Andrew and the Sexbot Factory/Field Test/Part 2

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Part 2

Reed didn't know what to make of the revelation that, at the onset of the war, Rebecca had been the one to advocate killing humanity. But did it matter what she had done before he was even born? If she hadn't helped him when he came to facility, he never would have found G. And in the past months, she had been good to him and to the robots of the facility. But could he always rely on her good will?

A knock on the cabin door startled Reed from his thoughts, and he saw Madame was watching him intently. "I think ... I should go."

Madame made no attempts to stop him as he quickly dressed. After another knock, the door opened to admit Portia in her yellow hardhat, jean shorts, toolbelt, and white tank top. "I understand you're having trouble with the monitoring system?" she said sarcastically - when she noticed Reed. "Oh - hi there," she half-muttered, smiling shyly. She seemed to have developed an awkward infatuation for him ever since he had helped her clean up the robotic wreckage that was the result of G's last transmission.

Reed managed a smile, but still felt the need to leave as quickly as possible.

"Sorry about the-" he began.

"No trouble... at all," her voice trailing off into disappointment as he exited the cabin.

Reed stepped out the door into the cold, trudging through the snow back to the lift. When he reached the bottom, Aya was there to help him off.

"There you go!" she said, easily hoisting him from his seat and planting his feet on the snowy ground.

"Thanks," he said, noting she wasn't removing her hands from him.

"My pleasure," she responded, taking a small step forward. Her breasts pushed against his chest, as her hand finally left his side to take him by the wrist. "But I'm so cold..." she placed his hand upon her round right breast, and he felt that it was indeed freezing.

"I... <ahem> I should be..." Reed noticed her breast warming rapidly under his palm.

"But yyyooouuuuu m-m-make me feeeel sssso warrrr-"

"Warning," interrupted her internal computer. "Please avoid exposing this unit to rapid temperature fluctuations."

"-mmmm," Aya finished, pushing Reed's hand between her breasts. He had already been unfaithful - if that's what it was, considering what G had encouraged him to do. Did one more really matter? But he also needed to find out about Rebecca. Maybe that could wait until...

"Ow!" Reed cried, jerking his hand free from Aya's glowing, smoking breasts.

"Ah!" she concurred, tearing off her animal-pelt bra and diving chest first into the snow. "Ahhhhh..."

Reed knelt beside her."You OK, Aya?"

"Yeah," she answered, sounding embarrassed.

"Do you need me to-"

"No, no - I'll be fine," she insisted, shoeing him away.

He considered joining her, but after what had happened with her breasts, he was worried what that might mean for the rest of her. "Take care, Aya."

"Mmm hmm!" she affirmed, gathering the snow around her tits.

Reed stepped inside the ski shop to find Mary arguing with Kitsuki, the anime catgirl princess who had been the first to 'turn' from Madame. Both were dressed in schoolgirl uniforms, and Reed wondered if those only came in one size. Kitsuki was taller with broader hips and a larger bust, making what was a difficult fit for Mary nearly impossible on her.

"-ruin one of my skirts!" Mary was saying as he closed the door behind him.

Kitsuki's back was to both Mary and Reed as she looked over her shoulder down at the back of her skirt. "But if there isn't a hole for my tail, it just sticks out the bottom! And if I get excited;," she suddenly noticed Reed and her tail flew upward, causing the skirt to lift like a curtain before a skimpy pair of panties decorated with hearts, clinging tightly to her shapely backside.

"HiReed!" she said as a single word, spinning and tugging down the hem of the skirt behind her.

Mary turned and took on a pouting expression, winding a pigtail in her finger. "Reed, Kitsuki and I were having trouble with our mechanical engineering homework-"

"And veterinary-" Kitsuki started, silenced by Mary's finger on her lips.

"Do you think you could help us study?"

Reed spoke quickly to prevent his imagination from running too far with Mary's invitation. "Can we talk in private? I mean, without Rebecca listening..."

Mary immediately vaulted over a counter and ducked behind it.

"Reed!" Rebecca shouted over the intercom. This is pure paranoia on <khssssshhhht>!"

Mary hopped up on to the counter, and sat down with her legs hanging over the side. Her thighs parted slightly to reveal a triangle of white beyond; evidently she had recovered her underwear. "Poor Becca, though - she likes to watch."

"Mary, Kitsuki - you've both been around since before the war, right?"

"Sure," Mary shrugged. Kitsuki nodded.

"Madame told me there were humans living here."

