A.D.P.I. (Advance Police Investigations): Case 2

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Written by Mirage

Writer's note: See the full story I wrote last year “Fighting Love

A.D.P.I. (Advance Police Investigations) Case 2: DEVIL ON THE RUN

Part 1

Arriving home at 3:00am was always a disappointment to Nagisa.

He knew he had no choice but to take those shitty hours. He guessed he was lucky to find this job at the SuperSmart. Just after being fired at his real job, at Genom. He smiled at how they found out he was secretly stealing parts to build himself a sex-boomer. Thinking how spending five years at University to become a technologist for androids and losing such a high paying job, was really a bummer.

He looked up at the dark sky above him and realized it was starting to rain. He ran quickly to his small apartment entrance and took out the entrance card key.

"Shit! Come on! Come on! Open, you fucking door!" he cursed at the old door.

He was always scared at being mugged or killed, for this was not a very safe neighborhood. Suddenly, he heard someone moving behind him. He turned around quickly, trying to see in the darkness of the night, threw the heavy pouring rain.

"WHO"S THERE??? I GOT A GUN!" he screamed quickly, still pushing for the door to open.

Slowly, he saw a human figure coming out of the shadows, coming closer to him. Panicking even more, he kicked the door open. Before he could enter and quickly close the door behind him, someone stopped the door from closing. Nagisa turned around, fearing for his own life. At what he saw scared him to hell.

"Help mmmeee...." a tall almost naked woman was saying softly.

Fire red hair, soft crystal blue eyes, the woman was a godsend. Nagisa approached the woman and helped her walk to his apartment.

"What is wrong?" he asked quickly the woman.

She said nothing and pointed to the couch inside his place. Helping her to lie down, he noticed a small high buzz coming from her.

"I'm damaged..." she said with a soft voice.

“Are you a boomer?" he quickly demanded her.

"Yes... please repair me.... please..." she begged him.

Nagisa smiled in delight at his fortunate. "I'm a technician! I can repair you! Let me get my tools!" he said, walking in quickly around his apartment, gathering tools. Doing a quick survey of her, he realized the damage was minimal. A few broken circuits and cut wires, it took only a few minutes to repair her. "What is your name?” He asked her nicely.

"My name is Annie." she said with a smile.

"Thank you for repairing me, how can I repay you?" she asked with a devilish smile on her lips.

Nagisa smiled back and whispered in her left ear, "Use your imagination, if you have one." he said while groping her.

Sighing, she nodded and asked her to show her his bed.

Following her to his bedroom, he was still kind of in a trance. Getting on his bed and lying on her back, she invited Nagisa to climbed on top. Quickly getting undressed, Nagisa climbed on top and kissed her hard. Nagisa smiled and continued none stop moving up and down on her.

"Please... stop... your hurting me... please." she said with pain in her voice.

Ignoring her demands, knowing boomers can't feel pain, he continued.

"Please..." she continued.

"Shut up!" he screamed at her.

"Malfunctionn...Malfunction..." she started to blur out loud. The more she did, the more he got excited. Finally, she stopped moving and shaking and simply laid there, humming out loud.

He released inside her and got up and look at her, "Stupid machine..." he chuckled. Slowly, he went for the bathroom for a pee. After relieving himself, he went back in the bedroom.

She was standing there looking at him mad.

"You broke..." he stuttered.

"Now, my turn!" she said out loud, grabbing him and pitching him on the bed and climbing on top of him.

"Let's see how you like it!!!!!!" she smiled to him, his eyes full of terror.

"How easily they die..." she said to herself, taking a shower, washing off all the blood.

Part 2

"Careful where you step, sir, you might get some blood on you." the police man told me.

"Welcome Detective O'Conner, we have a nice one for you this morning." An old police Captain who's name eludes me right now said, "Momika, what do you think?" I asked my partner.

"Stewart.... analyzing this crime scene.... Definitely the work of a boomer." she said in a cold tone. Blood everywhere, the apartment ransacked, just like the ones I’ve been seeing since last week.

"Something is different... show me the body." I asked quickly, puzzled at something.

"There you go!" the same police showed me the horrible mess.

"The body... the boomer dissected it! It removed all the organs and ripped the body parts in sections...This is new!" I grumble, myself analyzing the scene. "Momika, what was the last victim's job?" I asked her.

