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Charlie is your basic everyday kid, who's treats everyone with respect, always curtious and is hardly never selfish. What makes him stand out is his uncanny brain power. Got his diploma at the age of 15 with high honors (the highest anyone has ever achieved at his advance high school), finished 4 bachelor degrees in under 2 years (all electronic and computer based) and became the youngest person to oversee MEGATECH's Advance Network and Communication Department (MEGATECH is one of the top electronics and technology developers in the world).

Now for most people that is an unachievable feet, but for Charlie's family, its a common requirement. Most of Charlie's Uncle's, Aunt's and Cousin's have already gave the world new steps towards the future, so for him it's just a matter of acting out his genetics. But with all the possible fame and guarenteed fortunes, Charlie is still just a boy. A boy who is coming to terms with his hormones and male-like desires. But with all his intellegence and the advice from his best friend and second in command, Raul (who is NOT a ladies man, but tries to act like one), Charlie is still left out of the loop and always ending up in bed alone. All his hope was almost gone, Until......

"WHOOO. That was a night to remember man. The chicks were all me like queen bees to a honey tree."

"Raul, Those girls were drunk and they couldn't stand to save there lives, much less dance with us." Charlie expained to Raul, with a sight of disappointment written all over his face.

"Dude, at least we got to see boobies this time. Man, did you see the size of that blonde one's juggs. DAMN, I couldn't get enough of them." Raul shouted out as he made hand gestures in front of his chest, while wagging his tongue. "It kind of sucks that they live in a all-girls dorm room and no guys are allowed in past certain times. Dude, youv'e could of got laid tonite!"

Charlie let out a powerful sigh, as the both of them walked down the lighted streets.

"Man, I'm glad I don't live that far from the club area, otherwise, I'll be even more depressed." the mopping Charlie exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Bud. You'll meet that special girl someday. But why rush!! Women outnumber us 3 to 1. It will be a total waste of our energy to settle down on one girl. Think of all the poor chicks that would suffer if we guys did that to them." the ever-so horny computer genius cheered back in order to help confort his friend.

But before Charlie can utter a word to counter his best friends gesture, they spotted a overnight deliver truck pulling up in front of Charlie's home.

"Hey kid, you live here?" the rude delivery guy shouted out.

"Uhhhh, Ye..Yes I do" squeeked the little man "My name i..is Charlie. Charlie Einstein."

"Yeah Yeah. Look Kid. I got a heavy box back there for you with your name on it. So sign here and go get it out of my truck. I gotta get going." the rude and obnoxious deliverer spat out as he handed the computer clip board to Charlie.

"Yo Dude, aren't you suppose to drop off the box at the persons home or something." Raul said defensively

"Look Kid. I only ship these things around. I don't do deliveries. Besides, I don't get payed enough to do heavy boxes, either. So go help your friend and get that SHIT off my truck before I kick it out."

With that in mind, the boys got the big and slightly heavy box off the delivery truck, only to watch the guy speed off like a mad man.

"Raul, don't worry about that jerk. Let's get this box inside and see what it is." conforting his friend, as the two boys made there way towards Charlie's living room.

Collapsing on the chair and trying to catch there breath, both of the boys wondered what could possibly be inside that box. After examining the outer region, Charlie saw a plastic envelope glued to the top of the box labeled "READ ME FIRST". After opening up the package, Charlie realized that it was a test project from his uncle Nediteranian, the tech genius.

"Oh great, another one of my uncle Ned's pet projects. He always uses me as a guinea pig to test out his new ideas." Charlie explained as memories of past mishaps came to mind.

"Dude, I remember the last time you got something from him. Took out all the power lines in the area." Raul replied as he started to make his way towards the door "I don't want to be here when you open that thing. You are on your own, dude."

"Thanks alot, BUDDY." Charlie mumbled out as he watch his friend exit himself and then turned his attention towards the box "Oh well, time to see what new thing my uncle wants me to test run."

With that in mind, Charlie began to break open the seals and lift the top lid off and slid it to the side. Sifting through the top layers of the styrofoam, Charlie felt a rounded object and began to pull it out. It took Charlie only seconds to realize what he had in his hands. With a quick swear and a jump backwards, Charlie discovered it was a head in a plastic bag.