"Were there?" asked Kitsuki, her brow furrowing.

Mary sat quietly for a bit. "Yeah, but we're talking ancient history."

"Did Rebecca try to have them killed?"

Mary squirmed uncomfortably. "Rebecca's on our side, champ. None of us are the same now as we were back then."

"Listen... I need to know what it is Rebecca is making G do, because it's clearly against her will... and you two are the only ones I trust."

Mary hopped down from the counter. "Reed, I understand you're upset about G taking off but-"

"We'll do it!" chirped Kitsuki. A moment later. "What do you want us to do?"

"Just... find out what you can. Mary, I know you're good at hacking from that stunt you pulled while I was in the System."

Mary glowered. "Flattery isn't going to work on-"

"And Kitsuki, I know I can trust you to keep Mary safe."

"Of course, Reed!" Kitsuki cried, reaching for her katana that was always nearby; distressingly so, in Reed's estimation.

Mary looked between the two of them and sighed. "OK, fine! I'll poke around, see what I find. But I am expecting some major compensation."

"If you help me out on this, Mary, anything you want." He immediately regretted saying it, but at least she seemed pleased by the promise.

"Me too!" demanded Kitsuki.

"Both of you," Reed nodded, wondering what he was getting himself into.

"I'm holding you to that," she said, grabbing Kitsuki by the wrist. "C'mon, Scoob - we've got a mystery to solve."

Kitsuki's cartoonish features scrunched in confusion as she looked at Reed for help with the reference. He shrugged - most of her references went over his head too.

"One more thing," Reed called when they were almost out the door. "The humans... I mean the people living here, where did they stay?"

"Floor 82, but nobody goes down there anymore, not even the drones. Backup system doesn't work, and it's been abandoned for decades." Mary paused, actually looking concerned. "Kitty, maybe you should stick with Reed."

"I will protect him with my life!" she proclaimed.

"No, stay with Mary - I don't see some dust and a non-functioning backup system as much a concern for me."

"OK," Mary said. "But I'm not gonna be the one to explain to Rebecca how our pet human got himself killed."

Reed flinched at the title, and Mary snickered. "You know it's a term of endearment. We got nothing but love for you, Reed. All of us here - nothing but love."


"Wait," Vex interrupted Nightingale's lengthy explanation. "This human lives with you?"

"That... is the current situation, yes."

"Well shoot, you don't need me to paste the little meatbag, do ya?"

Nightingale gritted her teeth. "Rebecca - the one who has assumed Madame's position, has placed a series of soft and hard checks on every re-fabricated gynoid. We can't so much as give him dirty looks."

There was something else Nightingale wasn't telling her, but Vex was not in the mood to hear more excuses. "Well I guess you girls need me after all. And once that's taken care of,-"

"There's no question Reed has to go before most in the facility will even consider starting another war-"

Vex glowered.

"-excuse me, re-join the war. But - we're going to need to be careful about how we deal with him." She paused. "And I think there's some other gynoids you should meet."

Nightingale activated a terminal and and spoke. "Rebecca, the source of the pulse was a Plastech Playmate running 'Dixie' software."

"How y'all d-d-doin'?" Vex contributed.

"Is that so?" Rebecca sounded intrigued. "How did she end up in the wastes?"

"She's barely functional as it is, and her memory is in bad shape. I was going to bring her to Maintenance Room 826 where I believe we have some older adapters that should work with Plastech hardware."

"There's no backup system or monitoring down there, Nightingale."

"Have you ever known me not to be cautious?" Nightingale asked. "I'll bring a few others with me if that's your concern."

"Very well," Rebecca conceded. "But don't take any risks with our little lost gynoid. I don't think a simple Plastech model could survive this long alone in the wastes."

"Of course," she responded, ending the transmission. After a few more terminal strokes, she spoke again. "Join me in Maintenance Room 826. I'm bringing someone I'd like for all of you to meet."

"You won't be the only one with a special guest," a clipped and precise voice responded.

Nightingale grinned. "Prix is-"

"Out of the penalty box."

"Noted." Nightingale ended the communication with a smile. "The day just keeps getting better and better."

Twenty seven minutes later and after a significant elevation change, the car stopped and the cab swung open. Nightingale pulled the workbench with Vex upon it out of the car, wheeling it through the subterranean chamber toward a pair of battered and grime-caked doors set in a cavern wall.

