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Kristenbot showing off her insides

Kristenbot is a voluptuous female android model built by KLAB. She is a product of Transformation, converted from a human woman named Kristen. Several different prototype versions were also built and rigorously tested. The original Kristen model #198-20 is still a functioning robot having been modified, upgraded, and routinely maintained by her manufacturer. This has been well-documented in the stories Kristen's_Upgrade and Kristen's_Overhaul. She has since married an unassuming human, re-told in Kristenbot_Gets_Married.

Kristenbot 1e

The 1e female android, a collaboration between KLAB and Abyss Creations

Partnering with Abyss Creations, KLAB has refined its Kristenbot model to such a degree that she is almost indecipherable from a human woman. They are beginning to develop her into mass-produced sexual companion, wife, and secretary androids. Note the redesigned robotics behind the facial covering on the 1e's head units. One particular benefit her upgraded facial robotics facilitates giving better oral sex to both males and females. Updated sexual programming also increases the desire for Kristenbot 1e to give oral pleasure, which results in more-frequent sex. These features were rigorously lab-tested with Kristen's body in various states of assembly. Kristen's current bra cup size is 38DDD, with the available option of changing breast size (within certain size parameters).

Model #198-20

Model 1e

Prototype Units