"He was a surgeon." she answered while looking around for clues, "The victim, he was a Boomer technician! The boomer, it read all his books and notes!" Momika said out loud.

"Great... that makes it official... We have a Boomer Serial killer on our hands, gentlemen." I said loudly.

"What?? You have to be kidding!?" the old Captain smiled.

"No... First victim, nine days ago, a prostitute, seven days ago, second victim, a pimp, four days ago, a sexologist, and two days ago, a surgeon. All killed extremely violently, same type of degree of superior human force, making it very likely a boomer. I assume to be a female, because most victims apart from the first one have been all males." I responded with a small buzz in my head.

"Why?" one of the police asked innocently.

"Why? Good question... That is my job to find out and to stop her..." I smiled at Momika who was already leaving the scene. "I'll go back at my office, do call me when you finish a complete report on this." I asked the old Captain.

"You okay?" Momika asked me while opening the door for me.

"Yay... just a small headache from that stench. I hate these crimes scenes..." I mumbled a bit while getting in the car.

"We are in trouble, you know that." she said while driving us back to our office.

"I know... that boomer, she will kill again and again... until we solve her little puzzle of her actions. I am trying to see the link in all that..." I said, checking at my notes. Looking at the grey sky, I knew I would be in over my head again.... I just love my job...

Part 3

"Welcome back, Detective O'Conner." a young rooky cop smiled at me.

I moaned something, went in my office and sat in my old chair. "Fuck, fuck fuck... Why can't it be just be a simple case sometimes?" I grunted out loud.

Momika smiled, "Because you are the best at this shit."

"Yeah...yeah... that's what I'm being told ..." I snickered, flipping through pictures of all the crimes scenes of this case. "We need a point of origin, get me a big map of the city." I asked my partner. "Ok, let's see if we have a pattern." I said, while gluing the pictures on the map on the wall which Momika just placed for me. "Do you see anything I am missing?" I asked her.

She stared at the map and pictures and said quickly, "Yes! The killer is taking a Hexagon pattern with a zig-zag twist pattern to cover her movement!"

"Okay! If you say so!" I laughed out loud, knowing most human brains could never see a pattern with the random looking locations.

"Can you find a point of origin?" I asked my artificial partner.

"Of course, Right here! This place!" She smiled, proud of her "boomer" brain power."

Arriving at the location that Momika gave me, I entered an old condemned building. Being followed by my partner and a few AD police officers, we searched the area, gun readied.

"Nothing here!" was what we arrived to. Until that, I looked in the basement and noticed a passageway to the sewers. Knowing I had no chance of not getting dirty, I jumped in the sewer passage. Water to my knees, I flashed a light in the tunnel.

"Do you see anything?" asked the others, looking down at me from up a ladder.

"Only shit and rats for now... If I scream, come and get me." I joked a bit, sadly, some truth in it. Going in there alone was not the smartest thing to do, but I did it anyway.

To my surprise, I did discover something. A Shrine of some kind. Just above the water level, someone had it converted into a small room.

"HENRY AND ANNIE FOR EVER!" was written everywhere on the walls. Looking at my feet, I notice a clump of old clothes. I knelt down and sniffed a putrid smell coming from it.

Slowly, I moved the clothes a bit and saw some bones with decomposing flesh on it falling out of the clothes. "I guess I found her first victim." I said, calling for my team to come down to see this.

Part 4

"Name's is Henry Haya, according to his files, used to be a mechanic for a Fighting Boomer called Annie." the Coroner was informing me.

"And... let me guess, put some illegal shitty black market hard and software in her and she went whacko..." I quizzed him.

"Correct... four dead victims, Himself, who disappeared seven years ago, presume dead at the time, now confirmed, his ex-girlfriend, a co-worker and his boss. All very violently killed by this fighting Boomer named "ANNIE" he finished slowly his phrase.

"Makes you happy that they banned Fighting boomer sports four years ago...." I smiled, looking at the file.

"So, why now? After seven years... why did she come out the sewers and go on a killing spree?" I asked myself loudly, sitting in my chair, back in my office, eating lunch.

"She was smart, she manage to plug herself into a power converter in the walls, so she could recharge her batteries the entire time in there." Momika remarked.

"Maybe it's simply that we think. She did love Henry so much, she kept his body with her in that shrine she created. Maybe she just suddenly realized that he was now truly dead for good, his body turning into dust from decay." I said, biting deep in my sandwich.