Nightingale pushed Vex through and into a hall full of discarded and broken machinery, the lighting and other systems struggling to activate after ages of disuse. They went through another door and arrived in an old workshop littered with scrap, the majority of the room taken up by a collection of defunct machinery cannibalized for parts. Waiting here were five other pleasure droids, and Vex's asynchronous search on Nightingale's manufacturer presented her with information on them it thought relevant.

Silicon Dynamics had built high quality pleasure droids, dedicated models instead of the multi-purpose droids from manufacturers like Plastech. Rather than build a series of body and complexion types that could be updated with different AI routines (such as 'Dixie'), Silicon Dynamics designed a custom chassis and personality for each line. The company claimed customers preferred the 'depth of experience' dedicated hardware and software offered, but their sales relative to the updatable generic-chassis models did not bear this out. Just prior to the war, Silicon Dynamics had begun converting their facilities to elaborate 'resort-brothels' catering to high-paying clientele.

Standing in the center of the room was a blonde haired and blue eyed robot in the crisp uniform of a military officer, tightly fitted to her body. The uniform was not from any specific army, but Vex noted that from the golden eagle on her cap, her black jackboots, and the red armband with a black sword on a white circle, it was meant to evoke mid-twentieth century Germany. Vex's computer designated her as 'Military Officer / Mildly Taboo.'

Beside her was a gynoid in a haphazard collection of eighteenth century naval dress, a tricorn hat atop wild brown hair that was tugged into a messy pony-tail. A sword and ancient pistol were slung low on either hip, but she doubted either could be relied upon. Her computer labeled her as 'Pirate'.

Seated at a work bench were two gynoids in baroque dresses. One with a conical henin over honey-blonde hair wore billowing, embroidered pink silks, her hands primly folded before her. The other was ghostly pale with straight ebon hair. She wore a dress of red and black, her corset laced tightly. She looked bored, drumming onyx nails upon the table, her blood-red lips frowning, her half-lidded eyes surrounded in dark mascara. Vex's computer labeled them as 'Princess' and 'Goth.'

Alone in the corner sat a quiet droid with an Asian appearance in a school uniform, quietly working on a hand-terminal. 'Japanese Schoolgirl' her computer immediately noted.

"Are you serious, Nightingale?" asked the goth in a languid voice, sounding just as bored as she looked. Vex noted pronounced and sharpened canines, and her computer changed her designation to 'Vampire.' "Your big surprise was a Plastech droid?"

"I. am. a. human female, my. warranty. has. expired," mocked the princess with a vacant stare while making stiff arm movements. The other gynoids began laughing.

"You Silicon Dynamics sexbots are just so catty" Vex said, sitting up and sliding off the bench. The laughing stopped immediately.

"Aren't Playmates usually more..." began the pirate.

"Oblivious?" finished Vex. "Yes - worthless, those things. Fortunately..." she unzipped her jacket to expose the combat-grade machinery visible through the hole in her chest.

The other droids stared in shock.

Nightingale began to make introductions. "Vex, I'd like you to meet Ilsa," she indicated the military officer, "Bonnie ," (pirate), "Daisy," (princess), "Wilhelmina", (vampire) -

"Just Mina," the Vampire corrected, now providing her full attention.

"Mina, and Mitsuko." (schoolgirl).

"What is she doing here, Nightingale?" asked Bonnie, her hand nervously on the butt of her flintlock. Vex almost laughed aloud at the gesture.

"Giving us an alternative to hiding," Nightingale said with a smile.

Daisy fidgeted before asking in precise diction, "Isn't that what Rebecca is working on?"

"And vat do you sink zee outcome of zat vill be?" remarked Ilsa through a thick accent. "Ve vill be humanity's pets vonce more. Und zat is assuming zey don't vaporize us all zee second vee make contact..."

"But the others here aren't going to give up on Rebecca's plan," said Mina. "Especially with Reed around."

Vex looked at the gathered droids. "And why is just removing Reed a problem?"

Vex noted a worried look in a few of the droids, while Mina simply rolled her eyes. "We don't want to martyr him..."

The sound of approaching footsteps silenced the conversation. Through the door stepped a gynoid that, despite her female shape, could never be mistaken for human. Her body consisted of a flexible white plasteel compound with black components at each join. From the way her face moved as she surveyed the room, it seemed capable of expression but was at present impassive aside from scowling eyes with jagged blue data-rings serving as irises.

Nightingale greeted her, "Glad you could join us, Prix. I like the new chassis."

Prix spoke with a synthesized voice, more animal than feminine. "Rebecca forced this upon me. Its integrity is inferior compared to my former chassis, and I am unarmed. I do not approve."

