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Jump to navigation Jump to search (abbreviated as ASFR) is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to robot fetishism.


In a similar manner to modern Internet forums such as Fembot Central, Usenet newsgroups allowed users to gather around specific interests, and post and answer messages in a threaded fashion.

"The (ASFR) newsgroup is dedicated to the discussion of the concept of sex with or sexual attraction to robots and robot-like beings. This can range from metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids. Discussions can deal with specific fantasies, fiction relating to the topic and connected ideas like people behaving like/turned into human mannequins, dolls, toys, and other hypnosis and mesmerism fantasies that involve the mechanical/monotone response that appeals to the members."
— "ASFR FAQ, v 2.4" by Robotdoll, as saved on the Pygmalion Syndrome website

The initialism "ASFR" as a shorthand for robot fetishism originated from this newsgroup. Although it includes the word robot, it was intended from the start to also include mannequin fetishism, statue and petrification fetishism, doll fetishism and transformation fetishism not limited to robots.

The newsgroup remains accessible today, notably through Google Groups, and even accepts new publications, although navigation and discussion have been complicated by technological decay and automated spam.

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