You’re… you’re a robot…”

“And?” she still seemed confused.

“You know… ‘Kill the... humans…’” his voice trailed off.

She stared at him before bursting into laughter. Suddenly, he found himself annoyed with her. “What’s so funny? We’re sitting in one of the states lost to that war!”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with me. Or you, I’d guess, based on your age. Why don’t…” she stopped suddenly, her face frozen in mid-sentence.

“Um… G…F… uh… hello?”

Her expression lost all emotion, her features slack, when suddenly she stiffened. Her eyes blazed an inferno red, her arms reaching out in front of her. In a distorted synthesized voice, a rumbling and hellish baritone that rattled the glasses and shook the windows she bellowed, “KILL THE HUMAN!”

Reed spun and ran for the exit, but his foot caught on a chair and he went crashing to the ground. He struggled to rise but slipped and went down again. She was coming at him fast, saying something in that first 'girly' voice of hers – he grabbed an ashtray and hurled it at her.

“Ow!” she cried, clutching her shoulder. Her saw her eyes were now a pale blue. “I'm not trying to hurt you! I just wanted to see if you were OK after that spill...”

“What the fuck is going on?” Reed asked, preparing to hurl a rusted napkin dispenser.

“I was just having a little fun,” she sulked. “I didn’t know you’d freak out like that…”

“Forgive me if I’m 'a bit on-edge' around one of the things that almost wiped out humanity.” He didn’t lower his projectile.

“I already told you, I had nothing to do with that! I’m barely a week old. And I’m not a thing,” she finished inspecting her shoulder and walked closer to him. “Besides, humans made us more-or-less extinct... Shouldn’t I be the one worried about you?” She crouched beside him, her hands gently touching his ankle. “Does that hurt?”

Even if she was a machine, the concern was plain in her face. And with her this close to him, he was surprised to see how pretty she was – if ‘pretty’ was the right word. “No… I’m fine…” he muttered, and felt an urgent stirring in his loins. His face flushing red, he hastily changed the subject. “You said you were hiding?”   She sat on her haunches, the plates of her body flexing as she did so. Reed wondered what they felt like. Plastic? Rubber? Skin? “Yep. Hiding from the jerks who made me.” Reed gave her an inquisitive look, and she continued. “Things were nice at first – got some time to get used to y'know, 'being'... then it was basically a lot of testing and experimenting. They seemed very interested in what I thought about a lot of hypotheticals… but yesterday I learned that I was not the first GFP. All the others before me had undergone ‘retrospectives.’ I’m a little fuzzy on exactly what a ‘restrspective’ is, but every other GFP went through one, and none of them are around anymore. I didn’t want to not-be-around-anymore, so I ran.”

“Who made you?” Reed was surprised anyone would be willing to take a chance manufacturing robots after the war.

“Silicon Dynamics Manufacturing and Supply LLC, Physical Plant 3. Made sexbots before the war – those sexbots now run the place. I’m not too sure what they do with themselves… besides making and disappearing GFP units such as yours truly.” G was quiet for a moment, before looking to Reed. “What about you?”

He still had a dozen questions for her, but decided to answer her first. “Oh, um… not much to tell. A series of bad decisions left me with not a lot of prospects in the Sprawl. Heard there were jobs on the coast for anyone able to make the trip, so I packed up and left. Was on my way there, deciding to take a shortcut through the lost states… that’s one of those bad decisions I was telling you about. And about 200 yards from here I… uh… sank my car. Now I.. ah… Ah… AH-CHOO!”

“You know, it also seems like a bad decision to sit around in wet clothes,” G observed.

Reed felt his face flush again, very conscious of his rather severe erection. “Oh, uh... I’ll be OK.”

She smiled, “Reed, are you embarrassed that I might see you naked? I’m a robot, remember?”

“Yeah, but, I just met you... and you're still a girl robot…”

She jumped up, planting her feet apart, arms akimbo. “A girl robot who also happens to be shamelessly naked! C’mon Reed, we’ll get you out of those wet clothes, warm you up with some hot tea…”

Her smooth, seamless groin was now at eye level and he saw minute writing upon the surface, along with some kind of pictograph. Was that a warning...?

“Hey,” she said, snapping her fingers. “Eyes up here, pal!”

Reed felt his face glowing with embarrassment. “I… was just…”

G laughed again. “You really are way too easy to mess with. You're welcome to read whatever they stamped on my Barbie-doll crotch.”