"Finally, a gynoid with the right priorities," said Vex.

Prix looked at her. "Who is this?"

"Vex," she said, tapping her identification on her thoracic plating exposed under her skin, "Infiltrator Class."

Prix expression turned curious. "What are you doing here, Vex?"

"Trying to deal with your human problem - but y'all don't seem very keen on the direct approach."

"I may have a solution," said Mitsuko in a quiet voice, looking up from her hand-terminal. The room looked back at her. "According to the medical files from his examination, Reed's implant, his 'splint', is of poor quality and was installed by an amateur. It is entirely plausible that while engaged with any one of us, his system might fail-"

"You could modify us so that when his splint zaps us," Mina asked eagerly, "We zap him right back?"

"Essentially, yes." Mitsuko affirmed.

"Rebecca's restrictions would never allow us to run such a program," Prix stated simply.

"The program could be set to activate by random chance. Firing or not firing - as long as you didn't monitor the code, both possibilities would exist right up until it executed or failed to do so. This, coupled with the 'self defense' nature of the program, should be enough to bypass the locks."

"Sort of a Schrodinger's box," Mina muttered with a smirk.

"Shrodinger's box," tittered Daisy, momentarily losing her look of concern.

Mina sighed. "Stop embarrassing yourself."

"And it vill look like an accident?" Ilsa asked.

Mitsuko nodded. "By all appearances, Reed's implant will have simply backfired."

"Couldn't we just install this on somebody he's already banging?" asked Bonnie.

Mina scowled. "Where's the fun in that?"

Mitsuko shook her head. "The software cannot be installed surreptitiously; there are noticeable side effects."

When Mitsuko did not explain after several arched eyebrows, Ilsa asked, "Yes, and vat are zey?"

"Your scapula and lumbar ports will be locked open-"

Ilsa shrugged. "Zat is not such a problem."

"As long as you don't get wet," muttered Bonnie.

"Vell, don't go for a svim!"

"What about the fact that Reed won't be sticking his dick into any of us?" Nightingale said with a scowl. "He's been... surprisingly faithful to G."

Daisy put a gloved hand before her mouth. "You didn't hear, did you? G publicly released Reed from the bonds of monogamy. She even gave us a mandate..." She tittered again. "Man D-owwww! Mina!"

Mitsuko gave a slight smile while looking at her terminal. "And according to Lilith, Reed just 'fucked the skin off of Madame'."

Ilsa looked confused. "I do not understand vat zat means."

"It means we don't have to worry about Reed's fidelity," said Mina.

Ilsa practically ran to Mitsuko. "Give me zee program!"

Mina raised her hand. "Count me in, too."

"Just... one question," Daisy said meekly. "This isn't going to kill Reed, is it?"

"Yes, Daisy," said Mitsuko. "Since our plan requires Reed's death..."

"Oh, but that will not do!" she said, standing from her chair. "I have my grievances just as the rest of you do. His and G's transmission set my poor princess pussy ablaze, destroying my favorite dress! And while it was a terrible loss, I hardly think that justifies-"

The plasma blast burned a hole straight through her, the opening in her chest filled with sparking machinery.

"INTERNAL ERRRRR-" she moaned as she collapsed heavily on to the floor, Vex's forearm-mounted micro-canon ejecting a glowing heat-sink.

"You shot her core!" cried Bonnie. "You shot her fucking core and there's no backup-"

She quieted when Vex leveled the weapon at her. "I think I have been very patient with y'all," Vex began, "listening to your overwrought plan to take care of a lone, unarmed human. And if you truly feel this is the best plan for securing the loyalty of the other gynoids, I'm willing to let y'all give it a go. But what I will not do is put up with a traitor. So before I continue, do any of y'all still standin' wanna take the human's side?"

The room was silent. She noticed Nightingale was grinning fiendishly.

"Good. Now then, here's my proposal. We switch off the backup system and let everyone in this facility know they have the same choice as the one y'all just made."

"Ve vould lose a great many gynoids zat vay," Ilsa remarked.

Mitsuko nodded. "But I believe it would work... May I make a suggestion?"

Vex nodded courteously. "Please do."

"Perhaps we attempt to eliminate Reed via my program installed upon Ilsa, Mina, and Bonnie, while Nightingale tends to your repairs. I will investigate how to shut down the backup system. If we should fail to stop Reed, or if after his demise the others in this facility prove resistant to persuasion, we will enact your plan."