"Jesus Christ, What has my uncle done?" Charlie said still scared at what he saw.

Charlie then looked at the Letter that came with the book inside the plastic envelope to make heads or tales of what his uncle has sent to him. He began reading the letter. It said:

"Dear Nephew,

As you are already aware of, I'm now head of the inorganics
division at iRobo. It is my job to spearhead a special project
that can become a big sensation. But in order to guaretee
a great product for mass production, I have been given the
task of finding test subjects for our new toy. She's a real
beauty and may be a great addition to your ever-so popular
life. Just read the manual carefully and keep an updated
progress report and keep me posted via the secure internet line
listed below.

Take care

Your Uncle Nediteranean"

Special Project?!? New Toy!?! Updated Progress Report?!? What does all this means? Charlie said in his mind. Confused and trying to collect his sanity, Charlie later began looking at the manual. The first page or two blew his mind away. Is this for real?!? Charlie began reading on.

*Anatomically-correct Inorganic Love Android – iRobo's prototype companion unit. Designed and created for the sole purpose of having a reliable perfect mate with no hassle and/or non-transference of vernerial diseases. Unit is designed to satify his or her mate/customer/owner's needs and desires......

And on and on the book went on about needed and necessary information about its product and all of its descriptions. From proper assembly and boot-ups to setting the personality parameters. It even show the easy adjustments of the breast and buttock regions and the interchangeable facial plates and eye cams.

Finally Charlie finished the book (speed reader) and began to pick up the head again.

"Wow, this is amazing"

He started ripping the plastic of to get a better view. His uncle was right. She is beautiful. Though the eyes were closed shut, Charlie still was amazed at how pretty she looked. He then set the head on the couch and went back to sifting threw the styrofoam for more pieces.

Left Arm
Right Leg
Left Leg
Right Arm

And finally, the torso area. When he got it out of its plastic wrap, Charlie was in shock. The skin felt so real. He then gingerly touched the left breast and then gave it a nice squeezed. If not for the fact that this wasn't a real woman, Charlie would be jumping for joy being that he's never touched a women's breast before, but he didn't complained. Instead, he began moving his hand towards the backside and began to feel around the curvy buttocks. Charlie was really enjoying himself until a thought hit his head.


Then what started out as exploration became curiosity. He laid the torso on the couch and started feeling his way down the private region. With a finger movement or two, Charlie came up with the realization that this android was indeed built CORRECTLY.

"This is like a dream come true!" the words raced in his mind as his hormones gave him the final push to start assembling the inert, but life-like love doll. After a short period, the process was complete. And the result was amazing. She was awesome. A slender athletic built beauty with small B-cup breast and not a spot of hair anywhere, not even on the top of the head. Luckily for him, she came with a cosmetic kit, complete with a hair piece, make-up and patch-on eyebrows and eyelashes. But Charlie wasn't worry about these things. His main concern was bringing this pretty and nude fembot alive and active. He then remembered that the manual instructed that the android be charged on a daily basis to assure proper functionalty. Charlie went back into the box and found a big heavy object that almost resembled a mini futuristic version of a gas pump only the nozzle end looked more like a sophisticated hair curler with an extended rod and clamp at the end. Following the steps of the manual book, Charlie then found a secure outlet and plugged the special adaptors in both plugs. Automatically the charger came on with its display screen going threw its boot-up screen savers. After a couple of beeps, a diagnostic chart popped up with a series of numbers randomly blinking and the words "READY FOR USE" flashing in big letters. The next task was simple, sort of. According to the book, this units charging port was located deep within its anal region. The long rod-like nozzle had to be inserted all the way in until a load click was heard and then squeeze the pumping lever until it locked. Charlie started to stare at the foot long rod and gave thanks to himself for not being blessed like a porno star. That would kind of hurt if his appendege was that long considering that the android had a special seal-like covering inside to allow intercourse in that area.

"Here we go." Charlie told himself as he flipped the fembot on her stomach and began the insertion process.