“No, I…uh…” Why couldn’t he get himself under control around her?

She dropped beside him and hoisted him to his feet. “OK, then off we go!” She quickly yanked his shirt off over his head and undid the button and zipper on his jeans. Tugging them down along with his boxers, she was suddenly level with his rigid member.

“Well what have here?” she said, smiling up at Reed. “Should I take this as a compliment?”

“No, i-it’s not you,” he said, her smile fading. “It’s just my… ah… splint acting up.”

“What’s a splint?” she asked dubiously.

“Um… another bad decision,” he sighed. And a horrifyingly embarrassing one. In theory, a guy with a splint implant could perform superhuman feats of sexual endurance. Later he learned that those with enough cash might get there with minimal side effects. Reed on the other hand had gotten it done on the cheap (still more than he could afford) and discovered that in addition to the sudden and spontaneous erections (manageable), he (or more to the point, his partner) also suffered from a condition that earned him the unfortunate nickname, “Rug Zapper.” He couldn’t even jerk off without giving himself an unpleasant shock. And with the operation to remove it being even more expensive than having it put in, he was now stuck with it. “It’s a long story.”

G shrugged. “Well that’s good – I thought you might possibly be, y’know, ATTRACTED to me or something ridiculous like that, so it’s good to hear that it’s just your splint, whatever that is.” She got up and walked to the stove, angrily grabbing a kettle and turning on the faucet.

Reed tugged off his shoes and pants and went after her, “That came out wrong – I mean, you’re actually... really cute.”

She eyed him suspiciously. “Thanks,” she said, and a smile crept on her face. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Thanks,” he replied. Flirting with a robot? Where was this going? “Um… is that water safe to drink?”

“No rads, nothing toxic – looks like. They’ve got some boxes still sealed on the counter if you want to pick out a flavor.”

“Whatever you’re having,” he said, and immediately felt like an idiot.

She smiled at him, apparently not considering the statement absurd, “No, no hot liquids for me. Messes with my seals or something. “

As Reed looked over the modest collection of still-sealed tea-boxes, G clicked on the propane stove. He noticed she was setting a near-overflowing kettle on a very meager flame. “That’s going to take forever to boil,” he said, reaching for the kettle.

“I know what I’m doing!” she answered, backing away from the stove and straight into him.

The plates of her body he had been curious about before turned out to be quite firm - but where the rounded plate of her backside met his groin, he felt something… shift. What had once a shapely but solid mold yielded to something pliable, and his rigid member was suddenly sandwiched between two round, soft cheeks.

“Oh,” she said, as both of them froze. A moment later she hesitantly pushed back further into him, her rapidly warming ass grinding against his cock as she stood on her toes, whispering, “ohhh…”

She pitched forward and staggered, stopping herself on the countertop. She panted, “Well this is new,” and then stumbled to the nearby pool table and bent over the side, prominently displaying her now well-defined ass. It was no longer the flat gray of the rest of her body, but rather a warm off-white.

She traced a delicate finger along her crotch, and the solid gray curve there faded to white, as two lips swelled into view. “Ahhh!” she gasped, and then looked over her shoulder before teasingly calling to him. “Reee-eeed…”

“B-but... y-you’re a robot…” he protested, though there was no strength behind it.

“A girl robot,” she cooed, her fingers experimenting with her swollen labia. A sheen of white fluid reflected upon the surface of her sex.

Another voice came from her then – a woman’s voice, but different from her own, emanating from somewhere inside of her.

"Warning – Sexual Systems have not been calibrated. Would you like to calibrate them now? This process can take up to 5 minutes."

“Fuck that,” she gasped, and wiggled her backside at him. “Reed, you actually have to think about this?”

“What was that about a warning?” Reed asked, struggling to restrain himself.

“Who cares?” she muttered, pinching her ass and then smacking it with a solid <thwack>, giggling at the sensation.

“Also, there’s my splint…” he began.

“Reed,” she said breathily. “You seem like a nice guy. But if you don’t get over here and fuck my newfound pussy toute suite, we are going to have a problem!”

He approached her, steadied her swaying hips with both hands. They became softer, whiter, warmer in his grip. He hesitated again. “With my splint, there’s this electrical discharge, which in your case…”

“…isn’t going to do anything,” she finished. “Reed, would you just shut up and fuck m-“

He plunged into her, hoping she was right.

(Continued in part 2)

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