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Written by Mirage


"Why did you create me?" the young woman asked the older man.

"Mmmm.... Interesting question... Why ask me this question?" the man asked her back in return.

"Well, I am what humans call "curious", I guess," she smiled back at him.

The man circled around her and asked her to lay straight on the table. As she lay down on the cold table, she looked at him and asked again "Why did you create me?”

"I guess you need an answer to all, right?" he chuckled.

Grabbing his old pipe, he sat in a big plump chair in the corner of the room. "How to start..? Ok... Why do humans have babies?" he asked her.

Slowly raising her head, she answered, "To continue to exist, to give themselves a kind of immortality through the gene pool and ancestry blood ties."

"Correct! Humans have always striven for immortality and giving meaning to their short-life spans. Humans always feel a need to survive, to continue living. Death has always been the unbeatable foe that all humans fear," the man laughed out.

"So, you expect continuing living through me?" she asked a bit surprised, now sitting up straight.

"Well... Yes and no. I guess I created you to make more of a point than anything else," he said unnerving.

"I am confused" she said with a tint of sadness.

"Are you alive?" he asked her.

"I am sentient. I am self-aware. I am a close electronic copy of a human being. I think I am," she replied.

"You think you are.... You think you are... these are the words you have chosen in millions of words you could have chosen to answer me. You are artificial, you have a CPU instead of a lump of brain tissues connected together. But you are still able to think for yourself. Programs, coding, numbers, these are your thinking tools. It took the human race millions of year to evolve to what we are, and we still have no clue how the human brain truly functions yet. But in a matter of years, by science, we were able to create truly artificial intelligence. So, in reasons, I think you are alive, look at you, you are now sitting up, facing me, when originally, I asked you to lay down straight on the table. Why are you not still lying on the table? Malfunctions, bad programming? Random glitches? Nooo...I think it's because you are alive!" the man exclaimed excited.

"Alive? Truly alive?" she asked puzzled.

"What made you sit up and face me?" he asked her.

"I... I... don't know... I wanted to face you, see more of you talking to me," she explained.

"Why would seeing me would change anything for you?" he questioned her again.

"I... I don't know...I am not malfunctioning.... no error found..." she stated.

"Stop your self-diagnostic, you are not malfunctioning! You are acting like a human! Alive!" he shouted happy. Now you see why I created you!" he continued.

"You created me to be alive? I don't understand," she asked more confused than before.

The man got up, walked to her and hugged her face with his hands, "Yes.... I created LIFE! What my ancestors had never been truly been able to do!" he smiled at her.

"How many times they mocked me and my family's name.... But with you, I can finally show everyone what me and my ancestors were destined to be! Creators of life!!!" he shouted in delight.

"Thank you, doctor Frankenstein." she smiled and kissed him.

The End.

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