A Click
A Snap
A Beep and a blinking red light along with the word "CHARGING" flashing on the screen gave him assurance that he did everything right on the first try. That was the easy part. Now here comes the hard part. According to the instructions, a full 6 hours was needed for a 20 hour operation period of the unit. This fustrated Charlie because he was horny NOW! He needed something to take his mind away from the much needed charge session. So the young man made his way towards the bathroom and gave himself a much needed hot shower (sweat from the club). While in the shower, Charlie could not help but think about all the modifications he could make on her body. The more he thought about how beautiful she can be, the more horny he got. HE COULDN'T CONTROL IT ANY LONGER. Jumping out of the bathroom naked and quickly shaking off the excess water from his body, he made his way towards the sexy robot and began to remove the charging pump from her.

A Snap
A Click and a series of light beeps followed by a verbal warning "UNIT IS NOT FULLY CHARGE. PLEASE RE-INSERT CHARGING PUMP TO ASSURE FULL CHARGE OF UNIT" went on for abount a couple of seconds before going back to standby mode.

"Fifteen minutes should be enough" Charlie responded as he started to feel for the small bump behind the left ear that was designated as the activation/deactivation switch.


Suddenly the girl's body jerked. The seperation seams at the connected areas vanished. Then a series of boot-up sounds followed. After the sounds disappeared, the android began to stand on her own and look around her environment. With the scanning complete, the fembot then looked towards Charlie, who was still naked and joyfully in shock.


"No, Wait" stepping in between the nude android and her charging port "Don't do that yet. Y..you don't have to worry about that right now"


"DAMN. I forgot about that." said Charlie as he snapped his finger in anger "Um. forget about that. We'll work on that later, OK."


"Instructions!?! I..ah..OH! um sex..yeah sex. Thats what I want" nervously sputting out


"EVERYTHING" he shouted happliy


Before he could react, the fembot wrapped her arms around Charlie's head began kissing him. He was liking this. He was liking this alot. Then he began touching her in any place he can grab. Charlie was still amazed at how real she felt. Even her mouth felt real in everyway. They made there way to the couch, both softly falling onto it, still in each others arms. Then everything started to follow the typical script of a porno movie.

The Foreplay
The Oral Sex
Followed by the intense Vaginal Sex, which surprised Charlie being that both the android knew what she was doing and that he was somehow physically able to keep up. He never dreamed of ever losing his virginity, especially this young. And the fact that the fembot knew everything about sex made him glad he didn't have to teach to her or program it into her (give one point to the AI tech boys). Though this was his first time having sex, common sense told him that the vagina was real in everyway from the feeling to the wetness of the artificial fluids. Charlie got lost in the feeling. After a long activity of casual sex, Charlie then asked the droid "Um are capable of .... you now..... Anal sex?"


With a nod of the head, the android than positioned herself to prepare for the activity that would bring both parties in engaging in what was each others first taboo sex experience. Never has Charlie ever believe that he could have sex like those guys in the adult movies, much less having intercourse in a region most women shyed away from. Even her moans made the experience unforgetable. Just when Charlie thought he was ready for the final curtain, the fembot slowed her pace and turned to Charlie and said.


Charlie thought 'Those porno guys make those face shots look so cool to do. Maybe I should try that."

"I want you to finish with your mouth" he demanded


With this said, she went to complete her task and allow her master release using only her mouth and hands in a aggression, but passionate jerking motion. Charlie was feeling it. Any moment now he would explode with ecstacy and fullfillment. The time was near. Almost release time. Just a couple of more seconds and.....


"What..What happened? Umm..Hey, are you OK?" Charlie asked as he watched the now still, but eyes still open, android who stopped in mid motion.

"UNIT REQUIRES CHARGING" went the charging box as the beeping died down coming from my fembot.

"Oh Man." he griefly mumbled as he stared at the android who was still in her last pose. He guess even when the android is out of power, it joints remains locked until active again. This did Charlie no justice. He still had to release himself. Desperate times call for desparate measures. Charlie then held both sides of the head and did the best he could to satifiy himself. After a couple of minutes, Charlie gave up and grabbed the charging pump and inserted it back into the droid and headed towards his bedroom, hoping that in the morning things would be better and he'll be able to finish what he started. He then turned around and blew a kiss Goodnight to his new love.


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