“Maybe... if she was already malfunctioning, that would do wonders to her logic circuits." Momika smiled, whipping out a smudge of mustard from my cheek.

I smiled and grabbed her in my arms, tossing my lunch aside, "Now, for desert!" I smiled back at her. "Can you boot up some special programs I loaded into you last night?" I whispered, knowing that secretly programming Momika for sex was against regulations.

She smiled and nodded, unzipping her uniform slowly. Looking down on her chest, I could see the crack between her two breasts being revealed to me. "Yes..master..." she moaned softly.

Before we could have any fun, a police officer came running in the office, smashing the door open "Sir! We have another victim!" he screamed quickly.

"A psychiatrist this time, actually, one of the best in the entire city." the old Captain of police mumbled to me.

"How was he killed? I see no blood? How do we know it's our boomer??" A police officer asked, looking at the body, still sitting in a chair.

“Look behind the neck, she slowly pierced the skull from behind with two fingers, killing him slowly and painfully,” Momika said, looking around the room

“Again, she read an entire library of books about ‘the human mind and its personalities and diseases"

“She tortured him... the shrink...asked him many questions... His mouth is all dried from speaking a long time." I said, looking for clues in the victim, opening his mouth.

"Then, killing him, using knowledge from her last kill that she dissected, the most effective way to kill a human being also the most painful one at the same time. She has an anger problem against humans." I said with a low tone.

"No shit..." a police said quickly, obvious disturbed by all this. Looking at the many books on the wall, I reached for one.

"How to prove to yourself you are sane when you are insane. That is what I think Annie is trying to do." I smiled, dropping the book on the floor.

Part 5

"Can an A.I. become insane?" I asked out loud, frustrated at the notion.

"An A.I. can malfunction........bad programming.. Corrupt data...these can happen." Momika responded.

"But truly humanly insane? We know sometimes, it was reported that some A.I.'s sometimes have become truly sentient... And what if our Annie here did become truly sentient and she became insane?" I still questioned myself, more than my partner.

"Momika, let's say, you became truly sentient, could you become insane?" I quizzed her.

She gave me a strange stare, suddenly blurred out "....processing... processing... error...error... don't understand question... please explain what is "insane"?" she said, with her eyes, losing all lightness to them.

"Momika, shut down and reboot!" I said quickly, knowing I asked her a question that even humans can't answer.

She closed her eyes and rebooted her systems. After a few seconds, she smiled like nothing happened and ask me if I wanted more coffee.

I nodded and mumbled softly, "Insane is always related to violent tendencies... or is it? What is “Being Insane?"

I frowned to myself in a mirror on the wall.

Part 6

“He's alive???" I asked with astonishment.

“Yes, just shaken a bit, but not hurt." the police officer said, pointing to the man sitting, being questioned.

“Father, you are okay?" I asked the old priest. Gasping a bit, he nodded a yes.

“Please, tell me what happened." I asked him after he relaxed a bit.

“Around Midnight, I heard a noise downstairs, in the Church's Library, Grabbing a gun, I went to see if it was a robber. To my surprise, reading one religious book to another, this beautiful tall redhead was standing there in the room. Dropping the gun, I asked if I could help her. She turned quickly and jumped on me. I was sure she was going to kill me, grabbing my neck so tight.”

"What is God?" she asked me.

“Asking her to let me get up and showed her the bible. I tried to answer her question.

“I don't understand..." she muttered to me.

“Here, read this." I said while I gave her my bible and she read it quickly. I then realized she was an android.

“I... I ... did bad..." she said softly to me.

“God forgives everyone for their sins." I told her.

“I am not anyone, I am a thing..." She said, giving me such a sad look, and then she knocked me out so quickly, I didn't see it coming. That is all I can't tell you." The priest said to me, confused by the event.

She didn't kill him. That is a good thing. I feel I am missing something that she wants to do. Telling Momika to stay here and investigate more, I went for a drive to clear my head.

I was in my car, listening to the radio, I closed my eyes for a second, trying to think clearly. The music was soft, easy listening, very relaxing. I park my car after a few minutes, opened the windows, feeling the cool night air comforting me.

“Annie, what are you planning next?" I questioned myself.

Suddenly, the radio sound became all distorted. I fooled around with the dials but it was only getting worse.