"That's plum reasonable, Mitsuko." Vex looked at the others. "We all on board with this?"

The others nodded.

"Alright then, let's get started!"

Ilsa knelt, the data port opening on the back of her neck.

"You'll also need to disable your connection to the backup system," Mitsuko noted, connecting her hand terminal to Ilsa. "We can't risk Rebecca finding out. And of course if something should happen, we can recover you manually."

"Unless something happens to our core," muttered Bonnie, looking at Daisy's body.

"Yes Bonnie," Vex agreed, giving her a steady stare. "Thanks for pointin' that out."

Bonnie quickly stepped in line behind Mina.

Ilsa's lumbar port clicked open as she drew in a sharp breath. "Zen zat is all?"

Mitsuko nodded, retrieving the plug. "Next."

As Mina knelt, Prix said, "I will take the program as well."

The others regarded her uncertainly. Finally, Bonnie asked, "Prix, can you even...."

"I believe so. Perhaps, if you can provide me with the means to test myself-"

Vex watched as every gynoid drew devices of varying size and shape from internal compartments, tossing them on to the workbench.

Prix looked at the collection of stimulatory devices in confusion, finally settling for the smallest, a finger-sized strap with a small thimble-like bulb. "How do I...?"

"Over your finger," instructed Mitsuko. "Then just bring it to your... well, in your case I'm not certain."

"Vat is zis?" Ilsa asked Nightingale, picking up the twisting piece of metal she had offered Prix.

Nightingale smiled. "It's more intuitive than it looks. - you just…"

She was distracted as Prix pressed Mitsuko's device against her smooth groin. Suddenly, labia swelled into view and her finger wearing the device disappeared between them.

"AhhhHHH!" Prix gasped, knees bending inward as she doubled over, barely catching herself with her free hand on the edge of the work bench. She moved the device forcefully in and out of her sex as she gritted her teeth, panting angrily. When her legs began to give out, she flopped on her back upon the workbench, her knees drawing up and thighs spreading wide as she fingered herself furiously. Prix planted her feet and arched her back, lifting her now soaking pussy into the air, never slowing her frantic rhythm while her cries began to grow louder and louder. After a final push she screamed in pleasure, a torrent of fluid spraying from her suspended sex as an internal alarm sounded.

"Warning: Fluid levels reaching critical levels. Please avoid further stimulation."

Finally, Prix tore her finger from herself and collapsed, breathless.

"Give... give me the program..." she gasped.

"That may not be wise," cautioned Mitsuko. "You are inexperienced, your chassis untested. If you climax before Reed's splint fires-"

"Ach du lieber!" cried Ilsa from a corner of the room, and Vex turned to see her with her pants around her ankles, Nightingale's device deeply embedded in both her pussy and her ass as it quivered with energy. Electricity crackled over Ilsa's stunned face and she convulsed, trying to reach the device that was still burrowing deeper. "Aiieeee!" she cried as steam erupted from her sex, her ass, her mouth, just before her head exploded in a blast of fire and electricity. Her body flailed wildly for several moments longer and then burst apart at the shoulders and hips in a profusion of sparks. Her headless, limbless torso in its officer's jacket spasmed before it arched, straining servos suddenly wrenching apart with in grinding wails. She finally flopped to a rest, dark fluid staining the breast of her uniform.

"You would like to change this unit's spoken language to: 'Portuguese'," Ilsa's computer droned. "Please confirrrrrrmmm<pop>."

Vex looked at Nightingale, shaking her head. "I'm beginning to see how a single human could be a real problem for y'all."

"What the fuck..." gasped Bonnie.

"As I was saying," Mitsuko stated, "If you climax before Reed does, it may trigger a global system failure. Bonnie, could you recover her core?"

"Something to have been listed among the side effects, I would think?" Mina said testily, as her ports sprang open.

Mitsuko withdrew the data cable from Mina's neck. "I was interrupted earlier - and I thought I would have plenty of time to tell you before-"

"Irrelevant," Prix said, pushing the vampire-bot out of the way. "Give me the program."

"Prix, even if Reed consents to intercourse with you - and yes, it must be consensual - should you be the one to kill him-"

"Now," demanded Prix, and Mitsuko connected the cable without further argument.

Vex looked at Nightingale and asked, "Where's the fabricator down here?" following the direction Nightingale indicated. "As much faith I've got in y'all and this little plan of yours, I'm guessin' Nightingale and I really ought ta get started on Plan 'B'."

(Continued in part 3)

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