“Humans, a new age of boomers is coming.... things must change... a new future I must create for this race of yours... Things must sometimes die for a new rebirth..." was heard coming from my radio.

“Annie??? What are you planning????" I said out loud, knowing it was her, controlling the airwaves.

Part 7

Scratching my head, I was nervously trying to think of what to do next. I knew it would be impossible to track her down from which radio station she had managed to tap into.

“All AD cruisers, please report to the Genom Babel Tower for assistance. Aggressive disruption reported." a dispatch was heard suddenly out my radio.

“Annie!" I whispered, grabbing my steering wheel hard and flooring the gas pedal.

“Genom tower? That’s they're headquarters, why go there? It's suicidal!" I questioned myself.

Arriving there, I was shocked, battle boomers and security boomers lying everywhere in pieces. The only time I ever saw such a carnage was when the Knight Sabers showed up to piss off Genom.

Luckily, I was one of the first at the scene. I ordered the police that had arrived to secure the perimeters. I did decide to enter and followed to where the intruder went. Her trail was easy to find, dead Genom staff and androids littered the corridors and ripped off metal doors with giant locks that had been removed quite quickly. Dropping my gun, I entered the room that Annie was in.

“Annie..." I said softly, breathing slowly, being scared shitless.

The room was dark, only to have computers screens flashing quickly, data pouring out.

“Annie, I came to help you... I was a friend of Henry." I lied.

“Henry... Henry is dead..I killed him..." I heard, her voice sounded so cold but still feminine.

“Annie, can I see you?" I asked softly, sitting down on a chair in the middle of the dark room.

From the shadows, I saw her, naked, coming out, wires and cables were plugged inside her stomach. She was connected to all the computers in this satellite control room.

“Who are you?" she asked me.

“A friend." I said softly, “What are you doing?" I asked her back.

“Changing history, or rather the future of mankind." she smiled, only with her mouth that could be seen from her hair covering most of her beautiful face.

“How and why?" I asked her with a gulp.

“Boomers... Androids.. A.I.s.." she continued smiling.

“I might need to stop you." I smiled back, not knowing really how.

“Why?" she asked innocently.

“Because it's wrong.... killing humans is wrong..." I muttered.

“I know that now..." she laughed.

“My fiancé was killed by an android like you." I said with a low tone.

“I know... many humans were killed by androids and boomers like me, and things will only get worse if I don't do something." she said with a cold tone in reply.

“What do you mean by that?" I asked her quickly, afraid at what she was implying.

“You know, Genom knows they lost already 27% of all control over their boomers and androids. They estimate total loss of control of a population of 76,000 boomers worldwide by the end of next year. I know that now because I am directly linked to their main secret core." she said, sitting on the floor in front of me.

The hair from the back of my neck raised, a cold sweat came over me. I knew she was not lying.

“I now understand why I am here, my reason to exist." she smiled at me, reaching to grab my left knee. I just froze, horrified at my situation.

“I am here to stop this from happening. I now understand my madness I had.... I killed the one I loved the most... and his friends... I could never forgive myself... I must stop that from ever happening again... to many innocent people died by boomers and androids going crazy." she cried, her head now on my lap.

“How?" I asked her, staring at her eyes full of tears.

“I'll send a self-destruct command to every boomers and androids from this room. All A.I.'s will seize, overload and burn themselves out, killing them all." she whispered.

I sat there, speechless. “This would have a hugged ripple effect around the world...shatter our eco-system... we are now so depended on androids and boomers..." I mumbled at her plan.

“You will survive, we wouldn't." she said softly, getting up from the floor, “Thank you for your kindness, Detective O'Conner and goodbye" she smiled to me, stepping back.

“No! NO!!!" I screamed out loud, reaching for her to stop initializing her over-loading command that was sure to be directly linked to every satellite on the planet.

But she never had the chance to. Her torso and head suddenly exploded in thousands of pieces, the remains of her body just slowly slumped on the floor. Shocked, I looked at the door frame and saw Momika standing there with a giant rifle.

“..I.. ....I didn't want to die..." she muttered, dropping the gun on the floor, tears slowly coming out of her eyes.

“Momika..." I said, surprise by her action.

“I have doomed your race...I am so sorry...so sorrry..." she cried out, running to my arms.

“Shhh... we'll survive, don't worry... the AD police will always be there to stop crazy boomers and androids, always..." I whispered to her, knowing that she just maybe became sentient.

The end

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